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Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Excel when chips are down

The Book “How To Excel when chips are down” written by Sh.Joginder Singh-Former Director-C.B.I., both in Hindi and English and Success Mantra in Bengali version, along with Tamil and Gujrati Versions, will be released by the Director CBI Sh. Ashwini Kumar, MP, Manish Tewari and Editor in Chief Pioneer and MP, Sh, Chandan Mitra on 1st September, at Pragati Maidan at 4.30 PM during the 15th book fair in Delhi. The Book has been brought out by Diamond Publications.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Ashwini Kumar Lal for nomination to Who's Who in the World

CONGRATULATIONS! Dr. Ashwini Kumar Lal - Dwarkaites are proud of you.

Dear Dr. LAL,

It is my pleasure to inform you that you are being considered for inclusion in the upcoming 2010 Edition of Who's Who in the World, which is scheduled for publication in November 2009.

From the publisher of Who's Who in America since 1899, Who's Who in the World is relied upon by business leaders, journalists, academics, and other professionals for its accuracy and currency of information. Distributed globally, it is found in the collections of many of the world's leading libraries and corporations.

As the Marquis Who's Who editors begin assembling the 2010 Edition of this historic publication, the original Who's Who in the World continues to be recognized internationally as the premier biographical data source of notable living individuals from every significant field of endeavor.

To be considered for inclusion as a biographee in this prestigious publication, you need only provide the requested information by completing the Biographical Data Form by April 30, 2009.
The information you provide will be evaluated according to the selection standards Marquis Who's Who has developed over 110 years as the world's premier biographical publisher. If you are selected for inclusion in the new 2010 edition, we will contact you prior to the book's publication in November.

Inclusion in Who's Who in the World offers...
• More than just a personal achievement; being honored in a Marquis Who's Who publication offers prospective business contacts an authoritative, full representation of your credentials and accomplishments.
• A historical archive of your achievements, recorded for generations to refer to time and again.
• Exclusive offers that are available only to members of the Marquis Who's Who family.
I congratulate you on the achievements that have brought your name to the attention of our editorial committee. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fred Marks
Senior Managing Director
Editorial and Selection Committee

Friday, August 28, 2009





Cordially invites you its 1st anniversary celebrations сum
Public information Meeting


On 30th Aug Sunday at 6.00 PM

At Dwarka Health centre Government of Delhi Sector 12 Dwarka
(Regular meetings at this venue: Sunday Tuesday Thursday 7.30 PM)

Sharings by Members of AA: individual experiences on Recovery from alcoholism
(3 million in recovery in 183 countries)

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
For further information:
Diwan. S, Group Secretary 09350394094
24 Hour HELPLINE 9213873683

Still clueless about origin of life

Did life on Earth arrive from outer space or evolve from spontaneous interaction of simple molecules dissolved in the lakes or oceans of the prebiotic world?

"It is beyond the realms of science to pinpoint when and where precisely life had its beginning in the universe," and how it all began on Earth, says an Indian researcher after a detailed assessment of the prevailing theories on origin of life.

Ashwini Kumar Lal, Deputy Adviser to the Indian ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, examined over 60 relevant research papers in the fields of genetics, astrobiology, and space science before concluding that science has no clue about how life began.
He says, "Ever since Alexander Oparin in Russia and J. B. S. Haldane in England initiated the modern theory of life's origin from non-life (abiogenesis) in 1930s, we have learnt much about how life operates, but almost nothing about how it originates. It is a puzzle whose mystery will perhaps remain unknown to humanity ad infinitum."

Lal finds that prevailing theories like abiogenesis, RNA-World (the self-replicating RNA molecules), iron-sulphur world (deep-sea-origin of life) and 'panspermia' (life arrived from outer space) fail to provide clues on the exact origin of life. According to Lal, there is general consensus among biologists that bacterial cells cannot evolve from non-living chemicals in one step and therefore there must be some form of pre-cellular life.

Among pre-cellular life theories, in the early stages of evolution of life on earth, the most popular contender today is 'RNA-World', which says all current life-forms could have evolved from self-replicating RNA or ribonucleic acid. But Lal says none of the experiments involving biologically produced RNA has provided concrete proof of RNA-World being the pathway between non-life and life. "Also, how the RNA came into being remains unknown so far," says Lal — a conclusion shared by Gerald Joyce of the Scripps Research Institute in California.

Lal's article notes that 'panspermia' theory propounded by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe at Cardiff University 35 years ago as an alternative to abiogenesis is currently the most favoured theory of origin of life. But even this, he says, fails to address uncertainties over "the exact timing and location for commencement of the process of evolution of life on the primitive Earth and elsewhere in the universe."

According to panspermia theory, primitive life may have originally formed extra-terrestrially and been transported to Earth by comets during the Hadean Epoch (4.5-3.9 billion years ago) when Earth is believed to have undergone heavy meteoric bombardment for about 700 million years.

In an email interview, Wickramasinghe, director of the Cardiff Centre for Astrobiology, agrees with Lal's arguments against life originating in Earth. "The theory of life starting de novo (through abiogenesis) on Earth is less secure now than it has ever been," he told Nature India. "The first evidence of life on Earth during the Hadean epoch essentially squeezes the period of terrestrial abiogenesis into a vanishingly thin slice of geological time."

On the other hand Wickramasinghe says, "Abiogenesis has an incomparably better chance of being accomplished on a cosmic scale, perhaps on one of a trillion cometary ponds in the galaxy. And once life is formed in a process of cosmic abiogenesis, its survival and spread (by comets, interstellar dust and meteors) seems to be guaranteed by what we know from the study of terrestrial extremophiles."

Extremophiles are microbes that can survive in the harshest of environment on the earth. Given their potential to survive in highly inhospitable environments, possibility of life on extraterrestrial bodies (and their transportation by comets) could not be ruled out. Wickramasinghe says that panspermia theories, advocated by Hoyle and himself, were once considered heretical but are now "gradually slipping into the domain of respectable science".
Lal says though panspermia provides a satisfactory explanation, it fails to address the long-standing riddle as to when and where precisely life originated first in the universe. Nor does it provide any clue as to how prebiotic matter transformed into primitive bacteria in the early epoch of the earth. "Evidence from meteorites/comets and experiments that simulate the conditions on the early Earth suggests that probably a combination of terrestrial and extraterrestrial factors were responsible for jump-starting the process of transforming prebiotic organic compounds into entities that we call 'life' on earth," he says.

Lal concludes that origin-of-life investigators have proposed many theories, but evidence in favor of each of them is fragmentary at best. "Despite development of sophisticated biotechnology tools in recent years, scientists still have not been successful in transforming inanimate matter into life in the laboratory," he says. The fact that all organisms share the same DNA-based mechanism for genetic transmission suggests that life emerged on Earth only once during the planet's entire history but it's ironic this "crucial timing remains unknown to mankind".

Thursday, August 27, 2009

P. G. Diploma in Judging & Court Management at NLU, Darka

(A University of Law Established in 2008 by Act No. 1 of 2008 of NCT of Delhi)
Sector – 14, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110 078
P. G. Diploma in Judging & Court Management
The National Law University, Delhi established in 2008 by Act No.1 of 2008 of National Capital Territory of Delhi is premier Law University established in the capital city of India. The Vision of the University is to make legal education an instrument of social, political and economic change. The University is committed to preparing lawyers who will not only be professionally competent, technically sound and socially relevant, to enter the bar and the bench but also be equipped with addressing the imperatives of the new world and uphold the rule of law. The endeavor of the University will be to impart knowledge in various aspects of law and to introduce the young generation of lawyers to a wide range of opportunities in legal profession. The University is creating state of the art infrastructure and facilities at its campus for learning and research at Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi.
On the initiative of the High Court of Delhi and National Law University, Delhi, a One Year non-residential P. G. Diploma in Judging & Court Management is being offered to law graduates who have done five year integrated law course / three year LL.B. course. The P. G. Diploma programme is conceived with the idea of attracting talented law graduates / young lawyers who are interested in joining the judiciary. Those who have appeared for the final year examination can also apply.
The P. G. Diploma Programme would be taught by experts in respective subjects including Judges/Judicial Officers/Lawyers & Academic. The University invites applications for the one year P. G. Diploma programme for the academic year 2009-2010 commencing in October 2009.
ELIGIBILITY : Law Graduates (3 years course / 5 years integrated course) with minimum of 50% marks.
AGE LIMIT : 30 years as on 1st September, 2009 (35 years in case of SC/ST candidates)
COURSE FEE : Rs.15,000/- for General Category and Rs. 10,000/- for SC/ST Candidates (+other deposits and payments)
DURATION : One Year.
RESERVATION : 15% for SC Candidates, 7.5% for ST Candidates, 3% for Persons with Disabilities.
Interested candidates may apply for admission on the prescribed format of application available on the University website:
Last Date: 11th September, 2009. Applications received after the last date
shall not be entertained. The University will not be responsible for any postal delay.

Choose a book-subject relevant to the times !

R.D. Bhardwaj

BJP’s former leader, Jaswant Singh’s latest book “Jinnah - India Partition & Independence”, has landed him in a big controversy, mainly because of his putting blame of partition of India on a great congress leader, late, Sardar Valabhbhai Patel, who is also known as Iron Man of India. Sardar Patel’s patriotic credentials are certainly beyond doubt, unlike those of the so called many of the leaders we have these days. Sardar Patel was primarily and singularly instrumental for annexation of many princely states into India after independence and unifying people of various regions, religions and languages. Crores of people even today firmly believe that had Sardar Patel been first PM, India’s socio-economic and political scenario would have been quite different / optimistic (and worthy of pride) today. He was firm in his resolve to solve even hugely knotty problems, rather than keeping them lingering on for ever and encashing them in future for political purposes. Kashmir problem would have been solved for ever within 2/3 years of independence, had he been given free hand to solve it, the way he wanted to do that.

But the big question that bothers people’s psyche today, is – BJP’s leaders M.A. Jinnah obsession. Around four years ago, LK Advani went to Pakistan and visited the grave of Jinnah (instead of visiting the grave of former Maharaja Ranjit Singh at Lahore and paying his tributes to him) and paid rich tributes to him by describing that Jinnah was indeed a great secular leader. Now, it is the turn of Jaswant Singh to write a book on him and blaming Sardar Patel rather than Jinnah for the partition of India. Thus, he has attempted to fabricate history. If BJP’s leaders think that by praising Jinnah and tarnishing the pristine pure image of Sardar Patel , they can win back Muslim voters (who mostly keep safe distance from them); I am afraid, they are terribly mistaken. As far as partition of India is concerned, people simply do not subscribe to Jaswant Singh’s views on Sardar Patel, rather they feel hurt. You can not befool or misguide people any more; particularly after demolishing of Babri Mosque in Dec., 1992, BJP Govt.’s dilly-dallying approach to deal with the hijacking of IC 814 Indian Airlines aeroplane in Dec., 1999 and releasing five hardcore terrorists from jails and taking them to Kandhar, and lastly, Godra riots in Gujarat in 2002. Moreover, most of the people feel that now-a-days, politicians are the people who shake your hands before elections and your confidence later on.

If Jaswant Singh wanted to prove his credentials as a writer, he should have better written a book on solving India’s current problems like – how to eradicate poverty of 38.5% people living below poverty line, how to generate employment for millions of unemployed youth, what steps our Govt. should take to bring India out of economic recession / slow-down, what type of concrete steps India should take to curtail population explosion which is the mother of hundreds of other problems afflicting India and is eating away all the gains achieved through industrial and agricultural growth (remember, our population is more than the populations of developed countries like America, England, France, Germany and Australia combined together), how to cure the cancer of corruption from Indian soils, how to clear huge 3.40 crore cases pending in Indian courts so that justice could be imparted to common people within a time frame of 2/3 years, how to bring back India’ black money amounting to US $ 1486 millions lying in Swiss Banks and utilise those huge funds for completing thousands of projects through-out the length and breadth of India, which are dying at various stages of completion for want of sufficient funds, how to improve the plight of our villages and villagers/small farmers, and above all, how Indian leaders (irrespective of the party to which they belong) should learn to work diligently and honestly for the welfare of the electorates rather than indulging in shameless demagoguery during elections and forgetting them ever after.

Has Jaswant Singh written such a book covering all these and many other such subjects concerning common people, I am sure, he would have certainly been appreciated even by his adversaries, rather than being expelled from the party by his own colleagues, with whom he has worked tirelessly, shoulder to shoulder, for the last more than 30 years.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dr. H. D. Goyal

Director- APSERI
Retired from Indian Economic Service

National Consultant, FAO, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
Economic Adviser, GOI, Ministry of finance, New Delhi
UNDP Adviser, Government of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Joint Adviser (PAM), Planning Commission, New Delhi
Professor of Economics LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie


Right to Information Centre DWARKA

A Voluntary Venture - Right to Information Centre, Dwarka against the red-tapism of the Government started functioning on August 16, 2006 .

Initiative for this venture was taken by Dr. Hari Dev Goyal, Indian Economic Service Officer (Retired), Major Mohan Kumar Tyagi (Retired) and Other Retired Senior Officers of the Government of India.

Residents of Dwarka and neighbouring colonies are welcome to make an application under Right to Information Act, 2005 through this Centre for any work pending with Government Departments. The applicant will get a response within 35 days.

Dr. Goyal is a Development Economist. His areas of interest are (1) Rural Poverty Eradication and related Social Development Issues Analysis including Corruption. During the last 12 years, he conducted a number of field studies and prepared a large number of Papers, some of which were presented in International Conferences:

‘Social Mobilization of Rural Poverty Eradication through Self-Help Groups' at sixth CIVICUS Worlds Assembly Conference in Glasgow ( Scotland ) , June 2006

‘The Role of Volunteering in Building Stronger Communities' Second ISTR Conference at Osaka ( Japan ), October 2001

‘Economist's Experience is Disappointing' at 4th CIVICUS Worlds Assembly Conference in Vancouver ( Canada ), August, 2001

‘Education and Empowerment of Women in Democratic Mongolia ' at First International Symposium by AAUW Educational Foundation, Washington , DC ( USA ), November, 2000

‘Civil Society and Delivery of Social Services in Mongolia ' at Inaugural Asian Third Sector Research Conference in Bangkok ( Thailand ), November 1999.

‘Impact assessment Research Study of Rural development Programmes in Chhapra District (Bihar)' at Seminar in New Delhi , October 1999.

‘A Development Perspective on Mongolia ' study published in Asian Survey of California University , Berkley , CA ( USA ), July/August, 1999

‘ Cyprus : An Arrested Growth in a Developing Country' at International Seminar in Jawaharlal Nehru University , New Delhi , 1995

For any enquiry or assistance, please contact:
Dr. H. D. Goyal, Director
Phone: 2508 2239 (M) 9312881883

(Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I do not feel safe any more in Dwarka

Dear All,

I am Raghvendra Kumar Tripathi S/O Mr. Kaushal Kishor Tripathi R/O Flat No. -701 , Jyoti Kunj Appartment , Sec.16 B,Dwarka, New Delhi. I am working with Crocs India (P) Ltd. , Gurgaon since last two years as warehouse executive. I was coming on Friday night 8 Pm.i.e. 21st August 2009 from my office at Gurgaon to my residence on my bike no. DL9SL-8701. As I reached Dwarka sec.16 B (Near Janta Flat & CRPF public School & Pressidium School),four person stopped me my bike and came toward me, and asked for the address of kakrola Gaon,I told them that I was not aware where it was. I started my bike for going, then I felt that one of them was about to catch my T-Shirt from my back side. I tried speeding on my bike, but it did not help and suddenly two person come to in front of my bike, they got hold of my right hand on bike ,they pushed me from my bike ,I fell down from my bike ,they beat me up. I feared the worst for my life and ran like crazy.. I stopped at a safe distance and started shouting for help. I saw them pick up my bike and speeding up.

Shocked, I gained some courage and called on 100 number, police gypsy was there within no time and helped me ease somewhat after listening to whatever that happened. I went to Police station of Dwarka sec.16B. and as advised by them wrote an application (attached for your reference). To my surprise and contrary belief, all policemen were so nice and helped me like their own brother and were very very polite. They have assured me of finding my bike as soon as possible. I have been following up with them and am repeatedly being assured that they will find my bike.

I am writing this to you all so that I do not feel safe any more in Dwarka and am deeply concerned about my bike. I am a son of a farmer, I live with my aunt here and the only material possession I had, which I purchased with my very hard earned money and on my bank loan is no more with me. I know this would be a very small case for people at your level, but my hope are alive with India's one of the finest police working on this case.

I again request you to instruct concerned officers for getting my bike at the earliest and control this kind of crime in control, while writing this mail; I am shivering remembering the incident which almost got me killed.

Eagerly waiting to hear good news from your side, as it's 40 hours but i don't get any information till.

Please Help!!

Yours sincerely,

Raghvendra Kumar Tripathi
Flat No.-701 , Jyoti Kunj Appartment ,
Sector .-16B , Dwarka , New Delhi.
# 9718174180
Bike No.:- DL-9SL-8701

Monday, August 24, 2009


With profound grief and deep sorrow we regret to inform that our beloved
Smt. Sobhagyawati Saluja passed away on 23rd August 2009.

In grief,
Mr.Vijay Saluja (Son)
Relatives & friends

We all deeply mourn her demise and pray that her soul may rest in peace.
May GOD give strength to the Saluja Family to bare the irreparable loss. team

Dancing Star Deepak Taank

Deepak Kumar Taank

Based on an exclusive interview with S.S.DOGRA, Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay.

You might have seen his live performance on TV Channels like Star Plus (Kaboom) and Sony TV (Boogie Woogie, Dance - Dance). He is a promising artist and his art bang all over India on different stage shows. He is no other than Deepak Kumar Taank. He born on 19th Feb, 1974. He is Performing Artist and doing Mime & Choreography. He is also a national athlete player.

Formal Training
He has done several courses in his of dancing art. He did his Post diploma in Mayur Bhanj Chhau Dance,Two years foundation and three years certificates course in Mayurbhanj Chhau dance from S.B.K.K. College of Music and Dance, New Delhi. An Advance technique of Mayurbhanj Chhau Dance by Guru Loknath Dhadha (1998 to 2003)..One year with Guru J.J. Sai Babu (Mayurbhanj Chhau ance 2004) Nattaya Ballet Centre, New Delhi. He even took few training from different institutions, like 2 year Western Dance (Classical Jazz) from Bollywood Choreographer Ashely LoBo’s The Dance Worx Performing Arts Academy.One year course from National Ballet Academy and Trust of India at American Embassy School under Dance Master Fernando Aguilera (Ballet, Jazz, Salsa).Basic Salsa Dance Course from Institute of Hispania, New Delhi.One year training in MIME (Mono acting from Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti.Founder, Director, Choreographer Neetanjali Nritya Deep Academy for Performing arts.All India Inter University Champion in Western Dance Solo and Semi Classical from University of Roorkee in 1997.

He performed several shows in Delhi and different parts of the country.Shows for Show Time, Show Craft Rashi Entertainment, Intergraph and Silver Circle Event Company.Performed in National Dance Festival Lokrang for ICCR with Miss Andria Varghese Latin dance Expert in 2006 at Jaipur.Show for Tata Auto Expo 2002 (Asia’s Largest Auto Show).Performed for ICCR International Student Day Festival 2000 to 2005 with Mr. Kenrick Cheeks.Performance 13th I.A.A.F world half marathon New Delhi.Choreography for Education Department Yuva School Programme and Delhi University. Show for India Fashion Week Asian Braidle 2000.Shows for Health and Fitness Trust with Mrs. Sunita Godara Asian Marathon Champion.Performed Tribal Dance at India Gate for Indian Air Force Platinum Jubilee Celebration.As a Judge at B.I.T.S. Pilani all India dance Competition 2005.

Ballet He is great follower of Ballet and performed his art at different stages.
Ramlila, Krishna Katha, Parikrama, Chakarview, Meera, Shree Durga (S.B.K.K.).
Kyun, the Game of Dice, Musical Cats Sadhya Performing Arts.
Performed for S.B.K.K. Ballet festival 2007.
Lover of Dance & Arts
Mayurbhanj Chhau, Bhrathanatyam, Odissi, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, African Dances, Kalari Ppayattu, Taikundo.

Visitor Faculty National School of Drama,Worked as a choreographer and movements Instructor with Mr. N K Sharma, Director Act one Art Group.Worked as a Ballet Dancer with S.B.K.K. Since 1995 to 2002.Choreography for Sahitya Kala Parishad and Education Department, Govt. of Delhi.Professional shows with Mr. Ashley Labo and Mr. Fernando Aguilera.Participated in National Festival of Choreographic work at Bangalore Festival Organized by Sangeet Natak Academy.Participated in Dance Drama Yudh aur Shanti former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee’s Birth Day show.Choreography for Music Videos T-Series.Working with CCRT (Govt. of India) as a Mime Instructor.

Professional Work
Music videos with Mr. Nabh Kumar Raju (Film Director).
Professionally work with Mr. Prabhu Deva, Mr. Jaaved Jafri, Saroj Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant and Terance Luise
Presently working with Rakta Rabi Famous MIME Group (2005 – 2008).

If you are also interested to learn dancing art then you may contact:
Deepak Kumar Taank M:9810761313, 011 – 25038727

Source: Dwarka Parichay New & Info Services

Independence Cup football tournament (NHLGT sec 22 & 23)

Bringing youth together with football, Neighborhood Ladies get together (NHLGT) of Sector-22 & 23 of dwarka organized a football tournament as part of the gala celebrations to mark 62 years of India’s independence. A total of four teams participated in the tournament which kicked of at BGS School sector-5, wizom football academy. Inaugurating the tournament on 14th August Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan chief covenor NHLGT thanked the participants and wished them luck in the tournament. The teams included Green Towers FC, Skylark FC, BGS school team and Shaman FC. After a competitive league phase Green Towers and Skylark FC qualified for the finals.
The finals were held on 22nd August at sector-19 park in which Green towers FC beat Skylark by 5 – 2.

The winners Trophy and runner up medals was presented by Shri Soumesh Shokeen M.L.A of dwarka constituency. The independence cup champion’s trophy was presented to Manoj Kodiyan Captain of the Green Towers team. During the presentation of the trophies Mrs Sohni Verma of Green towers one of the organizers of the football tournament and NHLGT reminded Mr Shokeen of how woefully inadequate the football infrastructure in dwarka is for common public. The only DDA sports complex at sector-10 has no proper football ground and the organizers had to really struggle to find adequate football grounds in dwarka. Mr Shokeen promised to take up the matter with the D.D.A authorities.

In the Independence cup presentation photograph
Top Row : L- R - Ronnie, Raj Kumar, Naman Verma, Manoj Nair, Murli Krishnan
Bottom Row : L-R - Shubham Verma, Bhaiyu, Siddharth, J.B. Verma, Manoj Kodiyan , Shri Soumesh Shokeen M.L.A, Mrs Raji Kurup convenor , Mrs Cicily Kodiyan Chief convenor, Mrs Wazir covenor NHLGT


Sudha Iyer

Well it took me 4 hours to reach Dwarka from NODIA ..despite the fact that I started at 5pm stuck in Akbar Road all of a sudden and there i was till 8.30pm...the stretch that takes half a minute to cross took 2.5hrs....and there was not a drop of water on this road.

If only some common sense had prevailed this could have been completely avoided. Delhi janta needs to use their brains a 'bit' not 'fully'. If only they inculcate certain amount of discipline, it won’t have been such a nightmare. Why the hell would you go on a wrong side..and why the hell would you make a 2 lane into 5 lane..and stop the traffic coming from the other side..why..why????? Completely unruly. Terrible.

Yes, from our office..few of us would be filing a PIL shortly on DDA/MCD/PWD.. Including the Airport mess..the DIAL guys are charging 200 per passenger as Development fee..for what???? for the top being blown away...for water flooding the terminal...Mind you this is the new terminal which is not even a few months old..!!! this is the state of affairs..!!! All the agencies needs to be whacked for taking things for granted and causing tension and trauma for lacks of road users. The amount of fuel that got burnt and energy wasted. They have to be accountable for this. Ridiculous.

Let’s get rid of babudom

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

The Union Minister for Administrative Reforms and Personnel recently admitted that “there is a perception that the Indian bureaucracy is inefficient and corrupt. If we are not able to provide for inclusive growth and maintain regional and social balance in the country, it may lead to conflicts which may shake the very foundations of our federal polity and our nation”. He also added that India’s performance on UNDP’s Human Development Index remains “abysmal”. India still ranks 132 out of 179 countries.

The present Law Minister had headed the Administrative Reforms Commission and submitted his recommendations to improve the administration. The Minister for Personnel has said, “It is not possible to implement all recommendations of the commission because of different reasons.” He wanted these recommendations to be deliberated and debated.

We have the world’s most unique system. First we set up commissions or committees of eminent people and then the same people, who felt that they had picked up the most competent people for the job, are also asked to examine their reports, then assess whether they should be accepted or not. Often bureaucrats, who are responsible for the mess get to decide whether the measures are acceptable or not.

In our country we have given so much power to the bureaucracy that its efforts are directed at making the possible into impossible. Any change which takes away the authority of the bureaucracy and whittles down its powers is resisted. Every law that is passed means more power for the bureaucracy and expansion of the Inspector Raj.

More than five years ago Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had assured Indian industry that a high-level standing committee with representatives from industry and the Government would review all existing industrial laws and, if required, amend them to end the tyranny of Inspector Raj. The rules and regulations, he said, would be made “more transparent and simple. The attempt would be to, as far as possible, not leave issues to personal interpretation and to ensure that discretionary power is not misused”. Five years later, things stand where they were five years ago.

The demands for ending Inspector Raj have fallen on deaf ears because of our powerful bureaucracy and incompetent political leadership. Heavens would not fall if the private sector were to be trusted with self-certification. For bureaucrats, the ultimate outcome does not matter. It is the procedure, which spawns corruption, that is important.

It is not that today all regulations are complied with, which is the actual duty of the inspectors of various departments, whose number at present ranges from 35 to 65 depending upon the enterprise in which you are engaged in. Their job is to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Since most of the inspectors have become extortionists, the private sector rightly wants the Government to end Inspector Raj.

Despite brave statements, India has not done away with the licence-permit-quota raj. It is for this reason that domestic entrepreneurs and foreign investors fulminate against the bureaucratic obstacles race they have to run for months and years before they can get necessary sanctions.

Some checks are essential to enforce minimum standards. It will be best to outsource the same, give the option to the private sector to have its own system of doing so. It has been done in regard to pollution — you can get a certificate for your car at selected petrol stations.

The purpose of having inspectors is to ensure that establishments conform to rules and regulations framed to safeguard public interest. What is expected is the diligent performance of duties by Government functionaries, something that still remains an illusion.

According to Transparency International, India is the 83rd most corrupt country in the world, with 34 marks out of hundred. We are caught in a Catch-22 situation. We need some checks and balances to put things right, as it cannot be said that everybody in the private sector is a paragon of virtue. After all, some of entrepreneurs are as guilty as Government Inspectors as they seek to take short cuts and avoid strict compliance with rules and laws. The only solution seems to be to make all changes self-executing and self-certifying. It is a fact that as degree of discretion increases, so does bureaucratic delay, expenses and corruption.

Tragically, instead of downsizing the bureaucracy, the trend is to increase its presence. Even retired bureaucrats find a slot in some department or the other. In Government service, there is no accountability if you do not do your job. Unless performance is linked to job retention, there is no way the bureaucracy will perform There is only a microscopic minority which is putting in all the hard work, due to which Government continues to function. Unless honest upright bureaucrats are protected, encouraged and recognised, the country will remain where it is — full of corruption, sloth and inefficiency.

Independence Day Celebrations at sector 23, Dwarka

Neighborhood ladies get together (NHLGT) marked the occasion of 62nd year of Indias Independence with a gala celebration held at sector-23 dwarka on 22nd August 2009. Shri Soumesh Shokeen M.L.A dwarka constituency was the chief guest. NHLGT has been for past one year to develop parks, repair of roads, sanitation, security etc and has been in touch with the concerned departments for the same. Women have taken this initative as working people don’t get much time for such activities.

From July 15 onwards in all the 28 societies of sector-22 & 23 get together were organized to make awareness of community responsibility and social solidarity. In each society 2 games where held, musical chair and candle blowing. 4 winners from each society were given prizes; in total 90 ladies of sector 22 & 23 were given prizes by Shri Soumesh Shokeen M.L.A and Mr Shyam Langar and Mr Mukesh Sinha.

Apart from the above events a football, badminton and cricket tournaments were held to bring together the youth of dwarka.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Soumesh Shokeen M.L.A thanked NHLGT for all the good work they have been doing in bringing together people from various communities for the betterment of dwaka sub city. He promised his support and well wishes to the ladies of NHLGT.

In the closing statement Mrs Cicily Kodiyan Chief convenor NHLGT said that the aim is to bring youth, ladies and senior citizens together to make dwarka an ideal sub city. Our Slogan is community responsibility and social solidarity.

A G M of Dwarka Forum held - press clippings

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Divine Love

Pure and selfless love towards all living beings, considering everyone as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love. With this attitude, when one regards divinity as present in all beings, he experiences true love. Whatever be the vicissitudes one may face, whatever be the personal sorrows and privations one may undergo, true love will remain unaffected. Today, the moment a difficulty arises, love turns into hatred. True love is the sweet fruit that grows out of the fragrant flower of good deeds. Love rules without recourse to the sword. It binds without laws. Only one who has such true love can be described as human, for, divine love is the basic quality of a true human being.

Treat mercifully those who struggle to survive. Help them as much as you can. Realize your responsibilities. Move reverentially with others. Win the blessings of God and earn good fame amongst your fellow brothers and sisters. Examine your daily activities on the touchstone of righteousness. May you become individuals shining in virtue.

Thyaga (the spirit of sacrifice) is essential for rendering dedicated service. Getting rid of bad qualities is true sacrifice; it is also Yoga (spiritual communion). Realize that whoever you may be serving, you are indeed serving the Divine in various human forms. Those who serve have to cherish this sublime and sacred feeling. They must strive to see God in everyone.

Courtesy: Kailash Mansarover Sewa Samiti (Regd)

A G M of Dwarka Forum held

New Delhi: 23rd August,2009. The Annual General Meeting of Dwarka Forum (Regd.) held at Gokul Garden, Sector-7, Dwarka. The meeting was presided over by Rejjimon C.K.-President of the Forum. Achievements of the previous year years and forthcoming plan were discussed and around fifty person attended the meeting. The members of Forum, Sushil Kumar, Sunil Sareen, Ashok Chaitanaya, Sanjay Mishra, Anil Nayal, M.K.Gupta, Sudha Iyer, Sampat Kumar, Ranjeet Kumar, Rajiv Solanki, Vinod Kumar Ahluwalia, H.D.Goyal, Sunil Gupta, Ashwani and S.S.Dogra graced the meeting with their presence.

The Forum is already doing remarkably good work in the field of Law & Order, Health Facilities, Drinking water, Electricity supply, Transport, preserving the master plan sub-city character of Dwarka etc. In the end of the meeting, the members were handed over Membership Certificate too. Mr.C.K.Rejjimon gave away vote of thanks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009



from 24th August 2009 to 3rd of September, 2009
MCD CGHS Ltd. Plot No 29A, Sector-10 Dwarka, New Delhi -110075

Puja -Prakshal will be held at 6.30.a.m. Arti, pravachan, bhajans
and cultural programmes will be held in the evening at 7.p.m.
“Sugandh Dashmai”
29th August, 2009
for which ‘dhoop’ will be available at the venue (temple).
‘Anant Chaturdashi’
September 3rd, 2009
“Kshamavani Parva”
6th September 2009 (Sunday) from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M
followed by Preeti-bhoj

All the members are requested to assemble for “Sthapana” of the Idol of
“Bhagwan Shanti Nath ji”
at the venue on 23rd of August, 2009 (Sunday ) at 7.15.a.m
and join the celebration of the Parva
Dr. M. C. Jain
Ph. 9268629267, 9810548428

Ganeshutsav at Dwarka

Ganesh Chaturthi, the fourth day of the Hindu month Bhadrapada is celebrated as the auspicious day when Ganesh was born. Maharashtrians are particularly passionate about Lord Ganesh and for them Ganesh Utsav is marked by an intense emotion. The ten day festival begins with installation of beautifully sculpted Ganesh idols in homes and mandaps, colourfully decorated depicting religious themes or current events. The installation period could be day and half or five days or till the last day of bright fourteen which is known as Anant Chaturdashi.
Maharashtra Mitra Mandal, Dwarka, a cultural organization of Maharashtrians of Dwarka will be celebrating 8 days Ganesh Utsav from 23rd August at Anant Apparment, Sector-4, Plot No-25, Dwarka. This will be the fourth year of celebrations. On 23rd August, the sthapana puja. Other programme include variety show, magic show and Kavi Sammelan by Dr Kirti Kale and other renowned poets. Contact: 9810223554

Friday, August 21, 2009

Nanhe Chitrakar held in Sam International Public School

The Nanhe Chitrakar held in Sam International Public School on 20th Aug'09 in colleboration with a community english news paper. Principal Mrs. Khati and MD Mr. Gaurav appreciated the effort of Roots for creating a plate farm for the children. They thanks Gen. Sec of Roots Mr. Upendra Kaushik and offer their help for future events also. Mr. Faheem Khan the Art teacher of the school helped to coordinate the event and Children. The event was covered by some local channels also. Next events are scheduled to held in Nav Gyan Deep Public School, Vijay Enclave on 29th Aug’09 and Delhi English Academy Public School , Sec 25 Dwarka on 1st Sep’09.

Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together

Location: DDA park no. 4, behind Green Towers, Sector -23,
Date: 22 August 2009.
Aim: Law and order, Cleaniliness, chain chasing, road reapiring, maintaince of park etc…
Starting Time : 5:00 pm
Chief Guest: Shri Mahabal Mishra, MP (Lok Sabha), Shri Soumesh Shokeen, MLA (Delhi Assembly)
Cultural Programme: Dance performed by girls, Group Songs by ladies, Ladies games like: musical chair, blowing candles, passing the cusions etc…
prise distributions by MP to all the winners won the games.

Chief Convenor: Cicily Kodiyan
Members : Mrs. Anita, Mrs. Garg, Mrs. Vohra etc…
All the ladies are from sector- 22 and 23.

Submitted by : Shruti Phul


M K Gupta

Delhi Development Authority is not disclosing the report of the Internal Committee, which gave its report on 19th February this year. The Committee was formed after the allegations of irregularities in the DDA Housing Draw, 2008 early this year. Mr. S. Jaipal Reddy, Urban Development Minister ordered the inquiry committee under Mr. Nand Lal, Member (Finance), DDA. DDA was to submit this report to the Delhi High Court on 30.7.09 as per Court directive but failed to do so.

On 30.7.09, Minister of State for Urban Development, Mr. Saugata Roy while replying to a question of Mrs. Jaya Bachchan in Rajya Sabha, said “the whole process of scrutiny of applications, randomization as well as result of the draws does not suffer from any aberration and that the process is absolutely foolproof. No lapses have been found by the Committee in the whole process”. Applicants fail to understand reasons for hiding this report by the DDA while the Committee while the Minister has spoken with such a confidence.

On not receiving the report from the DDA, M. K. Gupta an applicant has appealed to the Central Information Commission on 20.8.2009 for providing the report. Applicants to the scheme have the right to go through the full report of the Internal Committee and therefore they want the report should be made public urgently to dispel fears.

Re: Unstarred Question No. 2994 by Smt. Jaya Bachchan replied on 30.7.09 in Rajya Sabha by the Min. of State in the Min. of Urban Development.

‘Naam Gum Jayega’ - Mega Talent Hunt Show

presenting the
third Mega Talent Hunt Show
Naam Gum Jayega’
a tribute to legendary lyricst Gulzar Sahab with the upcoming Singers and Dancers who will show their talent by singing and dancing on songs written by Gulzar Sahab.

The eminent judges :

Pt. Surender Singh (winner of Padam Shree Award)
Singh Bandhu for singing and
Pt. Jitender Ji Maharaj for dancing.

The eminent personalities
Chief Guest -Smt. Uma Vasudev ;
Guest of Honors - Dr. U.K. Chaudhry, Sh. Jasbir Malik (A.C.P.);
Special Guest -Anamika (Pop Singer), Mika (Pop Star)

The event is being organized on 23rd August, 2009 (Sunday) at the L.T.G Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Delhi from 4.00 pm onwards.

We would be grateful if you could spare your valuable time and be a part of the musical event.

For any enquiry/ invitation contact: YOGESH TALWAR - 9818211103

Thursday, August 20, 2009

National Summit of School Principals held in Dwarka

New Delhi: 20th August, 2009 Institute of Counsellor Training, Research and Consultancy organised a National Summit of school principals on "Discipline-New Challenges" at CCRT Auditorium, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-75. In this seminar Prof.Asha Bhatanager,Prof. Prof. Usha Grover, Prof. Dr.Vidhu Mohan & Dr.V.S.Ravindran(Director General) ICTRC were the main speakers. More than two hundred School Principals from all parts of India took part in it and the topics such as Discipline-Perespective building, Understanding the Roots of Discipline Problems, Managing Discipline PRoblems-Strategies & Techniques, Positive Discipline School-The Emerging Concept were discussed and shared. ICTRC launched one year Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counselling(PGDGC) for in service teachers.
According to Dr.Ravindran-Director General-ICTRC, the objective of the summit is to equip the school principals with knowledge, skill and attitudes on Discipline which are simple to adopt in everyday practice and easily transferable to teachers, students and parents."


M.K. Gupta

The Delhi Development Authority has informed that there are provisions in the Master Plan for General Hospitals in Sector 5, 9, and 17 each on around 6.00 Hact. of land. This information has been given in reply to RTI application filed by Shri Sunil Sareen, Governing Body member of Dwarka Forum.

DDA has also informed about the provision of Intermediate Hospitals (Category A) in Sec 9, 10, 15, 17 and 19 Phase-1. The lad area for each hospital shall be between 3.15 to 3.7 Hact. There are provisions of Intermediate Hospital (Category B) in Sec. 3, 6, 12 phase-1, 18 (a), 19 (Ph.-1), 23 Ph.-2, and 26. The area for each hospital varies from 0.2 to 1.17 Hact.

Delhi Govt. has informed that the date of operation of 700 beds Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi Hospital at Sector 9, Dwarka is not yet decided and the delay is because the building plans are being revised. Ms. Kiran Walia, Minister for Health, Delhi Govt. said that now the building plans are being revised to make the building earthquake resistant and after this, the work will start.
Now , Dwarka Forum shall try that the work on these project should start as soon as possible.



Celebrating 100 Year of Service

DWARKA, NEW DELHI PH,: 25080838, 25080738

Please visit the branch for
• Opening all type of Deposit Account.
• Avail any kind of Loan Housing,
Car, Education, consumer Etc.
• Locker Facility Available
• Attractive Deposit Rates
• Opening pension Accounts
• Insurance –Life/ General
Door Step Banking Available Only for Dwarka

Business Hours :
All Days 8.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M
( Except Wednesday & Sunday)

Wednesday & Sunday :- 8.00 A.M. to 2.00 P.M.
A T M Facility Available



M. K. Gupta

After the increasing police vigil on motorcycle riders, the snatchers have gone hi-fi. Now, come in car for snatching. On 20th August, coming out of a car, one youth looking like athlete snatched the handbag of a working lady from the gate of Gayatri Apartment of Sector 10. The victim raised an alarm by screaming in fear. Her father Mr. Ramachandran, resident of this Apartment and a retired Under Secretary told that her daughter’s bag contained her Id Card, some cash and cell phone and some other items.

They immediately called on help line No. 155345 of Lt. Gov. and her husband S. Harish also handed over complaint to a Police Sub-Inspector. The victim Rani Harish is working in PWD, ITO, Delhi.

Incidentally, some snatchers have also snatched her purse from the same spot about two and half month ago.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Deepak Kumar Pandey

Her Excellency President of India Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patil met with the girl students from remote border area of Arunachal Pradesh in President House. Under its Civic Action and Border Area Development Programme (BADP) ITBP has arranged an excursion of 20 girls and teachers from Papumpare, Kurang Kumery, Itanagar and West Siang districts of Arunachal Pradesh from 13th to 19th August, 2009. President welcomed and inspired them to achieve bigger successes in their life and contribute towards progress of nation. Shri V. K. Upreti, Inspector General, ITBP and other senior officers of ITBP were also present on this occasion.
On this occasion, President said “I am sure that these students will gain valuable experience by seeing the historical monuments, discovering the values of unity in diversity and communal harmony. President told these girls to work for national unity and communal harmony. She praised ITBP by saying that ITBP is promoting communal harmony and national unity by organizing such programmes.
Speaking on this occasion girl students told, “ By virtue of this education excursion we could got opportunity to see things of nation importance such as Shoping Mall, Flyover, Metro Rail, Lotus Tample, Zoo, Agra Fort, Tajmahal and Achhar Dam Tample etc. We would never have visited to these things of historicals values if ITBP was not there to help up. ITBP is not even guarding us but supporting us in nation progress.
Shri V.K. Upreti, IG, ITBP introduced these girls with President. He said “Today’s interaction will definitely have a inspiring impact on these girls. I hope this will help in shaping the destiny of these fortunate girls.” He said that ITBP not only guards the border, it also works as friend of the border population and connects the border population with mainstream of India through its civic action programmes.
In the evening these girls met with Shri Vikram Srivastava, DG, ITBP at Directorate General CGO Complex, Lodhi Road. The girls expressed gratitude to ITBP and said that this excursion proved to be boon for them. They gained lot of experiences and knowledge from this education excursion.
Under its Civic Action Programmes following activities are being carried out by ITBP:-
i) Medical Camps for local population.
ii) IT Centre for community awareness.
iii) Instalation of solar energy system.
iv) Hygiene/ Sanitation awareness programmes.
v) Awareness programme on Women empowerment.
vi) Laying of water pipe lines for providing drinking water for local population.
vii) Projects pertaining to livestock management.
viii) Distribution of stationary items/ uniforms to school children.
ix) Educational excursions.
x) Veterinary camps.
xi) Organizing sports tournaments.
xii) Book- Keeping/ fisheries/ Agri-technique training.
xiii) Promotion of local handicrafts/ handlooms.

An APPEAL for Noble Cause

( Photograph on 1st March, 2009. Marriage ceremony of Chinu Sarkar with Munna Ram and Manisha with SuryaKant arranged by Blind Persons Association (Regd.), Dwarka )

Blind Persons Association (Regd.), Dwarka, is arranging the marriage of yet another girl Tara Chauhan with Tej Pratap who will be going to marry on 8th Oct., 2009 at 586, Pocket-A, Sector-13, Phase-2, Dwarka. B.P.A. is an NGO working for the welfare of visually disable persons. The association is actively doing remarkably for the welfare of the blinds and taking care of education and providing hostel and lodging facilities to the blind girls. So, donors may contribute furniture, utensils, almira, bed, clothes, jewellery besides ration etc. and cash for this memorable moment." Donation is exempted from Income tax Under Section 80G.

Contact: Anil Kumar Verma-9868552423, 9213532309
President, Blind Persons Association, Dwarka,
Patron-Blind Persons Association, Dwarka
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services


M K Gupta

On the morning of the Independence Day at 6.30, ‘Bharat Jodo’ March was organized from Sector 11 near Sports Complex despite rains by Jimmedar Nagrik Trust. Patriotic songs and slogans rant the Air. The participants included Pravesh Mahajan and Miss Nidhi Mahajan, who recently fought election for Delhi Assembly and hundreds of other participants which including women and children also. The march terminated at Kakrola village wherein about 100 children performed patriotic act, sang songs on freedom movement and the hoisted the national flag. 28 under-privileged children were also given scholarship during this event and a human chain depicting the shape of map of India was also formed. Pravesh Mahajan, President of Jimmedar Nagrik Trust told ''Bharat Jodo' is the mission to unite, as much as possible, all NGO’s, families of freedom fighters, urban communities and villagers to make an effort for educated, healthy & peaceful India.


Shri Tejinder Khanna
Honorable Lt. Governor Delhi.
Government of National Capital of Delhi.

SUBJECT : SEVERE NEGLIGENCE BY BSES DWARKA STAFF ( at Akshardham Apartment, Sector – 19, Pocket -3, DDA Colony, Dwarka, New Delhi -75) as local BSES officials are not taking any preventive action – yesterday a major accidents averted and saved small children’s of the colony.

Respected Shri Tejinder Khanna Jee,

It pains me to bring to your kind notice about the continuous negligence and non action by the concerned BSES Staff posted in Dwarka, this is with reference to the incident of Dated 18th August, 2009, Tuesday, around 7.40 PM, we informed all the help line of BSES and also concerned BSES Dwarka officials about the incident of sparks / currents are coming out of the BSES Open Distribution Box & to the Street Light,( earlier also we have sent complained in this regard but no action taken by them) even then it was raining mildly and their was a chances of got electrocuted, as that time number of local small children’s are playing in the same residential colony- near to the this street light pole, later we informed Central Control Room of Delhi Police around 8 PM and then they alerted Local Police / PCR / Dwarka Fire Brigade of Dwarka after repeated number of call made to concerned Dwarka BSES officials – with pleaded request , they reached finally around 9.30 PM. But they did not do any thing serious, and just disconnected the wire, it may can happen again and again as till dated street lights boxes are not properly locked and where naked wires are hanging and coming out of the pole openly from the most of the street lights even high voltage distribution boxes of BSES in the same residential colony is still open and locked properly even they are in very bad conditions even most of the fused being stolen and where open naked high voltage wires are hanging and coming out of this boxes, which is seems to be very dangerous for the local residents and there is every chances of severe accidents.

Though still dated the concerned BSES officials are not taken any serious action in this regard,
It is also a "untold mental agony'' caused by an "irrational inflated bill'' served to us and they are not taking any serious action as we thrice submitted them a reminder request to look into the matter with the request to change the meter and to the increase the current load, instead of taking action this BSES officials only sending irrational inflated bill. ( in regard to my domestic connection)

Would be grateful if you could issue instructions to the concerned authority and to the concerned authority in BSES on the benefit of the local residents of Dwarka so that in near future concerned BSES officials does not act like belligerently.

With warm regards,

Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Mobile No. 9891914141

CC to : Chief Secretary, Government of National Capital of Delhi. ( For kind necessary action)

Monday, August 17, 2009


An ardent wish
Vijay K. Saluja

Having been in the VIP local body of Delhi-NDMC all my career, I was lucky to have the privilege of living, since 1962, around two kilometers of India Gate, because the govt accommodation which was allotted to my father [he was in the govt service, too] & to me, was in that area.

Having lived about forty three years of our life in open, wide, green & relatively clean area, shifting to Vasant Kunj in 2005, was a tough call, because, not only this area was different from NDMC area, but the distance to my wife`s college, where her work place was/is & our various friends/relative`s- houses/ markets [Khan Bengali & CP] & other cultural centres- India International Centre, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Garden, Mandi House et al, where all art, culture/theatre activities take place, & which we frequented, increased manifold.
Distances which we earlier, travelled in one fortnight, we now, traversed in one day, to reach the place of work/entertainment, shopping etc etc. & what with traffic jams--------

`Dilli kya hai`, we only realized then-its travails, troubles, tribulations, etc etc.

Then, we realized that, all along, we had lived a very sheltered life- `Aatte dal ka bhav to aab mallom hone laga`.

Vasant Kunj, touted as one of the best planned colony of DDA & inhabited by well- heeled & connected persons, had many many civic problems-Broken/ill-maintained roads, overflowing garbage in dalaos, frequented by cows, bulls, pigs, dogs, rag-pickers et al, over packed parking lots in residential blocks, unauthorized construction –additions & alterations in flats resulting in outflow of building mulba & rubbish creating uncomfortable & unaesthetic conditions, day in day out.

Besides,shortage of water, power outrages, frequent cutting of roads, etc made heady cocktail of civic-woes, stray dogs, cows , bulls sitting on the dividers of main roads of the colony, was a daily sight to watch?!

I wrote a regular column in one of the neighbourhood newspaper-`NOW`, discussing various civic issues of the colony & trying to cajole & exhort the local residents/authorities to be an active participant in the upkeep of this well laid out colony. But, despite my many many articles[I almost wrote a regular Saturday column for about 25 weeks], nothing much changed in the attitudes/application, of the residents/RWAs? TWAs/authorities?!

Though, there were some very positive responses from some of the readers, but mostly restricted to their own specific civic problems!!
Many of my friends/relatives pointed fingers at my efforts & enthusiasm & scoffed, too. They were/are of the firm opinion `is desh mein aise hi chale ga``,kuch nahin badllne wala`, `Apni energy waste kar rahe ho`, article likhne main to kuchh paise bhii nahin milte` ----------.

Well, after shifting to Dwarka, I discovered in Dwarka forum & Dwarka Parichay, some synergy & thus HOPE??

Therefore, I have started penning my views abt Dwarka`s civic-woes. In the hope-things may change for the better!

Let us see. Time will tell??.

The Law of Karma


The Hindu Doctrine of Karma(Cause and Effect) holds that on the death of a person,whatever character has been hammered out by the thoughts and deeds and repentences of the life that is closed, the same continues to attach itself as the initial start of character for the soul in the next journey. Karma is not fatalism. One`s evolution lies in his own hands and even death does not interfere with the progress of effort. The Law of Karma clearly lays down that death does not end the chain. In whichever activities we engage ourselves, the body is not the agent but is only an instrument for activities. The agent is the soul that dwells in the body, and it does not die when death takes place physically. According to Hindu Scriptures, it takes a lodging in another tenement. The spirit or soul within continually shapes itself and builds its future accordingly. The Law of Cause and Effect is unalterable in every aspect. Every act has its appointed effect whether the act be a thought, word or deed. The effect lies inherent in the cause in the same manner as the tree lies potentially encased in the seed. If water contained in a tray is exposed to the Sun, it can not escape from getting dried up. The effect automatically follows. It can be said that the effect is held in the womb of the cause. To my mind, it is wrong to think of Karma in terms of what is understood by Fatalism.

Destiny according to the Hindu thought does not involve an unscientific attitude towards natural laws(Dharma) or a break-down of faith in human effort. Karma,as stated above is the unalterable law of effect following previous cause. To this extent Vedanta of Hinduism distinguishes itself from Fatalism as emerged in the West. When a Hindu speaks about the decree of fate, he means thereby that one should expect only the fruit of one`s action and nothing else.

Vedanta holds that it is not possible to do a thing and escape its result. The thoughts entertained, the words spoken and deeds done all produce appropriate fruits. The consequence may be dealt with , either in this or in another birth, but can not be escaped. When a Vedantin says that everything happens according to Karma, he does not mean that human effort is in vain. Law of Karma does not discourage industry and effort on the part of humans. They will have their rewards and the Law of Karma guarantees this. Karma does not refer to any mysterious predetermination by an external power. Thus Karma is not fatalism, as wrongly understood by some.

The law of Karma is related to past, present and future births of an entity. We all are products of or effects of our past actions. we evolve our self exactly according to our Karma(actions). This process is not broken by death and is passed on to next life. This is one of the Most Important Doctrines in the Hindu Religion.In the Spiritual world, Karma is the Rule of the Law, so to say. Cause and effect have to be equal.. Death denotes only the disintegration of the body and not of the soul. As far as the soul is concerned, the law of cause and effect continues to operate beyond death. The old account is carried over.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

Laws, all over the world, have their origin in morality. Morality is a system of behaviour in regards to standards of right or wrong behaviour. Of course, the morality can differ from place to place and country to country.
Ultimately, the same gets translated into a right or wrong action. Most Governments, at least on paper, want their citizens, to be well protected, moral and express a desire to end corruption, in the services provided..
The custodians of country’s Laws and governance expelled 11 MPs, from the Parliament in December 2005, for charging money for asking questions. The action of the involved MP’s for asking was shown live on the television.
It is worthwhile to give some glimpses of the drama in the Parliament. only to show to what level we have sunk as a Nation. The ‘BJP the party with a difference’, instead of supporting clean politics, walked out of the Parliament, before the motion for expulsion was voted.
This was despite the appeal of the leader of the House, that to maintain the dignity of the House “as certain duties ought to be discharged, however painful they may be”. He said it was not a matter of legality “but the question is to ask our conscience what we should do in this given situation.
Leader of the Opposition, a BJP stalwart, said that the punishment meted out to the 10 MPs was not commensurate to their crime. “Corruption it was, but more than that it was stupidity. They fell for the lure of the sting operation. Therefore, the punishment is not at all commensurate with the crime”. In other words, in his interpretation, the crime was not in asking for the money, but being caught on the camera
Another MP said “If we expel them today, the impression, in the class, to which these MPs belong, will feel that the big leaders in Delhi have expelled their leaders for a small mistake”. His ground was that all involved MPs, came from deprived sections of society, thereby implying that the those from deprived section can commit any crime and that no action should be taken against them on the ground of their caste.
The Police have chargesheeted the 10 ex-MPs under the Prevention of Corruption Act for taking money to raise questions in Parliament.
Apart from them, the two journalists, who did a commendable job, in exposing, the rot in our system, have been accused, of abetting the offence by approaching certain middlemen, under the guise of a business association. This is nothing, but trivializing the law, or at the best, sticking to the letter, but not the solemn spirit, of exposing the corruption and upholding not only moral, but also legal values.
Lok Sabha committee, which had looked into the entire cases and recommended the expulsion had this to say; “A free press using fair techniques of investigative journalism is an indispensable asset to our democracy... We do not hold, the media, in any way, to blame for exposing genuine wrongdoing. They have a duty, to enquire, coupled with a duty to do so responsibly and in that way, can contribute to the preservation of standards in public life.”
Even the Supreme Court verdict of 29th July, 2009 in the case of sting operation to compromise the witnesses in BMW hit and run case
upheld the right of journalists to conduct undercover investigations in public interest.
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), the global organisation representing over 500,000 journalists worldwide has condemned the imprisonment of investigative journalist in India."Penalising whistle blowers for their truth telling is a curtailment of press freedom that must be resisted."

Notwithstanding, the observations of the Supreme Court, which becomes the law of the country, the Executive Through the Police is seeking to penalize the journalists, for conducting sting operations in public interest. Indeed the investigative agencies, who are charged with the duty to fight corruption, conduct sting operations, and collaborate with the complainants in catching the corrupt red handed. The law does not give them any special powers to conduct sting operations.

62,483 newspapers on government records, including 201 big newspapers ,1223 medium newspapers 2,257 small newspapers with a gross circulation of 18,07,38,611 of which 4,88,84,778 are small papers and 6,41,55,462 medium papers, are the unpaid eyes and ears of the Government. The growth of the media has been phenomenal, as the following survey report of The National Readership Study 2006 (NRS 2006), which is “the largest survey of its kind in the world, with a sample size of 2,84,373 house-to-house interviews shows. The study covered 535 publications of which 230 were dailies and 305 magazines The reach of the press medium (dailies and magazines combined) has increased from 216 million to 222 million from 2005 to 2006. The number of readers in rural India (110 million) is now roughly equal to that in urban India (112 million.

Regrettably, all political parties and leaders pay a lip service to the need of purity, and integrity in administration. But when, somebody points out, any wrong doing, nobody comes to his rescue. So here the poor journalists have to fight their own battles, for something they did for the general good. All governments swear by a fear press, but hate, if anybody points out cases of corruption or poor governance.
Indeed the Government should be beholden to the media, for giving them a feed back, at no cost, as to what people feel about their rulers, their policies and where, things have gone wrong, on the ground during implementation.

Article 19-(1) (a) of The Constitution of India provides that “all citizens shall have the right to the freedom of speech and expression.” The Supreme Court of the Country has ruled that; “There can be no doubt that freedom of speech and expression includes freedom of propagation of ideals, and that freedom is ensured by the freedom of circulation. Despite the Constitutional Guarantees, the exact quantum and quality of press freedom are determined by a number of factors. The most important are the pressure by the proprietor, Editors, Political parties, Advertisers, and Trade unions.
Over and above, is the government pressure, to portray its achievements in brilliant colours. The least, that the government can and should do is to legalise conducting sting operations in public interest and in the over all interest of the country.
This is, apart from making sure, that the Supreme Court judgement praising sting operations more than once in public interest is honoured both in letter and spirit and the case, against the journalists, is with drawn, with due apologies to them, for violation of the Supreme Court orders , apart from any compensation the Government may like to render them. They should in the first instance not been clubbed with the accused who took money for asking questions in the Parliament. If it is not done, it will convey a wrong message to the media, that professions and actions of the Government are poles apart.

"Important Resolution by Indians at the time of 63rd Indian Independence Day"

Milap Choraria

Indian whether living in India or elsewhere, we feels very proud, because our country can claims that India is a free democratic country, although our election system can not ensure representative characters in the election results. Its results are always based on manipulations. Majority of the Population is (mis)used, merely as vote banks and when the time of justice comes their aspirations and reasonable requirements are not taken into account. As a result, Indian Economy is fully under control of the Corrupt Politicians/Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and other wrong doers, as even after 62nd years of our Independence, we failed to develop a system based on good governance. The lack of such a system, allowed to aforesaid Corrupt Politicians/Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and other wrong doers to remit large sum national money to Tax Hedge Fund Countries, including its father Switzerland, through various illegal ways and means including Hawala Channel.

Recently, USA suffered a serious bias and terrorism and USA found that important root of the both are also exits in the Banking Secrecy Laws running in Hedge Fund Countries particularly in Switzerland. USA using its existing laws compel to Switzerland’s Banking Giants USB to come to compromise to disclose the more than 5,000 Americans who owns a Bank Account in Switzerland with a certain amount.

India is another country where from a large some money is transferred by the Corrupt Politicians/ Bureaucrats, Exploiters, Mafia(s) and all other wrong doers, in Swiss Banking System (mis)using its Banking Secrecy Law to hide their money which they earned through various corrupt means and methods. Reportedly such amount is between $7 to 11 Billions. If this money could be retrieved from Swiss Banking System, to India, same can help India to become one of the Powerful Economy in the entire World.

Therefore, I invite every Indian committed to its integrity should join with me and affirm an Resolution that we Indian should not sit idle till we not compel to Each and Every Tax Hedge Funds Country including Switzerland to make appropriate law, which allowed to its Banking Sector to implement all the terms and conditions of the agreement held between US and USB to disclose identities of all the persons who opened accounts with USB to hide tax liabilities in its later an spirit. Although these people are very powerful in India and use all the means and methods to stop such activities, but once people decides to do something, no one can stop it.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

APPEAL for Noble Cause

Blind Persons Association (Regd.), Dwarka, is arranging the marriage of yet another girl Tara Chauhan with Tej Pratap who will be going to marry on 8th Oct., 2009 at 586, Pocket-A, Sector-13, Phase-2, Dwarka. B.P.A. is an NGO working for the welfare of visually disable persons. The association is actively doing remarkably for the welfare of the blinds and taking care of education and providing hostel and lodging facilities to the blind girls. So, donors may contribute furniture, utensils, Almira, bed, clothes, jewellery besides ration etc. and cash for this memorable moment." Donation is exempted from Income tax Under Section 80G.

Anil Kumar Verma-9868552423, 9213532309
President, Blind Persons Association, Dwarka,
Patron-Blind Persons Association, Dwarka

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dr. M. S. Gill Visits FIFA Headquarters

Dr. M. S. Gill, Hon. Minister for Sports, Government of India
Visits FIFA Headquarters.

The Union Sports Minister, Dr. M. S. Gill visited the FIFA Headquarters at Zurich last Wednesday and held meeting with officials of the FIFA Development Department.

Mr. Thyerry Regenass, Director of Development at FIFA and Mr. Urs Kluser, Head of Goal Department briefed the Hon. Minister about various FIFA Development projects including the setting up of artificial turf fields in India. Mr. Manilal Fernando FIFA Development officer for South and Central Asia and AFC Vice-President informed the Hon. Minister about the progress of the GOAL II and the Tsunami projects.

Dr. Gill thanked FIFA for their support to India. He also explained to the FIFA officials various Sports Ministry schemes to help sports in India at the village level. Mr. Gill requested FIFA’s support for this program as it will help in the development of Football at the Grassroots level. It was decided that the Sports Ministry and the AIFF will prepare a report and send it to FIFA for their comments.

Dr. Gill was accompanied by Jt. Secretary of Sports Mr. Sailesh and his Personal Secretary, Mr. Dass. Mr David Borja ,Manager Development Division Asia Oceania in FIFA and AIFF General Secretary Mr. Alberto Colaço were also present for the meetings.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Miserable condition of Bindapur DDA Flats

Bindapur D.D.A. Flats colony is surrounded by Mahavir Enclave, Keshoram park, Sitapuri, Pratap Garden near Bindapur village. The flats of this colony were allotted in the year 1997. It has a total three thousand two hundred flats. But this colony is not fully accommodated till date because it’s suffering from basic facilities. Lack of Sanitation System, Water Supply, proper rain water drainage, proper inner roads connected with the main roads, provision for DTC/pvt bus are few examples of the miserable condition of the said colony. Some of the vacant flats are occupied by the wanderer animals and drug addicts. The said problems are in the knowledge of the concerned authorities but no body is bother about to solve it.

Ratna Sagar P. Ltd. Launches higher academic programme Primus books

In keeping with its vision to meet excellence in education, Ratna Sagar P. Ltd. launched its higher academic publishing division Primus Books at a function held at the India Habitat Centre.

The launch was followed by the release of the first set of books under the Primus banner. The titles included: Indo-Persian Historiography up to the Thirteenth Century by I H Siddiqui, Literature of Resistance: INDIA 1857 by G K Das and Sushma Arya, Narratives of Indian Cinema by Manju Jain and Class, Power and Consciousness in Indian Cinema and Television by Anirudh Deshpande.

The chief guest for the evening was Prof Shyam Menon, Vice Chancellor, Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar University. He spoke about education and the new government’s commitment to reform, reinvestment, and creating an open and transparent higher education system. We also featured an audio-visual programme integrating academics with Indian culture. It was attended by 140 or so select invitees from academia, government and the industry.

With titles as varied as Narratives of Indian Cinema to Literature of Resistance: INDIA 1857, Primus Books is committed to making genuine contributions to the humanities and social science by providing a credible platform for higher academic scholarship.

Our authors include subject specialists from renowned universities, including graduate and post graduate universities such as Delhi University (DU), Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU), Jamia Milia Islamia University and Aligarh Muslim University among others.

Our strengths are in the fields of media and culture studies, politics and current affairs, literature, history and anthropology, administration, governance and management.

Our aim is to inspire readers to learn and better comprehend their country and world, while meeting the changing needs of educators and students with an expanded range of reference titles and edited volumes.

The evening ended with a Hindustani classical vocal recital by Dr Sarita Pathak Yajurvedi, Assistant professor, at Bharati College, University of Delhi and a professional vocalist for 22 years. She has regularly featured on radio and TV, and has several DVDs and CDs to her name

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Response from Chief Misnister Office

Click for letter from Dwarka Forum to Chief Minister - about issues & problem being faced by Dwarka residents - a representation on 28th June, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


ON DATE – 13th August, 2009

Plot No. - 19, Sector - 4
Dwarka, New Delhi.

Religious Discourse as per following programme


Contact: 9810513818

There’s a fly in your soup

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

Food adulteration, which is the act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient, is something that has been rampant in our country. This is so despite the existence of stringent laws against the malpractice.

The problem of food adulteration has been prevalent since ancient times. The Code of Hammurabi from ancient Babylonia regulated the practices of drinking houses, and called for the death penalty for those found guilty of watering down their beer.

In 15th century Germany any merchant caught selling adulterated saffron in Bavaria was burnt alive.
In 1456 at Nuremberg, two men guilty of adulterating wine were buried alive. Literature from the 16th century mentions brick dust in ginger, unhealthy adulterants in pepper, dishonest weights and counts, artificial colouring, and storage of dried spices in damp cellars to increase weight.

The Food Adulteration Act, 1954, in our country is enforceable by the States. Normally, it is the various health departments that are charged with its implementation. In spite of this, there is hardly a food category, whether it is milk or dairy products, flour or spices, which is safe from adulteration.

The root of the problem lies in the inordinate delays in the disposal of adulteration cases. In a case of adulteration in Ludhiana, it took six years for the accused to be convicted under the Food Adulteration Act. What makes it worse is that he can still appeal the verdict right up to the Supreme Court.

In October 2008, police in Ghaziabad seized 2,500 kg of adulterated khoya — a milk product used in making sweets — from a tractor-trolley. It was transporting the adulterated product from Muradnagar in Uttar Pradesh to Delhi. A week earlier 50 tonnes of adulterated khoya was seized by the police in the same area.

In Ahmedabad in April last year, a child died and 10 others were diagnosed with serious ailments after consuming a particular brand of cold drink. The only action taken was the sealing of the factory producing the drink and sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis.

In June 2009, police in Agra raided a spurious ghee manufacturing unit. They found ghee being manufactured from animal fat. But nobody was caught. The police claim that this was because information about the raid must have leaked out.

In July, 2009, police in Haryana seized around 1,400 kg of different adulterated milk products like cheese, ghee and cream. The foodstuff was adulterated with chemicals. A variety of chemicals such as whitener, caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide were also scooped up in the raid.

Residues of extremely harmful pesticides have also been found in a popular cola drink as well as in popular brands of bottled water sold in Delhi and Mumbai. These reports were based on an independent study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment, an NGO.

Five traders in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, were booked under the National Security Act for adulteration of ghee in August 2009. It is probably the first such use of the stringent legislation in the State. The ghee adulteration racket is a thriving business, estimated to gross more than Rs 100 crore in Gwalior and its surrounding areas.

Counterfeiting is another allied problem that affects all sorts of food products and medicines in the country. Apart from harming the reputation and the sale value of the legitimate brands, fake products often pose serious health risks to the consumers. The result is that instances of food poisoning are on the rise across the country. The state exchequer also suffers huge losses due to these counterfeiters.

The State Governments and other agencies only wake up to the problem when fatalities are reported. The implementation of food adulteration laws is sporadic at best. If it were done on a regular basis and honestly, many deaths that have taken place due to consumption of adulterated foodstuff or spurious medicines could have been avoided. Though the Supreme Court has banned road-side eateries where most of the time the food is adulterated, the law is brazenly flouted in many places. Even in Delhi people are not aware of the apex court ruling.

I have been told by many people that health officials only conduct inspections at hotels and shops when their owners refuse to pay the monthly bribe. At no other time is accountability fixed or action taken.

Whether it is serving sub-standard food to patients in a hospital or adulterated food in restaurants and other eateries, the possibility of food poisoning is always looming large. Even the rice supplied through the Public Distribution System has often been found to be adulterated. Collecting food samples and sending them for testing after people have died of poisoning is like locking the stables after the horses have fled. Apart from the punishment that those responsible for adulterating food are given by law, it will be ideal to make them also pay for the hospital expenses of the victims in such cases. Health officials who fail to discharge their duties properly could also be forced to do this.

The implementation of the Food Adulteration Act needs to be done honestly and with a missionary zeal if we are to curb this menace. Mere intentions are not enough. They have to be followed up with concrete action.

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