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Friday, May 28, 2010


M K Gupta

Member of Rajya Sabha, Syed Azeez Pasha has demanded inquiry for the alleged demand of one crore by the administrator of Sant Sunder Das Society. In a letter to LG, Shri Tejinder Khanna dated 23 5 05, he wrote, “The members of the Society have complained that the administrator is demanding Rs One Crore promising the draw of the Society through RCS, claiming that the RCS is his batch mate and that he is close to the Minister” Syed Pasha has also written, “…. The Societies who were compelled to conduct Self draw were those who (sic) refused to pay bribes and their documents were submitted much before 19.10.2007….” Copy of the letter is with the Dwarka Forum.

He said that no concrete action has bee taken despite his writing numerous letters on conducting investigation.

Pasha has said that he has been given to understand that the RCS office has been deliberately misleading the authorities, that the High Court order ad existence of Justice Chopra Committee restricts the LG to use his powers to regularize the self draw.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Enhance Willingness and Improve Productivity - Unlock Using Key of Motivation

Rosy Vohra

Human resource managers all across the globe face universal problem of keeping their workforce inspired enough to make them stay back willingly in wake of increased turnover whilst churning maximum volumes of productive work in minimum time span continually. With world having reduced into a global village; many transnational/multinational companies are spreading their wings to cover wider markets worldwide. Increased expectations from life, hope for a good standard of living which includes spending quality and quantity time upon ones own personal interests...workers of the new age millennium are in no way similar to their counterparts the generation earlier.

Earlier workforce could be motivated by traditional techniques akin to the Jeremy Bentham's 'carrot and stick'. The concept was propounded in the early years of Industrial Revolution. It views every human being to be self-interested. They are programmed to encourage activities which help them find pleasure and prefer to avoid anything that gives them pain. This was extended in the work place by inspiring workers with greater rewards for expected behaviors and penalties for undesirable behaviors. Reward and punishment still form the basis of inducing desired behaviors among employees yet with increase in education, skill level and basic standard of living employees want more.

Two factor theory by Herzberg propagated the two factor theory which says that two factors work collectively at the work place. One can be referred to as the motivators which have direct impact on motivating an employee. Features linked to the nature of job like achievement, personal development, competence and recognition that come from the actual performance of the job serve as motivators that help lifting the spirits of the employee to work harder. If they are present they motivate while in their absence motivation is lowered considerably.

The other factor is referred to as hygiene factor and includes things that are outside the preview of the job. Things like working atmosphere, promotion, company policies, salary, decent working conditions and other benefits associated with work place are factors whose presence has no such evident role in motivating but when taken away people are unhappy and want to get them back. The underlying current of this theory is to make managements understand how to care for the well being of people and their happiness so that in turn their interests are well taken care of.

Another theory which helps bearing in mind is the Equity theory by Stacy Adams. It says that employees are motivated by their perception of the reward structure relative to the inputs applied and compare it with their peers. If an employee is given an increase of 10% increase while for the same job his peer gets 20% hike, the former will have the tendency to balance the inequality by either of the following ways such as reduced production, absenteeism or voluntary resignation. So it is not only equality but also perception that they are being treated equally which motivates employees.

Reinforcement theory put forward by B.F Skinner applies to new age organizations in a more apt way. It suggests that by varying the organizational environment expressively, employees can be motivated significantly. He holds that instead of concentrating on the internal factors like emotions, feelings and other behaviors of the employee for which we have not much control, it is better to improve the external environment more positively.

Every organization spends a major chunk in attracting talent and more so to retain them and training them to suit their needs. When one fine day they resign, it is a matter of concern. Any organization with its limited resources cannot go on with this practice. In order to keep hold of employees and induce them with greater productivity a few aspects can be kept in preview.

o Ensure right person on the right job. Any discrepancy in the two means fall out of the dual relationship sooner or later.

o Management should take steps to enrich job with variety of activities. Continued performance of single activity leads to boredom and descend in productivity besides willingness to work fruitfully. Job rotation across functions is also one of the ways to develop employees and make them perceive their role in organization meaningful and fulfilling.

o Make the goals contained in the job explicit, unambiguous and significant and ditto for the expectations from the employee in terms of performance. Goal-setting theory says specific goals enhance performance. Difficult goals when accepted show superior performance than easily achievable ones.

o Fair performance appraisal.

o Ensure application of equity in the system. No employee should feel they are being under estimated or perceive they are being given unequal treatment.

o Document and individualize rewards to performance.

JM International School marked Environment Day & Father’s Day

JM International School, Dwarka , marked “Environment Day” & “Father’s Day” on19th & 20th of May respectively. Special morning assemblies were organized wherein blend of various activities was conducted, students of classes IV & I participated with great zeal & fervor. Skit, Poetry Recitation, Dance, Inter-house quiz etc were performed to acquaint the students of the significance of the day. Skit ‘Our Environment’ staged by students of class IV on environment day, realized all the importance & deteriorating condition of trees as well. Students in the guise of Trees, River, Factory, Clouds, Fish & the Earth along with the props like placards & posters efficiently conveyed the message to protect the Earth from perils of global warming. Whereas exuberant performance of students of class I on Father’s Day was heart touching & marveled all. Principal Ms. Renu Jain in her address spoke about the importance of celebrating such days followed by highlighting the steps required to make the Earth a better place & ways to make their father feel special on Father’s Day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


M K Gupta

AFTER THE BRIEF LULL, SNATCHERS ARE SUPER ACTIVE AGAIN. TODAY, AT ABOUT 7.00 a.m, one biker tried to snatch the chain of a woman named Kamlesh Gupta, w/o M K Gupta (writer) near Sector 6 DDA Market behind the back side of Sahara Society. She has gone there to feed the ants etc. Luckily, chain was saved as the snatcher failed to break the chain but in the attempt, Gupta got some stretches around her neck. Unfortunately, she could not note the number of bike due to sudden attack.

Few days ago, purse of a lady of Din CGHS, Sec. 4 was snatched. On Friday, the 21st of this month, two-biker snatched the chain of woman named Rimiya, resident of Radhika Apptt, Sector 13. The bike number noted was reported to be DF 7F 7377. Police registered the case and has inquired the matter but its outcome is not known to the writer. These are only an example of some cases which are know to the public but the actual numbers may be more and the figures may be available to the Police. In this case also, the victim is not going to report the matter to the police as she failed to note the number of the bike and the snatcher has escaped. In such circumstances, there is no use to report the matter to the police.

Residents should be extra-cautious from the riders of black pulser bike as, according to police, the snatchers use such bikes. Police has conducted as special drive to check the documents of such riders recently.

To stop snatching and other crime by vehicle borne riders, there is an urgent need to start special drive for checking the number plates of the bikers and start the process of fixing High Security Number Plates for controlling the crime by the riders of vehicles. These plates cannot be tempered.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


M K Gupta


Delhi Police is organizing Police-Public meeting on 27.5.2010 (Thursday - Govt. Holiday due to Buddha Purnima) at 11.00 a.m. at CCRT Auditorium, Sector 7, Dwarka (Near Ramphal Chowk).

Dwarka Forum call upon the residents to take part in this meeting in large number for direct interacting with the senior police officers and make full use of this opportunity for informing the law and order situation to them.


The Delhi High Court has directed the brass of DDA and Delhi Jal Board to meet and come with a solution before the Court by July 19. The DJB claimed before the court that the board was supplying water at uniform rate throughout Delhi, DDA blamed that the DJB is backtracking on its promise to take water supply work in Dwarka.

Result for continuous follow-up by Dwarka Forum for public conveniences at Dwarka has started to come up.


Despite many reforms by the police to tighten the security, the chain and purse snatching cases continues unabated. The latest victim is Rekha Simon of Din CGHS, Sec-4, Dwarka. She was going to her home from Sector 10 along with her daughter when two motor-cyclists striked and snatched her purse and ran away. Two policemen immediately followed them but the snatchers manage to flee. The PCR van standing nearby was very helpful and left the victim to her home. Some cash and her victim’s mobile were in her purse and she has little hope of getting back these items.

In another incident, On Friday noon, two bikers have snatched the chain of woman and ran away. Police has registered the case and in inquiring the matter. The victim, Rimiya, resident of Radhika Apartments was with her mother when the chain was snatched. According to victim, the bike number was DL 7F 7377.


From 26th onward, the different forms for making voter’s I cards will be available in the government’s school located in different sectors of Dwarka. A campaign for new voters cards will take place from that that. For more details call 25332350.

Dr.K N Panikkar speaking on Media Culture in Kerala

Dr.K N Panikkar, Chairman, Kerala Council for Historical Research

Speaking on Media Culture in Kerala
Venue : Community Hall, Aiswaryam Apartments,
Plot No : 17, Sector – 4, Dwarka, New Delhi

on 30th May 2010 (Sunday) at 06.00 PM.
Organised by Jansanskriti Dwarka Branch
Chairman-T. Haridas Tel : 98180 40768,
Secretary-Asokan Nambiar Tel : 9818040768

Dr. K.N.Panikkar is a leading Indian historian and a staunch campaigner for secular values. He is mostly known for his work on intellectual and cultural history of colonial India. His contribution to the writing on modern Indian history has considerably enriched the secular tradition of Indian historiography. He has consistently taken progressive positions concerning issues of national importance like secularism, democracy and human rights. During the last two decades, he has been engaged in a relentless campaign in defense of these values which are foundational to the principles of Indian society. He is an exemplary scholar with social concern and commitment.

Dr.K.N. Panikkar, a former chairman of Center for Historical Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University and a former vice-chancellor of Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, is currently the chairman of the Kerala Council for Historical Research and Vice-chairman of Kerala State Higher Education Council.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

IP[public]L Matches in Dwarka?!

Vijay K. Saluja

I, visit my neighbourhood park which is being maintained by DDA, for my morning walk. The park is fairly popular with the residents living in the neighbourhood because of its large expanse & reasonably good central grassy rectangular lawn. On its periphery, is the soft walking track.

Because of hot weather, people of all shapes, sizes & gender start descending upon this, green space right from almost 5 AM onwards..

There is walking, jogging, yoga, raucous laughter etc etc. The park is almost full by 7AM & almost empties out these days, by around 8AM.
The open green central space is a big magnet for local cricket & football teams, of youngsters.

Normally, these youngsters are well clad, sport-equipped & are from perhaps well –off families & good schools, The matches continue on Saturday & Sunday, up to ten AM, or so.

Today, I was late for my morning walk. It was around 8AM when I reached the park. All the benches in the park were receiving the Sun. There was hardly any shaded bench at that time. Perhaps that is why most of the visitors to the park go back by around 8AM, these days.

But today, just after about fifteen minutes of myself being in the walking-track, I noticed a group of ten young boys in the age group of 10-13, descending on the park.most of them were clad in old vests, shorts & tattered jeans. A few only sported chappals & very old shoes & had among them just one broken bat & a red ball[rubber]. Perhaps, they were from one of the adjoining construction site-jhuggi cluster?

What I noticed was their animated chatter, & one fellow sporting an old yellow cap, giving directions, to a few to set up the wicket.

In no time, the wicket came up in the field! Not the normal ones with three legs but out of RCC blocks which they had collected from one of the constuction-sites. You know those-concrete-test cubes!

And without much ado, the game started. One of the short guy was giving direction to a few, to move to slip,& the other ones to cover & long on!!

I was amazed at their knowledge of the games & deft placement of the players.

The other side of the RCC cubes wicket was just a `stone`, for the wicket. They also had an umpire in yellow vest & another umpire to keep a check on the umpire with yellow vest!
One dimunitive fellow started batting & hit the ball to the left & right & all over & amassed good number of runs in just about three overs! In between, I heard also appeals/ discussions about the wide ball, no-ball & shouts of bahut accha in their own dialect. Interestingly when the star player got out, he got into the bowling mode immediately & the umpire became the third bats man & batted?!

The dimunitive lean & thin player was the star attraction as he bowled very accurately, took two wickets, held one catch & every time, he did so, the other youngsters came running from all directions to slap his back, had a mutual clap or an appreciative embrace.

It reminded me of Tendulkar, who I am sure, must have been star attraction like this in his younger days. The game folded up for a while.

The group was getting ready on a sunny-bench, for their another inning or turn by another group, when suddenly I noticed with great amazement all these boys almost making a hasty dash towards the boundary wall, jumping over it & running outside on the road, making huge noises-bhago,bhago aa gya, aa gya! & then I noticed one gardener of DDA who had just come to the park for their duty[time was around 9.20AM] ordering his junior associate-Pakrro, pakrro-`Sallae` pathhrons se garden kharab kar dete hain?!

Frankly, I was a bit miffed & am still! Why, you may ask.?

It is because, we have ample resources in India-humans with lot of positive energy, passion, talent etc etc, But, sadly we do not nurture & use them, In fact we do not know, how to make use of them?!

What India needs is empathic & effective leadership with less self interests, more sensitivity & zeal to make a positive difference. When that entity is available, in abundance, I have no doubt, India will be much ahead of any other country in the world!

Believe me-this is the panacea of balanced development, inclusive cities, harmonious & vibrant living & happy India, perhaps free of Maoism, Naxalism & terrorism. This is my ardent wish.!This is, most of us want.

One last thing-I enjoyed this match much more sitting on a bench with fair amount of Sun than the actual IPL match which I watched a few days back at FerozShah Kotla from one of the VIP stands, where dinner & drinks were on the house & cheer-leaders were swaying a few distance, from where we sat!
Writer is  Ex chief engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council

Friday, May 21, 2010


Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18, Dwarka, has organised a Summer Camp Bonanza in the school premises from 25th May to 11th June'10. The camp offers a gamut of activities like music &, dance, art and craft, instrumental music, swimming, sports and cyber club. Personality Development & Grooming workshops are also offered in the camp to enhance the over-all personality of the students. Special Camps in Robotics & Aero-modelling are the main attractions.

Robotics Camp is specially designed by professionals, to teach the students to create their own robots and manoeuvre them. Aero-modelling offers a thrill and adventure to the students by making their own real flying models besides learning about aviation. Children will be provided with their own kits for both these courses. The students are very enthusiastic and excited to participate in the camp. This Summer Camp will be indeed an interesting and fun learning experience for the children in Dwarka. So SVIS is the right place to learn some skills and give a run to the blazing summer sun.


M. K. Gupta,
Dwarka Forum

The Delhi police has identified 12 points for the installation of traffic lights in Dwarka Area. This was informed by Mr. Prabhakar, DCP to M. K. Gupta of Dwarka Forum in reply dated 9.5.2010 to his RTI application. The points are:

S. No.------Points------------------------------Work order issued on

1.Police Post Sector 16-B, T Point--------------------5.2.09
2.APJ School, Sect. 8/9------------------------------5.2.09
3.Judicial Academy Chowk, Sec. 14/17/16-----------5.2.09
4.T-Point Under Pass-------------------------------20.3.10
5.Bharthal Village Xing, Sec. 23----------------------8.4.10
6.Near Akshardham Apart. Sec. 19.------------------8.3.10
7.Dwarka Int. School--------------------------------20.3.10
8.Kaveri Chowk. Sec. 5/6---------------------------8.4.10
9.Patel Chowk. Sec. 4 & 5--------------------------8.4.10
10.Sec 10 & 11------------------------------------16.4.10
11.Kargil Chowk-----------------------------------20.3.10
12.Sec 12 & 13 & Sec 17/18 Xing----------------20.3.10

The work orders for installations for traffic signals have been given to M/s. CMS Traffic System Ltd. The date of completion is 25 days after issuing the work order. However, from the reply, it is not clear that even after over 25 days, why these lights have not been installed at some points such as Kaveri Chowk and so on. M/s. CMS Traffic Systems Ltd. New CTS Plaza, Kilokari, New Delhi is maintaining the existing lights and Shri Rajesh Khanna, Service Manager is responsible for the maintenance of these lights. He can be contacted on his number 98 11 05 90 50. In case of fault with any traffic light, a complaint at traffic helpline No. 23010101 may be lodged.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Col Shivraj
Servant of the society

Using posters / banners for the dissemination of information has been a normal practice from the time immemorial. Citizens are neither aware of the fact that they are defacing a property / site nor that defacing a property has become illegal now. There has never been any effort to remove the existing posters / banners. Hence, it has become an accepted norm to put up posters / banners for advertisement of products / services / functions etc.

There is a need to make the citizens aware of all aspects of this menace.

As per the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007,
"Sticking of posters, banners, wall-writings on the properties in public view, is a violation of the provisions of Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007 (which has come into force w.e.f. 01.03.2009) and is a cognizable offence."

The penalty under this act is up to Rs 50,000, or jail up to one year or both.

There are more than a crore posters / banners all over Delhi. If removal of one poster / banner takes about 5 minutes, it requires approximately 1 lakh man days of 8 hours. Govt as well as private agencies do not have such resources.

But, if 1 crore residents of Delhi help to remove at least 1 poster each, Delhi shall be cleaned in 5 minutes.
Following actions are suggested to eradicate this menace:


1. Display the Logo, “ REMOVE POSTERS” on your vehicles.

2. Please motivate and involve your plumber, electrician, carpenter, painter, mechanic, maids, Safaikaramcharies, security guards and all such helps.


1. MCD had made 4 special efforts in all the 12 Zones to remove the posters and banners on 24 Aug, 15 Sep, 21 Oct and 2 Dec 2009. MCD is now making continuous efforts since then. I was with one team for over 2 hours and we could partially clean one market road in Malviya Nagar.

2. This is a Herculean task.

3. If all the citizens remove posters in their area as a SHRAM DAAN, the city shall get cleaned automatically.


1. As most of the posters and banners are put up at night, the Police beat constables and PCR van staff should be on the look out for such persons. This will also help the police to enhance security of Delhi. I have already suggested this to the Commissioner of Police who, in turn, has issued suitable instructions to all concerned.

2. Almost all of Delhi is also covered by the private security guards either by RWAs, MTAs, or owners. If these security guards are also motivated towards this activity, this will ensure that no new posters / banners are put up. I have already circulated this to RWAs, MTAs etc under the BHAGIDARI network.

3. Most of the Mobile phones have a camera. Citizens should take a photo of the NEW poster and send it to the DCP of the area, with a copy to me for follow up. Email IDs of DCPs are available on police web site .

4. An action against any defaulter ( including a murderer ) can be initiated only after a FIR is lodged with the Police. Due to prolonged court cases, no one is prepared to file a FIR in the case of Posters / Banners. Hence the defaulters get away.


Home Minister Hon'ble Shri P. Chidambaram.

" The behaviour of Delhiites must be changed for them to play good hosts"

Lt Governor of Delhi.

" Govt cannot keep the city clean without the help of the citizens "
CM of Delhi has sent an appeal in the Bhagidari News letter about this..

This will also save a lot of paper and thus trees.



Ek Deep Doosra Jalaye, aise anginat honvain.

Get more examples/ inspiring stories, how to organise this in your locality, plan - strategy - implemention all support/ guidance, please contact - Col Shivraj - 9810433842

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

India - The New Employment Destination

Rosy Vohra

Several centuries ago on 31st December 1600 a group of enterprising British merchants were accorded 21 year exclusive monopoly privileges to conduct all trade in the East Indies by the English royal Charter by Elizabeth 1. These merchants incorporated these rights under the East India Company and set afloat for the Indian shores to establish their first factory at Surat. This was undertaken following the grant of permission by then Mughal Emperor Jahangir in 1615 to Sir Thomas Roe, the emissary of King James 1. The corporation was of paramount significance for it laid the humble fountains of the British Raj in India beginning as traders to the hatchers of administrative and military functions of India in 1858 and was brought under the direct governance of the Crown. This went on till 1947 when India gained her independence from the colonial rule contributing much to her foreign masters at the expense of her financial abuse, racism and famine leaving her native population impoverished and mental slaves of her old masters' culture and society.

India picked up her threads from the start and by sole determination; intellect and hard work of every sector of her population raised to a place where it could at least stand to face the face the world. Today  the world equations have changed and are tilting in favor of India. Indians who were compelled to leave their motherland for greener pastures post 1947 are now desperate to come back. It is not just emotional connections but also let's face the fact that India is the most happening global destination. India is also benefiting from the expertise of these foreign returned geeks adding to her momentum in every sector of her economy ranging from research and development in the IT sector to manufacturing to biotechnology, pharma and several others and getting high value work for world's best corporations.

Here again we are fast falling in the same vicious tidal bore as four hundred years ago. The knowledge and patents that result from these R & D labs are unfortunately going to its owners in the West. The only good thing for Indians is that it is creating many well paid jobs for the locals of course besides the infrastructure that it is laying down. The need of the hour whether in India or overseas is however for the original, creative and innovative thinkers who are self motivated for the sake of that idea and of course the investors and smart mangers that are capable of translating these ideas into practice effectively.

Interesting in this trend of reverse to the East and rediscovery of otherwise nondescript destinations is the eagerness of the young Westerners to come and work in India. They reason that makes them come here it is the excitement and the work content offered that motivates the expatriates. And this they say is not forever but only till the thrill, excitement and a situation in which they can leverage work experience gained in India to their advantage of begetting coveted positions back home is available that they intend to stay.

With many more business graduates from the overseas anxious to add 'India tag' to their CV one is left wondering is world actually shaping up on the 'global perspective' visualized a few decades ago. With the young and the sassy in the West dying to go to the East and the reverse being eternally true, the young are enterprising and thirsty for maximum exposure that this part of the world is currently offering. The expatriate young are fast filling the slot in every possible avenue in Indian market be it airlines, IT, real estate, tourism, healthcare, banking, engineering, media and many other. The monetary gains and the standard of living may be not up to the standards of their home countries but then the varied experience and job enrichment to work in an enthralling and adventurous destination called India presently the most happening place on the planet, the deal is not bad.

God’s Messenger

R.D. Bharadwaj

Once, there was a rich man from Delhi. Often he remained too busy taking care of his business and family that he spent a little time in religious activities. He remained so engrossed and pre-occupied in with his engagements relating to various aspects of his business that he could hardly find any time for self. One day, he discussed the matter with his manager and informed him that he wanted to have ¾ days’ leave from his business activities and go to Haridwar, relax there to his heart’s contentment, free from all the worries, take bath in the cool waters of the Ganges and then return to Delhi, totally refreshed. His manager arranged a taxi for his pilgrimage to Haridwar and also booked a room at a luxurious hotel at Haridwar for making his stay there quite comfortable and enjoyable. As per schedule, the businessman reached the hotel of his stay and decided to relax for there for the rest of day, as he was feeling quite exhausted due to the long journey.

Next day, he went to a temple, paid his obeisance to the deity and then ventured out to river Ganga to have a dip there in the cool and refreshing waters. As there were a lot of people taking bath at both sides of the banks, he moved a little away from the hustle and bustle of so many people. Soon he reached a place where only a few people were having fun and frolics with water and he thought that this place is best suited for him to have a bath with complete peace of mind, free from noise of people frequenting that place. He placed his clothes at a place and started taking bath. After he finished taking bath and reached back on the Ghat, he noticed a new man at that place. His face was radiating with glow, as if that person had no worries at all, the businessman thought that this man can provide him the best company and a new scope of befriending such a person. Keeping this aspect in his mind, the businessman started talking to him and soon they became friends as if they knew each other since long.

Then, this businessman from Delhi asked the stranger as to where he was staying? The other man with his pleasing personality replied that in fact, he was new to this place and that he had, so far not made any stay arrangement there. Then the businessman told him, “It shall be my privilege if you could come with me and be my guest in the hotel where I have booked a room, as it was indeed a pleasant place in the close vicinity of river Ganga.” After a little vacillation, the other man approved of his proposal to join him and he assured him that he would try to provide him a memorable company. Thus, talking, discussing and cracking jokes they reached their hotel room. They relaxed there for some time and then, as they were feeling hungry, the businessman called for the waiter and told him to serve some delicious food so that both of them could savor it to their heart’s contentment. When they were having food, the businessman from Delhi, asked, “Yaar! We have met around two hours ago, made a good friendship, but still I do not exactly know you …… ! By the way, what is your name and what do you do?” Hearing his question, the other man kept enjoying the food and posed as if he had not heard anything. Then the businessman again asked, “Since both of us shall be staying together for the next ¾ days and I shall be your host, we must know each other. I am a businessman from Delhi; my name is CP Arora, what is your name and what do you do?” As Mr. Arora was insisting, the other man, replied, “It should have been better if you had not bothered about this question. However, as you have asked it for the second time, it becomes by duty to satisfy the query of my host, you please hold your breath and take it easy……… My name is Yamraj and my job is to take people’s soul to God once a person has completed his accounted life-cycle.”

On hearing this, Mr. Arora, became perplexed as if he was shocked with an electric current and the morsel of half-chewed food remained static in his mouth. For a moment, he lost track of words to continue the conversation. However, he mustered some courage after sometime and laughed a bit to cover his actual state of mind and he again said,” You must be joking, how can Yamraj come to earth like this, and talk to someone as a human being?” But the Yamraj replied,”Believe me, I am Yamraj from Yampuri and the souls whom I take to Yampuri, often appreciate a lot the good affects of river Ganga and that is why, I also thought of coming here and to have a deep dips in the pious river Ganga.” As Mr. Arora was still in the shocked state of mind, felt some relief and said, “So, you have not come here to take any soul to God!” “Yes! You are right,” Yamraj gave a brief reply. Mr. Arora, had a deep breath and as he was a businessman, he thought of striking a deal with Yamraj. “See Yamraj ji ! As I have already promised, I shall take care of all your needs here, but in return, you shall have to make a small promise to me !” And the Yamraj replied, “Yes! Of course, you please go ahead. I shall see if I can do something for you!” Mr. Arora, looked around in the room carefully and then said,” Please make a promise that you shall never come to my house to extract my soul ……….” But, Yamraj replied,” It is not possible, please note that the Almighty God allots some specific life-span to each and every individual and when that life-span gets completed, he or she however big or small that person may be, he shall have to proceed for his ultimate journey to God, for which I am your messenger to take back your soul to Him. That is the God’s will and method to keep this universe in complete and perfect balance and harmony with nature. However, you can ask for some other concession. “
Mr. Arora, started brooding for a while and then suddenly said,”Okay! If you cannot accede to my first request, then please make a promise that before coming to take my soul to God, make sure to drop a letter to me so that I can complete my remaining works required of me by my family.”

Yamraj became a little bit pensive for a while, and then replied,”Okay! I assure you that I will do this favour to you!” Mr. Arora heaved a sigh of relief as he assured himself that even after his death, his no work shall remain pending, and his family shall not have to repent that so many tasks have remained undone. As both of them had finished their food, Mr. Arora went to the telephone lying in the one corner of that room to order two cups of steaming coffee. When he moved again to return to his sofa, to his surprise, there was no one else in the room, as Yamraj had in fact, just disappeared from the scene. For a moment, it seemed to him that whatever has happened or transpired between him and Yamraj a short while ago, was perhaps nothing short an illusion.

After finishing his holidays, at Haridwar, Mr. Arora returned to Delhi. He resumed his normal routine of going to factory, attending his office, attending business meetings, visiting his clients etc. and looking after his house-hold chores which required his service from time to time. Six months had passed since he returned from Haridwar that he again started feeling tired as before. Over work has again started telling upon his health as ever. For the next few months, he felt as if he does not have sufficient energy and got fatigued so soon. His hair had also turned white and his friends advised him to start making use of hair-dye, as otherwise, he gave the glimpses of an old man. Acting upon their advice, he dyed his hair and felt as if nothing has gone wrong with the time clock of his body. But his problem did not end there itself. Soon his eye-sight also stared weakening day by day, as many images and pictures just looked blurred to him. His wife advised that it is normal with every human being of his age and that he should not worry anything, except consult an eye-specilist. He went to the eye-specialist, who after examining him, advised him to make glasses to correct his vision and wear those glasses regularly. A couple of months passed and he again felt some other problem. He started feeling pain in his teeth and just within a couple of weeks, the severity of pain increased so unbearably that he felt it difficult to chew his food. He shared his problem with his wife who took him to a dentist. He was quite worried as to what has gone wrong with his health that he faces one problem after another in quick succession. In fact, it was deteriorating day by day. Within a period of next six months, around 50% of his teeth had to be extracted due to pain or some other related problem. Ultimately, the doctor advised him to make a denture so that at least he is able to have his food properly, as without having proper food; it was just difficult to maintain good health. He was hardly sixty five but he was experiencing health problems akin to the age group of 75 plus.

His health was going down and down with each passing day that he hardly overcame one problem that another problem took hold of him. Fever, joint pains, back-ache numbness in one part of the body became part and parcel of his health. Sometimes, even his wife worried as if he was nearing his end. He became so weak that he felt is if he is not left with sufficient strength and energy to discharge his duties. He started neglecting business. His sons did not help him to take care of his business activities and make it flourish as before, and spare their father to take proper rest and regain his lost health. One day, when he was climbing down the stairs form his second floor and coming to the ground floor, he slipped and broke his thigh bone. He was rushed to the hospital and a rod had to be fixed in his thigh-bone and the doctor advised him complete bed-rest for two months. Now he was taking more medicine than chapattis daily and he felt let-down by the extremely nefarious designs which made him an irritating person. He would soon lose his temper and burst upon any one who–so-ever came before him. His plight became pitiable.

One night when he completed his days quota of taking tablets and capsules etc. and tried to sleep that he felt some chest pain. He wanted to weep loudly, but his voice just remained choked in his throat. Suddenly, a person in white dress appeared before him and he tried to recognize him. Soon he realized that it was the same person who had met him when he was enjoying his pilgrimage to Haridwar. It was Yamraj, and on seeing him, Mr. Arora asked him, “How did you come here?” Yamraj told him that he has come to take his soul, as he has completed his life-span on this mortal earth. But Mr. Arora said,”How you can do so, as you have made a promise to me to drop a letter before visiting me for this purpose?” Yamraj replied, “Perhaps you have forgotten that I had sent you not only one, but three letters, but you have ignored all this as you became so engrossed in your worldly affairs!” But Mr. Arora again asked, “I did not receive even a single letter and you are talking about three?” Yamraj again replied,”See Mr. Arora! Firstly, I sent a letter to you when I made your hair white, secondly when I made your eye-sight weak and last letter was issued to you when you got your denture after losing all your teeth. But, you have failed to read even a single letter……….” Mr. Arora started thinking seriously as he was under the impression that some postman would come to him bringing letters from Yamraj. As Yamraj understood as to what was going on in his mind, he explained things to him,”Mr. Arora! God does not send messages through some postman, as you mortals usually do. He sends messages to mankind via some implied messages, and it is your duty to understand His messages. He does not hear any excuses for the human lapses and errors of omission and commission. Now that you have already exhausted your time period on this mortal earth, let us now move fast and reach there, otherwise, God shall punish me as well for being late………..!!” Mr. Arora then pleaded to him, “ Sir! I have to find a suitable match for my daughter and marry her off. Please grant some grace period to me to enable me to discharge this duty.” But Yamraj gave a curt reply, “Mr. Arora ! Undue favouratism, appeasement, harassment and exploitation etc. happen in Indian society and bureaucracy only, and certainly not in God’s divine affairs!”

Saying so, Yamraj extracted his soul and left for the Yampuri, leaving behind the family of Mr. Arora wailing, crying and lamenting uncontrollably that he has gone leaving behind so many incomplete tasks !!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Protection of whistleblowers and activists


Court on its own motion ... Petitioners


The State of Maharashtra and Anr. ... Respondents

Mr. D.D. Madon, Sr. Counsel with Mr. Sanjay Udeshi, Amicus Curie present.

Mr. Ravi Kadam, Advocate General with Mr. N.P. Deshpande, A.G.P. for R. No.1.

Mr. I.J. Nankani i/by M/s. Nankani & Associates for Intervener.

Mr. D.N. Salvi for C.B.I.



DATED : MAY 07, 2010

P. C.:

Upon considering the Recommendations made by the Amicus Curiae and after having studied the Affidavit in Reply of the Additional Chief

Secretary (Home), this court does direct that the following interim provisions/measures regarding the protection of social activists and whistle

blowers be implemented forthwith :

1. The State shall provide as and by way of immediate interim relief, police protection to any identified person and or organization that complains of the threat of use of force and/or of having been attacked in connection with his/her or as the case may be their social activism; till the application for police protection is finally disposed off.

2. The State Government shall set up a special committee,which committee shall have as its mandate the task of identifying social activists and whistle blowers; be they individuals and or organizations. These individuals and or Organizations shall be identified by a tansparent process and guidelines for the determination of the same shall be disclosed and placed in the public domain prior to the said special committee taking charge of its commission.

3. The State Government shall ensure that all criminal cases/investigations currently pending against social activists and or whistle blowers be reviewed by the said special committee, on the basis of the parameters stipulated in the aforesaid guidelines.

4. The Sate shall furthermore within a period of 90 days make provisions for :

i) The Investigation of cases where there have been made allegations and or reports of threats and attacks against individual social activists and or collective organizations by a Senior Police Officer not below the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police.

ii) A monitoring system that will ensure that such cases are speedily investigated, which system shall incorporate within itself an adequate review process to ensure the integrity and thoroughness of the investigations;

iii) All necessary cooperation shall be provided before by the State to courts and Human Rights Commissions in this regard.

iv) A database shall be prepared consisting of the names of all identified social activists and or organizations that have in the past complained of threats and of the use of force against them and furthermore a database of high risk individuals and or organizations shall be prepared by the aforesaid committee on the basis of the guidelines framed for the purpose. The said guidelines shall ensure that the mechanism opted for ensures the maintenance of confidentiality with regards the identity of the individual and or the organization;

v) The State shall set up an appropriate mechanism for quick response to complaints by social activists and whistle blowers about the threat and or use of force against them. The said mechanism will be headed by an officer not below the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police or Deputy Superintendent of Police.

5. The matter stands adjourned to 16 th June, 2010 for further orders and directions on interim provisions/measures regarding the protection of social activists and whistle blowers. Stand over to 16th June, 2010.


Submitted by Promod Chawla

Blessings ceremony of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Haridwar...

The Preview & Blessings Ceremony took place on the 3rd -4th April during the auspicious time of the Maha Kumbha Mela, on the banks of Mother Ganga in Haridwar and Rishikesh.

The Encyclopedia was previewed and blessed by the hands of H.H. the Dalai Lama, Pujya Swami Ramdevji, Pujya Sant Shri Ramesbhai Ozaji, Pujya Sant Shri Morari Bapuji, Pujya Swami Gurusharananandji, Pujya Swami Satyamitranandji, so many other revered saints and leaders of different world religions, Respected Shri L.K. Advaniji, Respected Shri Nishankji (the Honourable Chief Minister of Uttarakhand) and other dignitaries at a huge, historic function during the Maha-Kumbha Mela (the greatest spiritual gathering on Earth which takes place every 12 years).

The audience heard words of blessings and appreciation for the project from the revered saints and dignitaries as well as from Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi and from the President of IHRF, Shri Hasubhai Shah. Then, the actual books were lavishly presented to the Dalai Lamaji by the Chief Editor, Dr. KLS Rao, the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Kapil Kapoor and officers of the Board of IHRF from USA and Canada.

After the Preview ceremony, there was a divine Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, performed by H.H. the Dalai Lama with the revered saints, and a special bhajan concert by world famous Bhajan Samrat Shri Anup Jalotaji.

Sadhvi Bhagawati


Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18, Dwarka, hosted an Orientation workshop for Face to Faith for School Principals and  Co-ordinators on 15th May, 2010. The Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Face to Faith or F2F is a compelling educational programme that engages secondary students of different faiths across the world in learning directly with, from and about each other's faith. By learning about those of differing social, cultural and religious perspectives, young people build their awareness of the role of faith in their life and in the lives of others. Face to Faith is designed to improve young people's religious literacy, which is a vital skill in an increasingly complex, global society. Twenty well known schools from Delhi and NCR participated in the meet. The Chief Guest, Group Captain Ishwar Singh, Advisor to Venkateshwar Group of schools, Mr. Anupam Kishore Gakhar, an eminent educationist from GRG Consultants, Mr. Sailander Solanki, School Chairman, Mrs. Nita Arora, Principal and Ms. Simmi Kher, India Co-ordinator of Face To Faith programme, lit the lamp of knowledge to invoke the divine blessings. Ms. Simmi Kher made a multimedia presentation on the programme and also held a technical session where a demo video-conferencing with the Programme Moderator at USA, Ms. Linda

The school choir presented a song motivating everyone to join for the welfare of nation and mankind. Totally mesmerized by the musical performance Mr. Gakhar remarked, "The musicians weaved magic with their instruments and the composition was just amazing." The delegates discussed a wide range of opinions, values and beliefs by video-conferencing with the people of other faiths across the globe, to investigate specific global issues and explore the reasons for similar and different views. They were also introduced to the modules of the programme which addressed a range of different curricula subjects including humanities, religious and cultural studies and social sciences. Mr. Gakhar expressed his views and said," The programme was an introduction to a new approach to religious literacy. It ticked the mind towards a fresh thought process and was a rewarding experience." Stimulating and engrossing the minds, the workshop, made the delegates think about the role of religion, in today's world and engaged them in determining how an understanding about one's faith can contribute and meet the challenges of the 21st century global society.

Monday, May 17, 2010

World Hypertension Day celebrated in Dwarka

World Hypertension Day, celebrated with free BP checkup at DR KHANNA’S CLINICS at all three location in Dwarka. Dr AMITABH KHANNA, President INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION of dwarka also Chairman of PHYSICIAN FORUM of Dwarka said that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and hypertension is the most common, reversible risk factor for CVD. High blood pressure goes hand-in-hand with, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, overweight/ obesity and diabetes. In the United States alone, 7.2 crore people age 20 and older have high blood pressure. Of those with high blood pressure, nearly 30 percent are unaware that they have it, and in 65 percent the high BP is not under control. In India, this number is over 10 crore. Worldwide, an estimated 97.2 crore people had hypertension in the year 2000. By 2025, an estimated 156 crore people will have it. High blood pressure is easily detected and usually controllable. Normal blood pressure is systolic below 120 and diastolic below 80. Hypertension is systolic blood pressure at or above 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure at 90 mm Hg or higher.

"Prehypertension" is systolic pressure of 120-139 mm Hg, and/or diastolic pressure of 80-89 mm Hg. This is the point at which lifestyle changes are recommended to reduce blood pressure. There are dramatic benefits from small decreases in blood pressure, even in people without hypertension by current definitions.

1.Systolic increase in systolic blood pressure by 3-4 mm Hg would translate into a 20 percent higher stroke death rate and a 12 percent higher death rate from ischemic heart disease.

2.In patients with obesity, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, the impact of these small changes in blood pressure on CVD is even greater

3.Hypertension does not typically cause symptoms, that's why it's called the "silent killer"

4.There is a long lag period from the beginning of the problem to the time when patients are aware of the damage it has caused

5.Have your blood pressure checked routinely.

6.Live a healthy lifestyle to prevent hypertension.

7.Keep weight in a healthy range.

8.Be physically active.

9.Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fat and sodium.

10.Avoid tobacco.

11.Those who choose to drink; do so in moderate amounts (no more than an average of one drink a day for women or two for men).

11.If you already have high blood pressure, keep it controlled under a physician's supervision

Demolition at Vasant Kunj

The matter pertains to the demolition of 500 plus cases of illegal constructions in the ‘Development Area’ situated in the area of Vasanth Kunj and Jaitpur, New Delhi. The illegal constructions have taken place after the cut off date given the Delhi (Special Provisions) Act, 2007 extended up to 31.12.2010. These illegal constructions have come up in the last 1 year period and have been booked under the relevant sections of Delhi Development Act for violation of Building bye laws and Master Plan provisions being situated under the Development Area. The competent authorities under the DD Act have passed orders after hearing the parties concerned and these orders have to be executed by demolishing the illegal constructions. It is surprising to note that few new unauthorized colonies have been recently built by the builders violating all laws. They have constructed multistory buildings and flats have been sold through open advertisement in the media. Against these large scale illegal constructions, there are a number of complaints have been received and complaints have also been sent to CVC, who have sought report in the matter. Further, the matter is also before the Hon. High Court of Delhi through a PIL and we have to submit action taken report before the Hon. High Court of Delhi.

The ‘Development Area’ has been approved by the Authority for de-notification but formal notification has not yet been issued. However, whether the area is de-notified or not, the demolition orders under section 30 of DD Act are liable to be executed and DDA is duty bound enforce the law.

As these are large scale demolition of illegal constructions, the matter was placed before the Hon. LG. and written approval of Hon. LG has been obtained. Moreover, Hon. Minister for Finance, GNCTD recently raised the issue of new unauthorized colonies mushrooming in the Delhi, for which Hon. LG has directed that action as per law should be taken without further delay. It is therefore submitted that DDA is undertaking demolition of constructions which have come up after the cut date of 07.02.2007 and which are not protected under the Delhi Laws (Special Provisions) Act, 2007 extended up to 2010. Also DDA is enforcing law in the newly curved out unauthorized colonies. Moreover, in most of the cases, the land has been acquired for DDA but due to the status quo orders passed by the Hon. High court/Supreme Court, the acquisition proceedings are sub-judice. However, the parties concerned have violated the status quo orders of courts as they have created third party interests and have totally changed the nature and character of land. Therefore, DDA has left with no other option than to enforce the law and to submit action taken reports before courts and vigilance authorities. It is clarified that DDA shall not demolish any structure existing in a unauthorized colony, which is protected by the Delhi Laws ( Special Provisions) Act, 2007 extended up to 2010. The demolition programe is being done under the supervision of Mr. H. Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner ( lands) DDA.

Despair in the face of terror

Joginder Singh
( Former Director - CBI)

A politician thinks only of the next election but a statesman thinks about the next generation. Unfortunately, statesmanship is missing in our politics. At present, politicians are more than willing to let the people lay down their lives for this country instead of rectifying the situation. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram said in Parliament on May 6 that the conviction of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist caught alive in the 26/11 attacks, proved that our present laws were adequate to deal with the menace of terrorism. But he forgot to mention the acquittal of Kasab’s two local contacts.

Mr Chidambaram, while addressing the Intelligence Bureau on December 23, 2009, had said, “A billion people felt they had been humiliated and the country had been brought to its knees by a small band of terrorists.” While the nature of the response to different kinds of terror would indeed be different and nuanced, the National Counter-Terrorism Centre’s mandate should be to respond to violence unleashed by any group — be it an insurgent group in the North-East or the Maoist terrorists in the heartland of India.

But unless it is given legal powers and the laws accordingly amended, how can the NCTC function? Incidentally, police forces across the country have around four lakh vacancies. These vacancies not only need to be filled as soon as possible, but the recruits also have to be properly trained and equipped. It is better to have no policemen rather than make do with bad policemen.

It goes without saying that much more needs to be done in order to strengthen the police system in our country. But without the necessary changes in the law, all efforts at strengthening our police forces will amount to nothing. All over the world countries have scrapped their old, impractical laws in view of the changing times. Hence, there is no reason for our Government to hold on to our archaic legislations related to national security.

The Supreme Court has declared on several occasions that speedy trials ensure the right to life and liberty. But such trials continue to elude us. Justice delayed is not only justice denied but justice assassinated over and over again. Former Chief Justice of India KG Balakrishnan, who retired last week, had this to say about the acquittals in the 26/11 terror case: “India should consider putting in place a tough anti-terror law that can enable and help the probe agencies to crack terror cases, since in most cases the conspiracies are hatched in a foreign land and evidence collection is tough.”

When asked whether the acquittals in the 26/11 case could possibly have resulted due to the inability of our ordinary criminal laws to appreciate the hard-to-come-by evidence, the Chief Justice said: “Most countries have drastic laws to deal with terrorism-related offences. Even Britain has it. So it is time for Parliament to debate the need of a suitable anti-terror law for India.”

Another former Chief Justice of India, while addressing a conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of the High Courts on March 11, 2006, had said: “The country’s justice delivery system appears to be on the verge of the collapse. Not much has been done for the improvement of the investigative and prosecution machinery. Significant suggestions for the separation of the investigative wing from law enforcement and order duties and changes in the rules of evidence still lie unattended. The public outrage over the failure of the criminal justice system in some high-profile cases must shake us all up into realisation that something needs to be urgently done to revamp the whole process, though we must steer clear of knee-jerk reactions, remembering that law is a serious business.”

The Law Commission in its 177th report said: “The experience shows that where the accused happens to be rich and/or influential persons, or members of mafia gangs, the witnesses very often turn hostile, either because of the inducements offered to them or because of the threats given to them. To protect public interest and to safeguard the interests of society, measures need to be devised to eliminate, as far as possible, scope for such happenings.”

The Malimath Committee appointed by the Government of India in 2001 to suggest reforms supported the views of the Law Commission and observed, “Unfortunately, there is no dearth of witnesses who come to the courts and give false evidence with impunity. This is a major cause of the failure of the system. There is no law to give protection to witnesses who are subjected to threats unlike witness protection laws available in other countries.”

To say that the present system is adequate flies in the face of ground realities. The conviction of a single terrorist after 550 days is nothing to be proud of. There are far too many escape routes for the criminals to get away. In the 26/11 attacks, 169 people were killed and injured. It is virtually impossible to find an independent witness in such a case. The same holds true in the case of the massacre of 76 CRPF personnel by Maoists in the forests of Dantewada in April.

An American report on terrorism in India states that our fight against terrorists continues to be hampered by an outdated legal system and an over-burdened and ill-trained police force.

If we are to win in the fight against terrorism we must upgrade our police system and do away with all our archaic laws and procedures.
Corruption within the police needs to be completely weeded out and we should not allow vote-bank politics to come in the way of our anti-terror efforts. Also, we should not be apologetic about adopting harsh measures to fight anti-national elements. As far as the statement of the Home Minister that our present laws are enough is concerned, it is best to repeat what Nikita Khrushchev once said: “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ref No. PS/RTI/Rly/Accident/152/2010 Dated. 16 .05.10


The Executive Director/(PG),
Public Information Officer,
Room No.471, 4th Floor,
Railway Board, New Delhi


Subject :- Request for supply of information under right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) - reg

Today i.e. on 16.05.2010, most of the TV channels are flashing news regarding tragedy of killing of 2 persons injury of 40 persons due to sudden sudden announcement of the platform shifting of Bihar Sampark kranti train from platform 12 to 13(copy enclosed ):

I, being a citizen of India , request to supply the following information in respect of above accident under Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) :-

1. Please intimate the schedule time of arrival of Bihar Sampark Kranti Train and also intimate actual time of arrival of Bihar Sampark Kranti Train on 16.05.2010 at Delhi .

2. Intimate the name and designation of the officer who initially order/decided to place the Bihar Sampark Kranti Train on Platform No.12. Arrange to supply the copy of orders.

3. Intimate the name and designation of the Officer who later-on decided to place the Bihar Sampark Kranti Train on platform No.13. Arrange to supply the copy of the orders

4. Supply the reasons for shifting train from Platform No. 12 to 13 and also intimate the name and designation of all the officers who approved this proposal.

5. Intimate the train which was planned for Platform No.12 instead of Bihar Sampark Kranti Train. Also intimate the reasons for planning this train at No.12

6. Intimate name of the officer who was suppose to make announcements regarding arrival of train and who was suppose to keep the passengers updating regarding platform numbers were the Sampark Kranti train was to come.

7. Intimate which Platform No. was announced to the Public by the Railway in respect of arrival of Sampark Kranti Train.

8. Intimate which Platform No. was displaced to the Public in respect of arrival of Sampark Kranti Train.

9. Intimate the necessary steps required to be taken as per norms while shifting train from one platform to another platform. Also intimate whether these steps were taken in the instant case.

10. Supply the reasons for occurrence of such tragedy.

11. Supply the name and designation of all the officer due to whose negligence such tragedy/accident have occurred.

12. Intimate the adequate steps which the railway have now decided to be taken to prevent occurrence of such accidents in future.

13. Intimate whether any enquiry have been ordered for above accident. Intimate the name and designation of the officer who will conduct the enquiry.

14. Supply the attested copy of enquiry report in respect of above accident.

15. Supply the name and address of the persons killed in above accident.

16. Supply the name and address of the persons who were injured in above accident.

17. Supply the detail of hospital were injured were hospitalized.

18. I may be allowed to Inspect documents/records/files/register/Computers in respect above information as provided under Section 2(j) (i) of the RTI Act, 2005. I would be taking Photographs with my camera of some documents/record during inspection.

The requisite Inspection Fee as prescribed under the RTI Act, 2005 will be paid on the Inspection day. You are requested to intimate me 2/3 different dates of the next week for inspection. List of the files, register, record which would be made available for inspection may please be intimated in advance on my email address .

19. RTI Fees :-Application Fee of Rs.10/- is enclosed vide Postal Order No ………………….. ………………… for Rs………..

Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely

Delhi University admission information

Download complete list of Colleges/ Institution with Details of Principals, address, e-mail, website, Telephone Nos ( Phone, Fax, Residence no etc.)

DU Website

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Big Bang? - moving backward in time...

Ashwini Kumar Lal, Ph.D.,
Deputy Adviser, Ministry of Statistics & Progrmme Implementation
New Delhi, India

Research paper article titled "Big Bang? A Critical Review" published in the Americal journal, 'Journal of Cosmology'  Findings of  research question validity of the widely accepted Big Bang theory as viable explanation for origin of universe.There has been extensive media coverage of  research findings. Reference to research has since also been made at the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) maintained by NASA(USA).


Inflationary Big Bang model is the generally accepted theory for the origin of universe. Nonetheless, findings of the observational astronomy as also the revelations in the field of fundamental physics over the past two decades question validity of the 'Big Bang' model as a viable theory for origin of the universe. This paper examines a few of the various factors which undermine the theory of the big Bang, including the organization of galactic superstructures, the Cosmic Microwave Background, distant galaxies, gravitational waves, redshifts, and the age of local galaxies.

1. Introduction

Majority of the astronomers favour inflationary Big Bang model as a viable model for origin and nature of the universe. The origin of Big Bang, as explained through extrapolation of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, is a mathematically obscure state - a ‘singularity’ of zero volume that contained infinite density and infinitely large energy. It refers to the grand event at which not only matter but space-time itself was born. Why this singularity existed, how it originated, and why it exploded, remain unexplained so far; and this state of affair has led many scientists to question and challenge validity of the Big Bang theory (Arp et al. 2004; Eastman 2010; Lerner 1991: Ratcliffe 2010; Van Flandern 2002).
2. Large - scale Structures in the Universe

In recent years, there have been a number of very serious challenges to the current theory of cosmic evolution and the belief that the universe began just 13.75 billion years ago. These include the observation of large chains of galaxies spread throughout the universe forming gargantuan stellar structures separated by vast voids. The system of galactic superclusters forms a network permeating throughout the space, on which about 90% of the galaxies are located...

3. Age of Universe

Based on the findings of the WMAP, astronomers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center proclaimed the age of Universe as 13.7 billion years (Benett et al. 2003). They claim that the WMAP data along with the complementary observations from other CMB experiments like CBI (Cosmic Background Imager) 7
and DASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer) confirm the inflationary Big Bang model of the Universe (Figs. 1 and 2)...

4. Early Galaxies

Combining Advanced camera for Survey (ACS) and the Infrared Camera for Multi-object Spectrometer (NICMOS), the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF) has revealed the presence of estimated 10,000 fully formed galaxies in a patch of sky in the constellation, Formax - a region just below the constellation, Orion (NASA News Release 2005). According to the NASA interpretation, these fully formed galaxies emerged just 700 million years after the Big Bang, when the universe was barely 5% of its current age (z ~ 7)...

5. Gravitational - wave Background

One of the acid tests relating to the validity of the Big Bang model is detection of remnant of gravity waves from the earliest epoch of the universe. Existence of gravitational - wave background, predicted by Einstein in 1916 in his general theory of relativity, is expected from the violent early moments of the Big Bang much like the cosmic microwave background that fills the sky with radio waves 12 from the early universe. While the microwave background originated 380,000 years after the Big Bang, gravitational – wave background purportedly come directly from events in the first minute after the Big Bang. As per Einstein’s prediction, the cataclysmic Big Bang is believed to have created a flood of gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of space-time that still fill the universe, albeit at a very feeble strength to be discernible by the conventional astronomical tools, and carry information about the universe as it was in the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang...

6. Rivers of Galaxies Flowing in the Wrong Direction

The Big Bang predicts general uniformity in the trajectory of galaxies, and yet, contrary to this theory (Joseph 2010a), there are galaxies crashing into each other from every conceivable direction. There are in fact rivers of galaxies flowing in the wrong direction, including local galaxies who streaming motions are too high for a finite universe that is supposed to be everywhere uniform (Van Flandern 2002)...

7. Constancy of Speed of Light

One of the basic assumptions of Einstein's general theory of relativity, is the constancy of the speed of light. A varying speed of light contradicts Einstein's theory of relativity, and conflicts with the Big Bang model for the universe. In recent years, the speed of light has been observed to have exceeded the speed of 300,000 km/sec, albeit over short range, in quantum tunneling experiments (Landauer 1993, Brown 1995). This has led some to claim that light moved faster during the early stages of the universe. For example, the evidence for variations in the fine-structure constant, α (= e2/ ħc) - a measurement of the strength of electromagnetic interaction between photons and electrons based on measurement of light travelling billions of years from quasars (Davies, et al 2002) has been used to claim that the speed of light was faster than its current speed
some 6 to 10 billion years ago. The fine-structure is believed to be slowly increasing over cosmic timescales...

8. Oldest Planet

In July 2003, the oldest planet yet was discovered, a huge gaseous object equivalent to 2.5 times the size of Jupiter whose origin dates back to about 13 billion years (at z ~7). This ancient planet was located by the Hubble Space the Telescope near the core of the ancient globular cluster M - 4 located some 7,200 light years away in the northern - summer constellation of Scorpius (Hansen et al. 2003). This discovery challenged a widely held view among astrophysicists that planets could not have originated so early because the Universe had yet to generate heavy elements needed to make them...

9. Future Probes

We are presently in a "golden age" of cosmological discoveries. Astronomers working on the WMAP mission stunned the scientific community with their announcement that the first generation stars in the universe were surprisingly born just after 200 million years of the Big Bang birth of the cosmos. Of course, the fact is, the true age of the universe is unknown, and since its inception, the age of the universe has been steadily pushed backwards in time, from 2 billion year to 8 billion after it was determined the Earth was 4.6 billion years in age, and now the estimates are 13.75 billion years. With ten times the light-gathering power of Hubble, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), successor to the HST due to be launched in 2014, may well detect ever more distant galaxies. Likewise, the ultra-high resolution radio telescopes such as Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile which is to become operational in 2012, will be peering still deeper into the universe, and probably pushing the hypothetical Big Bang further backward in time as ever more distant galaxies are detected...

10. Conclusion

There is a growing body of evidence which demonstrates the Universe could not have begun with a Big Bang 13.75 billion years ago. Indeed, the day may come when it is determined there never was a "Big Bang" and cosmologists of the future will only gaze back in wonder at how anyone could have believed in a creation event which was refuted by so much contradictory evidence.

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Dwarka Parichay congratulates Ashwini Kumar Lal, a resident of  Sector-6, Dwarka.

Brief Profile of Ashwini Kumar Lal at Dwarka Parichay

Diabetes Camp held at CGHS Mass Society by NHLGT

On this Mother's Day , Neighborhood Ladies Get-together in association with Jagan Health Care Center Dwarka  organised a free health camp on 9 th May at Mass CGHS, Sector 10, Dwarka. Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure , Liquid Profile and Thyroid test were done.
A number of people from the adjacent societies also came to take advantage of this opportunity.
Dr. San jay Verma CEO of the Diabetes Center congratulated the NHLGT for its role not only for improving the environment of Dwarka for Green and Clean sub city but also trying to look after the health of the residents. He promised to set up such health camps on first Sunday of every month.

Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan Chief Convener of NHLGT thanked Dr Sanjay Verma and his team for doing check up. It is a befitting gift the doctors can give on this happy occasion of mothers day. Health is Wealth mother is the pillar of the family if she is alright every thing is ok in the family.

Diabetes is a silent killer when it is high only will you come to know about it so it is necessary that one gets check up once in a way and also keep control of the diet.

Mrs Kodiyan congratulated every one on Happy Mothers Day. Mrs. Raji Kurup Deputy Convener of NHLGT thanked Dr. Sanjay Verma ,his team and the residents of Sector 10 who attended the free Medical Camp.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Accolades at Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka

The winning streak continues at Sri Venkateshwar International School, sector -18, Dwarka. In a zeal to bring laurels to their Alma Mater, the students participated in a plethora of inter-school events held recently in the capital. Sri V.I.S, sector-18 was ranked as the Best School in Asset Week amongst all the schools of India. It’s a matter of great pride to mention that Apoorvo Chakraborty of Class V was awarded the First State Rank in the N.S.T.S.E conducted by Unified Council. Shresth Nair of Class VII & Vishu Gupta of Class VIII secured the 2nd Runner up position at ‘All India Inter- ‘School Maths Test’ held at Manavsthali. The month of April saw two Rolling Trophies and five champions Trophies bring brought to school. Another feather in the cap was added when the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dixit, presented a silver plaque to the co-coordinator, Mrs. Malini Pandey, Mrs. Reena Kalra and to the winning students Siddharth Pruthi, Sagnika Sarkar, Mohit Kalra , Nidhish Kukreja , Akriti Singh and Srashti Pathak for raising awareness on Child Rights in a sombre ceremony held at the India International Centre, Lodhi Road on 7th April 2010.

Rajeshwari Singh of Class VII won the Champion’s Trophy in slogan writing competition and Anirudh Singh of Class VII won the first Runner’s up Trophy in Poster Making competition in an event ‘United for Change’ organized by Sulabh International at Mavalankar Hall. The Ballet group of Sri VIS was also declared the best. The school participated in the Cross Country Race, ‘Reverberations’ held at VIS, sector-10, Dwarka. Kanika Yadav of Class VIII made the school proud by winning the first Runner Up Trophy in 1 km- Marathon Race & Anirudh Singh Yadav of Class VII won the Second Runner Up in Marathon Race for boys. Shivani Sharma of Class IV secured the 1st position in Delhi & NCR at the 3rd Delhi State Yoga Championship for Anubhuti Cup 2010. Anshika Singh of Class III secured the Third Runner Up position and Ayushi Vaid of Class III also reached the finals. These three students have been selected for the National Camp.

The skating champs brought laurels to the school from the skating Meet organized at J.D. Tytler School, where Pranav Suri Class III secured the 1st position at Brain International School and Sneh International School, Garv Lalwani of Class I was declared the 1st Runner Up & bagged a silver medal. Hitanshi of Class II was declared the 2nd Runner Up & bagged 2 Bronze Medals for herself.

The mozarts of Sri VIS participated in the event ‘Hum Kishore’ at U.V.N.A.C. and lifted the Rolling Trophy by securing the 1st postion in ‘Geetmala’ at CCRT Auditorium. They were awarded 9 gold medals. Amanya Shukla of Class VIII reached the final round in the Classical Solo Dance event ‘Virasaat’.

Vishu Gupta & Muskaan Nagi swept away the Rolling Trophy for the school by bagging the first Prize in an Animation movie making competition at ‘Nurture the Narrative’ organized by J.M. International School on 27th April’10. Shivangi Singh of Class VII stole the show at Inter-School Debate Competition as she was adjudged the Second Best Speaker at ‘Odyssey’ organized by Modern Convent School. Devanshee Sharma and Stubh Lal came second in the Spelling Bee Competition.

Pranav Suri of Class III riveted the audience by his splendid performance as Doraemon & secured the First Position in ‘Toon Fancy Dress Show’ at ‘Trishna’ held at N.K. Bagrodia Public School. Tarannum Sahdev of Class II mesmerized the audience by her ‘Veggie-Ramp Walk’ and bagged the First Position. These young stalwarts of S.V.I.S. have made the school proud and made winning of a part of participating. For the school, the achievers are not only these who win, but all these who try!

Thanks for your VISITs

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