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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dwarka Circular Sewa

Sunil Sareen

Dwarka Forum members made their 1st Joy Ride on DCS (Dwarka Circular Sewa) on 29/11/09. Dwarka Forum team travelled in the bus on Sunday to have an first hand idea and to share with you all.

- Approx ticket is around Rs 10-15 (conductors are new, not familiar with route/distance/fare, will take some time to stablise) Maximum Ticket is Rs. 25/-
- Card - Rs 50 Refundable security, 10% discount if using card, Rate will be applicable at no. of KMs travelled NOT Flat Rate) -1st Card is Rs. 100 (50 Security 50 Ticket value)
- AC Bus equipped with GPS facility, DTC depot is aware of the movement of the Bus
- Very safe and secure in wake of chain snatching incidents and harsh weather
- Relief from Parking problems at Markets
- Buzzer at every seat, to alert diver when u want to get down
- Cover almost major Dwarka sectors
- Available from 5:30 AM to 10 PM in the evening

Let us accknowledge and appreciate the efforts of DTC/Govt of Delhi for giving Dwarka its deserved World Clarss Travel-Matching and synchorising with Metro/Airport etc. Now it depend up on us how to make this success.

There are initial glitches like any other projects. We are sure the DTC would come out from it with the help of residents/RWA/CGHS managements etc. These routes still need fine tune to make it economically sustainable and out reach to cover all sectors, main markets, govt schools, hospitals, large office complex.

Plese note, Buses travel on clock-wise (+) and anti-clock wise(-) directions on the same route. Opt route '-' or '+' as per direction of your travel..
Note : Bus with '-' sign will travel in oppsite direction e.g. instead of Maxfort School to Airforce Naval Apts direction It will travel from Airforce Naval to Max Fort School direction

Time Duration -Location-- Sector
14:15 Hrs
----- Palam Flyover ----- 7/1
----- Rashi Apts ----- 7/1
----- Maxfort School ----- 6/7
----- AirforceNaval Apts ----- 6/7
----- Sec 6/7/9/10 Intersection ----- 6/7/9/10
----- Chandawari Apts ----- 10/6
----- Manchhat Apts/Elephanta Apts ----- 10
----- GD Goyanka Pub School ----- 10
----- Gokul Dham ----- 10
----- Venketeshwara Intl School ----- 10
----- Vandana Intl School ----- 10
----- Sec 9/10 Intersection ----- 9
----- RD Rajpal Pub School ----- 9
----- ITL Pub School ----- 9
----- Appejay Mgmt Institute ----- 8/9
----- Sec-9 Metro Station ----- 8/9
----- Sec-8 Metro Station ----- 8/20
----- Sec-20 Marble Market ----- 8/20
----- Salaraia Officers Enclave ----- 8/20
14:31 Hrs
----- Sec 20/22 Intersection ----- 22
----- Navsansad Apts ----- 22
----- Sec-21 Metro Station ----- 22
----- Sec 22 Govt School ----- 22
----- Sec 22 HP Petrol Pump ----- 22
----- Sec 23, DDA Flats ----- 22/23
----- IFCI Apts ----- 22/23
----- Paramount Intl School ----- 23
----- Harmony Apts ----- 23
----- Basava Intl School ----- 23
----- Vardhman City Mall ----- 23
14:40 Hrs
----- Pochanpur ----- 23
----- Radha Swami Satsang Ghar ----- 23
----- Footabal House ----- 19
----- Vardhaman Crown Mall/Amberhai Village ----- 19
----- Sec-19 Pocket-1, DDA Flats ----- 19
----- Modern Intl School ----- 19/10
----- Gupta Proprties ----- 19/10
----- Sec 11 DDA Park / Muthoot Hospital Land ----- 11/10
----- Sec 11 Metro St. ----- 11
----- Sec-19 Pocket-3, DDA Flats ----- 19/11
----- Sec 19/18/12/11 Intersection ----- 19/18/12/11
----- Sec 18 L&T Flats ----- 18
----- Sector-24 ----- 24/18
----- Sector 18B & 18A ----- 18
----- Kargil Apts ----- 18/12
----- Sachdeva / Sam Intl Schools ----- 18/12
----- Delhi Intl School ----- 18
----- Sec 13, Pocket-a DDA Flats ----- 13/12
----- Sec 12, Pocket-8 DDA Flats ----- 12
14:58 Hrs
----- Sec 12 , Metro Station ----- 12
----- Adarsh World School ----- 12
----- Sec 12, Govt Dispensary/Benhaps Hospital ----- 12
----- Aggarwal Sweet Shop/Dominos ----- 12/11
----- Gold Croft Apts ----- 12/11
15:04 Hrs
----- Sec 4/5/11/12 Intersection ----- 4/5/11/12
----- Aayusaaman Hospital / Aashrwaad Apts ----- 12/5
----- Upkari Apts ----- 12/5
----- Ashoka Apts ----- 12/5
----- Antrix /Ispatika Apts ----- 4
----- Kalyanai Apts ----- 4
----- Modern Convent School ----- 4
----- Rajasthan Apts ----- 4
----- Sec 4/5 Intersection ----- 4/5
----- Brain Kids/BGS School ----- 5
----- Himachal Apts ----- 5
----- Shakti Apts/DDA Office ----- 5
----- Sec 5/6 Intersection ----- 5/6
----- Swami Dayanand/Kaveri Apts ----- 6
----- Govt School ----- 6
----- Rudra/The Palms Apt ----- 6
----- Sec 6/2 Intersection ----- 2/6
----- J M Intl School ----- 2/6
----- Joy /Ashadeep Apts ----- 2/6
----- Sec 6 MTNL Exchange ----- 2/6
----- Sec 2/6/1/7 Intersection ----- 2/6/1/7
----- Sec-1, Pokcet-1 DDA Flats ----- 1/7
----- Sec-1, Petrol Pump ----- 1/7
15:14 Hrs
----- Palam Flyover ----- 1/7

Any quiries related to DTC DCS please contact
Mr. Budh Prakash, Astt. Trafic Inspector - 9213623476
Mr. S S Mishra Sr. Manager DTC - 9718190139

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Basava Cricket Cup tournament is in the last phase. Basava Cricket Academy, Goodwill Academy, Venkateshwar International School dwarka & Paramount Cricket Academy are in the semi finalist. According to Mr.Karan Saha-Organiser, more than ten cricket teams took part in the tournament Under-12 category. The Semi Final and the Final match will be held in the next week. Winner and runner up team will be awarded with trophy. Even individual prizes will be given to the excellent performers.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

DEMOLITION- Destruction or Redemption?

Vijay K. Saluja

About a decade back, demolition on large scale was carried out by MCD / DDA, on a stretch of JNU road, near Vasant Kunj . Some of the buildings housing , departmental stores, sweet shops, clinics, chemist shops etc, were made in-operational, by punching their roofs, demolishing some walls of the same, or breaking their entrances in a very shoddy manner. Ultimately, after a week of the start of demolition operation , this stretch of the road, gave an appearance of a war-ravaged zone-part of the demolished roofs either hanging in air or balanced itself at a skewed angle, lot of employees working in various establishments, rendered jobless, neighbourhood which was using various facilities & services which this area provided, suddenly deprived of these, & the owners of the demolished buildings, suffering traumas of various kind.

At that time, I had done an article under the caption`No roads lead to Vasant Kunj` which was published in the Hindustan Times.In the same, it was stated, that MCD had done a good job by undertaking the demolition exercise as the buildings scarred were unauthorized and it would apart from sending right signals in the neighbourhood would also help in making land available for widening/ improvement of this road which was expected to be heavily used by the residents of Vasant Kunj, in the times to come.

It was also hoped then, that the authorities would fix responsibility of the concerned MCD/DDA officials, who allowed those constructions to come up, so that there could be check on further growth of unauthorized construction in Vasant Kunj in particular & the city in general.
Around that time, another demolition of four storeys of a high profile high rise building - White House, at Bhagwan Das road, near Supreme Court, & in NDMC area was also carried out by the officials of New Delhi Municipal Council.

The reason for the same was that the builder had constructed additional four storeys than what were sanctioned by the local body .Lot of resources-men , materials, machinery was used by NDMC, to execute the demolition operations.

About two years back large scale demolition exercise was done at M.G Road.
Well-appointed buildings housing various leading fashion-designers were made in-operational by demolishing/destroying part of the structural arrangements in the said buildings.
These affected buildings even after two years of the operation, remain a big urban landscape-eyesore. Though, the so- termed unauthorized construction- demolition rendered many jobless! What useful purpose it served, is beyond my comprehension!? Can MCD enlighten?
A few questions come to any rational mind-Why demolition, what is unauthorized construction, what is a sanctioned building plan, what should the sanctioned plan conform to, who is responsible for ensuring that constructions are being put up as per the sanctioned plan , what are building bye-laws & why these need to be enforced in a city etc etc.??
A simple answer to all these queries, is that the main purpose of building bye --laws, is to ensure that any building which is to be put up has proper ventilation, light, in the interest of good health of the residents, has adequate structural safety, should not obstruct the lighting, ventilation of adjoining buildings , does not intrude upon the privacy of the neighbours, has adequate provision of basic services, parking & is pleasing in the urban landscape. There are other stipulations like open spaces, social infrastructure etc etc. but light, ventilation, structural safety , non-inconvenience to neighbours, adequate basic services, open spaces & aesthetics are the basic requisites which need to be met in various buildings/colonies.The officials of `Unauthorized Construction Cell`, of the local body are supposed to ensure that buildings come up in their respective jurisdiction, as per the approved sanctioned plan, which is sanctioned by the building plan cell of the same local body.

Let us see, when these demolitions mentioned earlier took place, what purpose did it serve. In the case of Vasant Kunj demolition, no improvement of the stretch of JNU road has taken place even after fifteen years of demolition, the structures which were supposed to be demolished are very much there, on that very road & the cracked roof portions are either dangling in the landscape or are now giving eerie look, & a no of hapless persons are residing in these or are operating out of those—. About the aesthetics, less said the better!

About White House at Bhagwan Das road-an important artery in the central most –VIP part of Delhi, less said the better,too!? The broken portions remain unattended & it continues contributing its mite in uglying the urban landscape right in the heart of the capital! Aesthetics- local bodies, do not have this word, it appears, in their dictionary?! What are DUAC,SPA & other leading landscape architects of the city doing about it? Perhaps, they have adjusted to the new theory of urban landscape?!

Spate of demolitions after HC orders, ensuing hue & cry, debates on TV channels, edits & articles in the papers, I hoped, might bring accountability & sanity into the administration. But I have my strong doubts. There are reports that even these episodes, prove lucrative for some people in authority!?What will they do with all the accumulated money?! The urgent need, is to bring back values & ethics into our system, before it is too late!

Therein, lies the redemption of Delhi , our cities & the citizens

Writer is Ex-chief Engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council
& Convenor, Social Outreach Programme Committee
IIT Delhi Alumni Association

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Community leaders training workshop organised by SSA at Sector-6, Dwarka

A two days workshop (23rd and 24th November) was organized at Govt co ed Senior Secandary School, Sector-6, Dwarka under Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyaan , S/W Distt Nazafgarh zone 21 Kapashera -Dwarka Area. The theme was “Community leaders training workshop” and started from 9.00 AM to 12.00. Many representatives from schools ( VKS members, PTA members and local social organizations) were invited at the workshop. Some of the main invitees include
Sh. Naresh Lamba ( Chairman VKS GBSS School Shahabad Mohd Pur, Member Delhi Team-Bhagidari), Sh. Shetra Pal ( DURCC SSA – Zone-21), Sh. Sarmel (DURCC SSA – Zone-22E),
Sh. A.S. Bist ( CRCC SSA – Zone-21), Sh. Rattan Lal Kaushik ( Member Core Committee Bhagidari Distt. S/W ), Sh. Kuldeep Solanki (Chairman VKS SKV Palam) , Sh. Pokermel ( VKS SKV Palam), Sh. Rattan Singh ( VKS Govt Girls School Sahabad Mohm Pur), Sh. Prabhu Dayal ( Charman Govt. Boys Senior Sec School Pochan Pur), Sh. M.L. Mina Teacher ( Govt Boys Senior Sec School Pochan Pur) and about representative and PTA from about 20 schools attended the workshop.

On the first day of workshop Sh. Shetra Pal informed about the objectives, fund, social support by SSA. He explained the SSA 's support to schools regarding restructure, study facilities and to coordinate for development of school. To eradicate sex discrimination and discrimination for handicap and to provide education to every child upto eight class. Now in Govt schools students will not fail upto class seven. He explained about education rights:
* 4-14 years children will get mandatory education
* responsibility given to all regional schools
*This age group children must be in school
* Each child should be studied up to class 8.
* In all Govt schools free education, uniform, books etc. up to 8 class.

SSA is doing a good job for betterment of Delhi Schools:
* 35-40 students should be in a class
* Construction of new room as require in school
*Provision of a Primary school in one KM radius.
* Provision of a Senior school in three KM radius.
*Mid day meal up to class eight
*Yearly 10 days SSA training for all Teachers
* Before appointment of new teacher, 10 days SSA training is necessary
*Every year Rs. 5000 to Rs12000 support as School Grant
*Rs 7500 for maintenance ad building repair
*Rs1200 help for handicap children
*Rs 450 book help for highest attendance for a student
*Rs 100 Book help for topper in each class

On second day Sh. Shetra Pal discussed in detail about life improvement with the community leaders. He explained that SSA considers Education and social work as two sides of a coin.

He explained in detail about IECKAP formula
*I – Information * E-Education * C – Communication * K - Knowledge
*A- Attitude *P - Practice

Sh Sarmal informed about the utility of VKS fund of Rs 4 lakhs given to each school. Sh Naresh Lamba raised the point to include Sanskrit in class XI at Sahabad school.


M. K. Gupta

After the introduction of attendance by bio-metric system in the MCD, it has found 22,853 fake employees. This will save crores of rupees annually that were being paid to the aforesaid employees.

If other organizations which employ on muster role or in the manner similar to MCD, they may also found ghost employees in their organisation and thus save crores of rupees.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dwarka School listing and admission guidance - Part 2 of 3

Dear friends,

Dwarka Parichay is receiving hundreds of queries about good reputed schools in Dwarka in terms of quality education, good infrastructure, overall facilities etc.

It is not possible to reply to all queries in time. So for the benefit of all Dwarkaites we are publishing Dwarka school listing.

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Schools Listing (continued from previous post)

School Name------------------- Sector-------- Phone Nos.
St. Gregorious School -----------------11------------- 25086626
MBS International School -------------11--------------32060607
Bal Bharti Public School ---------------12------------- 25083970 / 25083971
Bal Bhavan International School ------12-------------- 25080707 / 25089060
Dwarka International School ----------12------------- 55197174
SAM International School -------------12------------- 55469646 / 25085152
Adarsh World School ------------------12-------------9313610118
MRV School ---------------------------13------------- 25097738
Pragati Public School ------------------13------------- 25097700 / 25097711
Nirmal Bhartia School -----------------14 -------------32584638 / 25078319
Sunrise Convent School ----------------15-------------65970808
Presidium -----------------------------16-------------32413639/9312982169
Royal Presidency School ---------------18-------------28032828
Sachdeva Global School ----------------18-------------28032828/28032150
OPG World School ---------------------19-------------45909090
Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan School------ 19------------ 25316688 / 33484950
Shanti Gyan Niketan Public School ----19------------- 25316971 / 55454345
ST. Mary's School ---------------------19 -------------28042487
Modern International School ----------19-------------65441037/9871285255
St. Thomas' School --------------------19-------------25317321 / 25317322
Satya Public School --------------------19------------25317160
Mount Carmel School ------------------22 -----------28052001 / 28052002
Basava International School ------------23 ----------65251493 / 28051462
The Indian Heights School -------------23-----------45586511/ 45586512
Delhi International School --------------23----------- 28052500 / 28052300
Paramount International School --------23 ----------28052724/ 28052725
Rai International School --------------Chawla-------- 33442174
Shiv Vani Model Sr. Sec. School ------Mahavir Encl. ---25034430 / 25039632
New Era Public School ---------------Pochanpur ------25314261 / 25314262
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Dwarka Parichay Team

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CM inaugrated DTC Bus Depot at Sector-8, Dwarka

Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon'ble Chief Minister inaugrated DTC Depot at Sector-8, Dwarka today on 24 th November. Others present at the occasion wrere Shri Arvinder Singh , Hon'ble Minister of Transport & Education, Shri Ramesh Kumar, Hon'ble M P Shri Mahabal Mishra Hon'ble MPShri Dharamdev Solanki, MLAShri Sumesh Shokeen.

A large no of distinguished people like Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik, Advocate K S Bhati, Dr. Umesh Saroha, Sh. Balwan Singh Khokhar, Sh. Naresh Lamba, Sh. Kuldeep Singh Solanki and many representatives from RWA's , NGOs and organisations. Hon'ble CM planted a ASHOKA tree at the premises of DTC bus depot and enjoyed A/C bus ride.

In second bus media representatives and Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik, Sh. Naresh Lamba, Sh. Nitin Solanki and representatives from RWA's also enjoyed the inaugural bus ride. During journey driver explained about the new technology system in bus. Conductor informed about the functioning of SMART CARD system.

Dwarka Kalibari invites you for Blood Donation & Health Check up camp

Monday, November 23, 2009

Inaugration of DTC Depot at Sector-8, Dwarka

Inaugration of DTC Depot at Sector-8, Dwarka
on 24 th November at 11 AM
at DTC Depot, Bagdola, Sector-8, Dwarka

Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon'ble Chief Minister , Delhi

Presided over by
Shri Arvinder Singh , Hon'ble Minister of Transport & Education

Distinguished guests of Honour
Shri Ramesh Kumar, Hon'ble MP
Shri Mahabal Mishra Hon'ble MP
Shri Dharamdeo Solanki, Hon'ble MLA
Shri Sat Prakash Rana Hon'ble MLA
Shri Sumesh Shokeen, Hon'ble MLA

*Introduction of 100 Low Floor Busses
*Dwarka Circular Sewa with Smart Card based
Automated Fare Collection System

Dwarka Parichay/ Dwarka Forum Thanks to DTC for
paying attention to our long pending demands for better transport system in Dwarka.

Click for details of communication with DTC ofiice
Suggestions for better DTC service in Dwarka
More details at Dwarka Forum -Journey 1
More details at Dwarka Forum -Journey 2
( it took about 3 years of regular communication)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Community leaders training workshop organised by SSA

A two days workshop (20th and 21st November) was organized at SKV Girls School, Palam Enclave under Sarva Sikhsa Abhiyaan , S/W Distt Nazafgarh zone 21 Palam-Dwarka School Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti (VKS), PTA members. The theme was “Community leaders training workshop” and started from 9.00 AM to 12.00. Many representatives from schools ( VKS members, PTA members and local social organizations) were invited at workshop. Some of the main invitees include Sh. Naresh Lamba ( Chairman VKS GBSSSchool Shahabad Mohd Pur, Member Delhi Team-Bhagidari), Sh. Kuldeep Solanki (Chairman Palam Colony School VKS ) , Sh. Pratap Chaudhary ( Chairman Mahrauli road School Palam VKS), Sh. Pokarmal, Sh. Mahesh Sharma, Sh. Hari Om Gupta (President Palam Extn. RWA) and about 60 representative from various schools.

On the first day of workshop officers from SSA Sh. Jang Bahadur ( Dy Director Distt S/W), Sh. K Shetrapal (DURC SSA), Sh. B.S.Solanki(CCRC SSA, Sh. Jagdish Sharma (CRCC SSA), Sh. K.K. Bharduaj (CCRC SSA), Smt. O. Meslewre Singh (Principal SKV Girls School Palam Enclave), Sh. HetraPal(Vice Principal GBSS School Raj Nagar-1) informed about scholarships, handicap Scholarship, Ladli Yojna, Mid-Day meal, VKS FUND.

Dy. Director Sh. Jang Bahadur suggested VKS, PTA and school representatives to work in unison with school administration for better results.

On the second day Sh. K.K. Bharduaj discussed about moral and sex education with school representatives. At question session Sh. Naresh Lamba raised the pathetic condition of toilets in schools. He said that in about 90% Govt. Schools due to lack of proper water arrangement the filthy smell from toilets is a health hazards for students. He also pointed for low level water tank for drinking water at schools. The non availability of printed copy of citizen charter book, officers, office contacts for future reference by PTA, VKS members lacks objectives of the workshop.

Sh. Kuldeep Singh appealed to parents and representatives to visit regularly to school and ask students about other problems and inform to school administration.

Sh. Hari Om Gupta said that during 5-6 years many facilities are added in schools and appealed school administration to use these facilities form Government.


M. K. Gupta

Two bike riders snatched chain of a lady at about 4.00 p.m. near Mass Society T Point. The matter was reported to PCR van at phone no. 100 which PCR immediately and local police visited and noted the incident. The lady told the police that she is resident of Uti in Tamil Nadu and has come to her relative residing at Cosmos Society, Sec. 10, Dwarka. She got some injuries around her neck and her Kurta got torn in the attempt.
Fortunately, it was a failed attempt of snatching as the chain has not broken and was thus saved.

Friday, November 20, 2009

1st Sunny Valley Cricket League held in Dwarka

On friday night November 13, people in and around Sector-12 witnessed the opening of 1st Sunny Valley Cricket League on the occasion of Children’s Day.

Sunny Valley Resident Welfare Association celebrated Children’s Day in a unique way by organizing night cricket tournament for the first time in Dwarka. The event was held on 13th, 14th & 15th November’09 between 7pm – 12 mid-night.
It was an instant success as the residents participated with great zeal and enthusiasm and the rest supported the initiative. Junior Championship saw participation of 24 kids forming Black & Blue teams. Senior Championship saw participation of 30 adults forming Red, Blue and Black teams.

There were 3 matches for Juniors and 4 matches for Seniors. Juniors matches had a limit of 8 overs a side and Senior matches had a limit of 10 overs a side. The matches were played using a Tennis balls for the safety of the houses, cars and crowd.
There were Prizes given for Junior & Senior category respectively. Winning Trophy, Medal for each player of winning teams, Man of the Series, Best Bowler, Best Batsman and individual Man of the Match. Junior Champions were Blue where as Red won Senior Championship.

There were sufficient seating arrangements for the event. Spectators including elderly, parents, kids, watched the show amongst huge excitement sipping tea and munching snacks on all the three pleasant nights of the tournament. Even Metro riders could not hold their anxiety and expressed their happiness by waving at participants. Most of the on-lookers stopped and watched the proceedings with similar interest.

Mr. Abhinav Saxena had been the main driving force behind this event, from conceptualizing the idea and executing it. Prizes to the participants were given by the Secretary of the Sunny Valley Managing Committee, Mr. K.S.Verma, Mr. Jai Mudgil (President, Dwarka Residents Welfare Association), Mrs. Pratibha Verma (Secretary, Dwarka Residents Welfare Association), along with Mrs. Bala Sharma, Mrs. Indu and Mrs. Murti Devi, Mr. Ravinder Singh and Dr. Kulbir Singh.

Event organizers have been approached by other societies to include them during next such celebration.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


M.K. Gupta

On 16th, on gun-point, three armed men dragged a family out of their Honda City and drove away with it in Dwarka near Indraprastha School. Really, daring dacoity. Recently, in another incident, conmen reportedly shoot down a person and looted Rs 3 lakh on the main road near Rajapuri. On 17th, two persons committed rape in a moving car on a 14-year girl of Palam.
Serious crimes are replacing comparatively petty crimes in Dwarka now a day. To root out such crime, there is an urgent need to check the vehicles without or improper number plates, with tinted glasses beyond permissible limit. Coving of face by driver without proper reason should also be noticed. Anti-social elements take shelter under such acts. Appeal the Police (include Traffic) to act fast.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


M. K. Gupta

There is a need to unite against the crimes, said the Asstt. Commissioner of Police, M. S. Randhawa, while replying to the queries in the Police-Public meeting organized by the Dwarka Forum at Gokul Garden, Sector-7, Dwarka, in which Dainik Jagran City plus was the media partner. Mr. Randhawa said that police analyze the reasons for crime in Dwarka to find out permanent solution. Welcoming the initiative taken by the Forum and replying to the issues raised by the residents, he informed that 85 to 90% cars are stolen from the market and stressed the need for installing the anti-theft devises which has only one time expenditure. He is also open to the system contract parking which will solve the problem of theft and traffic jam due to the parking the vehicle in a haphazard manner. Mr. Randhawa said that public should identify the Bangladeshis residing illegally and the police can also reward public for such an initiative.

Police is facing the shortage of manpower as 22 new police stations has started functioning but to overcome this, fresh recruitment process will start soon but it finalisation may take up to two years. He also said that the incident of chain snatching have decreased as the police has provided 8 motor-cycles to its staff for patrolling and police has caught many gangs involved in snatching. Police sometimes puts the decoy also to nab the snatchers.

On the complaint of the participants against the open drinking, he said that the police has arrested about 1400 drinkers for open drinking and creating nuisance under the DP Act. This problem is acute in sector 23 and he will take necessary steps to stop this. On burglary, he stressed the need for the close interactions among the residents of the Societies and DDA pockets and neighbour watch hood scheme. He also said that the police is considering to take step for the verification of agencies providing guards and can also issue grading of these agencies. He advised the management of the societies to prevail open such agencies for providing only such guards who have been verified by the police. He also suggested that the public can also verify the residential address themselves by sending a money order of small amount at the residence of the worker and if that is taken by some one, it will confirm the correctness of the address. Apart from this, the Managements of the Societies and employers should also insist for the verification of workers working inside the societies and DDA pockets. He informed that in the past, there were over 40 weekly bazaars, which have now been brought down to 6 only.
Other problems discussed were encroachment particularly by food vans and encroachment by shopkeepers in front of their shops and said that if the resident spot any policeman taking bribe for ignoring the encroachment, he can inform him on his mobile also. He informed that he has suspended a head constable on the suspicion of taking bribe and said that he is determined to break the nexus between some shopkeepers and encroachers despite the problem of multiple agencies. He will that the Delhi police is giving training to its staff to behave in proper manner with the public, to be in proper uniform and in disciplined manner. Many other problems of the residents were discussed. He assured the Public that the police pickets would be increased and efforts will be made to verify all the security guards.

Traffic Inspector, Bishwajit has also replied the queries of the participants on the traffic management in Dwarka. He said that the traffic violators shall be booked and the Traffic Police has approved the installation 18 new traffic lights on different intersections in Dwarka.

The meeting was held on Saturday (14.11.2009) and was attended by the Asstt. Commissioner of Police, M.S. Randhawa, SHO, Dwarka (N), Bhagwan Singh, Traffic Inspector, Bishwajit, office bearers and members of Dwarka Forum, Office bearers of RWA/CGHS, Sh. S. P. Rai - President of Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka, Sh. Kishan Chand - Pradhan of 360 villages, Sh. Rajeev Solanki - Gokul Garden, Ms. Pooja Sethi of Jagran Group, Sh. Naresh Lamba - President of Social Development Welfare Society, Sh. Surat Karan - President of Saksham NGO, Representatives of Social Welfare NGOs, Members of Dwarka Parichay, prominent citizens and residents.

Talking tough won’t do

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

India is under siege from both within and without. Maoists are having their way in 40 per cent of the country while, on the other hand, Pakistani terrorists are also keeping the country on its toes. In his latest rebuke, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has warned Pakistan “not to play with India by covertly sponsoring terrorists… The Mumbai attacks should be Pakistan’s last game”. This is for the first time in the history of the fight against terrorism in India that the Union Home Minister has said that the terrorists will not only be defeated but also face retaliation.

A few days earlier Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had extended his hand of friendship to Pakistan but asked Islamabad to stop backing the terrorists. Intelligence inputs pouring in, even from unimpeachable and foreign sources, indicate that terrorists operating from Pakistani soil are very much intact.

The FBI, America’s federal investigation agency, after interrogating two suspected terrorists in the US by the name of David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana has informed India that the Lashkar-e-Tayyeba is plotting a major attack on India. This information is reportedly based on Headley and Rana’s confession made during interrogation. Apparently, the National Defence College in Delhi and two public schools in north India — Doon School in Dehradun and Woodstock in Mussoorie — were on the duo’s hit-list. The NDC trains about 100 officers every year of which about 60 are from the Indian armed forces. Foreign military officers number about 25 while IAS, IPS and allied services officers number about 15.

Schoolmates Headley and Rana — both of whom are of Pakistani origin — were arrested by the FBI in Chicago last month on charges of planning major terrorist attacks in India and Denmark. No matter what our politicians say, such attacks require a lot of logistical support from local sympathisers. Hence, there is no reason to doubt that Headley and Rana had local contacts here in India.

26/11 as well as earlier terrorist attacks have exposed chinks in our intelligence set-up. Not only did we lack of actionable intelligence about these attacks but we were also totally unprepared. Terrorists are constantly changing their training and strategies. Governments and security forces, on the other hand, have traditionally responded very slowly. Even if changes are made, they are not in proportion to the threat levels.

Another problem is that even when our security agencies are capable of reacting, they don’t act for the fear of being accused of being merciless and cruel. Even the normal precautions which are required to be taken are often ignored. But terror groups keep on improvising new tactics and crafting new plans to surprise India. Thus, there can never be too much of security.

It is shocking that our intelligence agencies have painted a possible scenario wherein terrorists could strike at our defence and nuclear installations, but no assessment or critical examination of the state of our preparedness has been done by the Government in this regard. The only silver lining is that the Union Home Minister has been seen to be taking a tough stand. But in spite of his best efforts, the changes needed to tackle any grim scenario have not been implemented like they should have.

Instead of having the terrorists surprise us all the time, our security agencies need to improvise and continuously modify their field strategies. This is the only way to neutralise the jihadis. There has to be a massive change in our security technologies and tradecraft before we can take the terrorists by surprise.

There is no such thing as a time-tested method for dealing with terrorism or for collecting intelligence. It is up to the Government of the day to give a free hand to its security agencies to invent new methodologies. Innovation is the key to remaining ahead of the terrorists. At present, due to a variety of reasons, our security agencies are on the defensive. This approach needs to be changed. We are the ones who should be on the offensive and going all out against the jihadis whose sole mission is to destroy the country.

The highest political leadership has offered to hold talks with the various separatist groups in the country. Force need not be used when talks can sort things out. This is a good policy. But the problem lies in the fact that there are no takers for this offer of dialogue. The separatists have not even responded as they feel that the Government is too weak to deal with them and, therefore, is asking for talks on bended knees. Our security agencies need to put themselves in the shoes of the terrorists and think like them in order to prepare themselves for any situation.

I received the following e-mail which supposedly comprises a quote by former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. The subject is ‘Immigrants, not Australians, must adapt’.

“I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individuals or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, we have experienced a surge in patriotism among the majority of Australians. This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak mainly English, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society learn the language! Most Australians believe in god. This is not some Christian, Right-wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If god offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because god is part of our culture.”

We could learn a thing or two from this Australian viewpoint.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Harpreet Kaur
Amidst the best friends of children – The grand Dads and Moms
On the occasion of Children’s Day, Pre-School children of J M International School visited ‘Godhuli’- the home for the elderly carrying gifts, love, laughter and good wishes. They were received very warmly by the senior citizens. Students presented rhymes and dance, narrated stories and the senior citizens too joined- in, presenting a magic show and rhymes. Students were gifted chocolates by the citizens of ‘Godhuli’ and sent back with a heavy heart amidst showers of blessing.


‘Children’s Day’ was celebrated in a special way at The Indian Heights School.
A special assembly was organized to mark the occasion. Ms Abanti Chatterjee, shared the greatness of our leader, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, whose birthday is celebrated as ‘Children’s Day’ and he is remembered as ‘Chacha Nehru’ by them.

The Indian Heights School are committed in taking good care of health and hygiene of our students. Keeping this in mind a Dental Check-up Camp was organized on this day. Students happily lined up for their turn and enjoyed meeting the Doctor .
A movie, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” was shown to the students of Little Steps as a treat followed by the yummy lunch prepared by the teachers. Afterwards, they were all engrossed in making Caterpillar with Candy sticks. They enjoyed singing rhymes and dancing too.

Many events were organized on this special day for the students. To educate and create the awareness among the students about importance of water, a “Poster Making Competition” was organized with a theme ’Water Conservation’. Students portrayed their imagination on the canvass. An Art and Craft activity was also organized and students made Nehru Caps and Eye Gears. To make the day memorable teachers gave gifts and cards to the students and enthusiastically participated in many activities with the them like playing Rope Jumping, Antakshri etc. Students enjoyed all the activities especially the treat of sweets.
THE INDIAN HEIGHTS believe that Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world and at the eve of ‘Children’s Day’, we take an oath to make all our students, a catalyst of change and to be the Future Path Finders’ of our nation.


Pragati Public School, Dwarka celebrated its Annual Day recently. The theme of this function was “Festivals of India”. The chief guest Pt. Debu Chaudhuri inaugurated the function by the lightening of lamp along with the Guest of Honour Ms. Saroja Vaidyanathan. The function was also graced by the presence of Justice(Retd) J.K Mehra, Dr. Janak Singh and the members of managing committee Ms. Geeta Dudeja and Ms. Updesh Bevli. The school annual report was presented by the Vice principal Ms. Geeta Kapur. A brilliant colourful programme was presented by the enthusiastic students of the school.
The function started with Saraswati Vandana. The children presented the glimpse of all the major festivals celebrated across the country throughout the year starting with Gurugobind Singh’s birthday, Basant Panchami, Holi, Diwali, Id, Christmas, new Year etc. The programme show cased the Indian culture embodying various religions, propagating unity in diversity, the essence of Indian Society. The function ended with a grand finale. The vote of thanks was presented by the Chairperson Ms. Poonam Manshani. The ushering of parents was strictly done by invitation cards due to security reasons.

World diabetes day celebrated - Diabetic walk

On the occasion of WORD DIABETES DAY a walk was organized by Dr Amitabh Khanna president of Indian medical association, Dwarka. He told that Diabetes Education and Prevention is the World Diabetes Day theme for the period 2009-2013. The campaign slogan for 2009 is "Understand Diabetes and Take Control". Education about diabetes and importance of regular exercise in diabetes were stressed by Dr Amitabh Khanna. He said Life style modification since very young age is the only way to curb this growing epidemic so for this they are going to launch a school programme of educating the children about Diabetes.
The walk started at Gangotri apartments, sec-12 at 6.30a.m. About 100 people attended the walk. Free lipid profile, blood sugar and some other tests were done. Free T shirts and caps were distributed to all. Education about diabetes and importance of regular exercise in diabetes were stressed by Dr Amitabh Khanna.He said Life style modification since very young age is the only way to curb this growing epidemic so for this they are going to launch a school programme of educating the children about Diabetes. Launch of a Diabetic specialty centre Dwarka which involves many other renowned diabetologist of Delhi was also done on this occasion. The event was supported by Abbott nutrition, nova nordisk, RanbaxyCV life, Franco-Indian pharma, The event was a great success.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Corruption , Good Governance & Cities

Vijay K. Saluja

If there is corruption in any organization/system, good governance is not possible.
If that particular organization deals with any aspect of the management of basic services/city, then the city gets into bad shape & all its inhabitants are affected in a negative manner.
Its problems keep aggravating, as city is a dynamic entity. Growing population offers new problems/challenges everyday.
But, good governance. can only deliver optimum results.
So, all best practices for bringing about good governance need to be identified & introduced into the system.. by regular training/upgradation of skills, of all the employees of that organization.
This is possible only, if there is strong will at the `Top` to bring about change.
If it is there, then all can/will fall in line.
Corruption has increased over the years, because values & ethics, have taken a big beating-because of many causes & reasons.
Self-interests over society interests is one of the primary reasons.
Effective mechanism to curb this malady need to be brought back.
Quick justice-delivery,accountability, exemplary punishments for the corrupt, incentives, protections & rewards for the whistle blowers, introduction of moral values, pressure & pointing finger of society, on ill-gotten money, perks & privileges, are a few of the many ways to bring about sanity in the existing convoluted system.

How to do it?—
Very difficult , but certainly, achievable in a well drawn strategy.
The need is to take many co-ordinated steps.

Some of the steps, can be/ are
-Proper care about the integrity of the new recruits in local bodies/Govt..
-Motivation from top-management.
-Regular on the house training programmes.
-Enforcement of existing vigilance rules in a fair manner by the vigilance departments of each organization/CVC.
-Rewards to the honest employees & quick punitive actions against dishonest employees
-Elected representatives & top management to set examples of honest dealings. Unless this is done, positive change is difficult
-Active & aware citizens & media.
-Use of RTI
-Efficient & quick judicial system- Stray cases of corruption reported in judiciary need to be investigated soon & punitive actions must to be taken in a time bound manner, if required without any long debate.

Sustained & not sporadic efforts are needed to check this menace of our society.

Writer is Ex-Chief Engineer[civil] , New Delhi Municipal Council

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Childrens Day celebrated at CM's residence

On the occasion of Children’s day Social Development Society, Sector-7, Dwarka along with children met Honb’l Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dixit at her residents. Vande Matram dance performed by children was appreciated by distinguished guests.

CM asked about the activities of Society. Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik and Sh. Naresh Lamba, President of the society informed the CM that these children are studying in Bal Shiksha Kandra run by their society. Children from class 1 to V are given education and those who are not able to go to school for some reason are given free education.
A big portrait photo of Chacha Nahru gifted to CM from society. CM distributed chocolates to all children and gave warm shawl to Kumari Anisha. President Sh. Naresh Lamba, Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik, V- President Sh. Manish Maan, Treasurar Smt. Saroj, Sh. Tarun Dabas, Sh. Ramesh Chauhan thanked CM for sparing the moment.

After that children enjoyed at India Gate and saluted the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Friday, November 13, 2009


M. K. Gupta

Mudrika bus service at Dwarka will start from 24th of this month. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit will inaugurate this service of 28 km long route with the facility of smart card. With this, Dwarka will be the first route where the commuters will be able to travel with this smart card. Transport Minister, Arvinder Singh Lovely said this while inaugurating the Delhi-NOIDA Metro line.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Permanent Happiness and Peace is within

Reena Batra

Each year International Goudiya trust transcends on the unique fellowship of Bhakti. The essence of Bhakti means devotion and pure love. Completely unadulterated and authentic the message of the trust is passed on to thousands of devotees that submit themselves to the mercy of Lord Krishna. Several people from different backgrounds barring age, color and creed come to worship lord Krishna. The sight is worth seeing. The colorful and mystic appearance of the venue that carries forward the message of love and devotion is open to everyone. People sing and dance to the hymns of Lord Krishna and later on divulge in Prasad. The message of the Trust is very simple. The living being in this world, weather a human being, animal, bird, beast, plant, insect or aquatic, is an eternal spiritual particle of transcendental consciousness, known in Sanskrit as Jiva-Atma, or the living entity.

In the present condition of material imprisonment, the eternal soul identifies himself with the temporary body which he currently occupies, but in actuality is always separate from and aloof from the physical body, just as a person is separate from a car although riding in it. In this dream-like condition of forgetfulness he forgets his eternal spiritual nature and identity and becomes immersed in the illusion of identifying himself with the temporary material body which is full of suffering and misery ending ultimately in old age and death. He must free himself from the cycle of birth and birth and reinvent himself to gain permanent happiness and peace within. Thereby it results into a fully cleansed and purified soul. In such a purified heart, the supreme lord manifests naturally.

The trust is an International organization running successfully in all over the world. With mission of unperturbed happiness, the mission is a plea to all the people in the world to forget hatred and embrace the charm and magnificence of love and devotion towards one another.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Group Housing Societies in Dwarka are facing actue shortage of water for the last so many days, told Mr. Karkare, Member of the Apna Villa Society in Sector 10. He informed that there is no fix time for the water supply and the DDA is not able to provide the required water as it is supplying one tanker a day. M.K. Gupta, a resident says that most of the Societies which are facing this problem and complaints to DDA have failed to solve the problem so far.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Police Public Meeting on 14 th November at Gokul Garden, Dwarka

Dwarka Forum is organising a

Police Public Meeting

on 14.11.2009 at Time:-4.45 pm
Venue:-Gokul Garden, Sector-7, Dwarka

The main agenda will be to
fill gap between police and
public and to form a mechanism where the issues can be resolved quickly.

All are requested to attend this and focus on the agenda.
Contact: 9350829327
Media Partner : Dainin Jagran City Plus
Internet Partner :
Dwarka Parichay

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Use FIR for Increasing Incident of Chain Snatching in Dwarka

Tips to avoid - Robbery, Theft - Burglary, Snatching

Dwarka's luminaries honoured

It was an evening to remember for all present! The venue was CCRT auditorium and the event was to felicitate the leading lights of Dwarka. Rightly called ‘The Torch Bearers of Dwarka,’ these men, women and children were honoured for their exceptional services, achievements and excellence in diverse fields of activities. The large gathering that filled up the precincts of the CCRT complex was ample testimony to the growing popularity and value that the awards have come to gain ever since they were instituted four years ago. Shahnawaz Hussain, BJP MP and former Union Minister was the chief guest at the glittering function. Also present were Jagdish Mukhi, MLA Janakpuri, UNB Rao, Director, Urivi Vikram National Centre for Adolescents. Also present was Pradhan of 360 villages.

Mukesh Sinha, Managing Editor Dwarka City and creator and organiser of the entire concept while welcoming the guests expressed his utmost gratitude to the invitees. He said, “Dwarka has grown from strength to strength and the contribution of Dwarkaites has been a key factor in this development. The residents have demonstrated a unique bonding and this strength of cohesiveness has brought together people from different parts of India, with different traditions and created a unique amalgam. The Torch Bearers Award recognises the contribution of residents in various fields of activities.”
The awardees were selected from among a long list of nominations. A learned panel of judges deliberated at great length before unanimously declaring the winners. The awards were given in nine categories and the awardees were - Air Force And Naval Officers Society ( Best Society), Blind Person Association, (Best NGO), Dwarkalaya, ( Best Socio-religious organization), Best Mediaperson (Rais Siddiqui), Sahil Jindal, DPS, (Best Student –Boy) , Chavi Gupta, BGS, (Best Student-Girl) Shashi Kumar Sharma, Rajkiya Pratibha Vidyala ( Best in extra curricular), Sunita Tanwar, DPS (Best Principal) and Naveena Bedi, Rajkiya Pratibha Vidyala, (Best Teacher), Nirmal Bharatiya School( Best Eco Friendly School).

All awardees were given a memento. On the occasion, the wife of Shaheed M.C Sharma who martyred his life in Batla encounter was also honoured.

The function had a rare treat of culture, entertainment and information. The programme started with captivating Saraswati Vandana and dance performance by children of JNT Kala Sangam. After that the audience was kept in splits by the wit and humour of Prateek, Runners up of Laughter Challenge. For nearly one hour he had each member of the audience holding their sides and gasping for breath by his flurry of non stop jokes, anecdotes and slap stick comedy. In between was mesmerizing songs of Maushami and Dilip.

On this occasion, the fourth edition of Dwarka Directory was also released. A veritable wealth of information is encapsulated in this compendium. For residents of Dwarka as well as outsiders, this has proved to be very handy ready reckoner in the past.

Terming Mukesh and Sudha Sinha as the 'first couple of the sub city', speakers lauded their yeomen service in taking up the cudgels on behalf of the residents, making representations at various forms and through the Dwarka City newspaper providing a platform for interaction.
The Chief Guest while lauding the initiative and efforts of the organiser, expressed his high appreciation for the CCRT auditorium and complex. He promised that he would recommend more such auditoria to be built.

Inter-School Movie-making making competition at The Indian Heights School, Dwarka

An inter school movie-making competition was held on 6th November 09 at The Indian Heights School, Dwarka. The theme of the competition was ‘A day in South America’ Around 30 students from prestigious schools from Delhi and NCR participated in the competition and showcased their movie making efforts and talents through the movies they created on the countries of South America.
The competition received overwhelming appreciation from the visiting schools as well as from our visitors from UK school. This innovative contest was aimed at generating interest in movie making and the talents of directing movies. It also aimed to get the youngsters to think creatively through the lenses. The event was graced by the Chairperson, Mrs. Madhu Gupta. Mrs. Meenal Katre, headmistress, gave a brief talk on the concept and purpose of the competition. Mr. Barry Reed, Head teacher, RJ Mitchell Public School, UK, congratulated The Indian Heights School for hosting such a unique inter-school competition. The winner’s trophy was awarded to JM International School, Dwarka while Pragati Public School and GD Goenka Public School, Dwarka bagged the 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.

Strengthening international ties

As part of the Indian Heights school’s international ventures and Teachers’ Exchange Programme with Harilof School, Ellwangen, Germany and RJ Mitchell Public School, UK, a group of teachers from these two countries visited The Indian Heights School from 22nd Oct to 7th Nov. Mrs. Madhu Gupta, Chairperson welcomed the delegates warmly and a special assembly was held for the guests.

During their stay at the school, they got to attend various activities in the school such as pottery, Madhubani art, yoga sessions, kho kho etc. They also attended classrooms, participated actively in the discussions, and enthusiastically interacted with the students of the school. The teachers of the host school also gained valuable international teaching experience.

Trips were organized to Agra, Dilli Haat, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort and other places of interest which provided the teachers from Germany and UK with an opportunity to learn quite a few interesting things about India, its people and our culture.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services

Seminar on Climate Change on 14 th November in Dwarka

Dwarka Science Forum (DSF)
is organising
a lecture on Climate Change
by Dr. Soumya Dutta, Dr. V.P. Jain and
Mr. Dwarakanath ( Deptt of Environment, Govt of Delhi)

on November 14, 2009 between 1100 - 13000 hrs
at AV Room, Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences.

This Seminar is a joint collaboration between Dwarka Science Forum,
Gyan Vigyan Prachar Nyas (GVPN) and Bhaskaracharya college of Applied Sciences (BCAS)

Date and Time: November 14, 2009 ( Saturday) between 1100 -1315 hrs

1100 – 1115 hrs: Welcome Speech by Dr. Jai Prakash, Principal, BCAS
1115- 1130 hrs: Introductory Remarks by Dr. Karmeshu, Professor, School of Computer and Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and the Chairman, Governing Body of BCAS
1130 – 1150 hrs Dr. Soumya Dutta on The Phenomenon of Climate Change
1150 – 1210 hrs Dr. V. P. Jain on Social Impacts of Climate Change
1210 – 1230 hrs Mr M Dwarkanath, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, on Climate Change Agenda of Delhi
1230 – 1300 hrs Discussions on all presentations
1300 – 1315 hrs Mr. Krishna Menon to propose vote of thanks

Join the seminar help in spreading the Scientific Temper among the citizens of Dwarka Sub-city.

Dr. P. V.S. Kumar, told Dwarka Parichay that
" The seminar is being organised both in keeping view of the impending big UN conference in Copenhagen in December as well as our efforts to educate / build knowledge base of students at Bhaskaracharya College on Climate Change and its impacts."

Dwarka Science Forum (DSF) is an informal group floated by a few Scientists and Professors in Dwarka to advance the popularisation of Scientific Temper among the children and adults in Dwaraka Sub-city. In the past it has organised a popular lecture by Dr. T. Ramasami, Secretary, DST on Science as Career.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services

Inter-school dance Competition at The Indian Heights School, Dwarka

The Indian Heights School hosted an Inter-school Dance Competition recently, where participants from different schools of Delhi participated and showcased their talents. The children enthralled the audience with their well-choreographed dance sequences and provided thorough entertainment with their graceful and energetic moves. The contest was a visual treat to the audience with the different dance forms from around the world. In her welcome speech, Mrs. Katre, Headmistress, said, “We are committed to groom every child into a role model for our society of tomorrow by providing our children wholesome education for the growth of mind and body.” The event was anchored by Shweta Mohan Pandey, a class VIII student of the school.

The event saw Mrs. Madhu Gupta, Chairperson and Mr. Matthias Kraft, teacher, Harilof School, Ellwangen, Germany, as the chief guest and guest-of- honour respectively. Mr. Craft, in his speech, encouraged the participants and said, “the students have performed exceptionally well and I feel all the performances were praiseworthy.”

The day ended with a prize distribution ceremony and Mrs. Madhu Gupta, Mrs. Meenal Katre and Mr. Craft gave away the prizes. Delhi International School, Dwarka, bagged the 1st prize while Queen’s Valley School, and Vandana International School won the 2nd and 3rd prize respectively.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services

Meet on Micro Insurance policy of LIC held

Social Development Welfare Society ( Regd. NGO) organized micro insurance policy for Microfinance sector under secure citizen- strong India program of Life Insurance Cooperation of India. Public meeting under Chairmanship of president of the society Sh. Naresh Lamba were attended by RWAs, representative of various societies and regional residents.

Sh. D.B. Singh, Assistant Manager, Division office, LIC explained in detail about the Micro Insurance. He explained about ‘Jeevan Mangal’ and ‘Jeevan Madhur’ plans.
Social Development Welfare Society was authorized to run this project in Dwarka and surrounding area. Micro Insurance is very profitable for middle and lower income section of the society.

In Jeevan Madhur plan people get saving, profit, bonus and life security and this plan includes policy from Rs. 5000 to 30000. Man and Women of 18 to 60 years can opt for this plan.

In Jeevan Magal plan people gets more life security with small investment. This plan covers life security of Rs. 10000 to 50000. Man and Women of 18 to 60 years can opt for this plan.

President of the society Sh. Naresh Lamba appealed all to spread the message, so that lower section of society can be benefited from Micro Insurance. More than 50 people attended the meeting, some of the people were:
Shri. Mahender Singh Dagar ( President RWA Ujwa Vill Najafgarh)
Shri. Kehar Singh ( Gen. Sec. Ujwa Vill Najafgarh)
Shri. HariOM Gupta (President RWA Palam Ext Sec-7, Dwarka)
Shri. Attar Singh Keer ( Gen Sec. RWA Valmiki Vihar Palam Vill)
Shri. Molana Rahi (Molvi Maszid J.J. Colony Sec-7, Dwarka)
Shri. Gulab Rai Goyal (Gen Sec. RWA Raj Nagar Part-1)
Shri. Parmanand Rai ( Chairman RWA Goyala Dairy)
Shri. Angraj Swami (President RWA Dada Chhatri wala marg Palam Colony)
Shri. A.M.Mehta(Gen. Sec. Palam Education & Welfare NGO)
Shri. Rajeev Kaushik ( Treasurer Gram Vikas Assiciation, Sahabad Mohd. Pur Bhagidari)
Shri. Azad Singh (Hind Motors , Dwarka)

Note: Urgently required a female office assistant for the society office. Attractive salary with commission. Please contact immediately : 9891550792

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services

Sunday, November 8, 2009

CIVIC AUTHORITIES & RESIDENTS - Need for Introspection?!

Vijay K. Saluja

Have you ever given a thought-dear residents, as to what makes our colonies dirty? Why, there are so many stray dogs, around your flats or inside the gardens? Why cows & bulls keep on sitting on or near the dividers of roads, many a no of times in the day, weave through the busy traffic, to cross over to the other side of the road? Why various green spaces provided in various sectors of colonies are ill maintained- at times, no greenery or just patch of earth, play equipments –broken, non-operational?

Why, a road repaired after a long time, is again dug up for laying another utility? How much inconvenience it causes to the public? Loss of exchequer, environmental pollution, traffic jams are some of the many side effects of these mindless ill co-ordinated jobs.

Have a look at another commonly seen, scenario.
Big crowd collected around a person [bleeding at many places], who has been hit by a vehicle driven recklessly, and then the crowd thinning away, each one thanking the Almighty, that the person involved was not one of their near & dear one! The bleeding man [or woman] kept on, at or near the accident site, as many wondering, that their reporting the incident might, not bring them some hassles/harassment of any kind from the police.?!

But, ask yourself, honestly a question. Why all this is happening, day in day out, in our colonies, markets, cities.
Why not much is being done to arrest the situation? Why day in day out, despite media `s reporting about harassment to girls/women, & any many snatching/ theft incidents, there is no tangible improvement in the situation.

In fact, as reported, there is further deterioration in the state of affairs. The Authorities lament about the lack of resources, multiplicity of authority & lack of co-ordination, politics, apathy of the citizens etc etc. There are excuses galore-you name it & and it is there.
But my humble query to the concerned authorities, RWAs, elected representatives & the general public is - Are we doing enough to correct the situation or just discussing & passing the blame. To the authorities, I will like to submit, that as problems of cities will keep on occurring every minute-cities being dynamic entities, the need is to think of innovative or out of box solutions to the various problems.

To my mind, citizen is a big resource for the authorities to complement & supplement their efforts in managing the cities.
What is needed is the positive attitude, the will power of the officials/local representatives/ police, to mobilize citizenry in a proper way.

Running a local body is not like working in a normal govt office or secretariat. Here, what is expected of its employees is a different work culture, empathy with the citizen`s difficulties & eagerness to solve the same, within a given time frame. If there is no electricity or water or the storm water/ sewage line is choked, then the file dealing with it needs to be cleared quickly on hourly basis & not like any any other ordinary file, which at times remain unattended for days together! Decision making has to be quick.

All this needs induction of right people with proper education , regular on the job skill- up gradation in the local bodies/development authorities/ neighbourhood police. They also must have the ability to forge close links with the community & actively seek their co operation in supplementing their efforts. Unless, this is done, I, do not see any ray of hope, in perceptible improvement of the state of our cities, & its colonies .

The chief minister of Delhi & its local bodies, to my mind, need to appoint an exclusive Director [community relations] in each local body-NDMC, MCD, DDA & Delhi Govt, DJB to maintain close liaison with the community, listen to their grievances & address their issues effectively in a given time-frame. This will be different set up from present bhagidari-system.

As issues & problems of a city esp a mega-city like Delhi are enormous & get thrown up everyday, it is felt, MCD need to have an exclusive TV channel of its own like `DELHI-CHANNEL` or simply named `MCD` like NDTV . This should run twenty four hours & telecast all issues, news, problems about Delhi & various efforts made by various authorities to bring about improvement & better maintenance etc etc. Various areas/subjects- basic services, culture, education, encroachment, entertainment, health, infrastructure, can be discussed in various formats-panel discussions, seminars, talks, school-college debates, meet the public programmes etc etc.

Many social happenings, cultural programmes of the city can also be telecast regularly.

What is needed is a fertile imagination, the positive attitude & the will of the authorities. Rest –positive things will follow.
There are endless possibilities of positive engagements with the public.
It can also be a great source of revenue for the civic body, by way of getting advertisements, besides MCD, making close rapport with the citizenry.
Just think about it- the hon`ble LG-Delhi, dear chief minister, the respected mayor of Delhi & the CEOS of the local bodies.

There is no harm in trying to test the waters, even if there are any doubts...

Writer is Senior Fellow Institute of Social Sciences-New Delhi,
& Ex Chief Engineer [civil] New Delhi Municipal Council

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Naresh Lamba

A three day Bhagidari workshop was organized in the CM Delhi Office from 29-31 October 2009. The members of newly inducted of new RWA Bhagidari and the officials of all government departments took part in it.

The outline of workshop was made on 09 October 2009 when a meeting of new RWAs and departmental officials was held in which all present were briefed about the impending workshop. RWAs, representatives from NGOs, officers from various Govt. agencies etc. participated in the meeting. The meeting was organized by the associate organization of Bhagidari, Accord.
Photo: L-R-Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik, Member Core committee, Bhagidari (S-W District) ,Sh. Kulanand Joshi, Joint Secretary to CM, Bhagidari GOVT. NCT DELHI, Sh. Naresh Lamba, Bhagidar(President Gram Vikas Association, Sahabad Mohhamadpur)
It was told that in the impending workshop 8 person from South and S-W Zone and the departmental officials will be selected for the designing team. The design team decided the agenda for impending three day workshop. In this Shri Naresh Lamba, Chairman of Gram Vikas Assosiation Shabad Mohmd Pur and Mahesh Verma’s RWA Raja Puri’s designs were selected.

The three days workshop from 29-31 October 2009 in the CM’s office commenced with the remarks of Chief Secretary of Delhi Govt. Shri Rakesh Mehta. The members of the design team lit the lamp to mark the opening of the meet. Mr. Naresh Lamba explained in detail the topic which were discussed. He said that cleanliness is most important point besides drainage and sewer system, traffic menace, transportation, safety and security of the people , drinking water supply, shortage of electricity etc. All these topics were deliberated during the three day workshop. Photo: L-R - Sh. Hari Om Gupta, Bhagidar(President RWA, Palam Extn), Sh. S.K. Kaushik, Bhagidar DC Office - south, Sh. Naresh Lamba, Bhagidar(President Gram Vikas Association, Sahabad Mohhamadpur), Sh. Mohammad Ali, Bhagidar ACP, Vasant Vihar, Sh. Anoop Singh, Bhagidar (RWA, Kusumpur Pahari), Sh. Sunehari Lal, Bhagidar (President -RWA, Kusumpur Pahari)

The coordinator of case Design team, Sh. Subhash Chand ( Accident insvestigation cell, Sector-9, Dwarka, Inspector of Delhi Police) explained the aim and purpose of the workshop. Smt Shiela Dixit , the CM welcomed the members of Bhagidari and urged them to assist the Government in finding solutions of the problems. On the third day the officials and the CM replied to the questions asked by the Bhagidars. Maximum emphasis was laid on the topic of cleanliness. It was unanimously decided that the concerned staff should be privatized or the private agency should be given the responsibilities for cleanliness.

During the workshop lot of emphasis was laid on the behavior of citizen particularly about littering the city and violation of traffic rules, wastage of water and electricity etc. All the participants promised to work on these point in their respective areas. The CM laid the particular emphasis on cleanliness and said that her govt. has made a number of schemes and these will be implemented soon.

On the last day tribute was paid to the late PM Smt. Indira Gandhi on her 25th anniversary by observing 2 minutes silence. Hari Om Gupta read his poem titled – Bhagidar Kya Baat Hai

Download Original copy of problem and solution of Bhagidars:

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & information services

Friday, November 6, 2009

Meet on management of diabetes held in Dwarka

Recent advances in management of diabetes was organised by Physicians Scientific Forum Dwarka on 4th nov 09 at Klub-7 , sec-4, Dwarka. About 50 physicians from dwarka and west delhi attended the meet. Dr. Amitabh Khanna, Chairman of the forum said that they are organising such meetings on regular basis to keep practicing physicians updated. Dr. Abay Ahluwalia, senior endocrinologist from base hospital Delhi cant was the speaker. Meeting was followed by the dinner. Dr Rajesh Madan moderated the session.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


On WORLD DIABETES DAY (14’th Nov 2009) , A DIABETIC WALK is organized by Indian Medical Association Dwarka branch at 6 am in the morning. It will involve diabetes education, information about diet, exercise. Information about newer insulin & Insulin administration techniques will be showed. Free blood sugar & overall assessment will be done. Free coupons for lab tests will be given to some selected patients. Light snacks, diabetic drinks will be served to all . T shirts and caps will be distributed to first 50 entries. This activity is for existing diabetic patients only.

Dr Amitabh khanna is a senior physician and diabetologist and is president of Indian medical association of dwarka. He is also chairman of Physician scientific forum of Dwarka. DR KHANNA’S CLINIC Gangotri apt (DDA pkt-1 ) sector-12 is launching Dwarka’s first DIABETES SPECIALITY CENTER on this occasion.

For registration for Diabetic walk contact 9810949594, 9210346960, 9999833850

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