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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wish you all Happy New Year 2008

New Year Resolution Tips

* Remember only sweet and joyful moments of your life

* Forget bitterness in life and forgive others

* Keep humor alive in your life - do not hurt others

* Keep fit and healthy - loose your fat by regular exercise

* Do proper time management between personal and professional life

* Live disciplined life - avoid drinking, smoking and bad habits


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Celebration of Louis Braille Anniversary at Dwarka

Celebration of Louis Braille Anniversary on 4th Jan

The 199th Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille on Friday the 4th January,2008 at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka, Delhi. The celebration will start from 1.30 P.M. & over at 4.30 P.M. According to Mr.Anil Verma-President-Blind Persons Association, Dwarka, Mr. Rajesh Gahlout-Councellor & Member- D.D.A., has kindly given his consent for being Chief Guest on the occasion. Mr. Mukesh Sinha (Managing Editor-Dwarka City), Mr.U.N.B.Rao-Chairman-URVI Vikram Charitable Trust, Mrs.Suman Taneja-President-SPARSH-N.G.O. Mr.S.C.Marwah, and Mr.Arvind. will be the Guests of Honour According to Mr.S.S.DOGRA-Patron-Blind Persons Association, Dwarka, different Cultural programme- vandana, welcome song, gazals will be the main attraction of the celebration. In the end, the annual report of the organization will be presented. Souvenir will be released by the Chief Guest along with other guests.
Anil Kumar Verma(President) M: 98685522423
Rajender Singh(General Secretary)
Blind Persons Association, Dwarka

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Friday, December 28, 2007


ON 30TH AND 31ST DEC.,07
BETWEEN 9.30 A.M. TO 7.00 P.M.
M:9311335999,9311635999 PH.25352416

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Young Talent

National Chess Champion

Name : Tania Sachdev

Date of Birth : 20 August, 1986

Fide Rating : ELO 2383

School : Modern School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.

College : Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi University.


Events Position

  • 1993 National u-8 (Madurai) 2nd
  • 1994 National u-8 Calicut 3rd
  • 1995 Fide Rated Open Tournament (Nagpur) 1st
  • 1996 National u-10 2nd
  • 1997 Salem Fide Rated Tournament 1st

Women's Section

  • 1997 National u-12 1st (National Champion)
  • 1998 National u-12 1st (National Champion)
  • 1998 National u-16 2nd
  • 1998 National u-12 (Rapid) 2nd
  • 1998 Delhi State Men's Championship 3rd
  • 2000 Women’s B (Vizag, ) 2nd
  • 2000 N.I.I.T Open All India 1st

Chess Championship in India (Women's Section)

  • 2001 Women’s B (Pune) Merit List
  • 2001 Ranade Open Pune u-18 1st
  • 2001 Ranade Open (Women's Section) 2nd
  • 2001 Men’s B Nagpur u-18 1st
  • 2001 R. K. Fide Open Rated 1st
    Ghaziabad (Women's Section)


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Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekly Markets : an urgent need of Dwarkites

Weekly Markets : an urgent need of Dwarkites

All of us suffering a lot due to closing of weekly market for freshvegetable, fruits and other daily need stuffs.Any one has information about the re-start of the Weekly Market.regards,Arvind
I fully support the suggestion made by Mr. Arvind.We are really disturbed with the non-availability of fresh availabilityof fruits & vegetables in Dwarka. Each sectors had its own weeklymarkets which caters the fruits & vegetable need of lacs of residents inDwarka subcity. With the untimely closure of these weekly markets by thehigh handedness of police & govt. machineries (in the name of sucurityreasons), all are suffering from the daily needs. Due to lack of goodvegetable vendors, we have to compromise on sub-standard quality itemswith higher cost.Can anyone suggest how to bring these weekly market back to normal....
Regard sthirumalesh
If you recall many members had expressed the view and shared the information on the cited subject.It was understood that on the request of some residents of Dwarka DDA had given refrence to Delhi Police to close these local market.I , on behalf of my RWA wrote a letter to SHO,Dwarka for restoration and simultaneously requested all members to write SHO.In my view only option available is to make them understand the necessity of these market otherwise they are at the view that it is not required for Dwarka People.Those who think it may be restored can take action . Otherwise, this is the end of our traditional Haat as we have developed enough perhaps?RegardsSushil
I am of the opinion that something should be done immediately to restore the weekly markets. These markets were the source of not only fresh fruits, vegetables etc but also provided many other necessities which are not available in established shops. The commodities there were cheaper compared to the regular shops. I see no reason why these markets should not be allowed. The market in my area (sector 7 sector 9) did not inconvenience anyone.
Closure of these markets has also damaged the livelihoods of the poor vendors. I also would like to strongly condemn the ill-treatment meted to them by police personnel when they try to set up their carts at the roadside (which earlier used to be their sitting place in the weekly market).
I strongly suggest that we initiate some actiosn to bring the weekly markets back.
Soumen Biswas
This was discussed at length earlier also,, pls see the posting and well covered in the Dwarka Plus/HT West Delhi etc.
Yes, this required but there must be a SYSTEM. They must be given NOT on Roads Nor on the SERVICE ROADS.
Dwarka got enough open space which are not given to public/private.. Let DDA allot one place in each sector.
Give it a group of people with 6 Months Permission. NO PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION/ NO TEMPRORY CONSTRUCTION.
ONLY on TROLLY or on the GROUND.
In the meantime DDA must finalise a Vegetable/Fruit Market on Central Portion of Dwarka properlly arranged and give it those vendors or there may be soceities or NGO who run for them.
Current system where MAFIA people are running these vegetabel markets or Rikshaws are not in the interest of anyone in the LONGER RUN.
In sect 9 behind Motherdairy you will find place marked for Vegetable shops.. but NO one there WHY ??
A good number of Local Shopping Centre and Convenience Shopping Centre earmarked are NOT constructed or constructed not allotted by DDA to help private builders.
It is not the Police only stopped as per information it DDA also. Why they are not taking any action against illeagle encroachments and even those Eating Vans parked on PEDESTRAIN ways..
Please ensure we also help authorities to have a system. If we found something wrong then COMMUNICATE to them.
If the authorities are wrong mention it to them.
We all are part of the system.. Together we need to change..Atleast let make efforts to have Dwarka a better place.
So ask authorities to do it in proper way and systematically NOT by harassing like this by removing market one fine day while allowing it from day one without any restrictions.
This is what my personal view.
Thanking you,
I agree with you as every wife or mother like mine does not have a car to go shopping , for them these markets were a heaven.
We should take decisions in the interest of all the people who stay in Dwarka.
we can all write to the SHO through individual's RWA of each society to restart these essential market. it is indeed very unfair on the part of the DDA /Police to close them becuase they could not be nuisance to anybody especially when they are being held in the deserted service lanes particularly in our area, they were held at the service lane opposite to Gayatri aptmts sec.9, which does not have any residence. It is the buyers like us who park the cars wrongly on the roads while purchasing, which could have caused the problem to the residents or road users and not the vegetable vendors- if at all the hawkers have to be removed totally from delhi, then it is the thelas selling tea, cigarettes gutka etc. which are more of an ugly site that we have to see daily rather than weekly market.
rgds/pradeep k. ivon
I agree with you all. A market being organized for the benefit of masses can not be a nuisance. I was recently in Belgium and there also every Sunday there is a weekly market on the same pattern as we do have and that is not on the deserted roads/ service lanes but in the middle of the main city and its very very big as compared to our market. The only difference is that the traffic is managed by the police and people also behave in a disciplined way (do not enter from the wrong side of specially converted one way roads for the market) and also park their vehicles at the designated places only.
I have no reason to get convinced that the same practice can not be followed here with little customization to meet the local needs.
If some thing is to be removed then it is not these markets but the following:
Encroachments in the corridors by the Sweet shops and other shops
Encroachment by Dwarkadheesh temple (Sec 12)
Encroachment by hawkers on all the foothpaths
Encroachment by many shopkeepers in the markets by way of parking many many vehicles (tata sky shop in sector 4, car repair shops etc.)
Devender K. Madan
Due to the closure of weekly markets, yes, there is a vacuum and there are problems to the residents, especially for ladies and senior citizens.
But, why they were removed, who removed them.
We are worried about the non availability of vegetables.
But the authorities are worried about the resultant security problems, cleanliness, traffic diversions / jams during market days, non-availability of additional traffic & police personnel to man the area on those days, proximity of airport, recent thefts/ murder/ car jacking in the area, recent incidents of sighting few terrorist connections in Dwarka, etc. etc. Over & above, we always remind the authorities in our correspondence: "Dwarka a 'ZER0' tolerance zone". Therefore, the authorities, probably wanted to show that "we are serious" and caught the poor vegetable vendors.
How can we take advantage out of the situation?
To fill the vacuum, instead of calling the weekly market back, why can't we approach RELIANCE, NAFED, MOTHER DAIRY, etc. and ask them to come and open their outlet in each sector. This will be a isciplined, clean, permanet solution without any serious repuurcussions.
Members may give a thought / comments.
That is a good suggestion. we should all send off letters to thestores you mentioned below and try to bring to their attention that astore in dwarka would be good for both them and us. I think the whole0 tolerance thing might have triggered this behavior with the DDA andperhaps? they were getting too agitated at all the RTI filings andfelt that they could send out warning signals to the people of Dwarkawho dared challenge them. The closure of vegetable vendors would havebeen great had there been alternate arrangements.Side note: We must continue with the RTI filings as we have been doingand not surrender to anyone regarding this and my speculation shouldnot be taken that I am discouraging that we not keep the authoritieson their toes regarding their duties.
Some hearsay recently came that such weekly markets were removed at theinstance of Reliance Fresh Stores soon to be opened in Dwarka sub-city.They must have deployed all their might in ensuring that such markets donot resurface in future. May be we put up this case with the localcounselor at Dwarka if anyone knows of them.Mukul Verma
Even I have heard the same thing. Relaince must have paid heavely to the cops to ensure these, weekly markets, which i would say essential market, since Dwarka does not have a subji mandi nor a proper vegetable market, does not come up. I read some of the mails that people have written, that people should approch the retail outlets. Would like to inform them that it sounds and looks very nice that these will be neat and clean outlets. But you will not get fresh vegetables here. We have tried reliance outlet...the vegetables doesnt last for more than a starts shriking and sogging...because it is kept in cold storage and the prices are naturally much for retail outets.The weekly markets are nothing new. Even in Janakpuri and even in RK puram we have these weekly markets. So I cannot understand why so much of noise is made only in Dwarka. If the traffic needs to be regulated then its the job of the traffic police to do it. So why are they shying away. And they are the first one to take "hafta" from these poor vegetable vendors.So the bottom line is we need these weekly markets which is the only source of fresh veges. And this needs to be taken up seriously with the police guys and respect authroties. I know lot of efforts are being made by all of you. Lets hope they are back soon and we all get fresh vegetables.Regards,Sudha
Most of these retail stores (Reliance Fresh, Big Apple, to name few) do not have fresh stock all the time, mostly it is stale kept in deep freezers. This is the opinion of most of people who have visited these stores located at Kakrola Mor.Adverse reviews about such stores are also available on the net.Authorities must not have missed some designated place for these markets while planning Dwarka, it is only implementation part which is required.I am not against ZERO tolerance, but this should be applicable universally to one and all. We have been tolerating Encroachments in front of shops, Wrong side driving (with high beam), Parking on roads, Garbage spilling off ill-maintained Green & Blue bins generating foul smell and attracting insects, Stray dogs, Digging of roads (by IGL) after fresh layer is laid, etc.Also we have been tolerating the sleeping authorities.Regards,Anurag
I do support the idea of having some organised vends like Mother Dairy etc. If we can insist on the concerned authority for providing at least two Mother Dairy outlets in each sector of Dwarka. This will cater to our needs on a daily basis and almost 15 hours a day. Is it not a better way than having only weekly vegetable market ?
Regards, Sabyasachi Roy
there should be minimum 2 mother dairy in each Sector. Let's suggest how we can approach authorities / to whom should be approached for the same.
thanks anil nayal
why some people r so enthusiastic abt reliance stores? most of the stores( including Subhiksha) have rotting vegetables lying about on a sorry state. and there is hardly any price difference except 4 a few types of veg.s . Weekly mkts shud be started again, they r a much better option than all these stores with stale vegies. Anand
It is definitely an alternative. But it is not a solution. Because I have visited so many time the sector 9 and sector 7 mother diary..even there the prices are jacked up. There is another vendor who sites right opposite to this mother diary guy..and he will have the prices just about 50 paise or a 1 rupee more.
As I have said..Mother diary is a good alternative than the retail outlets, but we would still need the weekly market. As this is not a new concept in Delhi it should and cannot be outlawed by the vested interests. Thats my point.
If regulating the traffic is the concern, then this should be addressed. This is what happens in other areas in Janakpuri and RK Puram and by the way how long does the market function - 4 to 5 hours in late evenings so whats the issue. Its not a day long market where the lane/roads is blocked. I think these should be raised. I very much doubt that any one would have made complaint against these essential market.
I am not sure if these have already been addressd the Police guys. If not then I think a letter should be sent to them. Best regards, Sudha

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information services

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Grand Dwarka Carnival

ON 21-22-23 rd December AT

THE AVAILABLE SIZES OF STALLS -7.6 ft X 15 ft ------Rs. 2,500/-
AND 15ft X 15ft ------Rs. 4,000/-

The pop star Shankar Sahni will perform live on 23 rd December.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Advent Christmas Celebration at Dwarka

All are cordially invited to the
Advent Christmas Celebration at Dwarka
On 18 th December 2007 , Tuesday

At Central Park Sector 9, Pocket-2, Dwarka
Time: 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM
* Christmas Songs
*Christmas Story
*Christmas message : Rajkumar Ramchandran
From Logos Ministries

Cake & Tea will be served
Contact: 9313442417

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas & New Year discount on Feng Shui items at Dwarka

Christmas & New Year discount on Feng Shui items at Dwarka
Get 5 % to 10 % discount on all items
Contact: 45611136
Shop No- 212
Vardhman Dee Cee Plaza
Sector-11, Dwarka

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Bhajan Sandhya at Dwarka

Art of Living invites you to BHAJAN SANDHYA with Siddhart Mohan
on 15 th December 2007 , 6 pm to 9 pm at
Community centre, Upkari Appartments, Plot-9, Sector-12, Dwarka.

Forthcoming course in Dwarka:
Art of Living Part-I course (basic) for adults

Tuesday 25 th to Sunday 30 th December
For further information & registration contact:
9911187445, 9968381964

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gita Jayanti discourses at Dwarka

All are invited to attend

Spiritual Gita Jayanti discourses by Dr. Yogeswari Devi ji
from 15 th to 20 December 2007

Time 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM
at Golok Dham, Radha Govind Mandir, Sector-10, Dwarka.

Contact: 9873151121, 9873161121

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Sarva Devata Homam at Dwarka

Om Parashakthayai Namo Namaha
Om Sarva Devatabhyo Namo Namaha

"Lokakshema International Mission Trust"

Lokakshema International Mission Trust after successfully conducting
Sarva Devata Homam in September 2007
Welcomes you all to
Putra Kameshti Mahayagyam
On Saturday 19th January 2008
Sarva Devata Homam
(for removal of all kinds of doshas)
and Sunday 20th January 2008
Santhana Gopala Homam and Other Homams
(for progeny )
(The Delhi Bhajana Samaj, Regd)
And receive the blessings of the Almighty. You may also contribute in cash/kind or sponsor any or all items of Mahayagya. The crossed cheques/DD may be drawn in favour of
"Lokakshema International Mission Trust" payable at New Delhi
Registration of names for participation 1st Dec to 31st Dec 2007
Registration fee per couple Rs 1000 only
(Registration forms need to be submitted to the Trust at the earliest so as to have
the dosha removal done by Guruji)
For further details please contact
Shri V.R. Swaminathan 9810192164 Shri S.K.Murthy 9310035504 Shri Vaidyanathan 9891467966
Shri K.Satyanarayana Sharma 9313203053 Shri Viswanatha Satrigal 9818390192
Shri Rajagopala Sastrigal 9818390193 Shri N. T. Arasu 9811944478 Shri A. Ramesh 9811097125
Smt Preeti Shah 9212195559 Shri. Deepak Shah 9310208484 Shri Vidyashankar 9911422101
Shri K. Hariharan 9868369793 Shri R. Mukundan 9810271676
Shri Penneswaran 9968290295 Shri S. Seetharaman 9868849112 Shri R. Mohan 9971812923
Shri S. Venkataraman(Junior Murthy) 9873475963 Shri V Gopalan 9811661360
K. VENKATESH - 9811583536 /25087237
k Shri P. Arumugam 9868151652 K.Ramaswamy 9810141284

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bensups Hospital Dwarka

Bensups Hospital Dwarka - Healing Touch
The only multi speciality Hospital in Dwarka built up on 2.5 acre of land.

Antenatal Booking & Registration
Painless Delivery
Infertility Clinic
I.C.U. & Neonatal I.C.U.
Laparoscopic/Keyhole Surgery
Eye & ENT Surgery
Ortho Surgery Physiotherapy

24 Hours Emergency, Pharmacy, Well Equipped Lab. & Radiodiagnosis Unit
(500 mA X-Ray, Ultrasound, Echo)

On Panel-for-Cashless Admission
1.American Embassy, 2.Indian Bank, 3.National Fertilizers Limited,Good Health Plan, Star Health & Allied Insurance, Medi Assist India Pvt. Ltd., Focus Health Care Pvt. Ltd., East West Assist, TTK Health Care Services, E-Meditek Solutions Limited, Bajaj Alianz Gen Insurance, United Health Care (I)(P) Ltd.,
MD India Health Care Services, Family Health Plan Ltd..(FHPL)Alankit Healthcare Limited, Safeway Mediclaim Services(P) Ltd.

List of Specialities Offered
Anesthesia, Biochemistry, Burns and Plastic surgery, Cardiology, Clinical Pathology,Color Doppler, Cosmetic Surgery, Day Care Facilities, De-Addictiction, Dermatology and STD, Diabetology, Dietetics and Diet Counselling, Echocardiography, Emergency, ENT, EYE, FNAC, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Hematology, Immunology, Intensive and Critical Care, IVF, Laparoscopic Surgery, Microbiology, Neonatology, Neonatology, Nephrology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedics, Pathology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry and Counseling, Radiology and Ultrasonography, Respiratory Medicine, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Thyroid Clinic, Trauma, Urology etc.

Emergency Services The Bensups Hospital Casualty and Emergency Services provide immediate specialist opinion and timely intervention for highest quality of healthcare services to the patients. A fully equipped, air conditioned department includes the Trauma unit, the Fracture unit manned by specialists round the clock

Intensive Care Unit
The 16 bedded ICU has all high tech facilities like centralized monitoring, pulse oxymeters arrhythmia alarm, defibrillators and ventilators with continuous round the clock medical cover by the specialists consultants, well trained nurses and support services.

Day Care Facility
A three bedded day care unit gives a high dependent care to the patients for short stay.
Operation Theatres
Five major, one minor and gyne operating rooms facilitate a smooth conduct of all types of surgeries. The OT is adequately equipped by latest surgical and anesthesia equipment and has special arrangements for laparoscopic and microsurgeries. The transition to a smooth post operative state is monitored by Anesthetists and qualified staff.
Bensups Avenue, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075
Ph.45550000, 45550002

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Problems, issues & hardship faced by Dwarka Residents

Problems, issues & hardship faced by Dwarka Residents is a platform for all the residents, RWA's and agencies of Dwarka to share the opinions pertaining to the problems faced by the residents and their solutions.
Dwarka, the largest sub-city in Asia which is meant to accommodate a population of more than 10 lacs, presently has 6 lacs+ people residing in it in more than 400 societies.
Dwarka is an upcoming sub-city, and despite being relatively densely populated, still has free-space available which is earmarked for several utilities and services, but not much has been materialized.

Unlike other parts of Delhi, Dwarka is more severely and adversely affected, owing primarily to concentrated population and partially developed infrastructure and thus has been left grappling with myriad of problems some of which are being summarized:

Water Problem: There is huge gap between the demand and supply of potable water. As per the information contained in the 55th PAC Report presented to the parliament, there is shortage of 7 MGD water in Dwarka. It is therefore, requested to take up the matter on priority basis.

Voters Card: More than 90 % of Dwarkaites does not have voting card. Till now no effective action/ step has been initiated to make Voter I Card of Dwarkaites. It is requested that mobile camps should be available at the various sector of Dwarka.

C.G.H.S scam –Innocent residents are being forced to suffer owing to the long-pending CGHS Society scam. More than 100 societies have been adversely affected under this scam. The residents strongly demand that this be resolved at the earliest. Our website has been receiving lot of messages enquiring the present status of this issue which needs to be resolved expediently. Although all the societies are being screened under this, at least those which are undisputed societies, the allotment should be held immediately.

Some of the Issues discussed at Dwarka Forum

- Bad condition of roads & service lane
- Regular 4 hour power cuts in various sectors
- Expedite the commissioning of Medical Facilities
- Requirement of more Traffic Police
- poor maintenance of parks
- path to metro station from various sectors not safe - long bushes, darkness
- Inter transport system in Dwarka not available
- parking problem at various markets in dwarka
- Need for a reference library
-Regular trimming of shrubs & bushes alongside roads, societies, parks and
dividers at the traffic intersections
- Lack of entertainment facilities and malls
- Check the stray cattle and dog menace

Deatiled link for discussion at Dwarka Forum for refeence:

Flat allotments - Still a distant DREAM ?

Dwarkites are punished of daily FOUR HOUR POWER cut

Discussion on DMRC- Luggage & Security



Suggestion from Dwarka Residents for Delhi Metro (DMRC)

ENCROACHMENTs in Dwarka - CHINEESE - Cattles from Rajasthan - Markets

Dwarka entrance road-nightmare for residents

We have been representing the above hardships of the residents to various authorities from time to
time but with no tangible results.

We therefore, request all govt. agencies & offices to kindly look into the above problems favourably
on priority basis.



Dwarka Residents

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Monday, December 3, 2007


Master Nakshatra

Age: age 6+, is doing ads, films, serials and stage shows.


Video Ads and films: Film Manorma – 6 Feet Under’ starring Abhay Dayol, Gulpanag, Sarika, Viney Pathak and Riama Sen, Director – Navdeep Singh (Nakshatra is playing the character ‘Raju’, son of Abhay Dayol and Gulpanag; Ads : Sun Sky Shop, Padamshree Ghee, Comsum Restaturant, Educational film on ‘Sangya’ Maruti (Corporate Film), Kagar Ki Aag (serial), Weldone – a documentary, performed on ETC (Punjabi) in ‘Kaka Niki Show’ programme, Audio recording for a story; Still: Women Era

Ads and performances on Channels like:

Aaj Tak, Zee News, Janmat, ETC (Punjabi), Sanskar, Doordarshan

Performed in the nights of :

“Miss Delhi Contest 2006”, Shanker Sahni, Dilbagh Singh, Sonu Kakar, to name a few.

Performed at:

Talkatora Indoor Stadium, Sirifort Auditorium, etc.

Press Coverage:

His name and photos appeared in many newspapers.

Competitions Won:

He won many competitions in different fields.


Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Service

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New Pet Clinic in Dwarka

Dr.Rahul Verma
Veterinary Physician & Surgeon
M: 9999785291

Address: G-29, Manish Market, CSC PLot No-2,
Sector-11, Near Sec-11 Metro Station, Dwarka.

Timings : 9.30 AM to 2.00 PM
5.00 PM to 8.00 PM
SUNDAY : 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM

Services Available
Deworming & Vaccination
Major & Minor Surgeries
Routine Health Checkup
Skin & Teeth Care
Nutritional Counselling
Antitick Bath
Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning
Management Tips
Blood Transfusion
Pet Accessories
Boarding Services
House Visits
Sale & Training of Pets

Heavy Inaugral Discount on Pet FOOD & ACCESSORIES


Know More

Saturday, December 1, 2007

FOCAM/AOCAM Dwarka GBM meeting

Association of CGHS affected Members (AOCAM)
Election of Governing Body - General Body Meeting of AOCAM
on 2.12.2007 at 3 pm at Sector 2,Plot No. 3 B, Dwarka (Asha Deep CGHS)


Toastmasters Club Dwarka Meeting

Toastmasters Club Meeting
"Here professionals enhance communication andleadership skills"
Dwarkaites are invited for the TMCD meeting on Dec 2nd, 2007.
Needless to say! It will be a meeting not to be missed.
Meeting Time: 5.00 pm,
Venue: Rishikul International, Sec-7,
Dwarka, NewDelhi, India, 110078,
Near: Dwarka Flyover,
Opp BPCL Petrol Pump.
Cell: 99100 33207

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Delhi Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres: December newsletter

Om Namah Sivaya!
Om Namo Narayanaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya!
Om Namo Bhagavate Vishnudevanandaya!

30th November, 2007
Dwarka Centre

Blessed Selves,

Dear teachers, students, aspiring yogis…….

Warm greetings from the Kailash Colony and Dwarka Centres. We hope all enjoyed the Diwali celebrations. We're glad to see you picking up your regular practice again.

For those of you still preparing to get started, now is a good time. You can keep the circulation going and keep warm through the winter as a result. Also kapalabhati will help to keep the lungs clear of the winter smog and free from colds and infections. The children can also have a good start with Kids camps being held at both the Centres at the end of the month.

We were happy to have hosted the organisation's India Directors' Meetings in Dwarka in November. As a bi-annual meeting of the directors of all our Centres and Ashrams in India with acharya, Swami Mahadevananda ji, it is a rare and special occasion when we all get together. Some of you may have had the opportunity to come for satsang with Swami Mahadevananda. We're sure you were inspired. We have satsangs every weekend giving opportunity to appreciate life through bhakti yoga as well as to contemplate the ancient teachings and practice of Yoga. Special satsang programmes include Maa Purnananda Ji who will be continuing her discourses on Maharishi Patanjali's Raja Yoga Sutras; and we'll also be having carol singing around Christmas time, which is always fun and joyful.

Finally the most exciting news is probably the long awaited inauguration of the lift at the Dwarka Centre last Saturday. Although the students may not be so concerned……. the staff appreciate it a lot!

May Master and Swamiji's blessings guide you in your steps on the yogic path.

Om Shanti

P.C. Kapoor and Kalyani Chaitanya

Special Programmes

Kids' Camp – Daily classes 10 am to 12 noon; asana, breathing, mantra, some creative work; demonstration for family and friends at the end
23rd December til ? date to be confirmed NATARAJA CENTRE

31st December – 6th January (Mon – Sun) DWARKA CENTRE

Christmas Celebrations– carols, bible reading, santa claus and prasad

Nataraja Centre 24th December, 6 pm

Dwarka Centre 25th December, 6 pm

Birth Anniversary of Swami Vishnudevananda Ji – 31st December
Nataraja Centre: 6 pm cultural programme
Dwarka Centre: 8 am Guru Puja; 10 am special classes, mini satsang and Prasad lunch

(no evening classes)

Workshops in December
Nataraja Centre Shat Kriya 1st December, 6.30 am
Yoga for the Aching Back 8th December, 12 pm
Surya Namaskar 12th December, 4 pm
Sattvic Cooking 15th December, 10 am
Headstand Workshop 19th December, 6.30 pm
Ayurveda for Optimum Health 22nd December, 12 pm
Spine & Flexibility Workshop 26th December, 6.30 pm

Dwarka Centre Shat Kriyas 15th & 16 th December
Yoga for Back Ache 15thth December, 10 am
Other Pujas / Celebrations / Special Satsangs in December
Nataraja Centre Discourse on Raja Yoga Sutras by Ma Purnananda Ji
2nd December, 7 pm

Sudarshana Homa 12th December, 6.00 am
Dwarka Centre Ganapathy Homa 14th December, 5 am
Lalitha Sahasranama Archana 23rd December, 6 pm

Schedule of Ashram Courses for Up-coming Season:

Dec 2 – Dec 30, 2007 Teacher Training Course Madurai
Jan 6 – Jan 21, 2008 Sadhana Intensive Madurai
Jan 6 – Feb 3, 2008 Teacher Training Course Neyyar Dam
Jan 27 – Feb 24, 2008 Teacher Training Course Madurai
Feb 10 – Mar 9, 2008 Advanced Teacher Training Course Neyyar Dam
Mar 16 – Apr 13, 2008 Teacher Training Course Neyyar Dam
Apr 20 – May 18, 2008 Kids Camp Neyyar Dam
May 25 – June 6, 2008 Sadhana Intensive Netala, Himalaya

Any comments / suggestions are welcome, please send to us at either the Dwarka or the Nataraja Centres. And should anyone wish to be removed from the mailing list, please reply indicating such.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dwarka Centre
Swami Sivananda Marg, PSP Pocket (behind DAV school)
Sector 6, Dwarka 110075
TEL: 4556 6015 / 6016

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

Thursday, November 29, 2007

2nd SHC Dwarka Mini marathon & winners list

SHC Executive Director Vijay Kaul with Anand Dua(Lions Club) & S S Dogra

A unique week for Dwarkaites was concluded with a big success of 2nd SHC Dwarka Mini marathon

SHC India in association with Lions Club Dwarka organized “FUN FEAST & FITNESS” - a unique week for everyone in Dwarka. The objective was to spread awareness about hemophilia- a bleeding disorder affecting over one lakh people in India and encourage life style changes in our progressive communities particularly in Dwarka.

The programme was as follows:

Charity Dinner: November 17 (SATURDAY)
Exotic Kashmiri Waazvan tingled the taste buds of more than 300 people with Rogan Josh, Yakhni, Kabargah, Chauk Charwan, Machh, Damallu, Nadir Yakhni, Kuang Chaaman, Kahwaa & much more.

Health Camp: November 24 (SATURDAY)
This health camp was attended by about 100 people who came and interacted with Dr. Madan, a cardiologist and Dr. Manika dietician on life style conditions. Yoga speacialist Mr. Anil Mudgil interacted with participants on how yoga can control various conditions resulting due to our defective life styles.

2nd SHC Dwarka Mini Marathon: November 25 (SUNDAY)
This was the greatest and the biggest event in Dwarka held for the second year in succession. More than 1000 people ran various types of races and won prizes worth more than Rs.1 lakh.
Baby Muskan Malhotra- a 6 year old girl was the best Mini Marathon special winner. She is the youngest girl who could answer correctly to what hemophilia is. She said "hemophilia is a deficiency disease of blood where the bleeding does not stop easily. It can stop if a child receives treatment with clotting factors".
The Mini marathon was flagged off by Ms. Asha Aggarwal, an Arjun Awardee and international marathoner.
During thanks giving Mr. Kapoor, Chairman of the Society for Hemophilia Care-SHC India said that Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder affecting about 1 lakh families in India. Due to lack of awareness and diagnostic facilities only 10% of such children have been diagnosed as of now. Prohibitively expensive treatment is the biggest deterrent in hemophilia treatment leading to disabilities and other social problems.
SHC India is providing the treatment support to such people at highly subsidized cost and sometimes free as well keeping in view its meager resources which it raises through public donations.
"Society for Hemophilia Care" - a registered all India Voluntary Organisation is working for such deprived people. It has organs in the States of J & K, Punjab, Delhi, U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka and Kerala.

Winners of 2nd SHC Dwarka Mini Marathon-2007
The first three winners in each race received medals alongwith beautiful prizes. And the next 6 in each category received consolation prizes.

6 year young baby Muskaan Malhotra was the Special Prize winner for answering the question on Hemophilia correctly.

Mini Marathon (Boys) 5Kms
Ravi Ranjan 1st Prize IGI PESS
Badra Alam 2nd J.M.S
Prashant Rai 3rd G.B.SSS, A blk,Janak Puri
Jemshid Ali 4th School of Aeronotics,sect 7,Dwarka
Gaurav Bishnoi 5th Sect 6, Dwarka
Vikram Rahi 6th G.B.SSS,ABIK, Janak Puri
Tarandeep 7th VIS Dwarka
Sourabh 8th IIT,Pusa
Abhinav Chahan 9th Baskaracharya College,D.U.

Masters Run (Boys) 3Kms
Girish Chand 1st I.G.IP.B.S.S.
Com, Navneet Negi 2nd Akash Ganga Appts.Sec6
Laxman Sharma 3rd S.S.F (MHA)
Tripur Singh 4th
Col. R.Mahesh 5th
S.P.Choudhary 6th
Deepak Gahlot 7th
Rajnish Ray 8th
S.Debnath 9th

Masters Run (Girls) 3Kms
K.V.Ratnanjali 1st Tanu Sharma 2nd
Sharmistha Rai 3rd
Radhika Kulkarni 4th
Preeti Gulia 5th
Suman 6th
Alka Dhavan 7th
Latika 8th
Anjali Bhatiya 9th

Roller Skating Stars(below 14 yrs-Girls)
Neena 1st I.P.I.SNishika 2nd I.T.L.P.S
Pallavi 3rd St. Gregorious

Roller Skating Stars(Below 14 yrs-Boys)
Mani Karan 1st V.I.S, sect.10
Nikhil 2nd V.I.S.,sect10
Mohit Shokeen 3rd Vandana Int. School
Mukul 4th D.D.A. Flats Sec5
Saksham 5th Vandana Int. School
Arjun 6th Mount Carmel School
Akash 7th Vandana Int. School
Kamal 8th Mount Cramel School
Rohit 9th Vandana Int.School

Roller Skating Stars –below 10yrs boys & girls)
Vani 1st V.I.S. Dwarka
Aayushman Jha 1st R.D.Rajpal, Sec 9,Dwarka
Shristy Chaudhary 2nd St. Mary’s Dwarka Sec19
Yash Gulia 3rd V.I.S. Dwarka
Amey Thakur 4th I.P.I.S Dwarka, sect.9
Tanishq 5th I.T.L.P.S.Dwarka
Prashant Verma 6th V.B.P.S
Yuvraj 7th I.T.L.P.S
Seeash Raj 8th St.Gregorious,Dwarka

Rising Stars(below 14 yrs –Girls)
Khushboo Gupta 1st Rainbow Eng. School ,JKP
Shreya Bansal 2nd Rainbow Eng.School, JKP
Banbhita 3rd Rainbow Eng. School,JKP
Prachi Aggarwal 4th Mount Carmel School Dwarka
Roshni Vij 5th Rainbow Eng. School,
JKPKarishma Sachdeva 6th Delhi Int. School
Dakshita 7th KVS, Sect 22
Agrima Sharma 8th V.I.S.Dwarka

Rising Stars (below 14yrs- boys)
Manser Ali 1st Mount Carmel Public School,Dwarka
Vishnu 2nd Mount Carmel,Dwarka
Ghanshayam Sharma 3rd R.S.M.S
Vishwajeet Sharma 4th -do-
Vaibhav 5th Ramjas,R.K. Puram
Sumit 6th St.Gregorious, sect11, Dwarka
Ansh 7th St. Mary’sSect19, Dwarka
Agraganya 8th St. Gregorious, Sect.11,Dwarka
Abhimannu 9th Sect. 6 Dwarka

Sr.Citizen(above 60 yrs)
Col .D.P.S.Gulia 1st Princess Park, sect6,Dwarka
Mrs.Sangwan 2nd Sect. 7, Dwarka
P.K. Roy 3rd Happy Home,Sect 7,Dwarka
C.K.Mishra 4th Rudra Appts, Dwarka
Dr.N.P. Singh 5th New Adarsh Appts, Dwarka
Mamta 6th Divya Appts,Sect 10,Dwarka
Anju Gulia 7th Princess Park, sect6
V.L. Kulkarni 8th Divya Appts,Dwarka
V.Vijay Kulkarni 9th Divya Appts,Dwarka

Vijay Kaul
Executive Director
SHC India, New Delhi.


DwarkaSource: DwarkaParichay News & Information Service

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Shining Star of Dwarka

Name: Sakshi
Class : VIII-A
D.O.B. 10-12-1994
School: Mira Model School, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110 058

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Computer, Badminton,Trekking, singing, travel etc.

Academic Achievement:
Class Aggregate %
V 93.57% (Received 1st Position honoured with Certificate of merit in 2005.
VI 66.96%
VII 82.50% (On 3rd November,2007, received the Scholar P.T.A. Award for the
academic session 2006-07 as meritorious student)

Favourite Leader : Dr.A.P.J.Kalam (former President of India)
Actor : Imran Hashmi
Actress: Aishwariya
Sportsman : M.S.Dhoni
Sportswoman : Sania Mirza

Ambition : Computer Engineer.
Most impressed Personality you have ever met with : Mr.Shiv Khera

Extra-curricular Activities:
- Received a letter of appreciation from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi, UA for a commendable feat (extraordinary record in Mountaineering) wherein a girl with small age of 7 Years (SAKSHI ) and her brother (AKSHANSH -5Years) trekked a distance of 36 KM unaided and reached the height of 12,770 Ft. of Gaumukh in May, 2002 with her mother and father.

-Attended one week camp held at Mussoorie from 24th May,04 to 31st May,2004 organised by YOUTH HOSTEL ASSOCIATION, Mussoorie, UA, got Grade “A” where Snow Skiing, River rafting, Rock Climbing,Rappeling, Monkey Crawling, River Crossing, Tracking, lecture & Camp Fire etc. were conducted.

-Attended Media Conference & Exhibition-2005 from 1st to 4th October,2005 held at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan Complex, Abu Road (Rajasthan) and visited Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, saw beautiful trees & mountains, enjoyed boating, attended cultural programme etc.

-Attended two weeks Adventure-cum-Educational camp at Manali Institute of Mountaineering, Manali (H.P.) & with National Adventure Sports Academy(Regd.) 25th May to 9th June, 2006 and enjoyed Ballooning, Paragliding, Snow Skiing, Rappeling, Monkey Crawling, River rafting, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Trekking, Camp Fire etc.

-Attended two days (Moral & Spiritual Education) camp held at ShantiKunj, Haridwar,
Uttranchal in August, 2006.

- Attended two weeks workshop on Computer from 20th May,07 to 2nd June,2007 conducted by the Society for Creatives (Regd.), in association with ATC CMC Limited, Dwarka Branch, Delhi where Hardware, software training besides the uses of internet and tips to make email ID were taught, got 2nd position and was felicitated with shield, book, CD and honoured with certificates from Dainik Jagran (Print Media partner of the workshop), & ATC CMC Ltd.

-Attended combined Annual Training Camp as cadet (Unit 7DGBNCC) held at Dehradun,
Uttranchal from 11th June to 22th June, 2007.

*There is nothing wrong in being the teacher’s pet :
-Yes, it is true but if the child is careless , practice in buttering & taking advantage of the teacher’s favour then it is not fair. On the other hand, if the child is talented , intelligent & obedient then there is nothing wrong in being the teacher’s pet.

*Adventure Sports should be made compulsory in Schools:
-Adventure sports have thrill . That’s why they are becoming so popular in schools. Off course, they make the students physically and mentally fit. It’s also helpful to create interest in sports activities among the pupils. Consequently, we’ll be able to flourish at Olympics as well as at International sports arena.
(The above articles had already published in HT School Times on 22nd,January,2007 )


Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Service

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mini Marathon in Dwarka

SHC India- an NGO at the national level is organizing a week long programme entitled FUN FEAST & FITNESS from 17th to 25th November, 2007 in Dwarka. This year the week long programme is as follows:

November 17 (SATURDAY): Charity Dinner
November 24 (SATURDAY): Free Health Check up Camp
November 25 (SUNDAY): Mini Marathon

SHC India is a registered national NGO working for the deprived communities suffering from bleeding disorders particularly hemophilia. For more details about us please visit our website

Contact SHC INDIA at DWARKA: 28042121 & 28042122

Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Pragya Channel to be launched

S.S. Dogra
From 24th November 2007, the new life positive channel named Prgaya is being launched. This channel will contain programs on righteous aspects of Spirituality, Personality development, Positivism, Healthy life, Yoga, Ayurveda, Youth along with programs of mission.

The channel will be inaugurated by Dr. Pranav Pandya ji with his message from the religiously and culturally important place in the picturesque valley of Aravali, the Ambaji Teerth. The program details can be obtained from .

Read more in Hindi

Technical details:
Frequency 3805, Polarity – Horizontal, SR. 28.5, FEC 7/8 – Satellite – INSAT 4A 83 Degree
Timings of Live transmission: 7.45AM-10.00AM Date: 24/11/2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

To Recover from Alcoholism

AA Helpline 24 hrs 9213873683

To Recover from Alcoholism
God Grant us the Serenity To accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can & Wisdom to know the difference

Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of recovering alcoholics is non Professional. Membership of Alcoholics Anonymous is absolutely free . There are no dues or fees, nor detailed membership records.
We are fully self supporting through our own contributions and decline politely all outside financial help to be able to stand on our own. We are not affiliated to any institution, religious organisation or political body. Anonymity of members is maintained strictly.

AA's life saving message of hope has reached 2.2 million alcoholics in 183 countries who face insanity or death, not knowing the existence of this simple spiritual programme of recovery. We also hope to reach out to their families and society to help avoid consequences of the disease such as violence, economic deprivation and street crime among the various other ills.

AA meetings in Dwarka / Palam

• NAVKIRAN GROUP Rishikul School premises - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 7.30 – 8.30 PM Chandra Hospital Dwarka Gate– Sunday 6.30 – 8.PM
• GATEWAY TO SOBRIETY GROUP Saint Johns Church, Street No 1, Mahavir Enclave Palam. Wednesday, Saturday 7.30 – 8.30 PM
• NAYA DIN GROUP Goyla Dairy Friday 7.30 – 8.30 Satya Public school.
For Details: 9818303761; 9871627202; 9873704673AA Helpline 24 hrs 9213873683
Preamble of Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.

What AA does

At meetings AA members share their recovery experience with anyone seeking help with a drinking problem, and give person-to-person services or ‘Sponsorship' to the alcoholics coming to AA. The AA program, as set forth in the Twelve Steps to recovery, offers the alcoholic an opportunity to develop a satisfying way of life free from alcohol. Non-alcoholic guests are welcome at ‘Open' meetings. Attendance at ‘Closed' meetings is limited to those who are alcoholic or think they may have an alcoholic problem.

What AA does NOT do

Make medical or psychiatric diagnosis or offer advice.
Provide drying out or nursing facilities, hospitalization, drugs, housing, jobs, money or other welfare services.
Accept any money for its services or contribution from outside sources.
Provide letters of reference to lawyers, court officials, social agencies, employers etc.
Engage in or support education, research, or professional treatment. Our recovery is based on sharing our experience, strength and hope with each other, that we may solve a common problem; more importantly, our continued sobriety depends on helping others to recover from alcoholism.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Car in Fire near airport, (Uppal Orchid) Dwarka Road


A car (CNG) in fire this morning at Dwarka Express Link Road(near shiv murthy NH8 and Hotel Uppal Orchid).
This car is cought fire around 9.10 or so, I got a call from my neighbour about this at 9.17. Unfortunately still over 9.30 Hrs. no Fire Department vehicle arrived. The road being very close to IGI Airport, shows how delay the Fire Department in Responsding to such accident. Imagine if any major accident happens near the airport or on highway? The department needs to increase the response time. God will only help..
Flat No.453,. Nav Sansad Vihar,
Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077 India.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information services

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dwarka Forum: Suggestions for better DTC service in Dwarka

We have discussed a lot about better DTC service in Dwarka
in our Dwarka Forum group:

Some of the comments/ suggestions by members are:

* There must be some CIRCULAR SERVICE to help residents to reach METRO in all Sectors. The lowfloor AC bus would be ideal for Dwarka. Even though it may not be profitable for DTC(normally a resident in Sect 22 pay over Rs.10 just to reach Sect 9 Metro by Rikshaw). However for public transport with time it will come up for profit and it will help the country in reducing spending in OIL by reducing private transport.
4. Connecting service with Metro Station with Domestic/International Airport.
6. The RTV are a Mess and not suitable for Dwarka as it name suggest(RURAL TRANSPORT VEHICLE).
7. There must be connecting service towards South Delhi (Nehruplace/Vasant Kunj/Bikaji/Dhaula Kuan) and West & South West.
8. The Depots in Palam/Manglapuri must be moved to Dwarka, where I beleive DDA/Govt NCT Delhi already alloted plot and no action from DTC So far.

* I prefer the following two Route for the following locations
(1) Dwarka to Nehru Place / Okhla / Noida
As we have only one bus route for Nehru Place ie. 764 which over crowded all the times.
(2) Dwarka to AIIMS / Lajpat Nagar / Noida
In the route also we have only one bus route for Palam to Nehru Stadium i.e. 727.

* There is a requirement of Mini Mudrika type feeder service linking all the Sectors or closer to them for connectivity to Shopping complexes etc. Say starting from Sector 1 going towards Sect 4/5 then on to Sect 14 /coming towards 13,12,11,19,18 ,22,23,9,10,6/7 etc.

Once a person gets down from Metro he/she should also be able to utilise DTC Buses within Dwarka.There may be a service to Link South Delhi and on to Hazrat Nizammudin Station via Lajpat Nagar Market.

*I am sure many would benefit from a route covering Dwarka to RK Puram, Bhikaji Cama etc. to cover many office goers both private and Govt. as there is large no. of offices in this zone.
Another service up to Nehru Place / Lajpat Nagar via AIIMS etc. would be also useful.

1) Circular Service – proposed route
Say starting from Sector 22(last Metro station) going towards sec-9 through bharat vandana park, To sec-6-10 market through shiksha Bharti school, right to main road, left towards aashirwad chowk,
--- --- back through nearby metro rail ---

2) Dwarka - Sarojini Nagar
Dwarka - CGO lodhi road
Dwarka - BCP

You can see for point no 6 in the Memorandum:

6) Requirement of sheds at bus-stops and public transport within Dwarka –
Though the residents of Dwarka and Palam got respite due to the newly constructed palam flyover, several times the commuters have fainted at the bus stops waiting for the bus in the scorching summer heat and sun.
The sheds are either in dilapidated condition or missing. This needs addressal and corrective action on priority basis.
Also the commuting transport services for intra-Dwarka are missing or very few resulting in over-crowded RTVs which are dangerous especially to the children, senior citizens and ladies. Although metro has provided some reprieve but the unscrupulous rikshawallas fleece the naïve commuters even for taking them a few kms from the metro station to their destinations.

Dwarka - CP route is ok due to the arrival of metro.
But Nazafgarh - Dwarka - Nehru Place route require proper
planning/ strategy.
Even though the frequency of route no 764 is 5-10 min in office hour, it is very difficult to get into the bus. Sometimes wait for 3-4 overcrowded buses to pass to just get in. DTC official should see these buses in office hours to get concrete solutions. They can easily observe the pathetic condition of commuters.

-cut short the route to Dwarka- NP or Dwarka-IIT or Dwarka- BCP
for some buses.
-more buses in office hours
-Some chartered/ RTV buses charge Rs25/- for Dwaka-NP route.
so DTC can run A/C buses @Rs 15/-- and can earn big profits.

* Good option. It is is a private transportation service, funded solely by
commercial property owners.
In Dwarka there are thousands of property dealers,
they can easily contribute and support this System.

Pl check for the feasibility.

We can have battery operated RTVs in circular routes.
can have monthly/ yearly subscription passes...

* We are talking of a Unified service from Dwarka. For residents of Sector 22 and 23, and those who are going to New Custom House(NCH) or Airport for their work there is great problem as the Road from the Railway Gate at Shahbad Mohmadpur will be closed shortly due to airport expansion work.

In view of the above there must be DTC connections which will connect these places through the Under Pass.

Would be highly obliged if we can do something in this regard. I am ready to contribute in this endeavour as many of my Friends are affected.

You can refer the link for detailed discussion:

Hope you will take up all suggestions with positive attitude and do
the needful for a BETTER DWARKA.

We all will appreciate your kind perusal.

Thanks & Regards,

Dwarka Parichay Team


Monday, November 19, 2007


19th Nov. New Delhi. Appu Ghar, the 1st amusement park of India celebrated its 23rd birthday anniversary with great pomp and show. According to Ms.Poonam Bahl-
MANAGER PR about 500 children from various NGO’s like, Chaman Home, Kalakar Trust, Dev Samaj Foundation, Zee Educational Cultural and Child Welfare and Scope Plus were the invities to Appu Ghar. They partook the rides at Appu Ghar and spent a memorable time here as was evident from the squeals of laughter reverberating through the air. A cultural programme was also organized, wherein, the children from Kalakar trust and St. Mark’s School presented folk dances. S.D. Singh’s and Party played the Orchestra and sang old hits of famous playback singer Mohd. Rafi, adding to the festive spirit. Mr. J.P. Aggarwal, President, Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee was the Chief Guest. Chairman, Appu Ghar, Gian Vijeshwar, cut the cake and remarked, "Appu Ghar, is the dream come true of Indiraji, which has turned 23 this year and has become a landmark within and out. Present on the occasion were Director – Prem Vijeshwar, Vice President – Mr. Ashok Jaitley, Chief Operating Officer Mr. B.G. Krishnan and other officers and employees of Appu Ghar. Appu Ghar is open all days from 12 Noon to 8.00 p.m. ITPO entry is extra.
Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Appu Ghar Celebrating 23th Birthday

The appu Ghar is celebrating it1 23rd Birthday on 19th Nov,07.
According to Ms. Poonam Bahl-PR Manager, Appu Ghar,Mr. J.P. Aggrawal-President- Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee will be the Chief Guest.. On the occasion, there will be cultural programme and other programme as per the following schedule:

Day and Date Monday, 19.11.2007
Venue Shola Banquet Hall
Time 2.30 p.m.
Cultural Programme 2.30 p.m. onwards
Arrival of Chief Guest,
Mr. J.P. Aggarwal, President
Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee 3.00 p.m.
Cake Cutting Ceremony 3.30 p.m.
Folk Dances by children of Kalakar 2.30 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Trust and St. Mark’s School

Children from Various NGO’s will be taking rides at Appu Ghar from 12.30 p.m.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Special meeting of RWA sector 22 & 23, Dwarka

A special meeting of the Resident Welfare Association sector-22 & 23, Dwarka is sheduled to
be held on Saturday 17 th November at 7.00 PM at Community Hall of Green Tower, plot-7C,
The objective is to take up the issues together related to recent development as well as
to chalk out the future course of action for maintaining sector -22 & 23 as a role model sectors.
contact: A K Tripathi - 28051312, 9818357362

Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Indian journalists before PAK High Commission


New Delhi November 15, 2007 : A large number of Indian journalists today held a silent demonstration before Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi condemning suppression of Press freedom and atrocities on media persons in Pakistan. Led by NUJ(I) President Dr N K Trikha, the demonstation was also joined in by Mr Santosh Kumar and Mr. M.L.Tawar, leaders of the All Indian Newspapers Employees Federation. A memorandum was presented to the Pakistan High Commissioner urging his government to immediately lift censorship and controls on print and broadcast media in Pakistan and protect journalists in their work It expressed complete solidarity with the journalists colleagues in Pakistan in their hour of trial and tribulation. The memorandum said the Indian journalists were disturebed to learn of poilice raids on several broadcasting stations in Islamabad and Krachi,closure of private TV channels as also ordering the FM Radio off the air. "The challenges facing Pakistan cannot be solved by actions that prevent journalists from doing their work and that put our colleagues at risk of their personal safety" the memorandum added. The demostrating journalists carried placards with slogans like 'Stop gagging the press','Lift curbs on Pak press' and announcing 'Freedom of the press is indivisible'.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chitragupt Puja Celebration at Dwarka

Not able to see correctly, pl download HINDI FONTS on your PC

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Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Monday, November 12, 2007

Dwarkites are punished of daily FOUR HOUR POWER cut

To Mr. Sanjay Bhagat, BSES

Subject : BSES RAJDHANI – REGULAR/DAILY POWER CUTS Sir, The daily power cut earlier reported resorted after intervention of CM Office.

1 However, respectfully submit to you that we at Dwarka, Sector 22, Plot 4, at Nav Sansad Vihar CGHS Ltd have been facing daily (repeat DAILY) power cut of PRECISELY TWO HOURS FROM 9.00 AM TO 11 AM AND FROM 4 PM TO 6 PM .
2 We have lodged a complaints with BSES and on Public Grievances (Power Dept ) web site ( ) vide ref no 685 ECC and 287AH 5/9/07 but it has become a mockery of the system as NO remedial action is taken by BRPL, Dwarka.
4 The answer posted by BRPL-Local office in response to complaint attached for your ready reference along with our numerous complaints. We sincerely doubt the Dwarkites are punished of daily FOUR HOUR cut because all the societies in Dwarka have DG Backup and power is DIVERTED out to Commercial Establishments?.
5 This power cut has been going on since August 2007 and surprisingly whenever we have complained to BSES helpline they do not acknowledge that such a regular power cut has/is taking place.
6 We request your kind indulgence to direst BSES, Dwarka to relieve our Society of this uncalled for harassment. Thanking you
For Nav Sansad Vihar
Rejimon CK
dear friends,
has anyone also filed any RTI or enquiry with BSES for the unscheduled load shedding that has been taking place religiously for past so many months in dwarka area from 9 am to 1030 am, then again 4 pm to 530 pm.
it was in the newpaper that BSES will give power 24x7 on diwali days but bang on the diwali 8th nov itself lights went off at 9 AM and again at 4 PM!? this is really crazy!
why there is no schedule in the newspaper when everyone knows that lights daily go off at 9 am and 4 pm which means it is a load shedding and not breakdown i.e it is planned. is it true that BSES is selling power to Haryana when it does not have enough for Delhi?
Pradeep K. Ivon

Detailed discussion by Dwarka Residents

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Book release function on 13th of November

Book release function on 13th of November
Chief Guest : Smt. Panabaka Lakshmi
Honourable Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Government of India
at Causarina Hall, India Habitat Centre
New Delhi-110003, on 13th November, 2007, at 8.00 P.M.
Surgeons Gynaecologist from all over India and abroad will assemble at India habitat centre to participate the book release function on 13th of November 2007. Pro chancellor Pro-Chancellor of TGO University Professor Dr. P.R. Trivedi will preside over the function.
The Foreword of this book is given by Prof. Steven D. Wexner and Dr. Ray L. Green. The Publisher of book is J.P Brothers Medical Publishers. The largest medical book publisher of Asia. Mr. Mahabal Mishra, MLA Nashirpur Dwarika and Mr. O.P Babbar, MLA Tilak Nagar will be present as guest of honour in this function.
This book is unique in the Asia because it is single authored and cover 450 pages and more than 1200 illustrations. The two Instructional DVDs are provided with this book contains 20 PowerPoint with hundreds of Videos linked. The power points and Videos in DVD covers everything any surgeon ever wants to know about the art and science of laparoscopy in general surgery, paediatric surgery, urology and gynaecology. Everything is presented in an organized format that makes even the hardest tricks of laparoscopy easy to understand.
This approach will develop surgeon’s skill individually as a competent surgeon in order to build a solid foundation of minimal access surgery, and has never been illustrated so nicely in any other instructional book or DVDs of laparoscopy.
For Detail of this book please log on to:
For More Information:
M 8/10 Tilak Nagar,
New Delhi, 110 018.
For Training: +91(0)9811416838
For Treatment: +91(0)9811912768
For General Enquiry: +91(0)11- 42138116
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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Press Conference of Kailash Mansarovar Seva Samiti ( Regd.)

Kailash Mansarovar Seva Samiti ( Regd.)
3,C.S.C. Market, GH-4, Meera Apartments,
Outer Ring Road, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110 063.
Ph.25255715 Mobile:9811642604
Chief Patron : Mr. D R Kaarthikeyan – Advisor - Law-Human Rights
Former Director - Central Bureau of Investigation
Former-DirectorGeneral-NationalHumanRights Comm.
Patron : Mr. S Ramakrishnan I.P.S. (Retd.) – C.E.O.- Chattarpur
Mandir, N Delhi. Former Director General – Home Guards – Delhi Police.


You are cordially invited to attend the Press Conference of

Kailash Mansarover Sewa Samiti (Regd),

to Wish and congratulate the Haj Yatries for this year Haj Yatra.

on 12th November, 2007 from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

at the Press Club of India,
1 Raisina Road, New Delhi – 110 001.
Dinner at 9.15 P.M.

Thanking you.
Yours truly,
KAILASH MANSAROVER SEWA SAMITI(REDG.) forward the message among your friends

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