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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Recently, the second branch of Apar India at Dwarka was inaugurated. Apar India was established in 1998, and started it's journey from a single room in Rohini. On the inaugural day, Mr. R. K. Jain reveals that it is only through Education, right values and sense of service can make the students a good citizen which forms the foundation of the Nation. He further added, "We are proud to be a part of it and successfully produced more than two thousands students who placed on top position in different reputed companies." Apar India is providing University Degrees duly affiliated to Sikkim Manipal University Health Medical Technological Sciences in the field of Management, IT, Journalism, MBA, MCA, MSc. IT, MAJM, BBA, BCA, BSc. IT, BAJM etc. Right from the time of its establishment, the faculty members and the whole Apart team is working together and created an image of top quality institute of the capital.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life Positive Expo 2008 to start from October 31st


Dadi Janki, Dr. Pranav Pandya and Swami Nithyananda to bring the message of CELEBRATING WELLNESS to Delhi

Life Positive magazine, India's first and finest body-mind-spirit magazine, has announced the Life Positive Expo 2008, a unique body-mind-spirit festival being held during October 31 - November 2 at Federation House, FICCI, Tansen Marg, New Delhi. In view of the global financial crisis, and the unprecedented stress and anxieties of our times, the theme of the Expo is CELEBRATING WELLNESS and it presents an excellent opportunity to examine the many options available in India today for well-being of the body, mind and spirit.
The Expo offers a perfect platform to the participants to help them deal with the stress of day to day existence and answer numerous unasked questions about success, relationships, communication through 12 enlightening and interactive workshops by experts from different walks of life. It aims to imbibe hope, optimism and positive energy in every individual participant. Even for the spiritually evolved participant, the experience at the Expo could be the step to level next.
Speaking at a press conference held to announce the Life Positive Expo, Mr. Aditya Ahluwalia, Chairman of Life Positive magazine, said, "Delegates come from all over India for the Expo, drawn by the Life Positive commitment to quality and credibility." He added, "The Expo is a zone of positive energy, a space of energy, optimism and possibilities, where amazing transformations happen."
The Expo will showcase the brightest minds in body-mind-spirit wisdom. Twelve of India's best and most reputed trainers will hold half-day workshops at the Expo. Among them are Arindam Choudhury, one of India's most respected management minds, Dr Newton Kondaveti, one of India's foremost past-life therapists, Jiten Bhatt, one of the leading authorities on pyramid power, Blossom Kocchar, India's pioneer aromatherapist, Sri Samadarshini, director of Oneness University, and several others.
In addition, each evening will culminate in a discourse by three of the most revered spiritual teachers of our times. Dadi Janki, the spiritual head of the Brahma Kumaris will speak on the subject of Truth on October 31, Dr Pranav Pandya, the spiritual head of the well-known Gayatri Parivar will speak on November 1, and the young and dynamic Swami Nithyananda, founder of the Bangalore-based Dhyanapeetam, will hold a discourse on the 2nd.
The Life Positive Expo will also have an exhibition area where visitors can discover a range of products and services to help them achieve well-being of their bodies and minds. The visitors can also enjoy three days of fellowship with fellow seekers.
Suma Varughese, Editor-in-Chief of Life Positive, affirmed that during these troubled times, "Life Positive, and by extension, the Expo, can show the way forward towards a happier, healthier and more harmonious life."
The organisers also announced their plan to launch a book, Teaching Stories, a compilation of the stories that appear in the magazine, at the inaugural ceremony, presided by Dadi Janki, spiritual head of the Brahma Kumaris.
The Expo is held under the aegis of Life Positive Foundation, a not-for-profit trust which is the activity wing of Life Positive. The mission of the Foundation is to help increase awareness of a spiritual outlook in society. The Foundation also announced that it has tied up with Jamghat, an organisation that looks after the welfare of street children through holistic measures such as increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

2 nd Freedom Movement of India

You are cordially invited to attend public meeting on Citizens' responsibility and future of India to be held on Sunday 2 nd November 2008 between 11 Am to 1 PM at DDA ground, sector-3, Viswas Park, Near Rajapuri petrol pump, Dwarka.
Key note speaker: Mr. shiv khera
Coordiantor - Ms. Nidhi mahajan
Organiser - Parvesh - 45622662, 9999968846

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spiralling crime graph scares Dwarka residents

I have come across the following incident through a reliable source:
Near Akashdham Apartments in Dwarka, few days ago, one lady was walking and the two boys on a biker snatch her chain and ran away.
The twosome came back little later and slapped that lady abusing, Saali, artificial chain pahanti hai, hame dhoka dethi hai and ran away again throwing the chain-snatched litter earlier upon her.
It is shocking, appalling, interesting or any thing else does not k now what to say.
Who is responsible for this boldness of the snatchers? M K GUPTA

Its very disappointing to see a casual comment 'There is nothing extraordinary......' by the area SHO who is primarily responsible for maintaining law and order in Dwarka . Sunil Sareen

Rama & I was talking in the morning regarding a probable action we can initiate in the coming week. This forum can facilitate a platform for all other forums to represent some key persons and invite the SHOs of both Dwarka & Palam Village PSs and also may be some more senior officials and assembly representatives. We may express our anguish, put across some suggestions to tackle the issues and seek a time bound program to implement some proactiveness from the Law & Order side. Mahadevan

We could also raise a complaint with the Delhi Government on this. I happened to come across the link to the Grievance Redressal Form on the Delhi Govt website:
This link has the option of directing the grievance to a particular department, say MCD, Power, Transport etc. and thereby can be used to highlight other issues that we as a group have bought into the notice of Govt agencies like Garbage cleaning, unauthorised construction etc. Biju Nair

On oct21 st around 3 pm purses of three ladies were snatched by the bikers in sector-14 main road. It was informed to the police. I am also trying to get in touch with victims. Sushil

One more chain snatching from a lady from our society near Sector 10 Metro station. The bikers did that again. complaint was registered. People do not think it is necessary to lodge a complaint because they feel:
1. The lost material/chain will not be found.
2. Police will not record an FIR
3. The Police will not initiate any action because they are hand in glove with these snatchers.
I am aware that DF is planning a meeting with SHO shortly.
It has become dangerously common affair in Dwarka. How do we tackle this which is becoming a menace. What do we do for the Police inaction. Everything is happening under their nose..A Visit to Sector 6/10 market and you can see the nexus. Do we start putting up posters ..loud and clear all over Dwarka .."Beware of chain snatchers - Bikers" - " DO NOT WEAR ANY ORIGINAL GOLD CHAINS - IF YOU HAVE TO WEAR PLS WEAR ARTIFICIALS ONLY". Is this the way to go about. Will it have any effect on the Police. Will someone in the higher up wake up and ask why there is no action against this crime. which has been in the news for sometime now. Sudha Iyer

On Oct19 Sunday at around 11.00 am at the gate of Cosmos Society in sector 10 two bikers tried to snatch the chain of one Mrs Choudhay, resident of 1045 of Apna Villa. She has managed to lodg an FIR and told the undersigned that she is satisfied with the action of the police so far. Mrs. Choudhary has sustained some injuries in saving her chain which was broken in to two pieces but she fouled the attempt with her prsence of mind and bravery by picking up a brick to throw on them and the snatcher ran away. Interesting, two-three Rikshaw walas were present there but they were silent spectators or did find the time to react. M K Gupta

I have written enough on this issue but not getting even slightest support from the victims and general public. One has to bear in mind that these are criminal cases and warrant specific actions as per the rules prescribed. Victims are not comming forward. Before you knock the door of court of law, you must have exhausted all the remedies available to you. Here the victims are not even filing the complaint with police. Its not possible that the Dwarka Forum will present the food in plate before the needy. The needy needs to act. We can only extend our support............ I am totally disappointed with the public actions...... I am sorry........ Ashok Chiatanya

I was discussing about this with the beat constable,he informed that on the day of janamasthami there were 16 cases of chain snatching, as per him after the creation of palam police station and new police choki in sector 10 ( there is already one in sector 16 ) it is going to be more helpful for law and order situation for dwarka , chain snatching and encroachment are two major problems of the area and for both these problems if residents put pressure on the SHO it will definately produce positive results ,for chain snatching his suggestion was that there should be enough pickets at least three times a day which will help in nabbing these bike snatchers and will infuse fear in them Df should meet the SHO and other higher officers regarding this Rajiv solanki

I find some of us are upset with poor Public Response. Well,general public was always like this,but,it does not mean the Police & Local Administration can go to sleep. Its a well known fact that mob mentality/unethical behaviour/petty thefts etc., are direct product of blatant Illegal Encroachment of Public Land,Misuse of Public Facilities &Property,Poor/No up-keep of Parks,Roads & By-lanes,Parking Areas,Unauthorised Occupation of Verandas by shopkeepers,and so on. When you maintain certain orderly & clean surroundings,at all times,there will be no place for criminals to sit and operate. Let 'Beat Duty Police'(if at all they are on duty?) every suspicious looking person his credentials and purpose of visit , for the sake of Security of Dwarka Sub City.
Let every shopkeeper decide to keep his car at home and get dropped /picked to his place of work,to keep the Parking FREE for the customers only. Let every Business House & Political Party decide to FREE the area of Bills & Hoardings and all publicity be by Leaflets/TV/Radio only. These THREE actions will soon create Singapore like environment & culture around us. But are Shopkeepers,Politicians & Police are ready to cooperate??? Darshan.

It is very unfortunate that we are constantly living in a sense of fear, gloom and insecurity. An honest, law-abiding citizen deserves to live with pride, peace and dignity after having worked so hard for a living; but ironically, (s)he is forced to lock himself in with his hard-earned belongings! A chain is an identity for a woman; esp. married women. A little cash, a mobile become a necessity these days. But these very things have become a source of danger and fear. Cycle-rickshaws, which I took pride in taking one because it was eco-friendly and fairly affordable, can be easy targets for all crimes.The way things are, organised crime like chain snatching, robbery etc.have become a full-fledged occupation for criminals and things are only getting worse.Some of you might have stayed elsewhere before or are aware of how such things are dealt with in other cities. WHAT is happening in Dwarka? Why the thugs are getting bolder and bolder everyday? I still think of the days when crime in Dwarka was unheard of; 6 years ago even when Dwarka population was scant. It was a safer place then. rashmi kulkarni
I think crimes flourish in an area where the residents develop an insensitive attitude towards others around them, if all I get is a blank look or helpless look when I raise alarm then nothing can help us.
Lets us face the fact that terror is now thronging our doorsteps and if we do not react even now, then we will be the next victim. So what we need is waking up and if that means literally blowing the trumpet then lets do it. Lets start keeping vigil ourselves and mind our boundaries ourselves. Lets ensure that our community is safe by each one ensuring that atleast the residents of their apartments are. Here is the agenda:
1. Our streets (main roads, service lanes, back lanes and green belts) should all be well lit.
2. We have to stop ALL illegal constructions, sorry, but that means no chinese food vans and no road side vendors. We should; however, continue with the weekly markets but they should be at their designated places with again a lot of vigil and under police supervision
3. The police will also have to be awaken to action, u will see increased number of police patrol vans around but to no avail as numbers can't account for inaction. They have to be taken to task too.
4. With Diwali fast approaching we have to ensure that the main markets have only one entrance-- that is a must, all entrants should be thoroughly checked for suspected articles.
5. Cleanliness is not next to Godliness for nothing, if we keep our neighborhood clean atleast anything amiss will be noticed clearly and early.
6. All workers and daily labour along with rickshaw-wallas should be issued an ID card to control infiltration to some extent
7. Do we really need as many wine-and-beer shops as we have?
We should also educate all families and friends on self defence and staying alert at all times-we have to keep up with the fast changing times. vandana verma

Dwarkaties are safe only in their RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX because they have their OWN SECURITY ARRANGEMENTs at thier own COST. Outside the boundary wall they are not safe.
Encroachment is increasing every where in Dwarka whether it is approach road or main road. It is only because of concenred authorities and to some extent we are also responsible for this. anil nayal

Can you imagine OFIICIALS and Authorites, how BLIND They have become ... ac'nt even see the BIG vans parked all over ??
IMAGINE THE MONEY THAT WOULD HVE CHANGED HANDS>>>>> LET"s THROW THEM OUT OF DWARKA...I MEAN ASK THEM TO THROW THEM OUT..After all we are living in a Civilaised Indian capital ???A den of corruption. Sunil Shukla

Must ask the law enforcement agencies to do their work. Apparently the laws and parameters exsist but are not enforced. In a few years from now the situation will be same as other congested colonies of Delhi. Those colonies wld have also had pavements to walk on and clear pathways once upon a time. We will also relate to our grandchildren stories of safe Dwarka which exsisted ,with clear pavements, less encroachments, even abt two years back.Wonder who is making money in this!!! R. Dua

On 13 th Nov, a girl was complaining about her purse snatching by the bikers to the constables at Sec. 6 market.
The constable taken her mobile number and wrote that on a newspaper in a casual manner and the girl left. The girl herself was not insistent though she got minor brushes on her palm also. I asked her about the details of the incident but she was very much apprehensive or afraid to share the same and left in a jiff. She has not even tried to giver her complaint in writing to the police. M K Gupta

People are very reluctant to report to police. Everyone is afraid. We had one more chain snatching incident with one of the residents in our society. It happened over the flyover (palam) on 12 th Nov at around 4.30pm. She said she was on a scooter (two wheeler) when the bikers came from behind, reduced the speed of the scooter and snatched the chain. The chain broke into half remained with the lady. She said there were people around driving but no one came to their help and no one bothered to chase them. They gave them a chase themselves but could not catch them. Asusual, no report filed. And everyone is of the view that Police is very much in hand-in-glove with these chain snatchers. Sudha

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dwarka Parichay Newsletter

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The vision of the site is to create brotherhood & connectivity with each other in & around Dwarka. It consists the entire information about Dwarka. You are able to find useful information aboutImportant Numbers, Utility services, school admissions guidance, education, institutions, service providers, property, jewelers, public representations, tours & travels etc.

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Happenings in and around Dwarka

Diwali Celebrations
Shrimad Bhagwat Katha
Learn Karate in Dwarka
Treatment of Heart Diseases through Non surgical methods
Raj Kumar Sharma-Dronacharya of Cricket
Be the Torch Bearer 2008
Interview with VEENA SHARMA - Social worker
Mahavir Enclave Kali Bari
An Appeal from Dwarka Kalibari
DR. C.M. BHAGAT- Personality from Medical Field
Greed based corruption can only be checked by Character Education - Shiv Khera
Blood donation camp by Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, Dwarka
Prayer Meeting held in memory of Inspector M C Sharma
Pin codes in Dwarka area

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Message from: Sanjeev Kumar
Message:Incidents of chain snatching in Dwarka Sec-12 & 4 have increased. They come on motorcycles bearing no registration number plates. They snatch the chains from people walking on the pavements at just the right moment when they are closer to the road or just about to cross the roads. We are afraid since it is very difficult for our family members specially (female members) to go out freely. Police has to do something to stop this menace which is increasing day by day and situation may get further wrose if concrete steps are not taken by police immediately.

Message from: Dr J Kurup
Message:Since I am new to Dwarka I would like to become a member of IMA Dwarka branch.I was a member Of Bokaro Steel City branch where i was residing & working .I am a radiologist by profession. My add----- c2/9 Sahyadri CGHS, Plot no 5,Sector 12 Dwarka New Delhi

Message from: rekharaj
Message:dear madam, my son is 8 yrs old and diagnised as adhd. we stay in hyderabad. my husband has been transfered to delhi now. so i want my son to be admitted in st.mary school in dwarka. is there any possibility to take admission in the month of december08? now he is in class 2. please help me

Message from: Jahan Ara ali
Message:I am completely confused on the admission processure for my son his dob is 28th oct'05 & would be turning 3 on this 28th. if he gets an admission in pre nursery now then in which year he would be in 1st standard what are the semesters??????? PLEASE ASSIST

Message from: Ritu Jain
Message:hi there..i am a mom of a 3yr old. he goes to Mother's Pride now. i want to know about the forms for nursery of other schools in Dwarka like DPS,MT. Carmel, WenkateshwerInt.,Itl public,Indraprastha Int.,Delhi Int.,and any other..plz give me the detailed info of the forms distributions and submission dates.. thanking you in anticipation.(for the yr 2009-2010)

Message from: N RAJESH
Phone: 9810502341

Message from: hari
Message:Pl. advise where the dance SALSA is situtated to learn. And also my daughter wants to attend cooking clases pl. advise.

Message from: kamlesh dutt
Message:I am residing in Dwarka More. I want to know about Day Boarding School's in Dwarka from Class I onwards.

Message from: Prince Kohli
Message:Why there is a difference in age criteria for admission in nursery class, because some schools are following the guideline of 3 plus for admission, according to order of Delhi High Court but 'Mount Carmel' is not following the order of Delhi High Court. A kid can get the admission in nursery class only when He or She is 4 plus. WHY?

Message from: NAVDEEP SAXENA
Message:I intend to get my daughter admitted in Nursery in Dwarka. Would be grateful to have the admission schedule of schools so that I could plan her admission. I would be highly grateful if fee structure of schools is also communicated to me.

Message from: lalit saini
Phone: 9810215918
Message:I wish to know the play schools in dwarka with the ranking and their admission procedure

Message from: sunita
Message:Sir, can you suggest me which school is the best in dwarka from nursury to class XII. can you give me the detail of that school. i mean eligible age of child, fee structure, timing. address........etc. Thanks

Message from: Sonika
Message:I wanted to know about best top 10 schools in Dwarka. what are their admission criteria. when they start distributing forms to new children and what is the age group of the new students.

Message from: Ritu Vaish
Message:i am searching a job as teacher. And the prefered location is Dwarka Delhi. Is there any requriment for teachers in Dwarka's schools?

Message from: Sambhu Datta
Message:My dauther will be 4+ in March'09, In which class she will be eligible for admission in 2009 session.presenty she is studing in nursery in a play school nearby.

Message from: geetanjali verma
Message:i hv just given my final year exams for physiotherapy n i want to get well and good exposure in our field i will be thankful to u if u provide me dis opportunity i aasur u i will perfom my best

Message from: divya kiran
Message:I am searching for teacher's job as a TGT or PRT near sec-11. I am MSc. BEd.

Message from: RAMESH CHAND
Message:thanks for your useful website. Grateful if you could takeup the matter with DTC to extend all their bus routes upto Dwaraka instead of Palam or Madhuvihar viz. route no. 781 from New Delhi Railway station to Palam and 778 Inderlok Metro Station to Madhuvihar could easily be extended to Dwarka's sector like 14 or Dwarka more etc. as a quick relief to the Dwarka residents

Message from: s.n.gupta
Phone: 26886530
Message:I shall be really grateful if u kindly inform me about the status of Gulshan Iqbal Society Sector 19. The building is ready for allotment, but no further news. Has it been cleared for allotment of flats? Thanks

Message from: Bhuwan Joshi
Message:Dear sir, Please update the RWA Executive Body members list on Dwarka Parichay as mentioned below. R.W.A. Dwarka Sector-12, Pocket-7 (DDA Flats) Office Phone Nos. 42811282, 42811283. President-Sri B.R.Pambra Vice President-Sri M.L.Bhardwaj Secretary-Sri Bhuwan Joshi Joint Secretary-Sri Balwinder Singh Treasurer-Sri R.K.Bharati Members-Sri Sunil Upadhyay, Mrs. Anju Kochhar, Mrs. Veena Rana, Mr. Rohit Shankar, Mr. Netrapal, Mr. Bhim Giri Goswami. Hope you do the needfull and oblige. Regards, Bhuwan Joshi - Secretary RWA +919810301341

Message from: ANUJ GUPTA
Message:I came accross this web site and I am deeply inpressed. Tough I am not resident of Dwarka but I appreciate the efforts put in in development of this site. I clap for the initiators..... One point I would ask is that has site plan of Dwarka not given or I could not get the link. Please arrange a link for site plan on the HOME PAGE...... Once again, it was a great feelign to view this site.......

Message from: Dinesh
Message:Hi, I liked this site. I am also a resident of Dwarka and after browsing this site I feel really proud to be Dwarkaite!! You have really done a good job in exposing Dwarka Subcity information on this portal. Cheers!!

+ a lot of messages .........

If you have information please share/ response to these messages.
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Thanks & warm regards, team

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diwali Celebrations

Shahjahanabad CGHS, Sector-11, Plot-1, Dwarka is organising a Diwali Milan on 26th October at its premiese at 20h30 onwards. The function will include lighting of lamps, entertainments and light refreshment etc.
Shahjahanabd CGSH is well known for its multifunctional activities such as cultural programmes and entertainments for all its members belonging to various communities.
- Shah Akhlaq Ahmed
Vice President

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Dr.Aggrawal is a unique doctor of mind, body and soul."-Madhusudan Sudan

Aloved book was recently released during M.T.N.L. Health Mela. This book is written by famous Dr. K.K. Aggrawal. Dr. Aggrawal-Chairman, Heart Care Foundation of India, Senior surgeon and Cardiologist-Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi), has beutifully compiled the useful theory of Allopathy and Ayurveda in it. The book contains important tips about yoga, meditation, basic principles of spirituality, utility of discipline in life, community awareness, adolcent, and above all how to keep mind & body healthy mantra etc. The book is worthful indeed for every one. It is published by Manjuli Prakashan, New Delhi. The cost of Book is Rs.300/(INR).

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha by Shri Mridul Krishna ji Maharaj From 31 October to 7 November 2008, Time: 1 PM to 6 PM Venue: Near Sai Baba Mandir, Najafgarh. Kalash Shobha Yatra starts on 31 st October at 10 AM from Najafgarh stadium. To participate in Kalash shobha yatra ladies should register before 25 October. Contact: Satish - 25024444, 9211779555


ON 16 th October GYNAE FORUM DWARKA (A forum of all practicing gynecologists and obstetricians) celebrated its first birthday. A scientific session was organised on the occasion. The topic was preinvasive lesions of cervix the speaker was Dr Poonam Sachdeva,consultant of LJP hospital more than 60 practicing gynaecologist of dwarka and surrouning area attended the meet. There was a long interactive session after the lecture Dr Anupama Khanna , Chairperson of the gynae forum moderated the session. Dr Anupama Khanna cut a cake to mark the day as the first birthday of the forum which has been a great success throughout the year as it updated the gynaecologist in many recent advances in the field by prominent doctors of delhi the efforts of Dr Anupama Khanna to bring such a platform into existence and to make it a grand success was appreciated by all the delegates. Dr Anupama Khanna assured the doctors of continued medical education pragrammes.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marital art and Self defence demonstration by DSKC

DSKC is offering a unique concept on mass level to introduce Marital art and Self defence programme in various educational institutes throughout India. This programme is designed particularly for annual day / sports day under following categories:

Cat. A. Rs. 50,000/-
Cat. B. Rs. 1 Lac
Cat. C. Rs. 1,50,000/-

During the course students will be given sufficient training by our team members ( National reputed coaches)
on all India basis.
For more details please contact: Sunil:- 9810143483
Media Partner
Interview at Dwarka parichay

Dwarka Roads, Parks, Pedestrains, Sanitation

Mr. S R Solanki
Chief Enginer- DWK
DDA, Mangalapuri,Dwarka, New Delhi
Fax : 23965016
Subject: Upkeep/Maintenance of Dwarka Sub-city.
As you may well aware Dwarka Forum (Regd) with an online membership of over 1550+ RWA/CGHS Representatives and residents of Dwarka.
We are in receipt of numerous complaints from different sectors of Dwarka on poor upkeep and maintenance of Dwarka Sub-City Roads, Pedestrain paths and Parks.
We there for request you the following at the earliest :
The 30/40/60 meter Master Plan roads are in very pathetic condition especially after the torrential rains. It is learned that most of these roads were laid during the project period and not give adequate maintenance during the gurantee period. We would therefore request you to initiate the relaying of all 30/40/60 meter roads with fresh bitmen and fresh identifical painting on the pavement edges.
We also request you to process the repair and restore of all pedestrian paths. A number of Pedestrain paths/service roads have damaged by Service Providers(BSES/MTNL/Reliance/Airtel/IGL etc). As we understand the Service providers have remitted due amount for Repair and Restore. However, it is regret to notice that the REPAIR and REPAIR Works are not initiated by DDA so far and risking the pedestrians.
As you well aware Dwarka is new Sub-City and dream project of Late. Shri. Rajiv Gandhi. We appreciate that a good area of Dwarka is made green by DDA. There are still scope for at least 25-25% areas left out on road sides and park areas. The number of lost trees also need replacement. In view of the increased AIR/Ground Pollutions with growing population and development the sub-city require ample green buffer. A large number of malis were engaged, however their attendance are only on papers. We appreciate you will give this communication to Dy. Director, Horticulture for necessary action.
We annex here with as (Annex-I) the list of Roads, Pedestrain Paths, Parks were severely damaged and require survey, and need to Relaid urgently.
Dwarka Forum

Following Roads were laid 3-4 months back but, as expected, monsoonsbroke them around 50%.1. from Pocket-8, Sector-12 to Sector-13 Metro Station2. From Vidyut Chowk to Sector-13.Could post photographs, if required.Also, on pedestrian paths from Vidyut chowk to Ayudh Vihar Red light,3-4 Sewage line covers are missing since past 3 months and pose asevere danger to pedestrians. AFAIK, they were removed as part ofcleansing the sewage lines during monsoons. Amit.

I have included the bad road condition and maintenance of park at Sector-19B.Main road connecting sector 19B and Sector-19 Pocket IIRoad near T junction of Sector 19B is completely damaged and debris accumulated at road. Only single vehicle can pass through at a time. Opp. To Sector 19 Pocket-IIPark is not maintained. Jogging tracks and plantation required.
Kindly include our request also. Br Rajeev Singh Rathore

Sub: Service Road Repair, etc. Service road running in front of Plot-11 to plot-8, Sector-12 (1) About a year back (November 2007) Indraprastha Gas Limited laid pipelines in front of our society after digging the road. We were given to understand that DDA has been entrusted the job of repairing the roads and funds for the same have been provided to DDA. Even after nearly a year nothing has happened and the service road is unbearably in bad shape. A letter dt. 3/6/08 was written to The Executive Engineer, S.W.D.-7, D.D.A., Central Nursery, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075. (2) In his reply the XEN {letter No.F.7(17)CB/EE/SWD-7/1265 dated 12/6/08)} mentioned that the work was likely to be completed by 28/6/08. But till today the work has not been even started. (3) Inspite of repeated reminders nothing have happened. (4) This is a fit care to be included in the ensuing RTI / Complaint to CE, DDA. p. menon

Please also include the road in front of NK Bagrodia Public School, Sector 4. This stretch of around 200-300 meter (from DPS bus stand to Sri Ram Aptt.) is in very bad condition with several potholes. Ramesh Chand

Please include the road leading to Sector One Pocket One dwarka behind Ram Jodi temple which is in very bad shape. This road also leads to additional 28 DDA flats. nos. from 337 to 364 and Mahavir Vihar as well. The condition of the road is very bad and pathetic and it requires immediate recarpeting.Chander Mohan

The road (near the Palam Flyover) from Flyover U-turn leading to traffic light (Sector 1,7,6& 2) is in pretty bad shape and require urgent repairs. Prof. M.N. Gupta

Service road from Godrej Apt to Fakhrudin Apt in sector-10 is beingrelaid for last 3 days.Pathetic condition of said service road was first conveyed to DDA thruemail on 22.5.08 & subsequently discussed with Chief Engineer(Dwarka), DDA on 27.5.2008. Thanks also to members for follow-upsupport. Mahesh Tak

Sanitation problems

A area of great concern is the stinking dustbins of poor quality, most of them are in broken conditions are kept outside the Societies or along with the roads near pavements. These dustbins are not good for health, becoming the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria etc. also gives shabby looks and very difficult to pass through it. My suggestion is that every society should have two dustbins in the back lane, one for dry items (for recycling purpose) and second one is for wet items (veg, kitchen items). This wet dustbin should be cleaned by water every week by the Society sweeper. All the trash should be in poly bag, no one should through it in loose conditions. The Society may take the responsibility of maintenance of dustbins, if possible. It is also noticed if trash is in poly bag, the sweepers always open the bags and search the trash to find out the products for sale which result in spreading the thrash all over on the road. -Ramesh Chand-

I understand all the CGHS/DDA Pocket have their own Sweeper for daily Garbage collection, It means CGHS/DDA Pocket residents are not using these DUSTBINS then what is the USE of PUTTING these Dustbin out side the boundary wall of CGHS/DDA Pockets.
I agree with Mr. Ramesh that these dustbins are not good for health, becoming the breeding grounds for germs, bacteria etc. also gives shabby looks and very difficult to pass through it.
In my person view IT SHOULD BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. Members are free to COMMENT on this.
anil nayal

May be suggestions from qualified cleaning agencies? Are there any operating in Dwarka? Mostly it is the local sweepers come together to form a Agency and take the contract. The mode of collecting and treating the garbage is still the old way hence resulting in all the mess. the dustbins are REQUIRED at various points as the passerby using the roads , children coming frm any point , various wrappers are littered all over. If the dustbins are threre we can ask passerby and kids to use the same . If none exsist they will have an excuse to throw the litter just anywhere. In India we do not keep the wrappers back in our hand bags/ cars. R Dua

Our Pocket-1 in Sector-10 has 6 garbage bins - 3 GREEN & 3 BLUE. Daily
morning, mechanised green & blue MCD trucks come & empty the contents from green & blue bins respectively. Problem is with bins left outside along service lanes. Also with smaller bins placed haphazardly by DDA near market, bus stops, etc. I have written to DDA for action on bin ismanagement. Mahesh Tak

People have to start complaining. Its the general preception that if not us someone will be complaining. This attitude has to change. Unless each one of us start speaking up nothing will change.
Regarding Dustbins - I agree with Mr. Dua as well. Despite Dusbins being there people litter the place, you can see plastic bags flying all over the road and getting stuck in tyres. Problem is that even the educated people litter. But if the same people travel abroad they will not throw but first find/look out for a dustbin. Why cannot the same thing be followed in our own country. Dont people like cleanliness........
I have myself spoken to the Sahib Singh, the MCD Counsellor number of times on this issue. He says he can only take away the redi whenever his team sees them. But it is for the societies who have to take initative and shoo away the ragpickers. Now as you are aware, these guys come around in early mornings or afternoons, when there are practically no one around. They really create a mess and leave the whole area stinking. The MCD van comes in the morning betweem 8.30-9.00am everyday. In all society the kuda walas collect kuda around after 9am. And they then sort out the mess first and then dump the rest in the MCD bins.
I think one of the option could be to ask the MCD vans to come in the afternoon between12-2pm so that the bins can be cleared immediately after the society kuda wala dumps the garbage into the bins. This way we can ensure that these rag pickers dont get the opportunity to creat a mess on the services lanes and the lane really stinks. I cant think of any other way of addressing thsi problem. Please feel free to write in with your thoughts.
Sudha Iyer

The main reason for this mess outside societies are the rag pickers. MCD has installed those plastic wheeled dustbins, but the rag pickers come early in the morning and spread these dustbins and collect for thier daily livelihood, forgetting to put the leftover back. the best example is outside Sargodha Apartments in Sector 7. Something should be done about it. the security staff of the societies are totally incapable of handling this as most of them are asleep during the wee hours. Ajay Gupta

I don't understand that every CGHS/DDA pocket have their own Sweeper for garbage collection then who put the garbage on the Dustbin. WHAT IS THE USE OF PUTTING SUCH BIG DUSTBIN OUTSIDE THE CGHS/DDA POCKETS. Anil Nayal

instead of those BIG tholas(Grabage house) in Dwk MCD put only these green and blue bins. Initially it look better as the maintenance and especially the way the Loading guys of MCD contractors the Bins were damaged then the rag pickers. The CGHS/DDA pocket sweepers collect from door to Door a job of an MCD Sweeper and dispose of the garbage. We must ask for at least 2 Big Tholas in each sectors ? 1 for Garbage especially kitchen and other items other one for Malba and Recyle itesm such as papers/plastics etc.. Rejimon CK

This problem can be resolved, if we are ready to use 'common sense'!
Lets assume:-
- All the CGHSs in DWARKA have their staff to take care of the garbage inside the societies.
- All the CGHSs have provided their sweeper staff with BIG size GARBAGE Bags.
- The Sweepers/Security Staff are present in the society when so called MCD Garbage Van visits to pick-up garbage, daily.
- Now,why cant Society Sweeper Staff along with MCD Staff load the 'Garbage Bags' on these Vans for a neat/clean disposal of Garbage,every day?
- Remove the Plastic Bins from Front Gates of the CGHSs and keep the area clean.
- But we are INDIANS.................. Darshan

It is the quality of dustibins that is not up to the mark. All of them are either broken, overhanging upside down and spreading foul odor and germs all around, and is indeed sickening for us when we are taking morning walk for better health. Re. DDA pocket, i live in Sec.9 pkt.2 but i believer still Dustbins have to be placed outside each Pkt and society irrespective of whether sweeper cleans or not because he does it just in the morning and takes a day off also, but rest of the day if there is anyone wanting to throw garbage, there has to be dustbins which should be cleared daily. In fact, i believe even within the colony or pocket, there should be duly covered 4-5 dustbins at periphery road where residents of the pocket can throw rough and dry rubbish. Sometimes, while driving back i have some rubbish(wrappers, fruit skin etc.) which i have to carry it all the way to my home at top floor to put it in my home dustbin! to be a CLEAN AND GREEN Delhi, each one of us has to think cleanliness all the time not just for our drawing rooms but for our neighborhood - colony- dwarkacity and Delhi city. Ask, how many of us do that! Years ago there were no dustbins, then we complained and started seeing dustbins but now problems is either they are not of sturdy quality or are not maintained properly by MCD. pradeep k.ivon

I filed one RTI in March 08 with MCD Najafgarh on Sector 22 specific.. So far no response,,aappeal filed FAA no response.. Appeal with CIC Pending. The only improvement we got was after this RTI one sweeper we see dainly infront of NSV that it.. its long way to go..efforts are on.. The questions are as below. " There are garbage bin (Blue and Green) at (Sector 22, Dwarka). Please provide the following information with respect to this garbage bin: Please give the address of the Depot from where the loader and truck for this garbage bin are sent? Please give the vehicle nos of the truck and the loader assigned for picking up garbage from this garbage bin. As per the vehicle beat register maintained at the Depot, please give the time when these vehicles left the Depot and at what time did they return to the Depot on each day from Nov 2007 to December 2007 , Jan 08 and Feb 08 . On each of the days during the above period, please mention the addresses of the garbage bins, which were serviced by these vehicles. Please give the numbers of trips made by this truck on each of these days.
On each of these trips, please mention the weight of the garbage picked up by this truck, as per the weighment receipts at landfill sites.
This garbage bin has not been cleaned for the last 15 days. The area SI is supposed to send balance report to the workshop SI everyday giving details of the garbage left unattended. On the basis of this report, the workshop SI is supposed to get such garbage picked up. Please allow me to inspect the balance reports sent by the area SI for each day during this period. Does the balance report for each of these days mention that the garbage at this bin is not being picked up? If no, why has the area SI not been mentioning the same? " Rejimon

There is unauthorised Jhuggis started in front of SEC 5 Navin appartments in open area which is duly covered with fencing matter is already reported to local authorities and perhaps to the police by CGHS of navin appartments. Besides above this area is being used for toilets purpose by the rikshaw pullers and labour class. Therfore all area is full of foul smell as one open drinage also exsisting near by Can any one take this matter to the appropirate authority for necessary help. Pradeep Bist

I would also like to share the pathetic condition at the back side of MAHABHADRA KALI C G H S PLOT 6 SECTOR 13 opp MRV SCHOOL. there is a huge DDA lant lying vacant for so many years bushes at the height of 8 to 10 feets have grown up and it is a hub for anti social elements. snakes and insaects which we have only seen in the books enter our houses. labours working in the near by sociewtis under cont. use that land for their daily chorous in the morning and in the evening. sweepers from nearby society DUMP their waste
even our gaurds used to hush them but they cannot stay there all the day
i would request that any of the member of the forum can visit the site see it and talk to the concerned authority.
the mamaging commette and the rwa are not strong enough to take the matter in theie hand as they are their own logger head why i am concered is that with all type of viruses are spreadind we in the society have small childrens too. anil khanna

A similar situtation lies in sector 4, just next to Tiny Tulips School, behind Dakshinayan Society. The plot has been lying vacant for a long time and is constantly misused, most recently by one of the surrounding societies for dump house after their recent sports activity, its shameful that instead of cleaning up our surroundings we just look at it as an oppurtunity to mess it further. The ground breeds mosquitoes and all other unheard of animals, it gets difficult and unsafe to pass by the patch at night.
The green belt around this backlane also serves as a hiding place for anti-social elements, we have often pointed this to PCR vans but to no avail, the green belt serves as an unauthorised taxi-stand, where drivers in unebriated condition are found playing cards to while away time. please feel free to contact me if you have difficulty in figuring this place out. Vandana

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Learn Karate in Dwarka


Evening Classes ...................Charges .................Timing/ Days

A. Dwarka Health Classes ..........Rs.300/- ........Mon, Wed, Friday (4:00 to 8:00 P.M)

B. The Indian Heights School, Sector-23... Student Rs.800/- Adults Rs.1000/- .....Mon, Wed, Friday (5:00 to 8:30 P.M)

. D.D.A. Sports Complex Sector-11... Members Rs.250/- ...Non Members Rs.400/- Tues, Thurs, Sat (5:00 to 7:00 P.M)

D. Fitness & Self Defence classes .........only for Adults At Centre –Rs.300/- Per Hours . (In Dwarka)
At Client Place Rs.500/- Per Hour (In Dwarka)
Outside Dwarka 700/- Per Hour As per Client

* Venue required for Vasant Kunj/ Vasant Vihar/ G.K./ Saket. Preferably Institutional area. Indoor hall with changing & Wash Room Facilities timing 4 to 8 (Evening).

CONTACT SUNIL - 9810143483

Media Partner
Further details at: -


The Resident Welfare Association of Sector-14, Pocket-2, organising Diwali Mela from 24th to 25th October in their pocket. According to Mr.Vishal Sinha & Mr.Sailash Singh, cultural programmes, food stalls, games quize etc. will be the major events during the mela.
For participation & stall booking in the mela please contact: 9868018565 & 9873938509.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


New State Academy Sr.Sec. School, Pitampura is celebrating Annual Exhibition called IMPRESSION-2008 on 19th Oct.2008.According to Dr.Sangita Bhatia(Principal) & Mrs. Neelima Vardhan(Vice Principal) " Mr.M.C.Sharma-Controller of Examination-C.B.S.E. will be the Chief Guest, Mahabali Satpal-Addl. Director of Education(Sports), Delhi Govt. will be In Chiar and Mr.K.D.Jassal-Dy. Director North West B will be the Guest of Honour.
The programme will include exhibition and Prize distribution for academic excellance.
for more detail Please contact:Ph.27016744/27011619

Thursday, October 9, 2008


You are cordially invited for the seminar/ presentation conducted by INDENAS in association with Indian Medical Association Dwarka at CCRT sector 7 Dwarka near ramfal chowk on Tuesday 14 th October at 8.30 PM
Doctor Vlasov from Russia presenting the New technology on treating various diseases of the human body, who has been successfully treating people from all over the planet by using DENS Therapy.
Designed, at medical program of the Center of Aerospace Flights At the end of 1970s, the new unique apparatus of controlling of the internal environment of the human body.
Tested in subdivisions of Russian military and industrial complex. Confirmed by the board of scientists of The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation 's Central Defence Hospital including treatment of patients who suffered after the disaster at the Chernobyl atomic station.
Today in most of the countries of Europe, America , Australia etc DENS therapy has taken a separate identity in the field of medical sciences and mankind is being benefited after using DENS Therapy.
For more information on DENAS therapy, solutions to various diseases,
confirm your presence: 9350394094, 9313888893

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As per decision of the Managing Committee dated 5th October, 2008, the Registered Office of the Jain Samaj Dwarka has now been shifted from Shrya Polyclinic, 53, A Pocket –II Sector -6 Dwarka, New Delhi to the following address : C-303, Vinayak Apartments, Plot-36, Sector-10, Dwarka. M.C. Jain, SECRETARY
Telephone No. 9810548428

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


at Sector-10, Near Metro Station, Dwarka,
from 10th-14th Oct., 2008
Time: 5 PM to 8PM
Organiser: Vishav Vedant Sansthan Indrapstha Delhi.
Contact: 25273484,9212150594

Monday, October 6, 2008

Raj Kumar Sharma-Dronacharya of Cricket

Raj Kumar Sharma is known among the best cricket coaches of India. He is Qualified Level-II coach from National Cricket Academy of B.C.C.I. He is running West Delhi Cricket Academy for a decade. He has already produced an international player called Virat Kohli. Yes, you must have seen him busy with the boys in D.D.A. Sports Complex Hari Nagar, Dwarka and of course St.Sophia School, Paschim Vihar. He started his coaching from Saviour Public School, Paschim Vihar and the rest is the history, every cricket lovers know better than any body else his contribution towards cricket game
As a player, he is off Spinner and right handed batsman. He captained Dena Bank Cricket Team for ten years and Sonnet Club for five years. He represented Delhi in Ranji Trophy from 1987 to 1991, also played the Ranji Trophy finals which Delhi won in 1988. He represented Delhi in Wills Trophy from 1988 to 1991. Represented North Zone in Vizzy Trophy. He played All India Rohinton Baria Trophy. He even played and Coached in Bangladesh as professional Cricketer for 3 years. He represented Indian Veteran Eleven lead by Dilip Vengsarkar against World XI.
On the basis of his experiences in the field of cricket game. He appointed Match Refree for various Ranji Trophy and Deodhar Trophy matches by Board of Control for Cricket in India. He trained the budding cricket players during Zonal Academy Camp for Under –19 in the year 2006 & 2007 by National Cricket Academy. He had appointed Coach for Delhi team which toured Pakistan in the year 2006-2007. Delhi Ranji Trophy Selector in the year 2006-2007. Selector/Coach for various Delhi teams for last 10 years.

According to Mr. Sharma a player should do practice at least 3-4 hours daily to flourish in a particular game. A good player possesses good behaviour, hardwork, discipline and dedication attitude towards his/her game. These are the main feature to become a good player. A player should take nutritious diet and keep himself physically and mentally fit. There is a close relation between a player and a coach, it is like father-son relationship. While asking how a promising player can be judge, he says if a player is performing well continuously in a tournament and getting confidence to perform much more than his potential that's the stage where a player's career click.

It was really dreams come true for Mr. Sharma when his boy Virat Kohli got the Indian Cap. His boys Varun Sood & Neeraj Bansal and many more are also performing excellently to get the same height as Virat achieved. Mr. Sharma taught them very useful tips of the gentle game and gave them the tonic of confidence besides regular practice. He made them technically, mentally and physically sound to excel in Cricket game. Mr. Sharma is indeed Dronacharya of Cricket game.
Interviewed by S.S.Dogra

Response from DTC

fromDwarka Parichay,

dateSat, Sep 20, 2008 at 10:05 AM
subjectReminder 1: Dwarkaites demand Better DTC services

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 10:40 AM, Dwarka Parichay wrote:

Mr. Ramesh Negi,IAS,
Chairman-cum-Managing Director,
DTC Headquarters, I.P.Estate,
New Delhi-110002 (Fax No. 2337 0877)
"dtc" ,


Mr. R.K. Verma,IAS,
Principal Secretary & Transport Commissioner,
Govt. of Delhi (Fax No.2393 3069).

"Chief Minsiter Office, NCT Delhi" ,


We, dwarkaites are facing a lot of problems due to shortage/ lack of proper strategy/planning of DTC bus service/ routes in Dwarka.

We have already discussed this issue several times in our Dwarka Forum group ( more than 1450 active members) for better DTC service system in Dwarka.
Some of the comments/ suggestions by members are:

* Connecting service with Metro Stations, Domestic/ International Airport.
* Frequent/ more service of low floor/ AC buses for Dwarka on various routes.
* There must be more/ new connecting routes/service from Dwarka towards other parts of Delhi
- Nehru Place -Okhla
-Bikaji Cama Place - CGO
-AIIMS-Lajpat Nagar
-Dhaula Kuan
- Noida
- Gurgaon
- There is no U-Specials for college students for South Campus and North Campus
* Nazafgarh - Dwarka -

Nehru Place route require proper planning/ strategy.
As we have only one bus route for Nehru Place ie. 764 which is over crowded all the times. Even though the frequency of route no 764 is 5-10 min in office hour, it is very difficult to get into the bus. Sometimes wait for 3-4 overcrowded buses to pass to just get in. DTC official should see these buses in office hours to get concrete solutions. They can easily observe the pathetic condition of commuters.

-cut short the route to Dwarka- NP or Dwarka-IIT or Dwarka- BCP
for some buses.
-Provosion for more DTC buses during office hours
-Some chartered/ RTV buses charge Rs25/- for Dwaka-NP route.
so DTC can run A/C buses on this route and can earn profits.

* There is a requirement of Mini Mudrika/ Circular service type feeder bus service linking all the Sectors or closer to them for connectivity to Shopping complexes/ Metro stations etc.
*We can have monthly/ yearly subscription passes...

Proposed routes:
-Say starting from Sector 1 going towards Sect 4/5 then on to Sect 14 /coming towards 13,12,11,19,18 ,22,23,9,10,6/7 etc.

- Say starting from Sector 22 (last Metro station) going towards sec-9 through bharat vandana park, To sec-6-10 market through shiksha Bharti school, right to main road, left towards aashirwad chowk, -- back through nearby metro rail route ---

We appreciate the Chairman DTC and Transport Commissioner will accept the long stand demand of Dwarka Residents.
We look forward to hearing from you,

Thanking you,
Dwarka Parichay
Dwarka Forum
From dtc
To Dwarka Parichay

dateFri, Aug 17, 2007 at 4:46 PM
subjectRe: Suggestions for better DTC service in Dwarka


It is informed that provision of direct bus service from every part of the city at present is not feasible due to non availability of sufficient resources. Change over points have been established from where a commuter can make use of change over facility for going to their desired destination.

At present services of routes 727, 737, 764, 778, 801, 877, RL-77 and so many Spl trips provided from different sectors on different routes for various directions are serving Dwarka giving the direct bus connection to various parts of the city centres. The area residents may avail the benefit of the existing services available and make use of change over facility as per their convenience for going to their destination. However, these services of routes serving Dwarka Complex would be augumented on the arrival of additional buses to the fleet of the Corporation.

As regards provision of circular service to help residents to reach Metro in all the sectors, same is not feasible due to the above reason.

So far as requirement of Mini Mudrika type feeder service linking all the sectors, you are requested to take up the matter with the Secretary, State Transport Authority for the same as for a short distance journey, Standard Size Buses cannot be operated.'

Regarding requirement of sheds at Bus stops in Dwarka, your grievance is being forwarded to the concerned officer with the request to look into the matter and take action as deemed fit.

(Durgesh Nandini)
Manager (Traffic) Opn.

toDwarka Parichay

dateWed, Oct 8, 2008 at 5:13 PM
subjectRe: Reminder 1: Dwarkaites demand Better DTC services


It is informed that provision of direct bus link to every part of the city with a direct bus service at present is not feasible due to operational constraints. Changes over points have been established from where a commuter can make use of change over facility as per their convenience for going to their desired destination.

The services of routes RL-77Extra, RL-77A, RL-79, RL-75 and various Ltd and Spl. trip operating from Dwarka from different Sectors and the services of route 764 coming from behind running through Dwarka are giving the direct bus connection to various parts of the city centers. The area residents may avail the benefit of the existing services for going to their desired destination.

However, due consideration would be given to introduce new routes from Dwarka as suggested in the E-mail on the arrival of additional AC/Non AC Low \floor buses to the fleet of the Corporation. Till such time you are requested to kindly bear with us for the present.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Manager (Tr.) Sc. House
Date: Nov 3, 2008 4:57 PM
Subject: Dwarkaites demand better DTC service

Dear Sir,

It is informed that provision of direct bus link to every part of the
city with a direct bus service at present is not feasible due to
operational constraints. Change over points have been established
from where a commuter can make use of change over facility as per
their convenience for going to their desired destination.

The services of routes RL-77Extra, RL-79, RL-75 and various LTD and
Spl. trips operating from Dwarka from different sectors and the
services of route 764 coming from behind running through Dwarka are
giving the direct bus connection to various parts of the city
centers. The area residents may avail the benefit of the existing
services available and make use of change over facility as per their
convenience for going to their desired destination.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Manager (Tr.)
Dtc Scindia House

dateWed, Nov 12, 2008 at 2:51 PM
subjectProvision of better bus service for the residents of different sectors of Dwarka.

hide details 11/12/08 Reply

No.TR/2/PLM/35/08/4482 Dated: 10.11.08

Dwarka Parichay
< dwarkaparichay @ g
Sub: Provision of better bus service for the residents of different sectors of Dwarka. Sir, Please refer to your Email letter dated 20.09.08 on the above cited subject. In this connection, it is to inform you that DTC is presently operating the services of routes No. RL-77 Ext., RL-77 A, RL-79, 765, RL-75, 778 Ext., RL-77, 877, 764, 716, 801, 778, 775, 717, 721, 727, 737, 770, 780, 764, 801, 840 Ext. connecting different sector/pocket of Dwarka for various parts of city. Besides this, various Ltd. stop trips are also in operation from this area. The commuters may avail the benefit of existing services presently available for reaching to their destination directly or may avail change over facilities as per their convenience. However, your demand has been noted & as & when the fleet position improves and induction of more drivers, due consideration will be given. Please bear with us.
Yours faithfully,
(R.K. Jain) Manager (Traffic)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Interview with VEENA SHARMA - Social worker

Veena Sharma, daughter of freedom fighter-a lady with vision, soft spoken and patriotism flows in her blood. She is thorough gentle lady and want to make positive changes in the society. Yes, of course, she is good speaker and has an excellent quality of leadership. She spoke to S.S.Dogra & Ajay Kaushik about her dynamic personality and mission. Excerpts:

Q.What is your qualification?
I did my schooling from Rajasthan. I did my Graduation from Hindu College, Sonepat, Haryana with Political Science & History.

Q.When you started you political career?
I started my political career during college days. I was President of Hindu College, Sonepat, Haryana.

Q.What is your association with sports?
I have associated with sports and I was badminton champion during my school times. I’m sports lover and promoting sports in the society. I even organized Floor Ball National Championship at Pragati Public School, Dwarka. Where hundreds of participants showed their games skill.

Q.What are the Major Problems of the sub-city?
Dwarka sub-city doesn’t have sufficient Government schools. Dwarkaites are suffering from water crises, lack of electricity supply, sewage, sanitation, traffic system failure, proper roads particularly inner ones, insecurity feeling among girls & ladies during day-night.

Q.Name the organization with whom you are working presently.
I’m presently Vice President-B.J.P.- Delhi Pradesh Mahila Morcha, Presient of Delhi Tennikoit Association(Regd.), President-Akhil Bhartiya Pehchan Manch and Executive Member-B.J.P.-Janakpuri South Mandal.

Q.Name few organization you have been associated Previously.
I served as President- B.J.P. Mahila Morcha Nangal Raya Mandal for four years.
Former General Secretary-Mahila Morcha Paschim Jila, Executive Member-B.J.P. Pashchim Jila, Executive Member-BJP-Pradesh Mahila Morcha, Member of Central Board of Film Certification & Member of Juvenile Board, Delhi Govt. imparted my duty in the capacity of Metropolitan Magistrate.

Name few political or social organization with whom you have Membership in your possession:
I’m Life member of BJP,Active Member of BJP & Bharat Vikas Parishad, Janakpuri.

Q. Any Political Activities during your career?
I have been actively involved in all Delhi Vidhan Sabha Elections and Lok Sabha Elections since 1994. Attended Jammu Sammellan. I even spent two nights in Tihar Jail during court arrest for sealing agitation in Delhi. Arranging meetings between area people and MPs, MLAs, Councilors and other leaders in the jurisdictions for solving their grievances.

Explain your Social Activities:
I’m very soft hearted lady and try to provide shelter and cure to helpless, orphans, poor women & children, providing school uniforms, books & stationery, Tuition fees for backward classes and needy poor students. Assistance to the tortured women related to dowry and their family problems. Doing projects for children with UNICEP.

What is future planning?
I’m trying to contest the coming election. I’m sure my party will give me the opportunity and I’ll prove my worth to win the seat from my constituency-Dwarka.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mahavir Enclave Kali Bari

Unique Source of Vibrant Living / A place for abode peace and spiritual (self) realisation
The Mahavir Enclave Kali mandir is in Bengali colony is an example of a high level of involvement of all communities in west Delhi. It spreads the messages of community living and creates an environment of peace and harmony in the society.
Infrastructures available
The developmental works at Kali Bari Mandir had started in the Year-1988 and have been continued till date with the generous contributions of the devotees in kind, money and time etc. A brief outline of Infrastructures added in the Kali Bari includes the constructions and expansions of the temple from a mere donated bit of land in year 1988 of 100sq.yards to 400sq.yards at later stage.
Construction of Halls for Bhog & Annadan Preparations and distributions on regular basis.
Construction of Guest house
Construction Office room and rooms for community welfare activities,
Construction of Platform for any other social, cultural & Charity activities etc.
Presently, the construction of Sikhar /Chura at kali Bari premises in progress in full swing.

God and Goddesses Housed inside the Kali-Mandir
Radhakrishna Mandir
Shiva Mandir-Shiv Ling
A Hanuman Mandir with Ram privar
Kali-Mata/Kali Devi
And last but not least the Kali Mandir performs daily prayers for the welfare of all Human beings and peaceful living in the society. It also performs "AMABAS PUJA","POORNIMA PUJA","JANMASTAMI PUJA","SHIVRATRI PUJA" and etc on routinely basis. Similarly it conducts HAWAN/YOGA/ISTHIS regularly for the welfare of the human beings.

To help disaster relief fund for natural calamities all across the country.
Free education camps
Free Blood donation camps.
Free Medical check-ups like Urology, Eye and physical health etc.
Confessional charges for any medical related problems with the eminent Doctors, nearby Hospitals and Nursing Homes.
Extending all community supports for the speedy recovery of the needy people when ever required .
Setting up facilities for educational library for the needy and poor people.

Promote Vedic Shastras in many language
Renovation and maintenance of the temple in creating and atmosphere for the realisation of Atmanan values in the temple for self-discovery and global peace.
Holding Vedic Pathshala / Shastras to enlighten the younger minds in promoting disciplined society and spreading brotherhood feelings and global peace in the society .

The management committee and all well-wishers hereby makes an earnest appeal to all the devotees and member to extend their valuable contributions in CASH or Kind for the successful completion of the constructing of Sikhar/Chura before Oct.2008 at the kali bari premises which involves and expenditure of approximately Rs.15.00lac and above.
The last but not least we should remember the construction of Sikhar/Chura at Kali Bari Premises is very much essential which would be will be a great sources of realization of "Atmanan Values" of every individuals for peaceful living in the society.

Your donation may kindly be forwarded in favor of:
"The Mahavir Enclave Kali Bari Samity(Regd.)" E-Block , Bengali Colony , Mahavir Enclave ,Palam Dabri Road New Delhi-110045.
For further information ,please contact 011-25056404 (Office)
Mob-9811610071 (Mr.D.Samanddar, Gen.Sec.) and Mob-9891119233 Mr.B.C.Goswami, President)

An Appeal from Dwarka Kalibari

Friday, October 3, 2008

DR. C.M. BHAGAT- Personality from Medical Field

He is devoted to the medical profession and always ready to apply his Social, Administrative & Hospital management skills in the society. Dr. Chander Mohan Bhagat born on 2nd November, 1955.Dr. Bhagat has an experience of around three decades in the medical field. He is M.B.B.S - (1973-1978 Batch) from – UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, (UCMS), UNIVERSITY OF DELHI & M.D, ( Anesthesiology-All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi) –(Batch :1979-1981). Dr. Bhagat is Medical Director, Bhagat Hospital (An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Organization), D-Block,Janakpuri, New Delhi, INDIA . Dr.Upasana Bhagat- DGO, MD ) OBST. & GYNAE -his wife who is also inspiring force behind his successful story. He is Director- Aneva heart and vascular disease center. He has recently established a Preventive Cardiology Unit- ANEVA in Janak Puri- B-Block, where he is providing a unique concept EECP, Yoga Meditation .diet, exercise, aerobics, lifestyle modification under one floor. He is associated with some prestigious organizations in different roles such as INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, JANAKPURI - PRESIDENT ELECT , DELHI MEDICAL ASSSOCIATION, DELHI NURSING HOME & M.E FORUM – JOINT SECRETARY , Member Indian society of Anesthesiologists.

Greed based corruption can only be checked by Character Education - Shiv Khera

02nd Oct 08, Jinwani Bharti Public School, Dwarka, New Delhi : A seminar on Nation Building was organised under the banner of Bhartiya Rashtrawadi Samanta Party(BRSP) here by the convenor of Delhi Pradesh Committee of the party - Shri Pravesh Mahajan. Speaking on the occasion Shri Shiv Khera Ji - National President of BRSP- said that in a country where an honest citizen is afraid of his own police and judiciary, it amounts to Slavery and not freedom. There is a crying need to stream line the present rotten and corrupt system. Shri Shiv Khera ji said that a time has come when the literate, well meaning and patriots have to come forward to join the politics and it is for this reason that a political platform has been created for good people under the title of Bhartiya Rashtrawadi Samanta Party (BRSP). This Nationalistic party is more of a revolution to resurrect the dignity of the common man. Shri Shiv Khera brought out that our aim is to find solutions. Bringing out some of the measures, he said that 1000 Vocational Institutes will be opened in the first phase to provide employment opportunities to about ten crore unemployed youths. He also prioritised the need to provide at least one
drinking water source in every village through solar pumps in a definite time frame.

This seminar was attended by more than six hundred volunteers, team leaders and members of various other committees of the Party. Almost every participant represented one or the other organisation. Each one of them was a distinguished Individual and vied with each other to take on responsibilities like printing of pamphlets and their distribution, making new members, creating awareness about the party, organising similar seminars, opening of offices of the party in different colonies etc.

States Co-ordinator of the party Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi said that in order to stop further division of the of the society, the system of caste based reservation should be immediately abolished. It may be substituted by the system of upliftment based upon economic criteria. He administered the oath of JAI HIND to all present and took a pledge from them that this slogan of BRSP will be spoken in all mutual felicitations.

The vice president of the party Shri Ajay Singh brought out the need to put an end to the policy of appeasement in the name of secularism. He advocated a National Policy to deal with the problem of terrorism and infiltration. Shri Vinod Puri-a member of the Natinal Executive council - said that the party believe in participation from below rather than imposition from above.

Smt Nidhi Mahajan, a resident of Dwarka, rose from the gathering and exhibited a unique and exceptional courage by saying that she is prepared to take on the cause of Nation Building irrespective of her personal discomfort and prevailing odds. She said that she did not believe in doing whatever little she could but doing all that what is needed by the Nation at this hour. Shri Shiv Khera ji announced with pride that Smt Nidhi Mahajan will be the party candidate for the ensuing Vidhan Sabha elections. She is the first candidate to be declared to contest election on behalf of the Party.

Prominent people who addressed the seminar included Shri Vijay Mittal, Shri Chandra Kant Tyagi, Shri Sandeep Dubey, Col Harish Jain,Shri Suresh Mudgal etc.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blood donation camp by Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, Dwarka

Today, on the occasion of Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti and a tribute to Late Sh. Mohan Chand Sharma, Inspector, Delhi Police & for the victims of serial bomb blast in Delhi, a Blood donation camp was organsied by Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, Dwarka wing at Vandana International School, Sector-10, New Delhi.
The programme was organized by Ms.Sapna and Mr.Vishal Sinha, Treasurer and General Secretary of Kayashta Samaj. The programme was conducted by Mrs.Varsha Chandra. Children of the Vandana International School started the programme with the favorite Bhajan of Gandhiji " vaishino jan tho te ne khiyeye jai". Chandra, a 9th Class student gave an enlighting speech on the life of Shastriji and reminded us with shastriji’s "jai jawan and jai kisan" slogan. It was good that younger generation gets inspired with the deeds of older generation. He also gave us the beautiful poem of late Sh. Mohan Chandra Sharma, which threw light on the heroic deeds of late Sh. Sharma, who had a heroic death and saved the life of thousands of Indians.
The function was presided by Sh. O.P. Tandon, Chairman, Kamal and Vandana Group of Schools and Sh. Suresh Shrivastava, national co-convener of BJP. The Blood donation camp was inaugurated by Sh. Tandon and Mr. S. S. Dogra, editor, Dwarka Parichay & The Creatives World was the first one to donate blood for such a noble cause. Also present were Sh. Saran, retd. SSP of CBI, Mr. V.P. Tondon, Principal, Vanadana International School, Mr. M.K. Sinha, editor, Dwarka City who also gave light on the life of Kayastha and the life of Gandhi and Shastriji. It was surprising Mr. O.P.Tandon enlightened the esteemed gathering with the history of the work of kayastha community before the Mugal era, which many of the community people were not aware of the history. Sh. A.C. Bhatnagar, Vice President Akhil Bhartiya Kayastha Mahasabha, National extended the vote of thanks to the people. There were also present other members from the community Mr. Mahendra Saxena, Brijesh Sinha, Atul Mathur, Mr. S.P. Sinha. Mr. G.C. Saxena( Diwakar), noted writer wrote a beautiful poem on Shastriji.
Mr. Paliwal, brother-in-law of late Sh. Mohan Chandra Sharma, attended the function and threw light on the life and heroic deeds of late Sh. Sharma who was brave and daring since his childhood and by donating blood he paid his tribute to his brother-in-law.
The camp was assisted by the team of Dr. Anshu Anjum from Blood Bank Organisation, Pusa Road, New Delhi. Dwarka requires more of such camps and made people aware that donating blood would do no harm to them and it is really a noble cause. Kayastha Samaj took the first and opened the doors for the Dwarka people.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prayer Meeting held in memory of Inspector M C Sharma

Uttarakhand Chetna Manch – Dwarka (UCMD), a socio-cultural organisation, organised a Prayer Meeting in memory of Inspector M C Sharma, on Sunday, 28 September at the Upkari Apartments, Sector-12, Dwarka. The meeting was attended by a large number of Dwarkaites. Mr Sharma was a native of Almora at Uttarakhand and was a member of the UCMD. Several people thanked UCMD for organising the prayer meeting for the valiant inspector.

The meeting started with the hymns of mantras, shlokas from Ramayana and Gita by Pt. Budakoti. This was followed by condolence messages by the President, UCMD, Mr M R Sirswal and Secretary, Mr Vinod Rawat. Mrs Harsha Lakhera, who was compering, requested people to come forward to share their experiences with Mr Sharma and pay tributes to him. One retired IPS officer spoke about Mr Sharma’s dedication and discipline in his work. Upkari Apartments President, Mr Inderjit Singh quoted that the need of the hour is that “we should have more such patriots like Mr Sharma to fight back the terror and that’ll be our real tribute to him”.

As a token of symbolic gesture, the Upkari Apartments donated a cheque of Rs.21000/- to Mr Sharma’s family. UCMD too announced that they’ll also donate a cheque of Rs.51000/- to his family.

At the end of the meeting, people observed a two-minute silence for the departed soul. After this everyone paid tributes by offering flowers to Mr Sharma’s portrait. While doing so a few got emotional as well. UCMD thanked all people for coming forward and paying tributes to the gutsy inspector.

Note: You can write your condolence message for Shahid Mohan Chand Sharma- the brave son of India by clicking the exclusive link :
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