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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

U-14 Football Fest kicks-off in Kalyani

 The U-14 Football Fest conducted by the All India Football Federation kicked-off at the picturesque Kalyani Stadium Ground in Nadia on Tuesday (January 31) morning. The Fest, aimed in spotting players for the various AIFF-FIFA Regional Academies and the National Age-Group Teams was inaugurated by Minister for Food Processing and Horticulture, West Bengal, Mr. Ujjwal Biswas.

Mr. Biswas marked the opening with the traditional lighting of the lamp in presence of Dr. Pradip Kumar Sur, Chairman, Kalyani Municipality, who is also the President of the Organising Committee.

Scot O’Donnell -- Technical Manager, Regional Academies; Colm Toal – Head Coach, Youth Development Programme and Shubhankar Mukherjee, Director, National Teams, AIFF were also present on the occasion. Mr. Gobinda Chandra Naskar, Member of Parliament, Bongaon, was also part of the proceedings.

The 27 teams represented by 594 kids participating in the Fest which concludes on February 4, 2012 were also treated to a Cultural Programme. Besides, Guinness Book record-holder Uttam Das demonstrated his juggling skills on a motorbike, much to the appreciation of the boys.

The teams have been divided into 7 groups of four-teams each. Each team would be playing three matches of 30-minute duration after which they would again be classified in separate groups – for stronger teams and weaker teams.

AIFF’s spotters for the Fest: Scott O’Donnell, Savio Medeira, Colm Toal, Marcus Pacheco, Aqeel Ansari, Francisco Bruto da Costa, Gautam Ghosh, Tarun Roy & Hilal Rasool Parray.


Group 1: Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi.
Group 2: Haryana, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat.
Group 3: Uttarakhand, Manipur, Pondicherry, Goa.
Group 4: Maharashtra, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh.
Group 5: Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal.
Group 6: Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim (Did not turn up).
Group 7: Orissa, Mizoram, Bihar, Chandigarh.

तुम हो तो जिन्दगी है

प्रवीण कुमार शर्मा

केवल बस तुम हो तो लगता है
जिन्दगी है, जिन्दगी हसीन है
तुम न हो तो कुछ भी नही है
जिन्दगी नही है, उदास जिन्दगी है

कितनी ही बातें अनकही है अब तक
कितनी ही रातें अकेली है, अब तक

क्या गुनाह है किसी को चाहना
क्या गुनाह है, तुम्ही को चाहाना

कैसे दिखा पाऊगा दिल को
कैसे बता पाऊगा तुमको

तुम ही जिंदगी हो
तुम ही हर ख़ुशी हो

हर वक्त है जिसकी कमी
होंठों की कॅंप-कॅंपी, आखों की नमी

तुम्हारी तस्वीर बोलती है मुझसें
इतना न देखा करो तुम

उफ अब करू, तो क्या करू

ना सहा जाता है
ना कहा जाता है
यें जो प्यार है हर पल बढ़ता है, बढ़ रहा है

कैसे बताऊ तुम्हें
कैसे समझाऊ तुम्हें
अब तुम्हारे बिन हर लम्हा खटता हैं, खटकता है

कुछ करो ना
तुम ही जिन्दगी हो
जीने की वजह भी तुम ही हो

फूलों की खुशबू , तितली के रंग
चेहरे की ख़ुशी,  तुम ही हों
सुना तुमने, सुना तुमने

अब चुप रहो ना
कुछ कहो ना, कुछ कहो ना
तुम ही हो, तुम हो ना
तुम हो तो जिन्दगी है

The golf course will soon in Dwarka

There is good news for sports lovers and particularly for golf players because
Very soon, you will be able to tee off in a golf course of international standards in Delhi, and that too by paying a very nominal fee. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is coming up with a ‘state-of-the-art’ 18-hole golf course spread over an area of 173 acres in Dwarka — the biggest ever by the agency.

“DDA is the first to bring this elite sport to the doorstep of the common man,” said Neemo Dhar, DDA spokesperson. “Our golf courses allow ‘pay and play’, which brings the sport to the common man. The pattern is being replicated in our upcoming golf courses,” she said.

Apart from the gold driving range, the complex will house a training centre, club house, swimming pool and gymnasiums of international standards. The golf course will come up at Dwarka Sector 24, next to the proposed diplomatic enclave and international convention centre planned by the DDA. The golf course will also be very close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.


Public Grievance Cell
Minister for Urband Development
Govt of India, New Delhi

Subject: Grievance against DDA NEGLECTING THE DWARKA SUB-CITY ?
Refer: Rather than words PICTURES SPEAKS of How DDA Negelected Dwarka


We would like to bring to your kind attention, we have been HIGHLIGHTING various deficiencies of DDA.

This particular case is of TOTAL NEGLIGENCE by DDA towards Dwarka. What talked of in documents and off records discussion. Dwarka Sub-City is DREAM Project and called Master Plan Sub City. Where as in reality there is ZERO Implementations of Master Plan provisions. You may check yourself on the Master Plan 2021 documents, DDA other documents related to Dwarka and latest Zonal Plan K-II.

DDA currently interested only in INVENTING NEW Projects else where as existing announced one or budged are not implemented. Take the case of PRE HABITATION of Dwarka project:

Not a single Community centre within Sectors of Dwarka we have, what DDA had build CC on Villages around Dwarka.

Since there were many issues that affects over 6 lakh residents, over 300 CGHS Apartments and over 55 DDA Pocket RWA's in Dwarka Sub-City along with Commercial and Institutional representatives.

Some of the areas where we found DDA NEGLECTING DWARKA are as follows:

Master Plan of Dwarka: 
This remain only as we call it there are many MASTERs in DDA but no Planners seems.
Planning and Implementation failures.
Pre habitation facilities lacking:

i. No Vegetable/Fruits Markets
ii. Only few Milk Diary booths such as Mother Diaries
iii. No Community Halls within Sectors
iv. No District Centre
v. No Recreation Centre or Cinema Halls etc
vi. No Clubs
vii. The Service Sector 20 is converted to Commercial use and NO SERVICE related usage till date allotted.

No tolerance Zone- Dwarka.
No one actually know what is this MEANING of ZERO TOLERANCE as no document is available.
There is no enforcement on violation to commercial encroachment in markets
The commercial building have extended rooftops and other areas without due approval causing huge REVENUE loss to DDA and risking public.

Parking Issues:
The ECS (Equal Car Space per 100 Sq Mtr)– Parking are not available in LSC , Sector markets and Institutional areas.
Multi Level parking project have not implemented for Sector 6/10, 4/5/11/12 markets
The LSC Private buildings reserved basement parking are not open to public

Water Supply:
The DDA and DJB collected an average of Rs. 10 lakh per CGHS Society and Equal from DDA Pockets. However the basic supply of Drinking water not provided by DDA till date as its on loggerhead with DJB. Dwarkites don't get SAFE DRINKING WATER even a liter per person per day.
98% of Dwarkites drinking toxic ground water with over 3000 TDS level. Without providing safe water to existing population DDA add on new housing projects.

Incomplete Projects:
Bharat Vandana Park- No sign of implementation- Only Meetings no outcomes.
Approval of 750 Bed hospital building plan pending with DDA
Uncompleted Roads connecting various parts especially sector 24,25,26 and Dwarka-Palam Vihar Expressway.

DDA Pockets pathetic condition:
Almost all the DDA Pockets are in most DANGEROUS situation where most of the ceiling and balconies are falling apart.
The facility provided to these pockets are minimal, while you are adding new complex and ignoring the existing one to provide BASIC Amenities.

Completion cum Pre occupancy certificate issues of Cooperative Group Housing Society:
DDA board should consider one time moratorium to all CGHS who have completed necessary FIRE clearance for CC/POC. DDA is loosing out revenue on Freehold amount due to this complex CC/POC.
The DDA to open office in Dwarka to enable FREE HOLD facilitation Desk

Maintenance of Master Plan Sub-City:
-The Dwarka boast of wide roads and Service lanes, Drains,Pedestrian paths. These are not maintained properly and timely.
-The parks are not developed in mot of the sector either due to water supply or power supply or short of funds. The Malis on pay roll only available to Horticulture office what ever work is done is through contractor.
-The pedestrian paths are not designed as per latest UTTIPEC guidelines
-The maintenance of DDA Pocket Flats is pathetic condition especially exteriors & balconies falling.

I hope you will check the above photographs and numerous other photographs on internet posted evident of DDA's Negligence towards Dwarka.

If you require more evidence and Pictures, we would be happy to send the same.

You name any of the area or service from above list, where DDA have NOT NEGLECTED DWARKA ? DDA promise many things, including in the budget but NOT DELIVER, the RECORDS speaks for itself. . All the work of Dwarka come to stand still barring the salary of its staffs.

Yours sincerely,
Rejimon C K
President- Dwarka Forum

Monday, January 30, 2012

Raghav Sharma declared Mr. India Worldwide 2012

Prembabu sharma

Delhi based boy Mr. Raghav Sharma contestant number 9 won the contest of Mr. India Worldwide 2012. Last night, Mr. India Worldwide 2012 contest organized by Shree Sai Entertainment, with the association of Mahboob Sons at the Metro Walk Mall (Adventures Island), Rohini, New Delhi. All the contestants selected from entire India and Overseas. Audition held at Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, & Other Cities also. All the contestants groomed for this contest at SAGE HOTEL, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi by international Choreographer Mr. Babla Kathuria, a well-Known name in the fashion world. For this fashion show all the garments provide by Mr. Akhtar the owner of Mahboob Sons collections.

Eminent personalities from the media and fashion world and the reputed corporate houses attend this event. The contest judged by Eijaj Khan (Bollywood Actor), Misti Mukheerjee (Bollywood Actress), Krishan Choudhary (Icon Films Director), Gautam Rode (Famous Model & Celebrity Comparer), Rahul Datta (Famous Fashion Photographer), Mrs. Jeemol Jaiben (Mrs. India Worldwide 2012), Lotus Film Director P. Mohanty, Ponds Femina Miss India Official Trainer Rita Gangwani & Dr. N. K. Sharma (DAV Institute of Management).

Ist round, was introduction round and in this all the 30 contestant participate in this. IInd round, was Dhoti, Kurta & Nicker round again all the 30 contestant and after this round judges eliminate 10 contestant. IIIrd round, was Sherwani round and int this round judges asked question to all the left 20 contestant and after Q&A’s only 10 contestant left for the IV round, was Indo-Western round. And Vth round was finale round and in this round again Q&A’s asked by judges after that judges announced Winner, Ist Runner-up & IInd Runner-up.

The talent from Delhi was rolling and won the Winner title of Mr. India Worldwide 2012, Raghav Sharma contestant no. 9, Saransh Trehan from Delhi won the first runner-up title contestant no. 30 and Manish Bhati from Noida won the second runner-up title contestant no. 21. Contestants also awarded for Mr. Popular, Mr. Best Physique, Mr. Intelligent, Mr. Talented, Mr. Best Smile, Mr. Best Personality, Mr. Best Walk, Mr. Best Model, Mr. Best Photogenic, Mr. Best Dress.

Contest was organized by Shree Sai Entertainment, a renowned event management company that has over the years pursued a relentless hunt for young, good looking, brainy talents. According to Mr. Bharat K Bharamar, the organizer and the Chairperson of Shree Sai Entertainment, “Mr. India Worldwide 2012 gives an opportunity to young & handsome male models from entire India & Overseas, to use this platform as a door to enter the glamorous world of fame, attracting a lot of fanfare”.

द्वारका में समभाव द्वारा सरस्वती पूजा का आयोजन सम्पन्न

सिद्देश रॉय 

पिछले दिनों स्वैच्छिक संस्थान ‘समभाव’ के द्वारा द्वारका के सेक्टर 14 स्थिति ओम अपार्टमेंट के निकट सरस्वती पूजन समारोह का आयोजन किया गया। प्रतिमा पूजन एवं प्रसाद वितरण के बाद ‘म्यूजीकल चेयर’ प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन महिलाओं के लिए किया गया। इस प्रतियोगिता में लगभग तीस महिलाएं प्रतिभागी रही। 

इस प्रतियोगिता का सबसे रोचक पहलू यह रहा कि सभी प्रतिभागी महिलाओं को प्रोत्साहन पुरस्कार दिया गया। नौनिहालों की कलात्मक अभिरुचियों को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए उम्र के आधार पर तीन समूहों में ‘चित्रकला’ प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया। इस चित्रकला प्रतियोगिता में लगभग दो सौ बच्चों ने हिस्सा लिया। प्रतियोगिता में प्रथम, द्वतीय और तृतीय स्थान प्राप्त करने वाले बच्चों को सम्मान स्वरूप प्रसस्ती पत्र एवं प्रतीक चिन्ह ‘नारायणा एकेडमी,द्वारका’ के द्वारा दिया गया। शेष प्रतिभागी बच्चों को भी प्रोत्साहन पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया गया।

दो दिवसीय पूजन समारोह के प्रथम संध्या पर नटराज संगीत महाविद्यालय के द्वारा भगवान श्रीकृष्ण और शिव पर आधारित नृत्य नाटिका का मंचन किया गया। साथ ही साथ साईं बाबा और विप्र सुदामा की जीवन शैली पर आधारित झाकियाँ प्रदर्शित की गईं। कुछ बच्चों ने एकल नृत्य की प्रस्तुति भी की। इस रंगारंग कार्यक्रम के दौरान स्थानीय महत्त्वपूर्ण लोगों में मटियाला क्षेत्र के विधायक सुमेश शौकि़न, निगम पार्षद उषा गुप्ता, पूर्वांचल एकता मंच के अध्यक्ष शिवजी सिंह, द्वारका सिटी समाचार पत्र के प्रबंध सम्पादक मुकेश सिन्हा, एसीपी समय सिंह, स्थानीय समाजसेवी रॉबिन शर्मा एवं अन्य गणमान्य व्यक्ति भी उपस्थित थे। समभाव के समस्त पदाधिकारी, सदस्य एवं सहयोगी भी उपस्थित थे।

पूजन समारोह के दूसरे दिन विशाल भण्डारे का आयोजन किया गया तथा प्रतिमा का विसर्जन हर्षोल्लास के साथ यमुना नदी में सम्पन्न हुआ।


The students of The Indian Heights School, Sector 23, Dwarka welcomed Spring with enthusiasm on January 28th, 2012. To celebrate the importance and significance of Basant Panchami, a talent hunt competition, “SPECTRUM” was organized to add more colours to this colourful festival. Plethora of activities carefully designed under “SPECTRUM” gave vent to the imagination, talent, skill and creativity of each child.

A Hawan Ceremony was also organized in the school premises to invoke the blessings of Goddess Saraswati, personification of learning and knowledge.

Police Public meeting held in Kamakshi Apt.

On 29th January, 2012. Police public meeting was held in Kamakshi Apartment, Sector-6, Dwarka. Mr.Balwan Singh Duhan informed Dwarka Parichay that Sh. Suman Pushkaran-S.H.O. Police Station, Dwarka South, Sector-9 addressed the members of Executive committee and the residents of the whole society. 

Sh. Suman highlighted the useful information related to safety and
maintaining the law & order situation in control around the apartment. 

GOONJ organized “RAHAT-WINTERS” collection camp in Dwarka

Goonj.. ( would like to thank Dwarkaites for their overwhelming response, contribution and generous support for the “RAHAT-WINTERS” collection camp held at Infront of Brahma Apartments, Sector-7, Dwarka, on 29th January (Sunday).

Material of one full cantor and EECO van was collected during the afore-said camp. Attached pls find some snaps of the collection camp.

Neil Thomson and Ruth Thomson from UK, doing research on recycle based products spent entire time in the collection camp. They appreciated Goonj’s innovative efforts based on re-use concept to serve society. They shall also display the Goonj’s work during their exhibition in UK next month. celebrating its 13th Anniversary on 18th Feb 2012 (Saturday).Venue shall be at G-Block, Community Center, Near Gurudwara, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Pls contact H.O. at 011-26972351, 41401216 for the details.

Those who missed the collection camps and also existing contributors, can continue contribution to Goonj in the following permanent collection centers in Dwarka:

For all type of material:
Converse Training and Consultancy Service, 306- 308, Agarwal Plaza, Plot No. 11 (MLU), Sector-12, Near Agarwal Sweets & Restaurants, Dwarka
Tel. 9910024902,45281115 Mr. Gurjeet S.Kukreja (Monday closed)

Clothes only:
WARDROBE (Dryclean chain) near to Wine Shop
G-10, Vardhman Plaza, Plot no. 3, Sector-6, Central Market,
 Dwarka,Tel:32057320 (Wednesday closed)

Dwarka defend title: The largest GARBAGE city of ASIA...

Jan 2012: Dwarka defend title: The largest GARBAGE city of ASIA...Photo: Rejimon C K 

Nov 2011: Dwarka made Filthy GARBAGE Ground by MCD- DEMS Department.

Sept 2010: Dwarka - the largest Sub (GARBAGE) City of ASIA

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Annual Venkateshwar Summit focuses on India and UK as an ISA activity

The ` Annual Venkateshwar India-UK Summit’ was organized by Sri VIS, Sector-18, Dwarka in association with the Childreach International on January 21, 2012. The summit was an extension of the British Council’s International School Award (ISA) project, developing the pupils’ awareness of the cultures of other countries, while promoting an understanding of their own. Apart from the majestic Annual Venkateshwar Summit Rolling Trophy for the winning team’s school, the top three teams were to be awarded cash prizes of Rs 3000, Rs 2000 and Rs 1000 respectively along with individual trophies and certificates.

The summit was a reminder to the future leaders that every incident in history teaches us to take better care of the future, while planning for the future. The colonial past has left different legacies. The summit coincided with the republic day related activities of the month. The guests for the day were Ms Amita Sharma, the Manager Programs and Mr Vishesh Shukla from the Childreach International India. Childreach International India is a development organization that empowers children across India to achieve their right to education, healthcare, protection and prepares them to grow up as sensitized and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

22 teams from prominent schools from Delhi participated in the event. A written screening preliminary round was held along with some non-evaluative brainstorming activities for sensitizing the budding leaders such as a social responsibility test and a graffiti writing/wall magazine activity on why study English, what UK offers to us, what India can offer to the world.

The six best teams from different schools were t shortlisted after a tie breaker round for the sixth spot, which added the Modern convent team to the famous five - Sri VIS Sector -18, Dwarka, Venkateshwar Global School Sector- 13, Rohini, Loreto Convent Delhi Cantt., VIS Sector -10 Dwarka and IPIS Sector -10 Dwarka .

The final quiz had five rounds. The first two rounds- `Guess me Right’ and `Audio round’ ’ saw last four teams being selected. They were Loreto Convent, Modern Convent, VGS and Sri VIS teams. The ‘Check your Memory’ round led to elimination of the Loreto team.

The brain churning final `Rapid Fire Round’ decided the final winner. Sri Venkateshwar International School team members Aryan Gupta and Pranav Suri brought laurels and the rolling trophy to their school as they finished with 88 points. The First Runners up with 78 points were Vagisha Malhotra and Hardik Goel from the Venkateshwar Global School , while the Second Runners up were Harsh Kumar and Divanshi Khurana from the Modern Convent School with 47 points.

In the non-evaluative, yet socially stimulating and sensitizing activities organized by the Childreach International, graffiti written for the wall magazine by students from Loreto Convent and NK Bagrodia School were found to be highly commendable and were awarded medals.

A Social Responsibility Test – to awaken the spirit of social service and sensitivity saw the children giving situational responses in a mature and responsible manner, such as if their mother was sick and they were alone, all of them said that they will administer the first- aid, call a doctor and family members and take charge till others arrived. To the question, what would you do if you see a child begging or working in a roadside eatery, majority said that they will feel bad and many added that they will ask their parents to give money and clothes and a few also added that they will try to have the child put in a school with help from adults. To the question on garbage disposal, they had the right responses. It seems that society will see much improvement through these social messiahs.

GOONJ organized Collection camp in Dwarka

29th January,2012. An annual Campaign “RAHAT-WINTER” organized by GOONJ near Brahma Apartments Plot No. 7, Sector-7, Dwarka, N. Delhi. Mr.Arvind Aggrawal-Volunteer of GOONJ-Dwarka informed dwarkaparichay that the residents of Dwarka generously contributed several items like wearable old/new clothes, woolens, blankets, sweaters, jackets, shawls, caps, bed sheets, socks, gloves, clothes (washed), utensils, dry ration, sewing machine, Umbrellas, shoes, footwear, newspapers & magazines, one sided used papers, school material, books, old cycle, toys etc. Volunteers Anjali, Munish & Vishal were also present during the camp.

Panic and Rumors are Contagious

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India 

Both rumors and panic reactions are contagious. It just takes one percent of the population to create rumors. Most rumors are not facts. The best way to know whether it’s a rumor or not, is to ask, “Who told you”. The answer invariably will be ‘someone’. Unless somebody has heard it from the horses’ mouth do not believe it. It is a human tendency to add to what one has heard from someone.

Rumors are scientific and are based on the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. Once the target population is sensitized, the rumor spreads like wild fire. In a gathering of 1000 people only 10 persons are required to spread the rumor, and the resultant panic. In a war-like situation, it is easy to spread rumors as the public is sensitized for the same and living in an unknown fear.

Panic attacks are an unexplained and unprovoked fight or flight response. The body suddenly has the physical reaction of a life-threatening situation. Panic attack is usually mistaken (by the sufferer) as a heart attack and can be very frightening. Anxiety can sometimes lead to panic attacks therefore a lot of people with anxiety disorder tend to unfortunately develop panic attacks.

It is an emotion most people experience when they feel they are in danger. The heart rate increases, the muscles tense up, one get a rush of adrenaline and one is ready to fight for the life. This is called the “Fight or Flight” reaction and it gives one the extra strength needed to overcome or escape a dangerous situation.

On the other hand, anxiety disorder is when you have the symptoms but the reason for feeling the “Fight or Flight” reaction is unclear.
A panic attack is a sudden surge of overwhelming fear that comes without warning and without any obvious reason. It is far more intense than the feeling of being ‘stressed out’ that most people experience. Symptoms of a panic attack include:

*Racing heartbeat
*Difficulty in breathing, feeling as though you ‘can’t get enough air’
*Terror that is almost paralyzing
*Trembling, sweating, shaking
*Choking, chest pains
*Hot flashes or sudden chills
*Tingling in fingers or toes (‘pins and needles’).
*Fear that you’re going to go crazy or are about to die

In addition to the above symptoms, a panic attack is marked by the following conditions:
It occurs suddenly, without any proportion to the actual situation; often, in fact, it’s completely unrelated.
It passes off in a few minutes; the body cannot sustain the ‘fight or flight’ response for longer than that. However, repeated attacks can continue to recur for hours.

A panic attack is not dangerous, but it can be terrifying, largely because it feels ‘crazy’ and ‘out of control’. Panic disorder is frightening because of the panic attacks associated with it, and also because if often leads to other complications such as phobias, depression, substance abuse, medical complications, even suicide. Its effects can range from mild word or social impairment to a total inability to face the outside world.

Tips: Be prepared for emergencies. Always keep the first aid kit and a supply of goods and medicines for 1-2 weeks handy than to panic when they are needed.

Get your UID card today & avail multiple benefits

-A number(12 Digits) 
- For every individual, including infants 
- Enables identification, and is for every resident 
- Will collect demographic and biometric information to establish uniqueness of individual 
- Voluntary 
- For every resident, irrespective of existing documentation 
- Each individual will be given a single unique ID number 
- UIDAI will enable a universal identity infrastructure that any ID based application like ration card, passport
   etc. can use 
- UIDAI will give a “Yes” or “No” response for any identification authentication queries

How to get Aadhaar?
Registration/ Enrollment of Aadhaar Number/ UID Card

Residents of India need to visit the nearest Enrollment Camp and need to fulfill some formalities (given below) in order to register for an Aadhaar.
1. Documents Verification.
2. Biometric Scanning of Ten Fingerprints.
3. Biometric Scanning of Iris.
4. Photograph.

After these stages, residents will get an Aadhaar number within 20 to 30 days.

The following documents are required while applying for aadhaar UID card.

Proof of name and photo identity: (any one from list below)
· Passport
· PAN card
· Ration/PDS photo card
· Voter ID
· Driving license
· Government photo ID cards
· NREGS job card
· photo ID issued by recognised educational institute
· Arms license
· photo bank ATM card
· photo credit card 
· pensioner photo card
· freedom fighter photo card
· kisan photo passbook
· CGHS/ECHS photo card
· Address card having name photo issued bu department of post.

Proof of address: (any one from list below):
· Passport
· Bank Statement
· Passbook
· Post Office
· Account Statement/Passbook
· Ration Card
· Voter ID /Driving License
· Government Photo ID cards
· Electricity Bill (not older than 3 months)
· Water bill (not older than 3 months)
· Telephone Landline Bill (not older than 3 months)
· Property Tax Receipt (not older than 3 months)
· Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
· Insurance Policy
· Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead
· Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead
· Signed Letter having Photo issued by Recognized Educational Instruction on letterhead
· NREGS Job Card
· Arms License
· Pensioner Card
· Freedom Fighter Card
· Kissan Passbook
· CGHS / ECHS Card
· Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead
· Certificate of Address issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas)
· Income Tax Assessment Order
· Vehicle Registration Certificate
· Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement
· Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts
· Caste and Domicile Certificate having Photo issued by State Govt.

Proof of DoB (optional) : (any one from list below)
· Birth Certificate
· SSLC Book/Certificate
· Passport
· Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead

Advantages after getting an Aadhaar Number / UID

The Aadhaar will become the single source of identity verification. Once residents enrol, they can use the number multiple times – they would be spared the hassle of repeatedly providing supporting identity documents each time they wish to access services such as obtaining a bank account, passport, driving license,andso on.
By providing a clear proof of identity, the Aadhaar will also facilitate entry for poor and underprivileged residents into the formal banking system, and the opportunity to avail services provided by the government and the private sector. The Aadhaar will also give migrants mobility of identity.
It will also provide governments with accurate data on residents, enable direct benefit programs, and allow government departments to coordinate investments and share information.

Aadhaar Benefits

One Aadhaar = 1 beneficiary

Aadhaar is a unique number, and no resident can have a duplicate number since it is linked to their individual biometrics; thereby identifying fake and ghost identities which result in leakages today.


Aadhaar is a universal number, and agencies and services can contact the central Unique Identification database from anywhere in the country to confirm a beneficiary’s identity.

Inclusion of those without any existing identity documents:

A problem in reaching benefits to poor and marginalized residents is that they often lack the identification documents they need to receive State benefits; the ‘Introducer‘ system which has been approved for data verification for the UIDAI will enable such residents to establish an identity.

Electronic benefit transfers

The UID-enabled-Bank-Account network will offer a secure and low cost platform to directly remit benefits to residents without the heavy costs associated today with benefit distribution.

Aadhaar-based authentication to confirm entitlement delivered to the beneficiary:

Tthe UIDAI will offer online authentication services for agencies who wish to validate a resident’s identity; this service will enable confirmation of the entitlement actually reaching the intended beneficiary.

Self-service puts residents in control:

Using Aadhaar as an authentication mechanism, residents should be able to access up-to-date information about their entitlements, demand services and redress their grievances directly from their mobile phone, kiosks or other means. In the case of self-service on the resident’s mobile, security is assured using two-factor authentication (i.e. by proving possession of the resident’s registered Mobile Number and knowledge of the resident’s Aadhaar PIN).

List of Enrollment Working Centre - South West

1 Vasant Kunj

2 Air India Colony

3 Sec-19,Pocket-3,Dwaraka
4 Mahavir Enclave,part-1,Gali-No-7,Library
5 Partap Model School,Bindapur
6 Green Vally Public School,Janak Puri,Binda Pur
7 New Holy Pub School,Madhu Vihar
8 Anup Nagar, Binda pur
9 Shiv Mandir,Durga Park
10 Mission Convergence Center,Kakrola 
11 RWA Ofiice A-32, Jain Park
12 Mahavir Enclave, Part-111 RWA office
13 Mahavir Enclave Part-1,Nanda Block
14 Dabri Village,Chaupal
15 Najafgarh, (Tehsil)
16 DDA Flats,Block 150-151, Bindapur
17 Mission Convergence Center Dabri,Raghu Nagar
18 I.D.C Apartment,Sec-11,Dwaraka
19 New Jiwan School, B Block,Madhu Vihar
20 Sec-9,SFS, Pocket-1,Dwaraka 
21 Nand Ram Park, Bindapur
22 Choti Chaupal, Bindapur
23 Nigam Pratibha School, Mangla Puri
24 Delhi Cantt,Near Police Station
25 Braham Puri,Community Center,Sagarpur
26 Mohan Nagar, Hanuman Mandir
27 Inder Puri,Kalkidhar public School,Gurudwara Inderpuri 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Discover a new YOU

Only you can lead yourself where you want to go.

10 Hrs module on

Starting first week of February 2012.

This programme is structured to make an individual self motivated and unlock one's full potential. These courses help you to become more confident and have a cutting edge over others.

Courses are designed for an all round personality grooming and building total self confidence.

1: For students - aims at improving

Public speaking
Reading and Comprehension
Group discussions
Presentation skills
Communication skills

2: For elders/ teachers - aims at improving

Conflict management
Problem resolution
Proficiency in English
Decision making
Time management
Effective teaching techniques

Contact for module starting first week of  February 2012. 
Raji Vishwanathan - 9871824122

All roads lead to the Goan Derby

Salgaocar Sports Club’s fine run of six wins in seven matches will be under threat as they meet arch-rivals Dempo Sports Club in the Goa Derby at the Nehru Stadium, Fatorda, on Sunday (January 29).

Salgaocar's Tomba Singh in action
Dempo scored a solitary goal win in the opening game of the I-League and had looked the better team of the two since the start of the competition. However, Salgaocar have been the team to beat for the last seven matches and have collected more points than any other team in the competition.

“It will not be the same surely. They are a very good team and will, as usual, complicate things for us,” admitted Dempo Coach Mauricio Afonso.

Mauricio is expected to field a strong side and hand over starts to Nigerian strikers Ranty Martins and Koko Sakibo. Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Densil Theobad, who had two good games since his inclusion, will also start alongside Climax Lawrence in central midfield.

“This match becomes all the more crucial because Salgaocar too would be nursing hopes of moving on top. It’s imperative that we collect points and move further away from our challengers,” said Afonso, who is now deputising for Armando Colaco who remains hospitalised.

Except for Rowilson Rodrigues, Dempo will be at full-strength against their archrivals.

Salgaocar, the defending champions, have covered lost ground in the last seven matches, picking up an astonishing 19 points. Their only setback has been a draw against Mohun Bagan in Kolkata and Coach Karim Bencherifa will be more than keen to continue the fine run.

Dempo Sports Club are leading the league title race with 36 points and should they put it across Salgaocar, the former champions would have opened an incredible nine point gap at the top of the table. Salgaocar (28 points) too have everything to play for.

The need of a Guru

Swami Vivekananda

Every soul is destined to be perfect, and every being, in the end, will attain the state of perfection. Whatever we are now is the result of our acts and thoughts in the past; and whatever we shall be in the future will be the result of what we think end do now. But this, the shaping of our own destinies, does not preclude our receiving help from outside; nay, in the vast majority of cases such help is absolutely necessary. When it comes, the higher powers and possibilities of the soul are quickened, spiritual life is awakened, growth is animated, and man becomes holy and perfect in the end.

This quickening impulse cannot be derived from books. The soul can only receive impulses from another soul, and from nothing else. We may study books all our lives, we may become very intellectual, but in the end we find that we have not developed at all spiritually. It is not true that a high order of intellectual development always goes hand in hand with a proportionate development of the spiritual side in Man. In studying books we are sometimes deluded into thinking that thereby we are being spiritually helped; but if we analyse the effect of the study of books on ourselves, we shall find that at the utmost it is only our intellect that derives profit from such studies, and not our inner spirit. This inadequacy of books to quicken spiritual growth is the reason why, although almost every one of us can speak most wonderfully on spiritual matters, when it comes to action and the living of a truly spiritual life, we find ourselves so awfully deficient. To quicken the spirit, the impulse must come from another soul.

The person from whose soul such impulse comes is called the Guru ? the teacher; and the person to whose soul the impulse is conveyed is called the Shishya — the student. To convey such an impulse to any soul, in the first place, the soul from which it proceeds must possess the power of transmitting it, as it were, to another; and in the second place, the soul to which it is transmitted must be fit to receive it.

The seed must be a living seed, and the field must be ready ploughed; and when both these conditions are fulfilled, a wonderful growth of genuine religion takes place. "The true preacher of religion has to be of wonderful capabilities, and clever shall his hearer be" ? ; and when both of these are really wonderful and extraordinary, then will a splendid spiritual awakening result, and not otherwise. Such alone are the real teachers, and such alone are also the real students, the real aspirants. All others are only playing with spirituality. They have just a little curiosity awakened, just a little intellectual aspiration kindled in them, but are merely standing on the outward fringe of the horizon of religion. There is no doubt some value even in that, as it may in course of time result in the awakening of a real thirst for religion; and it is a mysterious law of nature that as soon as the field is ready, the seed must and does come; as soon as the soul earnestly desires to have religion, the transmitter of the religious force must and does appear to help that soul. When the power that attracts the light of religion in the receiving soul is full and strong, the power which answers to that attraction and sends in light does come as a matter of course.

There are, however, certain great dangers in the way. There is, for instance, the danger to the receiving soul of its mistaking momentary emotions for real religious yearning. We may study that in ourselves. Many a time in our lives, somebody dies whom we loved; we receive a blow; we feel that the world is slipping between our fingers, that we want something surer and higher, and that we must become religious. In a few days that wave of feeling has passed away, and we are left stranded just where we were before. We are all of us often mistaking such impulses for real thirst after religion; but as long as these momentary emotions are thus mistaken, that continuous, real craving of the soul for religion will not come, and we shall not find the true transmitter of spirituality into our nature.

So whenever we are tempted to complain of our search after the truth that we desire so much, proving vain, instead of so complaining, our first duty ought to be to look into our own souls and find whether the craving in the heart is real. Then in the vast majority of cases it would be discovered that we were not fit for receiving the truth, that there was no real thirst for spirituality. There are still greater dangers in regard to the transmitter, the Guru.There are many who, though immersed in ignorance, yet, in the pride of their hearts, fancy they know everything, and not only do not stop there, but offer to take others on their shoulders; and thus the blind leading the blind, both fall into the ditch.

"Fools dwelling in darkness, wise in their own conceit, and puffed up with vain knowledge, go round and round staggering to and fro, like blind men led by the blind." ? (Katha Up., I. ii. 5). The world is full of these. Every one wants to be a teacher, every beggar wants to make a gift of a million dollars! Just as these beggars are ridiculous, so are these teachers.

Shared by: Arun Dey

GOONJ's "RAHAT-WINTERS" Collection camp on 29 Jan in Dwarka

This winter lets’s warm up someone’s life. Join "RAHAT-WINTERS", an annual campaign by GOONJ..

GOONJ.. ( is organizing next "RAHAT-WINTERS" Collection camp in Dwarka 

Date: 29th January'12 (Sunday)Time: 11 AM to 3 PM
Venue: In front of Brahma Apartments (footpath), Plot No. 7, Sector-7, Dwarka, N. Delhi 

Wearable old/new clothes, woolens, blankets, sweaters, jackets, shawls, caps, bed sheets, socks & globes.

You can also contribute:clothes (washed), utensils, dry ration, sewing machine, Umbrellas, shoes, footwear, newspapers & magazines, one sided used papers, school material, books, old cycle, toys and monetary contributions

Camp Volunteers : Arvind-9899974319, Anjali-9811654042
Munish - 9818739265, Vishal-9711596466

What Bothers Me Most?-Accidents[Death] on Roads

Vijay K. Saluja
 Senior Fellow-Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi
  & Ex Chief Engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council

There are many things, which are happening daily, in our city[Delhi], bother me. But, what pains me most is- Accidents/ Death, on the roads.

Not a day passes, without reading in the newspapers/watching on the TV, the heart-rending news/ghastly pictures of accidents  in our city. It is more a matter of anguish to observe at the way, deaths on the roads especially by Buses, were being reported.
Just imagine the anguish of all those hapless persons involved in these accidents-some loosing their limbs and hospitalisation/immobilization for months. For some very unlucky ones-loss of life & the ensuing mountain of agony & sorrow for their departed loved ones, besides loosing the bread winner, spending of huge money in hospital/recuperation expenses, emotional trauma, etc etc.

Why all this is happening with great rapidity & regularity, over the years? There are many reasons. Some of the main reasons, which come to mind are-too many vehicles of various modes, competing for their space in the limited road-width viz very big, powerful & fast vehicles -Blue Lines, dumpers, containers,  JCB‘s, trucks, tractors with trolleys, plying in the same carriageway, where the small, weakest & slow  vehicles plied by handicapped, cyclists, cycle rickshaws also move. Then, the geometry of our roads, ill-maintained dividers & islands, missing, ill-placed, ill maintained road signages, roads, footpaths , encroached by hawkers, construction agencies, make a deadly combination &  a ready recipe for mishaps, to happen!

Add to this, the apathy of drivers- at times, ill-trained, minor, drunken, insensitivity of traffic police, transport department, local authorities, construction agencies, general public, lack of strict enforcement of laid down rules, unethical practices in issuing licences & booking of offenders & we have  with us another deadly combo, of injuries & death on the roads.

What needs to be done urgently, is action on many fronts, by various stakeholders- proper care in issuing of driving licences, allowing only properly maintained vehicles on the roads with proper geometry ie separate unencroached areas for slow vehicles, strict enforcement of traffic rules, proper road marking & signages  , well lighted, maintained roads & planned deployment of existing traffic police, which at times, one observes is not proper & for which, there is big scope of its improvement with proper administration, management  motivation & training.

There is also need to encourage  and educate public to help the injured/ accident –involved persons,which presently, the general public feels shy of doing so, due to many reasons. Though, there have been a few good-samaritans, like mr Singh of Ghaziabad who have rendered help without bothering for any consequences-keeping humane spirit as their top agenda, about whose good deeds, were being shown by NDTV ,sometime back.. Community, has also a big role to play in this serious area of curbing accidents & rendering help in case of accidents.

Role of Local authorities in proper maintenance of roads, footpaths & proper execution & management of ongoing works on roads by Metro-HSBC, Subways executing agencies etc, is  most important & vital.

In this connection, Delhi Traffic Police have a very informative & useful website . In this website very useful information about various areas of road traffic management viz road safety, first aid,in case of accidents, what to do, types of helmets, information about informatory, regulatory & mandatory signboards ,persons to contact in case of accidents, information about traffic wardens, suggestion link, etc etc etc is given. Readers will find the same very useful.

There are many  ways, accidents can be averted/curbed. But, what is needed, foremost is the right attitude & will of the authorities & community. Injection of strong dose of values & ethics into our society and existing system, is the need of the hour. So, what is preventing us to adopt the same for our own & our loved ones safety?!

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तुम नही तो जिन्दगीं नही

प्रवीण कुमार शर्मा 

जिन्दा तो हूँ  मैं
मगर जिन्दगीं नही

फूल तो है खिलें
मगर खुशबू नही

 सुबह तो है हुई
 मगर रौशनी नही

महफिल तो है यहाँ
मगर तुम नही

हँसता तो  हूँ  मैं
मगर  वजह नही

हर जगह नही-नही

तुम नही तो जिंदगीं नही
तुम नही तो जिंदगीं नही

Sri VIS Dwarka celebrates Republic Day

The inherent pride in being an Indian was evident as Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka Sector 18 celebrated the 63rd Republic Day.

Shri Rajpal ji, Founder Chairman Sri VIS was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The Guests of Honour were Mr Sailander Solanki, Chairman SVIS and Mr Kamal Solanki, Director Finance, VIS Sec 10.The Principal Ms Nita Arora welcomed all the guests with a floral accord and exhorted the students to uphold the ideals of the constitution, thereby becoming true citizens of the nation. 

The Guests received the Guard of Honour and unfurled the National Flag marking the beginning of the celebrations. As they released the tri-coloured balloons, the patriotic fervour took centre stage.

The school contingents marched displaying poise with aplomb as a mark of respect to the Indian tricolour. The young musicians voiced their partisan feelings through a patriotic song. The dancers took on the stage with their fusion music as they expressed their feelings, portraying the splendour of the country through their nimble moves.The school seemed to be a microcosm of the nation as the stage took a Rajpath like bearing with each performance resembling a tableau showcasing the vibrant diversity of the Indian culture. 

Next, the dancers exhibited a unique dance form ‘Thaipusam’ taking all on a sojourn to the south, highlighting the cultural milieu which was followed by Bhangra. The programme culminated with the relentless spirit of celebration of Sri Venkateshwarites dancing to the tunes of ‘Jai Ho’.

Shri Rajpal ji congratulated the students on this great day with a message to the students to be the citizens of the world broadening their horizons. Headmistress Senior Wing Ms Priya Braria moved the vote of thanks.

Delhi Duty Free & Chivas Regal Announce 'The Art of Hosting' promotion for travelers

 Ashok Kumar Nirbhay

Adding an extra punch to the New Year, Delhi Duty Free Services Pvt. Ltd (DDFS), India's largest duty free retailer at T3, IGI Airport in Delhi, in association with Chivas Regal has announced an exciting promotion for international travelers. Titled 'The Art of Hosting', the promotion signifies hosting with entertainment and style. Travelers traveling between January 01-February 29, 2012 could win an all-inclusive trip to any one of the five European destinations - Paris / Milan / Amsterdam / Prague / Barcelona for 4 nights and 5 days, on purchase of Chivas Regal from Delhi Duty Free. The 5 lucky couples will also get a chance to visit the top 10 party destinations of these five European cities during the trip.

To participate in this mega promotion, travelers have to buy either of the Chivas Regal 12Yo, 18Yo or 25Yo from Delhi Duty Free and complete the lucky draw coupons they would receive with the same. Travelers would also be entitled to discounts on purchase of Chivas Regal 12Yo and 18Yo other than getting the lucky draw coupons. Fully completed coupons should be dropped in the drop box kept at the duty free shops.

Said Mr. Arun Barathi, COO, Delhi Duty Free, "We want this New Year 2012 to be a very lucky one for 5 couples shopping at DDFS. In partnership with Pernod Ricard & Chivas Regal we bring this fantastic 5 star-5 destination opportunity for our travelers. DDFS has always looked to engage with customers in multiple ways and this great offer will carry forward the tradition".

Saraswati Puja celebrations in Dwarka

Sambhaav Samiti cordially invites you in the celebration of Sarswati Puja.

Sambhav Samiti is a Dwarka based NGO with a moto to promote cultural value and rich Indian tradition. brotherhood amongst the civil society by organizing various programme, events and this includes organizing Pooja of Saraswati Mata (Goddess of art and knowledge).


is organising
Saraswati Puja 

on 28th & 29 th Jan., 2012

Venue : Sector -14 Chowk, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075

Detail of Programme :-

********28th Jan, 2012********
 POOJA CEREMONY------9.00AM to 11.00AM
KHALLI RASM -----11.00 AM TO 11.30 AM

*********29th Jan, 2012***********
BHANDARA --12.00AM to 3.30PM

           On line promotion by :

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धूमधाम से मनाया गणतंत्र दिवस

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा 
श्रीराम फिजिकल वेलफयर एसोसियसन द्वारा संचालित एस.आर.पब्लिक स्कूल रिसाल गार्डन नागलोई के प्रांगण में 63वां गणतंत्र दिवस प्रिसीपल रश्मि शर्मा की अध्यक्षता में धूमधाम पूर्वक मनाया गया। विधायक मनोज शौकीन ने ध्वजारोहण किया। समारोह में छात्र-छात्राओं ने मनोहारी सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किए। इस अवसर पर छात्र-छात्राओं व शिक्षकों ने राष्ट्रीय एकता और अखंडता की रक्षा की शपथ ली।

इस मौके पर पार्षद पंकज कुमार सिंह,भगतराम शेरावत,राजेश खन्ना,शमशेर वर्मा,अजय गलिया,राकेश देशवाल, हितेन्द्र वशिष्ठ, ईश्वरिया प्रसाद,राधेश्याम राजपूत,सन्नी, हरी मोहन अनेक गणमान्य लोग मौजूद थे।. विधायक मनोज शौकीन ने अपने संबोधन भाषाण में कहा कि बच्चे भारत गणतंत्र की नींव है। हमें शिक्षा के माध्यम से भारत का नवनिर्माण करना है।’

विद्यालय की प्राचार्य रश्मि शर्मा ने स्कूल की उपलब्धियों के बारे में जानकारी देते हुए शिक्षा व खेलों में बेहतर प्रदर्शन करने वाले बच्चों की घोषणा कर उनको पुरस्कार से सम्मानित किया।

There’s something in that Blue Jersey: Adil Khan

 Upender Singh

Name: Adil Ahmed Khan
Date of Birth: 07/07/1988
Place of Birth: Verna, Goa
Teams Played For: Vasco SC, SESA FA, Sporting Clube de Goa
Position: Midfielder

Adil Ahmed Khan has been recently touted as one of the best young midfielders -- someone who has matured fast. This Goan prodigy started playing the sport at the age of 14 in his locality. Adil's parents were quick to note his talent and didn’t waste time in enrolling him with Vasco Sports Club.
Life moved fast for Adil. He started his professional career two years later – at the age of 16 -- with SESA FA where he had his first brush with the first division league. He stayed in SESA for seven years, turned a professional and then moved to Sporting Clube de Goa.

For past four years he has been backbone for Sporting Clube making his mark in the I-League in the process. His efforts bore him fruit when the hard work earned him a call to the Indian National Team for the exhibition match against Bayern Munich.

“It was a dream come true when I got the call. But this is just the start. I need to work harder to be a regular member,” he maintains.

“There’s something in that Blue jersey,” he confesses. “If I get a chance to play in the forthcoming AFC Challenge Cup, I will be trying to make the most of it. It’s a very important tournament.”

“If I get a chance, I’ll stick to the basics and follow the instructions. Needless to say, I’ll give my hundred percent,” he adds.

“My younger brother looks upto me and so do the kids in my village. But I’m not a star. I’ve just started. I want to play.” he goes on.

The hardworking midfielder picks up Mahesh Gawli as his favourite Indian player “Mahesh-bhai has been so composed as a player. His dedication should be a lesson for all,” Adil quips. “Off the field, he has always been a strict disciplinarian. I always look upto him.”

Tax Heaven-Why a hell for 99%?

Rakesh Manchanda

Heavens as we learn in religious teachings are known to provide unlimited luxury and rewards to angels. People on earth are assumed to qualify for a heaven by virtue of good deeds. “Tax Heaven” is a hush-hush “Th” term coined by competitor banking system in early globalisation era. It points out a far away foreign offshore land used as a shelter or a hideout of accumulated money. “Th”-code divides global citizens and stakeholders into “devils & angels”. Need and greed articulates a heaven for hiding money on this sole living planet. This magic term spells empowerment with protection to crony few by accumulation of hidden money siphoned from the “parent producer” country. This system which used to be a dream seller to 99% leaves the real producers of the hidden profit cheated. Majority are morally reduced as evil or lazy losers who are unable to covert the fast forward opportunity. Opportunity for selected few gets articulated by economic liberalisation. Hide and seek of this invisible money today in turbulent times is a global game in almost every part of the world. The bootypopularly known as black money in India is termed as dirty money in Europe or blood money in West. Politicians at large, pretending to be honest patriots, play the game often to keep the public engaged. People in a hell away from “tax heavens” remain patiently glued to their daily work with hope based on false spell of 1%.

Unlike feudal lords who used to identify a worship place used by people as a shelter or a hideout for the hard earned money, the modern industry uses offshore banks outside the country to park the loot. Such Banks are identified in countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Bahamas, Bermuda and so on. This list of heavens continues to grow to compete with each other, to protect the money of investors in foreign lands. Corporates pay extra to CFOs to help them to hide money in Swarg called Th. In most of the popular Th, there is no capital gains’ tax, no corporate tax, no income tax for say 20 years, no gift tax and no withholding tax. The dirty game cannot remain hidden- if the bank, the booty and the sources of production are found in the same country. The trick here is customer loyalty. No one shall come to the foreign bank to park dirty money if this activity is not kept secret. Result; the bank and the host country flourishes by providing tourism incentives and luring hospitality to capitalists. The honest production driven country having no tax heavens; remains poor. However this myth gets broken when a superpower applies diplomatic pressure. According to global media the Swiss Bank agrees to help American Parliament fighting recession to know the names of secret account holders having American citizenship. This proves that getting the hidden money back for saving the crisis is possible.

Where does this hidden process starts?
Today, Production is a growth issue. When loans via Banks are awarded to the producers of mines & factories, the money is treated as private not as public or national. Present system is engaged in maximising personnel profit by individual heroism of few trusted managers. Small groups and lobbies of excellence, working in a business team, having no ownership mechanism helps that 1%.

So what goes wrong in a business of Hell-Heaven divide?
There is nothing wrong in collective hard work, national spirit and intentions of 99% to grow. Fault lies with the deliberate design and a disconnect between the wheel of production and the consumption controlled by that 1%.We must see the corporate modus operandi in this chain of survival of Heaven-Hell divide. Corporate in nexus with politicians fails to audit and gives no participatory role to workers. Handling of public sector business by government is so weak and corrupt that even pilots and hockey team are not paid in time and they go on strike. Laws get bend and twisted in favour of the corporate. In the wheel of production the industry produces goods using casual labour monitored by managers. Part time worker as real producer is sent off as soon as production is over. So there is no sense of belonging. If workers go on strike to increase their standard of living then the paid media, government and corporate management continues to paint them as lazy, unproductive and anti-nationals. Media understands this corporate design but ignores it in favour of corporate and government. At times, media showcases Montek Singh Ahluwalia on Television declaring India falling on 132 nd. position from 128th position as per the UNDP study of 200 countries. `Rewards & Punishment` as a check-balance stands teasing and unjustified. What stands good for 1% cannot help and support the rest.

CFOs assist industrialists to steal money from the production cycle and pump it in the market of speculation and gamble called share baazar. Consumption or Industrial sales “score board” is kept hidden from the stakeholders of production and from the public investors. Unlike the wheel of production, the cycle of consumption throws open-unequal sharing, unequal profit, unequal responsibility, unequal surplus control and its dissemination. Public, in most cases as investors feel cheated but get re-convinced by the so called share market experts & promoters to invest again and again. CFOs who are well versed with Banking Laws & its twisted version are hired in the country hosting production. Back in host country say in India, these financial managers advice the Capitalist not to re-invest in the parent country as the desi or indigenous policy analysed by them is comfortably declared as non-encouraging for faster jobless growth of money.

Competition in the industrial playing field is good only when the competition forces the whistle blowers to blow off the rival company. In-house competition in production and sales team helps but this competition fails to touch the issues of transfer of money to Th. For more details read my article: “Hidden lessons from Cricket for a corruption free society.”

So long we have failed to question the base of a business paradigm that we must not expect a breakthrough and miracles. In the conventional system top leaders are expected to showcase all answers and solutions. What if this does not work? We often fail to encourage change because it directly shakes our blind trust, faith, beliefs and prejudices. Right from our childhood, we are programmed to escape from participating in deep experiences. We feel threatened to use simple enquiring tools like How! When! Why! Where! and so on. The nuts and bolts at the site of production and consumption need to be identified. Indigenous fund recycling monitored with strict regulations with more jobs is the only ways out.Tax Heavens-Why should we accept them ? Helping less equals to transform into more equals can save the crisis. This is not a philanthropic business step but a long term human survival kit. It will ensure more productivity, sense of belonging, sharing, participation and `actual` consumption. If India is able to plug the weak production and sales format that allows such ongoing inhuman corruption how shall it honour the ink of its signature to UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC)? UNCAC clause (Article 51 & 52) has provision to help countries for recovery of hidden money in foreign lands.

Solutions need to be rescued at gut level. If a child’s trousers get caught in the wheel, the bicycle chain is rotated back and not forward.

63rd Republic Day Parade Celebration at Rajpath, Delhi

Indian Railways at Republic Day Parade Celebration. Photo: Joginder Dogra

63rd Republic Day Parade Celebration at Rajpath, Delhi. Photo: Joginder Dogra

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