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Saturday, January 29, 2011


P K Datta, Naturalist
& Photographer
Enjoy a virtual treat of riot of colours, fragrances and butterflies through flowers in different shades and sizes in full bloom endowed by Mother Nature on display at Modern Convent School, Sector 4, Dwarka, New Delhi on 19th and 20th February, 2011 in the Udyan Mela being organized by All India Kitchen Garden Association informs Convenor of it’s Dwarka Chapter Shri P K Datta, Speaking about the activities of Dwaka Chapter, he expressed satisfaction and informed that since inception in April, 2009, membership of Dwarka Chapter has risen to 32 on date, study tours by members to Sunder Nursery and TERI GRAM for herbal plants, knowledge acquired during monthly lectures through learned faculty of AIKGA, making of sixty flowery hanging baskets by its members, organizing Dwarka’s first-ever Udyan Mela last February followed by another one to be organized later this month – all a record of sorts in AIKGA’s history.

Shri Datta emphasized upon the pressing need of spreading awareness about Nature amongst Dwarkaites by bringing Nature closer to the residents at one place to enjoy, appreciate, learn and disseminate knowledge through sit and draw competition for children, live demonstration by experts of AIKGA of various gardening skills like tray gardening, hanging baskets, topiary, stacking, water conservation etc to the visitors.

The Family Kitchen Garden: How to Plant, Grow, and Cook TogetherHe intimated that in the Udyan Mela, members of Dwarka Chapter will display their skills of growing cabbage, sugarcane in pots, bottled plants, hanging baskets etc.  Other agencies like Horticulture Department of DDA, leading schools, housing societies besides a few NGOs of Dwarka are also likely to join hands in this noble cause.

Request letters seeking participation are being mailed to all the schools, NGOs, housing societies with a request to send their Maalies for sharpening their skills, free of cost.  Outstanding Maalies shall be suitably rewarded with trophies.  

View brief about P.K. Datta

New show Mrs. Tendulkar on SAB TV

PremBabu Sharma

 India’s family comedy entertainment channel, launched Mrs. Tendulkar. A slice of life comedy, this show comes from Hats Off productions headed by JD Majethia & Aatish Kapadia. Starring Deven Bhojani & Kishori Godbole in pivotal roles, Mrs. Tendulkar premiers on 31st of January 2011 and will air every Monday – Thursday at 9.30pm only on SAB TV.

‘Mrs. Tendulkar’ is a unique story of the bank colony members who, work and live together as one big family. The show stars comedy-veteran Deven Bhojani, as Suhaas Tendulkar and Kishori Godbole a well-known Marathi actress as Vibhavari Tendulkar. The show revolves around the life of the Tendulkars’ where unlike most other families, wife is the bread-earner and husband a homemaker.

Deven Bhojani in the title role of Mrs. Tendulkar will be seen playing the role of a house-husband, doing all the daily chores and his wife Vibhavari aka Kishori Godbole is a bank manager at Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank. Mrs. Tendulkar not only backs his wife Vibhavari to pursue her successful career as a bank manager but, also dons the role of a house husband efficiently. He is very supportive of his wife and has very ably, adjusted in to this unconventional role of a homemaker! Though, the Tendulkar’s have adapted to this setting very amicably, this does not go down to well with the members of the new society.

Mr. Anooj Kapoor, Executive Vice President & Business Head, SAB TV said that, “Mrs. Tendulkar is set in a Maharashtrian background. The show has a winning combination of JD, Aatish ,Sameer Kulkarni & Deven who have a strong following of their own along with Kishori Godbole, who is a popular Marathi Theater & film artist. This show will strengthen our content offering and help us get incremental reach from Maharashtra which is an ever growing & big market for us.”

Talking about Mrs. Tendulkar, Producer, JD Majhethia said that, “We were contemplating with this idea for a long time. After numerous meetings with Mr. Anooj Kapoor, on different subjects, we agreed on Mrs. Tendulkar which excited us the most! Mrs. Tendulkar is an apt mix of fresh & contemporary ideas. It is a show that will appeal to all age groups. We are very sure that it will be loved by housewives, working women, working men & also men who work at home!”

Says script advisor, Aatish Kapadia, “Mrs. Tendulkar is a unique concept for Hats off Productions. We have always been known to create content which revolves around the Gujarati community. This is the first time that we are exploring the Maharashtrian community & we are trying our level best to get as close as we can to capture the Maharashtrian culture.”

Actor Deven Bhojani says, “I am very excited for Mrs. Tendulkar. It is a challenging role for me, something that I have never done before. People have seen the promos and liked them. I am sure when they see the show they are going to love it!”

Mrs. Tendulkar is a tale about the Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank colony that consists of distinctive personalities. It is said that employees of Gangaram Godbole Sahakari Bank share a love-hate relationship with each other. The society comprises of distinctive characters that are unique in their behaviour and are totally against any change in their life.Thus, not being able to accept the role reversal in the Tendulkar family the society members find it absurd that the man of the house is taking care of the three kids at home and doing menial chores, while the wife is out working as a bank manager trying to revive a declining bank branch!

This story is a roller coster ride of conflicting ideals, personalities and attitudes. Every episode will focus on the love-hate relationship between the Tendulkar’s and the rest of the society and how in a short span of time, both the factions start accepting each other and a beautiful bond is formed between the two!

Keeping in line with the brand promise of presenting light hearted shows that the entire family can enjoy together, SAB TV’s next Mrs. Tendulkar too has a plot for the perfect viewing of the entire family.

Republic Day celebrations in Aakash Ganga Apartments, Sector-6, Dwarka

Republic Day was celebrated in Aakash Ganga Apartments , Plot No. 17, Sector 6, Dwarka, with great thusiasm and on a patriotic theme.

The event started with Flag Hosting by society kids, painting competition, Fancy Dress competition, Patriotic Quiz, , Patriotic Group-Dance, Karate Show, Musical Chair, Hit the Mug and Tambola were the main highlights.

The event also had a patriotic quiz where children were asked to identify the freedom fighters from the pictures shown. Prizes were given for correct answers as well.

The event ended with prize distribution in the form of medals and trophies to all the participants as well as winners.

Friday, January 28, 2011

For a corruption FREE INDIA ...

Delhi Lokayukta
Aims and objective of the Organisation
The institution of Lokayukta has been set up to inquire into the allegations against Public Functionaries in the National Capital Territory of Delhi and for matters connected therewith.

The mission of the Institution of Lokayukta is as under:-
To eradicate the vice of corruption, favouritism, abuse of position & power among the public functionaries.
To improve efficiency & to present correct image of the top public functionaries;and To promote fairness and honesty.

Wake up call by Justice Sarin
The present Lokayukta of National capital Territory of Delhi, Justice Manmohan Sarin assumed charge in November, 2008. Justice Sarin at the outset acknowledges that despite the institution being in existence for over 10 years, it has remained under utilized.

The statute envisages a significant role for the Lokayukta in the crusade against corruption in polity and public life. This needs to be fulfilled. One of the factors for under utilization is the lack of awareness of the existence of the institution of Loakyukta, its functions and utility.
It is necessary for the public at large to know about the existence, constitution and working of this institution for redressal of their complaints / grievances against highly placed Public Functionaries. The nature of complaint and grievances which can be entertained by the Lokayukta needs to be widely known, namely corruption, misuse of authority, nepotism and wrong doings of Public Functionaries. Further, the Lokayukta can also make recommendations with regard to procedures and practices which breed corruption or maladministration. The complainant and/or citizen coming forward must feel reassured that an independent authority would examine and deal with his complaint / grievance swiftly and fairly and make the recommendation to the Competent Authority. ...


Contacts of Delhi Lokayukta
Office of the Lokayukta
Government Of NCT Of Delhi,
'G' Block, Vikas Bhawan,
I.P. Estates, New Delhi-110002.
Tel:2337-0570, 2337-0865, 2337-0561, 2337-0073
Fax: 2337-8155
Helpline No. 23370100
Web Link


M K Gupta

Now mafia can go to any extent to have its way and even murder the honest officers and whistle blowers. Oil mafia has burnt alive an honest officer Yashwant Sonawane, ADM.  Govt. has declared Rs 25 lakhs to the berevered family of the Mr. Sonawane. Seven persons have been arrested for the murder of ADM.

In an other incident, an RTI activist Mr Amarnath Pandey, 55, an RTI activist and homocopathy dotor was shot at.  In this case,, an FIR has been registered against three persons including a Block Development Offier.  Pandey has tried to expose corruption in development block Ghorawal due to which govt issued a recovery order of Rs. 30 lakh from the concerned officers for misappropriation of funds.  Last week also, Pandey was hit by a jeep when he was returning home on his scooter.  
Meanwhile, demanding immediate arrest of attackers, Congress activists staged a sit-in Jubli crossing creating traffic jam in the Sonebhadra area.

Superintendent of Police, Deepak Kumar said that police have launched a manhunt to nab attackers.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ashoka Enclave G H Society Sector 11 Dwarka celebrated 62nd Republic day with great enthusiasm  . Tri colour was hoisted in the central park of the society by Sh Ravi Kant , Vice president of the society which was followed by sweet distribution . Children sung patriotic song and depicted a great historical play “Sikander and Porus” . Motivational prizes were distributed to the participants in the function .  

Magician Samrat Shankar should be honored with the Padma award, appeals Aadharshila

PremBabu Sharma
In the golden history of 56 years of ‘Padma Awards’, only one magician has so far been recognized for the art of magic - P.C. Sarkar – in 1964. Though this art is thriving and containing to entertain millions of Indians every year, no other magician has ever been found worthy of the Padma award which has gone to 2336 personalities in the last 56 years.

‘Aadharshila’ a group of writers, journalists and artistes, therefore appeal to the Government to honor Magician Samrat Shankar, who has been devoted to the ‘art of magic’ and ‘social welfare’ for last 35 years by awarding him a ‘Padma Shri’ for his art.

Mr. Pradeep Sardana, President of Aadharshila, senior journalist and a renowned film, television and art critic has written a letter to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, and pointed out that Magician Shankar, who has been making India proud around the world, has been nominated for the ‘Padma Shri’ by the Government of Haryana for the last 13 years. Magician Shankar has completed 35 years in performing art of magic, and he has held around 25,000 shows all over the world.

Among these, he has devoted 17,000 shows to charity, and donated a huge amount to Chief Minister’s State Relief Funds in various states, the Kargil war, tsunami, floods, and drought relief funds, aided the handicapped and disabled, thus contributing to Social Welfare. In his shows, the magician has attempted to eliminate superstition and promote patriotism, given messages against dowry and towards family planning, at the same time keeping his focus on entertainment – which gives the viewer an outstanding experience.

According to Mr. Sardana, the shows of Magician Shankar have been attended by various notable personalities, from Counselors, Members of Parliament, Chief Ministers , Prime Ministers, even Vice Presidents and Presidents. All of them had appreciated his art and many of them had personally honoured him. But the Indian Government had still not confirmed him for a Padma award.

The art of magic is one of the 64 ancient arts of India. There are many references of this art in ancient ‘Shastras’, ‘Puranas’ and ‘Epics’. But this ancient art is now become an endangered art because of lack of encouragement from the government and in the era of Film and TV. We have left with few magicians in the country and amongst them Magician Shankar has been the leading one, who has been performing this art consecutively and is able to make this heritage survive.This is one reason why he deserves to be honoured with the Padma award given away at the time of Republic Day every year.

‘Aadharshila’ has been dedicated to promoting and giving honour to art, culture and artistes since 1982. Many artistes presented or awarded by Aadharshila have achieved name and fame in their respective fields. Some of the more notable Aadharshila awardees include Ustad Bismillah Khan, Birju Maharaj, Shubha Mudgal, Anil Biswas, Tarachand Barjatya, B.R. Chopra, Ramanand Sagar, Surendra Pratap Singh, Kamleswar, Ashok Chkradhar, Surendra Sharma, Asaawri Pawar, Saroja Vaidynathan and Prakash Jha. ‘Aadharshila’ has also been active in preserving arts that are endangered and giving the honor to the artistes who keep them alive.

Mounting rage on the roads

Joginder Singh

Former Director - CBI

Antiquated laws, poorly trained drivers, bad traffic management and authority’s indifferent attitude have combined to create a mess.

India may not have a very high incidence of road rage cases as compared with some of the Western countries, but it is fast emerging as a dangerous trend. It is in essence a reflection of aggression caused by stress while driving. But what is cause for concern is that in most cases it is no more restricted to making rude gestures, heaping verbal insults, or smashing windows but ends up in physical assault or even murder. Take the recent incident in New Delhi. A pilot allegedly drove over the manager of a restaurant because the former’s car grazed that of the latter.

A look at the number of deaths resulting from road rage in Delhi alone gives a fair idea of the seriousness of the issue. In the past five years, out of the 2,489 murders in the national capital, 382 were committed by people who let their anger explode.

We Indians continue to be reckless on roads. The number of deaths in road accidents has increased from 84,430 in 2003-04 to 1.14 lakh in 2007. According to statistics, in 2007, India witnessed 418,657 road accidents out of which 14,590 were fatal. It is an increase of 8.4 per cent over 105,725 deaths in 2006.

It is important to note that most of these deaths have occurred due to bad road designs and lack of proper traffic management systems. Hence, the important question is what the Government is doing to tackle traffic offences, especially road rage incidents. The Government has decided to start a three-digit helpline 911— just like 100 for police and 101 for fire service. But it remains only on paper.

The law of the land has neither any definition of road rage nor any specific provision for it. It depends on the FIR registering official what IPC Sections he would use to register such a case. It is because the law makes a fine distinction between murder by rash and negligent driving, a planned murder and a murder by a sudden or grave
provocation. For instance, the accused in the New Delhi case was promptly granted bail on the ground that it was a bailable offence.

A road rage case may be registered under Section 304 as culpable homicide not amounting to murder or, under 304(A) as death due to rash and negligent driving. In some cases, Section 325 is used to bracket a road rage case with one of hurt or grievous hurt. It can also be registered as murder under Section 302 and attempt to murder under Section 307.

This kind of legal ambiguity can lead not just to corruption but also dilution of cases, especially those involving the high and mighty. An investigating officer has the liberty to turn a minor incident into a serious one and vice versa.

What is worse is that the legal procedure is too long-drawn to punish traffic offenders. If a drive were to be started to check the authenticity of driving licences issued, chances are that more than 25 per cent would turn out to be fakes.

The fault lies with our system. There is no institutionalised arrangement for drivers’ training in our country. The so-called driving training schools run by private operators are nothing more than a front for purchasing fake driving licences. Most advanced countries prescribe written as well as practical tests for applicants of driving licences. In our country even if the system exists, it is only on paper.

The Delhi High Court observed in January 2010 that bus operators should not be blamed alone for the increase in accidents, the State Government is equally responsible because it is lax in issuing driving licences. “The problem would not have arisen if you ensured trained drivers were given licences ... The power to give licences is with them (Government). Bus operators cannot produce drivers,”said the court.

According to Transparency India, truckers pay bribes at every stage of their business — starting from getting their vehicles registered with the Road Transport Office and obtaining road-worthiness certificates to obtaining and renewing inter-State and national permits. Besides, they pay cash at police checkpoints set up to curb smuggling and keep vigil on movements of anti-nationals and anti-socials. It estimates that truckers pay around Rs 22,500 crore in bribes annually.

The Global Corruption Barometer 2010, a survey conducted by Transparency International, says 74 per cent Indians feel that corruption has increased over the last three years. People find politicians are most corrupt, followed by the police, civil servants and officials from the fields of education, business, judiciary, NGOs and military. A truck industry operator said, “Harassment at the hands of police and Road Transport Office staff results in rash and negligent driving to make up for the time lost ...The indifferent attitude of the Transport Department is the main reason for approaching middlemen or touts.”

The authorities are yet to wake up despite over 314 deaths a day, 13 deaths per hour and a murder on the road every five minutes. Absence of a centralised data of rash and negligent driving and grossly disproportionate punishment for traffic violations surmount the problem.

It is surprising that the serious problem of traffic offence has not even evoked a debate in Parliament. It shows the Union Government does not feel responsible for this sorry state of affairs. It reminds me of what Alexander Pope once said: Honour and shame from no condition rise; Act well your part, there all the honour lies.

The Union Government would do well to remember that the responsibility lies with it to improve the traffic management system in the country by changing the laws and being ruthless in dealing with corruption in the system. Similarly, those who violate traffic rules or are found guilty of causing injury, death and damage on account of rash driving should be severely punished so that others are deterred.

It is a comment on our sad state of affairs that along with fatal accidents on the roads, the incidence of road rage is also increasng with each passing day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

आज के बच्चे ही कल का भविष्य: मनोज शौकीन

प्रेम बाबू शर्मा

आज के बच्चे ही आने वाले कल का भविष्य है और बच्चे भारत गणतंत्र की नींव है। हमें शिक्षा के माध्यम से भारत का नवनिर्माण करना है।’ यह बात विधायक मनोज शौकीन ने श्रीराम फिजिकल वेलफयर ऐसोसियसन रिसाल गार्डन द्वारा संचालित एस.आर.पब्लिक स्कूल के वार्षिक समारोह में कहे। इस मौके पर मनोज शौकीन व भगतराम सहरावत ने मेधावी छात्र छात्राओं बच्चों को स्कूल बैग, स्वेटर ,टी शर्ट व पुस्तकें प्रदान की। समारोह का आरंभ ध्वजारोहण व मां सरस्वती वंदना से हुआ। दीप प्रज्जलित के बाद में सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम का आयोजन हुआ। जिसमें बच्चों ने अपनी कला के रंग बिखेरे। इस अवसर पर  विधायक मनोज शौकीन के अलावा समाजसेवी शमशेर वर्मा, धर्मवीर शर्मा, डा. विजेन्द्र सिंह डबास समेत शिक्षा जगत के गणमान्य लोग मौजूद थे। विद्यालय की प्राचार्य रष्मि शर्मा ने स्कूल की उपलब्धियों के बारे में जानकारी देते हुए शिक्षा व खेलों में बेहतर प्रदर्शन करने वाले बच्चों की घोषणा की।

Republic Day celebrations in Sector-9, Dwarka

Republic Day celebrations in Sector-9, Pocket-2, Dwarka. After flag hosting sweets were distributed. More than 300 residents from age 4 to 80 participated in various events and sports competitions. Cultural programme were performed by children and house wives. Musical chair competition for ladies and gents was the attraction for residents. The celebration was over with the distribution of awards to the participants.

Republic Day celebrations in Dwarka

Republic day celebrated at gokul garden organized by Bharat Sawabhiman Trust. About 800 people participated in the event. The celebration started by hawan then flag hoisting followed by cultural programme and lunch.


 Republic day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Sahara Society, Sector 6, Dwarka.  To begin with the celebrations, Mr S K Sinha, senior most resident hoisted the flag followed by the National Anthem.  On the occasion, “Kavya”, other children and residents sing the patriotic songs.  Ms. Nanda recited poem “Is desh ko Hindu Naa Musalmaan Chahiye, har majhab ho jisko pyara, woh ho Insaan Chahiye”.

On the occasion, M. K. Gupta exhorted the residents to be true to the true to the wishes of the Martyrs and freedom fighters for keeping the country safe and developing in line with their wishes of “Hum laye hain toophan se kisti nikaal ke, is desh ko rakhanaa mere bachchon sambhal ke: He also informed the residents, in brief, about the Right to Information Act and the Dwarka Forum. Underlining the need to fight corruption, he called upon the residents to refrain from any act which may boost corruption and to bring such cases of corruption to the knowledge of authorities and to his knowledge for highlighting them in media. 

The celebration was over with the distribution of awards to the children.

Free preview of Life Shaping and Life Transforming seminar

FREE Seminar on
"Successful Entrepreneurship"

Known as : Become a Successful Business Magnet

Date: 29 th January 2011
Time: 4 PM - 6 PM

Venue: Sector-7, Dwarka
Registration : 8826657305

We are sure that you are looking for Success, Wealth,
Good Health, Knowledge, Spiritual Bliss, Protection,
Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Joy in your life.

गणतंत्र दिवस के अवसर पर शहीद रामफल चौक पर फहराया तिरंगा

Social Development Welfare Society (Regd.NGO) के तत्वाधान में गणतंत्र दिवस के अवसर पर Palam ext Sec-7 Dwarka में रैली का आयोजन किया गया. रैली देश भक्ति के नारे लगते हुए पालम एक्स. मेन रोड से होते हुए शहीद रामफल चौक पर समाप्त हुई . वहां शहीद स्मारक पर तिरंगा फहराकर  शहीदों को याद किया और देश के प्रति  अपने श्रधा सुमन अर्पित किया . रैली का नेत्रत्व संस्था अध्यक्ष श्री नरेश लाम्बा जी ने किया . रैली में काफी संख्या में बच्चे युवा व  शेत्र के लोगो ने भाग लिया . रैली में मुख्य व्यकितियों में Mr Naresh Lamba (President), Smt Saroj (Treasurer), Mr Vishal (Member), Mr Satyavir Singh, SHO Palam Police Station, Sh Kuldeep Singh Solanki, Secretary 360 Panchayat, Mr. Parveen Sharma, Adarash Seva Samiti, Thakur Munim Singh Bhadoria etc.

Star Plus,s New show Love U Zindagi

PremBabu Sharma

Bringing fresh perspectives on life and relationships with its refreshed brand promise- ‘Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi’ (Same relationship, New thinking) last year, Star Plus has emerged as the dominant leader in the Hindi GEC market. Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi is one of the most successful and biggest brand campaigns the country had ever seen. Starting the New Year on this extremely positive note, Star Plus dedicates this success to every woman in this country who is slowly but progressively bringing about the ‘Nayi Soch’ and a change in her life, in the lives of her family members and society at large.

The woman of the house tries her best to get the family together. But with the increasingly busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, most families find it difficult to spend quality time together. Star Plus gives this woman the enabler to bring her family together on weekends and enjoy with them. After significant success in expanding its prime time band, Star Plus now offers family weekend band to bond over on with its latest offerings - Love U Zindagi, Wife Bina Life and Pyaar Mein twist.

As a channel that is led by concept innovations and accredited with bringing to life, the most iconic characters on television, Star Plus brings for its viewers ‘Geet Dhillon’ – a maverick sardarni from Bhatinda in Love U Zindagi. Conceptualised by one of the most acclaimed directors at present in Bollywood - Mr.Imtiaz Ali, Love U Zindagi is a story of Geet Dhillon who has dreams, aspirations and a great zest for life. With her innocence, wit in dealing with situations and her fundae (Geet ke fundae), Geet manages to work her way to her dreams. This lively and eccentric girl will surely capture the nation’s imagination and will keep you glued to the television sets at 7 pm, every Saturday and Sunday starting Jan 29 on Star Plus.

Produced by Shreya Creations and written by Arshad Syed, Love U Zindagi is set in Punjab and has intelligently recreated some of the favourite characters inspired from many of Imtiaz’s earlier works. The lead role of Geet is played by Pavitra Punia. The other cast includes veterans like Pawan Malhotra who will play Geet’s uncle, Surendar Pal, Neelu Kohli, Jitendra Trehan, new comer Aliza essaying key roles . The show will also have many other renowned faces.

Watch this new weekend on January 29, starting with Love U Zindagi at 7 pm, followed by a Mahaepisode of one of your favourite fiction shows at 8 pm, Wife Bina Life at 9 pm and Pyaar Mein twist at 10 pm.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Republic Day

Happy Republic Day

Let’s Salute Our Brave Hearts…..

Let’s get together & Celebrate Our Freedom !!
It is our duty to preserve this Freedom !
Vande  Matram !
Jai Hind       

Dwarka Parichay
Dwarka Forum
Social Development Welfare Society



Our Country got freedom 63 years back. Our country became Republic about 57 years back. If we assert ourselves about the debit-credit accounts of this country, I am sorry that the picture is very dim. What kind of republic is this where the public is being hackled by the politicians and bureaucrats to such a point where there exists only one mantra Fittest of the survival. We should not be ashamed of subjected to this kind treatment for which we ourselves are responsible. We cannot blame anyone accept us as we have made our own destiny in this manner. It is we who have encouraged the corruption in this country to achieve our personal interests at the cost of wider interest of society. There is no convictions left in our minds. We are fighting with each others for achieving our personal gains at any cost and by hooks and crooks. On the other hand the bureaucracy of this country and the Politicians has become our blood sucker. The are creating such a situation were the only principle of Might is right will survive. These politicians ruling the country and the bureaucracy has become deaf and dump. They only reacts when you show your muscle power. What ever is left thereafter is at the mercy of capitalists.

Whether the celebration of Republic day or Independence day has any relevancy in the present time. I feel that in the present situation all must put a Danada as a sign of our whatever remaining strength on our houses hanging with a fata hua Kacha on it, which will reflect our strength on one hand and our the present position. We should not be misled by these corrupt politicians who have only one mantra to make fools of the people with glorying our past when the present is worst condition and the future of this country and the people is bleak till then they survive, who have transferred the entire wealth in Swiss Banks in their pockets.

At last but not the least, I feel it my duty to call all those like me who hope in the principle where is a will there is a way to unite and uproot this corruption from its base then only think of celebrating Republic days and Independence days.

Republic Day celebrations

 Happy Republic Day

India is a nation where humanity has lived since ages. It is a country which is blessed with different religions, societies, cultures and languages, all interplaying with each other in harmony.
The month of January creates an aura of patriotism as Republic Day of India falls in this month. It was on 26th January, 1950 that Republic of India was formed and the Constitution of India came into force. Over these years India has come a long way in overcoming various obstacles and hurdles to rejoice in the moments of triumph, glory and the pride of being an independent nation. Republic Day reminds us of the fulfillment of the pledge that was made on the midnight of Independence as a "tryst with destiny".

This day also marks the recognition that we Indians thrive in a sovereign, secular, and democratic land that stands for the principles of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity, the golden words that form the essence of our Preamble.

Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm throughout the country. The patriotic fervour of every Indian on this day brings the whole country united. Republic Day is celebrated all over the country at all the administrative units like the capital cities, district headquarters, sub divisions, talukas, and panchayats with the same enthuse and vibe.

To honour the occasion, a grand celebration is held at New Delhi, the national capital. The celebrations begin with spectacular presentation projecting India's military prowess. The President of India - External website that opens in a new window unfurls the National Flag, followed by the National Anthem. The different regiments of Army, Navy and Air Force march in-synchrony from Rashtrapati Bhavan, along the Rajpath and reach the India Gate saluting the President of India, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces.

This is followed by a massive parade by other military troops including State Regiments and Paramilitary Forces of India. A spectacular presentation from different parts of the country representing different folk dances, festivals, historical locations is displayed next. Children from various schools present folk dances from different States in picturesque costumes marking the cultural unity of India. Cultural events and traditional folk dances create an ambience of merriment and enthusiasm. Soldiers who have performed exceptionally are awarded the bravery medals, Param Veer Chakra, Veer Chakra and Maha Veer Chakra. National Bravery Awards are given to children who have performed outstanding deeds of bravery and selfless sacrifice. A streak of jet planes of Indian Air Force; leave a trial of coloured smoke, showering rose petals on the spectators marking the end of the grand day.

A Salute to the Legends
January 30th is marked as Martyrs Day, to honour and pay homage to those martyrs who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom, welfare and progress of our beloved country. It was on January 30, 1948 when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, since then every year the Nation pays homage to the Mahatma and other martyrs on this day.

The President, the Vice President - External website that opens in a new window, the Prime Minister - External website that opens in a new window, the Defence Minister, and the three service Chiefs' gather at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat and lay wreaths on the Samadhi decorated with multi-colour flowers. The inter-services contingent reverses arms as a mark of respect to the martyrs. A religious prayer ceremony is held and Gandhiji's much-loved bhajans are sung.

Celebrate with the National Portal of India
Be a part of the Republic Day celebrations 2010 with the National Portal of India and view the Republic Day Parade Glimpses - External website that opens in a new window and Address to the Nation by the President - External website that opens in a new window, all through our My India My Pride section. Also check out the list of various Gallantry Awards like Paramvir Chakra, Ashok Chakra and Vir Chakra. Greet your friends and relatives with exclusive Republic Day greeting cards - External website that opens in a new window from the National Portal's e-Greetings section.

The Spirit of Republic Day
The real spirit behind such a grand celebration is not only to celebrate India's secularism and democracy but also to make every Indian feel proud of our rich culture, languages, dialects, traditions, customs and religions that makes India a marvellous multi-cultural country. Let's all come together and feel proud, identify ourselves as true Indians, and not to a particular religion or caste. Let's take a pledge deep inside our hearts to promote one feeling, one religion and one thought: of Being a true Indian.

Jai Hind

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March Against Corruption in Delhi

Date : Sunday, January 30 

Controlling CorruptionTime: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Location:  Ramlila Maidan (opposite Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Civic Centre near Minto Road) to Jantar Mantar, Delhi, nearest metro station is New Delhi Rly. Station

More Info : Anna Hazare, J M Lyngdoh, Swami Agnivesh, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and other social activists and change leaders urge citizens to join them in the march from Rajghat to Jantar Mantar to protest against corruption.

Contact: 09717460029

- share your efforts & initiatives

Dear friends,

Thanks for the overwhelming response.

Please share your initiatives, efforts, experiences ...

To spread the message & for your participation in understanding the process, please take this 2 minutes survey regarding basics of corruption - CONTROL CORRUPTION.

The purpose of this survey is :

To make ourselves aware of the effect, influence, power, mechanism & tools/ options to control corruption.

Guideline for sending  articles with your PP photo.

* What is coruption?
* How it spreads?
*Bad effects
*Suggestion to control.
* Benefits after control

All completed survey will get complied information in E- book on Control CORRUPTION include useful informations, articles, links, forums, networks, tips etc. to control CORRUPTION.

Every individual has his own universe & experiences in life. So share and inspire others.

Please spread this message/ survey and help to understand all about CORRUPTION.
Forward to various contacts, forums, social networks, platforms etc.



Monday, January 24, 2011

Annual Function of Neusource was Celebrated

 PremBabu Sharma

Neusource process outsource private Ltd. Celebrated its Third Annual Day founction in Delhi. A rocking party for team neusource was organized on the occasion at West Delhi in subhash Nagar, good performers were awarded at the fanction. Team was addressed by chief Guest Mr. Rajiv George,CMD of Greves Group and directors of the company. Various Management games were also played in the event Jai sethi, Hemant Gupta & G S Periwal motivated the team.

Mr. Jai Sethi expained that has been observed that various are opting for outsourcing their accounts function rather than doing in house processing. It is the latest trend in vogue that is being tapped by various KPOs for their benefits. He said that Indian KPO market is now growing at rate of 14 % per annum and a lot of accountancy & law professionals are joining to the industry and doing great jobs in the industry.
Neossource is a business process outourcing company of accounting & law professionals. Nousource has experienced, qualified people combined with support technology for providing accounting outsourcing to make the service look and feel like  there are additional accountants working from within your office at a fraction of the cost. The Neusourcw team is well – versed in the field of accounting, management, taxation and corporate and other mercantile law. The team working at Neusource goes through a rigorous training program implemented to serve clients better.

JM International School, hosts Chinese Delegates

A team comprising of educators and scholars of Experimental School, attached to the Capital Normal University, Beijing, China, under confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Association of India (CUCAI), visited JM International School, Dwarka-6 on January 24, 2011as a part of educational and cultural exchange programme.

A warm welcome with blossoming flowers and memento was given at their arrival to the school. A special morning assembly was organised to welcome, teachers, Gao Erman, Ma Yongie, Qin Chunyan, Deng Heng and the students Bai Xuan, Guo Tianyue, Hang Shuai, Jiang Xue, Li Huanxia, Luo Manxin, Sun Jingxiao, wang Minchen, Wang Yunfei, Xu Tianze, Yang Jianzhao, Zhao Bing, Zhao Bing, Zou Yangyang.

Republic Day celebrations were the theme of assembly, which familiarised the delegates with Indian ways of celebrating Republic Day.  

The delegates were shown; series of vibrant Cultural programme, mainly a skit based on patriotic fervour and reverence for India. The presentation included folk dances of Bengal, Rajasthan, Haryana and a national song depicting cultures and rituals of respective states. A special dance with handkerchiefs as prop, presented by Chinese student left every one astonished.

School Principal Ms Renu Jain encouraged the students to have faith in themselves and take pride in richness of Indian Culture. She said, “Each one of us has that power which can excel us in every sphere.”  
The delegates were then taken for a visit around the campus highlighting the different aspects of the school. This was followed by scrumptious refreshments. The delegates along with JMIANS, visited Tajmahal, one of the seven wonder’s of the world, which stands as a symbol of eternal love, as a part of cultural and educational programme organised by the school. A painting competition on Tajmahal made their visit memorable, as they showed keen interest in showcasing their colouring talents.

 It was heartening to receive the high appreciation from the guest for students and teachers. The school felt privileged to be the host of these esteemed guests, as the visit led to the sharing and discussion on the prevalent system of education, scientific progress and knowledge of technology.

Join the site visit regarding Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport

Come and join the meeting with your suggestions...
For more detail please call- 9810315897

No. F. 6(144) 2010/UTTIPEC/D-14 Dated: 21.01.2011


A Joint Site Visit on the issues related to Dwarka has been scheduled on 27.01.2011 at 2.30 P.M. The meeting point shall be the Junction of Palam Marg & road leading to Gopinath Bazar ( Indian Oil Depot./junction). The references received from Mr.C.K.Rejimon, President, Dwarka Forum & Mr.L.N.Modi, D.G., Rashtra Nirman are enclosed which will be taken up for discussion during the visit.

You are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the same.


( P.K.Behera )


Letter to Sh. P.K. Behera, Joint Director (Plg.), UTTIPEC regarding Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport

                                       DF/2011/UTTIPEC /1/001 Dated: 17 January 2011

Sh. P.K. Behera
Joint Director (Plg.), UTTIPEC
2nd Floor, Vikas Minar, New Delhi- 110002
(M) 9968298659

Subject: Dwarka Sub-City Issues on Traffic & Transport
Ref: Our Tele conversation on 3/9/2010 with President of Dwarka Forum

Refer our emails dated 13/11/2009,25/2/2010, 3/3/2010, 21/5/2010, 15/6/2010, 22/7/2010, 4/8/2010

Tel Discussion with Shri. Ashok Bhattacharya, Director dated 18/8/2010 and 3/9/2010 Our Letter dated 6 September 2010 Ref No DF/2010/UTTIPEC /09/001
Our letter dated 11/11/2010 and Meeting with you on 11/11/2010.

As discussed sir, the Dwarka Sub-City has serious Traffic and Transport Problems. We would like to sum up some and propose few issues are as follows :

1. Problem Areas of Existing Infrastructure: (Details are already conveyed in our letter dated 6/9/2010)

a. Dwarka LINK Road (1): Crossing at SAMALKH Red light and move towards NH-8 and One road goes to Old-Delhi Gurgaon road towards Kapasehra Border –Udyog Vihar.

Solution: As suggested earlier re-design T Junction URGENTLY, The Repair of O-D-G Road by PWD (Responsible Division PWD-M111 Division).

b. Dwarka-Palam-Flyover (2): This begins Sector 6/7/2/3 toward Domestic Airport. The Red light at Indian Oil depot and road junction towards Delhi Cantonment , Gopinath Bazar..

The Problem areas: The non standard speed breaker at flyover. The red light at crossing near sector 6/7/2/3. The Indian Oil Junction Red Light and Service/Slip road usage restriction by Army with force. Road constructed and maintained by DDA FO Div I.

Solution: The removal and installing standard speficification speed breakers. New Flyover at Dwarka sector 6/7/2/3 Crossing along with widening of the roads. A Flyover or under pass at Indian Oil T Junction.

c. Bijwasan-Kapasehra Rail Over Bridge: The SE MCD (Rajesh Arora) updated the construction is full swing. We suggest on the date of your site we may visit the site if its convenient.

2. Propose a 3rd New Road route from Dwarka Sector 8 near SPG Junction (Shahabad Station) connecting IGI Airport T-3 Tunnel Road.

3. Any other alternate route that UTTIPEC may suggest to reduce and also as mid term/long term plan when the Dwarka Sub-City will have 100% occupancy(expected by 2013).

Please let us also know date of site visit to Dwarka/Samalkha/.

We look forward to
Yours sincerely,
President- Dwarka Forum

Painting Competition on Republic Day

RoomMates RMK1136SCS Jungle Adventure Peel & Stick Wall DecalsPainting Competition on Republic Day

on 26th Jan., 2011 at 2 PM.

at DDA Park, Sector-6, Dwarka,  Near Patrol Pump
Art Reproduction Oil Painting - Mona Lisa - Extra Large 30" X 40" - Hand Painted Canvas ArtAge Groups: 3-6 Years, 7-10 Yrs., 11-14 Yrs
Special category above 15 Yrs.
Three prizes and one consolation
will be given in each Categories.
No entry fees
Registration & Participation.
Contact: 9810432185

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wrestling competition on the occasion of birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

On the occasion of birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose a wrestling competition is going on at the ground of old shiv mandir village Shahbad Mohhamd Pur. It is organised by yuva sangathan  Shahbad Mohhamd Pur. Famous wrestlers participating from Haryana, Punjab and Delhi including from Hanuman Akhara, Chandrup Akhara and Chatrasaal Stadium.  Awards of first prize Rs.31000, second prize 21000 and third prize Rs.11000 given to wrestlers in different categories.

Acts of bravery in the society - awards by CID, SONY TV

Send your entries on line - click
About the Awards
The Awards
CID Gallantry Awards is an initiative by SONY Entertainment Television to encourage and felicitate acts of bravery in the society. The Award is aimed at bringing to fore the unsung heroes - common people who have committed acts of bravery in real life. CID Gallantry Awards also gives the consumers an additional outlet to connect with their favourite show - CID.
The Awards will be given in 2 categories – 
Physical Bravery (performing a self-less act of bravery at great personal risk to save life, or property of someone else) & Social Bravery (for efforts against social evils like drug abuse, dowry, child labour, illiteracy, environmental pollution, etc).
Within these categories the awards will be further divided into 2 age brackets – people below 15yrs of age & those above 15yrs. In each category, 2 awards will be given (1st & 2nd Prize). Thus there will be 8 Awards in total which will be awarded.
How to Enter (Entries Open from 15th Aug – 10th Oct)
All Indian citizens (except the employees of MSM and the sponsors of Awards) can send an entry for the Awards in any of the following 3 ways:
  1. By Post - CID Gallantry Awards, Multi Screen Media Private Limited, PO Box No. 17680, Malad Post Office, Malad Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai – 400 064.
  2. Online – by uploading their written entry or Video on
  3. By calling from your landline/mobile phone on IVR number of MSM 5052525 (BSNL users 
  4. 1255525)

What will the Award Winners Get
The winner of both Categories in each Age Group shall be given a cash prize of Rupees one lakh only (Rs. 1,00,000/-) and the runner up shall be given a cash prize of Rupees fifty thousand only (Rs. 50,000/-) MSM shall, in its sole discretion, select and appoint a jury of judges to screen the entries and select the winners for Awards. The Jury’s decision shall be final and no claims, questions, queries whatsoever shall be entertained by MSM.

Last year Sh. Vijay Saluja from Dwarka, Delhi got Silver award in CID
As an IIT Delhi graduate, Vijay Saluja joined the New Delhi Municipal Council in the hope of improving the overall living conditions for the people of New Delhi. Unfortunately this dream changed course when he was surrounded by the rampant corruption around him.Instead of going with the flow, Saluja decided to swim against the corruption in the system, which resulted in a hostile work environment, financial instability, mental and physical stress and even death threats.
Saluja filed a civil petition in Delhi High Court citing his superiors' abuses of power, including massive squandering of public funds, and the damages to Saluja's career. The findings led to the restoration of Saluja’s 20 years of lost seniority, made him Chief Engineer of the department, and earned his adversaries contempt notices for dragging their feet.

Vijay Saluja has been sustained through the years by his devotion to the common good. "Callous waste of public funds, when abject poverty abounds, literally appalls me" says the Chief Engineer.


M K Gupta, 
Media Advisor, Dwarka Forum and
Free Lance Journalist

DWARKA WILL HAVE PUBLIC LIBRARY : According to the tender notice issued, would be Community Centre at Sector 19, Dwarka will have space for a Public Library.

Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has challenged the Central Information Commission order for disclosure of records and appointment of transparency officers.  CIC has ordered in November to all Central Govtministries to make public all its records except those exempt under the RTI Act.   It also set deadline of 30 days for appointment of transprancy officers and six months time for cataloguing records and crating a negative list of records that cannot be made public.                                           

CIC has imposed penalty of Rs. 25,000 on four officers of MCD separately for not providing information despite directions of the senior officers of the Department. The decision was given by Information Commissioner Shri Shailesh Gandhi on the complaint/ appeal of Shri J N Kapur.  He asked for the reasons of demolisation of Man Sarovar Garden club in West Delhi.

Directorate of Education, Delhi will train Principals on the RTI Act. This is in the wake of order of CIC appointing the Principals as PIOs ion the appeal of Shri Madan Mohan Tiwari.

In a deft move, many private schools have given the name of Activity Fund for the donation to avoid govt. audit in to its accounts. They are auctioning seats from Rs. 30,000 up to one lakh.                                                                  

Mr Shukla has replaced Dr. A C Vera as Registrar of Co-operative Societies,Delhi.

The Registrar, Co-operative Societies has debarred RWS or Apartments Owners Association in Societies.  This is in compliance of the Delhi High Court order in the case of Mr. Bajpai Vs the Administrator and other.

Govt has stated in the Supreme Court that it has no jurisdiction to question the appointment of Central Vigilance Commissioner (Mr. P J Thomas).

On the lines of Bihar, the Delhi Govt. has also started Service Guarantee Scheme and set outer deadlines for some govt. related work.  For details may be available on Delhi Govt. website.                               

The aim would be to ensure Delhi metro network goes up to 415 km by 2017, bigger than the London Metro (Kamala Nat, Urban Development Minister)
 Come June/July, Metro will have 6 to 8 compartments on Dwarka line.

 Consumer Forum, East Delhi has said that it the agent of Post Office has ran away, it is the responsibility of the Post Office to reimburse to the account holder.  In a decision, Shri U C Toward has also imposed a penalty of Rs. 4,000 on the postal department and ordered the post office to refund Rs. 60,000 to the account holder.

 Delhi High Court has also asked for the file on the appointment of Shri J P Singh as Delhi Electric Regulatory Commission and has also asked about the reasons of delay in the appointment of its Chairman.

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