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Monday, April 29, 2013

HelpAge India celebrated its 35th anniversary

A Conclave of Senior Thought Leaders, Book Launch and Youth-oriented programme mark the occasion
Left to Right- Ram Jethmalani, Mathew Cherian, Vinod Mehta, Mark Tully, Mohini Giri,
NK Singh, PC Sen at the HelpAge India event

HelpAge India, a secular, non-profit organisation, championing the cause of elder care in India reached its 35 year milestone this month. A journey which started from a rented two-room office, targeting a population of 33 million elderly, has now become an operation spread across 26 states with 90 project offices in India aiming to reach out to a constantly growing elderly population of 100 million. Sharing his thoughts at the occasion, Mr. Mathew Cherian, CEO HelpAge India, said, “While we are proud of bringing the issue of elder care to the forefront and leading the way through some great project interventions, we realize our job is nowhere near done. Of the 100 million elderly, 55 million still sleep hungry and 30 million live alone. By 2030, we expect this population to reach the 200 million mark, which clearly tells us we are only at the tip of the iceberg”.

Launch of Book on 35 years of Agecare in India
Commemorating the occasion, HelpAge India launched a book which documents the evolution of elder care in India. “Out of the shadows into light: The saga of age care in India” charts the story of a movement that has come of age. From establishing the concept of Elder Rights in India to achieving landmark milestones, this book is an attempt to provide insights into how best we can rise as a society to the challenges that lie ahead in providing our elders a dignified, fulfilling life. Also enumerated in this book are experiences gathered from over 3,000 service projects handled by HelpAge India in the last three decades, aimed at helping seniors live a life of dignity. Some of these include the Ophthalmic Care Program, Mobile Medicare Units, Income Generation Schemes, Disaster Mitigation, Support a Gran, Advocacy programs, Student Action for Value Education (SAVE), Palliative Care programs and ElderHelplines. In the area of Healthcare outreach alone, HelpAge has achieved some phenomenal results: 1.2 million free treatments have been conducted, 840 community locations/gram panchayats covered in 26 states, 20 community health clinics operational, 281 professional health team members on board, 24, 000 cataract eye surgeries organized, 7,500 cancer patients helped, 1,500 Alzheimer’s patients supported, 20,000 elders covered through health camps. This book goes on to highlight some such initiatives that have shaped this cause and also areas that society need to work on in the future.

Conclave of Senior Thought Leaders
Gracing an event organized to mark this occasion, noted thought-leaders shared their vision on a how a caring society may evolve. The galaxy of speakers include Dr. V. Mohini Giri, Social Activist, Writer, Scholar and the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee on the Revised National Policy on Elder Persons , Mr. Vinod Mehta, editorial chairman of Outlook magazine, Sir Mark Tully, the former Bureau Chief of BBC, New Delhi, Mr. Pavan K Varma, Author and Diplomat, Cultural Adviser to the Chief Minister of Bihar, Ram Jethmalani, eminent lawyer and politician, Mr. N. K. Singh, politician, economist and Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha shared their perspective on the desired response of society to eldercare in India.

Launch of the Help Unite Generations (HUG) campaign
In yet another significant step forward, HelpAge India, on this occasion launhed their “Help Unite Generations”HUG campaign. This campaign aims at bridging the gap between the youth and the elderly. Using this initiative as a means, HelpAge will be encouraging the Youth to volunteer their time for the elderly. Through this program, a HUG volunteer would be able to contribute his or her time towards the cause of elder care in many different ways. From simply spending some quality time chatting with an elderly, to helping them with small errands or simply calling on them to check on how they were doing.

Sanjeev S Bhatt will be most charming Surpanakha

Abhishek Dubey

Did we ever think how beautiful was Raavan’s sister Surpanakha? According to Hindu mythology is known to be the most beautiful woman. You have seen many times female played Surpanakha character but you have never seen in Bollywood or anywhere a male Surpanakha. First time in history of Indian cinema Sanjeev S Bhatt (Chandra) had played a very charming character of Surpanakha in Rohan Sippy movie Nautanki Saala. He is looking most beautiful sister of Ayushmann Khurrana (Raavan) in the play. Sanjeeve S Bhatt has given stand out performance and show the world his skill, how he looks beautiful in Surpanakha character.

Sanjeev S Bhatt Said, “It’s very difficult to play Surpanakha role the most beautiful women of the world. It was a challenge for me to portray her character but Rohanji was in full confident that I can play Surpanakha role better than others and I think I had fulfill his dream while giving best of my performance. This is one of the most memorable characters of my life”.

There was a hysterical scene in the movie were made brilliant by Kunaal Roy Kapoor’s comic timing and the reactions of Chandra (Sanjeev Bhatt), the play’s producer who also plays Surpanakha with a heavy South Indian accent and strap-on metallic boobs.



Rajendra Dhar

This is to bring to your Notice the Fact that everybody, EXCEPT THE POLICE FORCE, is not only keeping abreast with the changing times but firmly believe that CHANGE IS THE ESSENCE FOR HUMANITY TO KEEP SURVIVING.

The Notorious Reputation of Police Personnel/Officers being Barbaric holds good even today as it is not necessary that to be Barbaric one has to resort to Physical Barbarism. The worst kind of Barbarism is one which is perpetrated on the Emotional and Mental Plane by the Police Force in India on the Hapless Aggrieved, who as it is are Victims of Circumstances. Custodial Deaths have not ceased to exist.

Even today Genuine Victims of Crime i.e. the Aggrieved Complainants are denied their Rights, by Errant and Corrupt Cops, to get F.I.R.s Registered, to get/obtain a copy of the F.I.R., to get a copy of their Statements got Recorded by Police Officers which as a matter of Routine are Recorded by Police Officers in their own Handwriting and in many cases gaps, in the Statements thus Recorded, are deliberately left by the Police Officers for misuse at a later date etc.

All Police Officers i.e. without exception deny the Complainant any information as regards the progress made by the Police in ensuring deliverance of justice to the Complainant. The standard replies of the all Police Officers are, AN ENQUIRY REPORT HAS BEEN SENT TO THE SENIORS FOR DECISION. When the Aggrieved Complainant goes to meet the Senior Police Officers the reply he gets is either the same he/she has got earlier or NOTHING IS PENDING WITH ME and nothing beyond that. This Barbaric handling of the Aggrieved goes on till the file containing the Aggrieved person’s Complaint and the choicest concoctions/notings of the Police Officers, which would put the best of the negative story writers & the biggest of the Liars to shame, get lost into Oblivion along with the Hapless Complainant.

It is very well known to POLICE WATCH INDIA i.e. after conducting DETAILED INVESTIGATIONS, that the Senior Police Officers, who otherwise are nothing but ASTUTE SWEET TALKERS, not only unashamedly justify/uphold the CONCOCTIONS of their subordinates but also INHUMANLY & UNASHAMEDLY ADD THEIR OWN CONCOCTIONS to deny Justice to the Aggrieved. The story is the same in THE POLICE VIGILANCE DEPARTMENTS & WITH THE POLICE VIGILANCE OFFICERS as they are birds of the same Feather, Hue and Dispensation as other Police Officers.






It Is Possible, If We Take Steps In The Right Direction With An Unflinching Stubborn Determination To Succeed.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kavya Sandhya in Dwaka

Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sanstha organized a Kavya Sandhya at Community Hall of Delhi Appartments Dwaka . Dr. Harish Naval, Dr. Sudha Naval, Dr. Ashok Lav, Sh P B Mishra, Sh Ashok Verma, Smt Asha Shaily, Smt Shabana, Sh. R.K. Trivedi and others read their poems. More than 150 people gathered and enjoyed the evening.  

AIFF congratulates Rangdajied and Mohammedan Sporting

Debayan Mukherjee

Ask anyone who has been following the Final Phase of the 2nd Division League here in Bangalore. Be it a commoner, a scribe, an official or even a ball boy -- all will agree in unison that the two promoted teams into I-League 2013-14 have been worthy of their crown.
AIFF General Secretary Mr.Kushal Das, I-League CEO Mr.Sunando Dhar, and I-League Chairman Mr. AR Khaleel pose with champions of 2nd Division League Rangdajied United FC

On the sidelines of the Prize Distribution Ceremony which took place before the last engagement between Southern Samity and Langsning FC, All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary Mr. Kushal Das said: “I congratulate Rangdajied United FC and Mohammedan Sporting for their qualification to next year’s I-League. Both the clubs have played some excellent football and deserve to be in the Elite League.”

Mr. Das also thanked the Karnataka State Football Association for organising the Final Phase with great efficiency. “Bangalore have played a great host to the Final Phase of the 2nd Division League. The facilities have been very good and the teams had no complaints.”

I-League CEO Mr. Sunando Dhar echoed the General Secretary’s statement. “I welcome both Rangdajied United FC and Mohammedan Sporting to the I-League. The 2nd Division League has been very competitive from the outset and the best two teams have qualified.”

I-League Chairman A R Khaleel added: “Bangalore has witnessed some very good and competitive over almost a month. The two teams that have qualified thoroughly deserve it. I welcome them on board to the I-League.”

The same stayed the sentiment among journos. “Rangdajied Football Club and Mohammedan have been the best two sides in the tournament. There is no doubt about that. If Sporting have been the most consistent side, Rangdajied have fought their way up,” a scribe from England, doing his internship here with a national daily quipped.

His fellow mates in the media centre nodded.

Sporting Coach Sanjoy Sen was effusive in praise for AIFF’s initiative to give out Trophies to the winners and runners-up. “The last time Mohammedan Sporting qualified (in 2007-08) there was no provision for Trophies. I really appreciate this initiative from AIFF. This is a real morale booster, Sen admitted.

An emotional Rangdajied General Secretary Karsing Kurbah added: “I am living a dream. All these years we have worked so hard for this day. The players lifting the Trophy give me unparallel joy. We are eager to start our maiden campaign in the I-League. I thank the AIFF for everything.”

The last match of the Final Phase saw Langsning FC hold Southern Samity to a 2-2 draw by Southern Samity. David KC Ngahite gave Southern the lead in the 12thminute. But his goal was cancelled out by Daniel Bidemi in the 38th minute.

Langsning took the lead for the first time through Joel Sunday in the 56th minute. But Francis Onyeama came off the bench to make sure that the honours stayed even at the final whistle. Langsning ended their campaign in the fourth position with 13 points from 10 matches while Southern Samity remained rock-bottom managing 6 points from their full quota of matches.

UVCT Presents 6th Hum Kishore Festival (29th April - 3rd May 2013)

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT ) Presents

6th Hum Kishore Festival
29 April  to 3rd May 2013

FINAL PROGRAMME on 03 May 2013 at Kamani Auditorium

For detail, please contact:
Urivi Vikram National Center for Adolescents
PSP - 1, HAF - 1,Sector 22, Dwarka,
New Delhi-110077
Phone: (011)42807900

Founder Chairman of UVCT
Dr U N B Rao, IPS
Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust (UVCT), a non-governmental and non profit Organization, was established in India in 1991. It was founded by Dr U N B Rao, IPS and his wife, Urivi Chaya, in the memory of their only son Urivi Vikram, who died tragically in an accident at the age 21 years. UVCT has 11 centers functioning in five states - Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana & Delhi and alliance with a number of other organizations and institution. UVCT has also expanded globally with setting up of UVCT USA chapter. In the year 2008, UVCT saccomplished a remarkable feat by establishing the first ever ‘National Centre for Adolescents’ named after Urivi Vikram and popularly called UVNAC. UVCT strives for the empowerment of adolescents and its priority target group comprises school-going children, drop-outs, under-achievers and underprivileged adolescents. UVCT has a motto of finding ways and means to transform the world’s ‘Burden of Population’ into ‘Assets of Human Resources’, through a process of empowerment, rather than of control.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lalitya Munshaw's Melodious Voice in Commando “Loot Jawaan”

Nilofer Ansari 

Lalitya Munshaw who has shown her magical voice in Film, Indi Pop, Fusion, Bhajan, Ghazal, Folk, etc now once again she is gearing up with her soulful and melodious song in movie commando. She had sung a popular song “Loot Jawaan” starring Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra in Commando which get millions of hit on Youtube. "Loot Jawaan" is a duet song which is sung by sufi singer Dhruv Sangari, composed by Mannan Shaah and penned by Mayur Puri.

Lalitya Munshaw said, “It’s great to be a part of such a wonderful movie and get a chance to sing in a movie directed by Vipul Shah. I am very happy that the song has appreciated by millions of people worldwide.”

Versatility could well be Lalitya Munshaw’s middle name. Trained under late Padmashri Kalyan ji of Kalyanji-Anandji duo, this powerhouse performer has forayed into fusion, film songs, romantic melodies, bhajans and ghazals. She has more than fifteen albums of various genres to her credit. Her musical videos are also a treat to the music lovers. She has performed and recorded with maestros of the Industry. Soon she'll be releasing a Sufi album 'Rab Piya' and a lounge album 'Indian Chill Harmonics'.

PAHAL distributed School bag

PAHAL SOCIAL ORGANISATION (REGD) recently distributed School bag and other utility items to the physically handicap and orphanage children at Reshmi Seva Niketan, Najafgarh.

The following office bearers of Pahal attened this function, Mr.Malay Kumar Chakraborty, founder and President, Mr.Byomkesh Bhattacharjee, Secretary and Mr.Surinder Guglani, executive committee member.

Mr.Malay Kumar Chakraborty informed Dwarka Parichay that they will cotinue to contribute for the continuation of their education.

सच्चा समय


ईश्वर की सबसे पहली रचना का नाम समय है. संसार रुपी लीला चलाने के लिए समय को नियुक्त किया गया. समय को चक्र की संज्ञा दी गयी है क्योंकि चक्र के सामान ही न इसका आदि है और न ही अंत.

समय कभी झूठा नहीं होता जिसने अच्चा किया उसके लिए अच्चा होता है जिसने बूरा किया उसके साथ बूरा होता है. समय इंसान को नहीं इंसान समय को बनाता है.

तनिक विचार करके देखें तो हमें अपने कर्मों से जो थोडा समय मिलता है उसे कहाँ  बिताते हैं? बच्चे अपना समय कम्प्यूटर गेम में,  बड़े सिनेमा देखने व् क्लब या बोतल खोल कर इस तरह अपने समय को फालतू कामों मैं ही लगा देते हैं . बहूत कम व्यक्ति हैं जो इस समय को अपने सही  दिशा दे कर अपने जीवन को सफल बनाते हैं.

जीव को स्वयं पता नहीं है की मेरा भला किसमे है. भविष्य को लेकर परेशान होते हैं . पहले समय हमने ठीक से काम नहीं किया, यह तो महसूस नहीं कर पा रहे कि सभी कर्मों का फल है -- हमें विशवास नहीं हो पाता. जानते सभी हैं, अच्छी बातों का ध्यान रखें- अच्छे काम करें तो आज हम किसी को परेशान नहीं करेंगे तो वो भी हमें परेशान नहीं करेगा. जो हमें बुरा -भला कहते हैं हम भी ख्याल रखेंगे------

सात दिन सभी को सामान रूप से दिया गया है लेकिन उसका सही गलत उपयोग भारी अंतर ला देता है. शंकराचार्य को मात्र ३२ वर्ष मिले थे. उन्होंने योग बल से अपना नाम स्वर्ण अक्षरों मैं अंकित किया. ऐसे ही मीराबाई, विवेकानंद, रामानुजम किस किस का नाम -------------

समय को महाकाल की संज्ञा दी जाती है. सच ही तो है बीता समय हमें वापिस नहीं मिलता वो तो काल का भोजन है. अपने मन को अंतर्मुखी कर परमात्मा मैं लीं हो जाना. ऐसा कहा जाता है कि साधक जब समाधि की अवस्था मैं चला जाता है तो साधक सिद्ध हो जाता है। उसके लिए समय को लोप हो जाता है इसलिए जब वह समाधि अवस्था से जगता है तो उसे समय का ज्ञान नहीं रहता। उसे ऐसा लगता है कि वह कुछ ही क्षणों में जागा  हैं, जबकि उसकी समाधि कई सालों की हो सकती है. गोपियों के लिए रास लीला एक ही रात्रि की थी परंतू वह  रासलीला प्रत्यक्ष मैं एक महीने तक चली थी. समय भी इश्वर की ही रचना है. अतः समय के चक्रव्यूह को तोडा जा सकता है इश्वर की पूर्ण शरणागति से ही. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

ANHLGT is meeting with civic agencies to make sector 23 a model sector of Dwarka sub-city

ANHLGT with active members of the society of sector 23 met to make Dwarka a model sub-city.  They discussed about the problems of the area and try to solve it by contacting the concerned departments like D.D.A , Horticulture, Electricity etc.

Mr Anil Upadhaya President Shaman Apartment hosted last meeting. Ms Cicily Kodiyan, President ANHLGT told Dwarka Parichay "social solidarity and community responsibility can do wonders instead of just complaining and blaming. Our aim is to be united and work together to achieve the solution."

On this occasion members were distributed the works like:
· Horticulture, Cleaning, Sweeping, of the roads etc., will be looked after by Mr. Anil Upadhaya, Mrs. Mini George, Mr. Vinod Sharma
· Re-carpeting , landscape repair of the foot path & service lane etc will be looked after by Dr Devender Kaushk, Mr Halder.
· Jal Board - Mr Langer, Mr Kapoor and Mr Kher
· Market cleaning & Parking - Dr. Devender Kaushik , Mr Halder
· Electricity - Mr Langer, Mr Naveen Sood , Dr Kaushik.

· Parking of cars, scooters , roadside vendors, cycle rickshaws etc. should not be in front of the societies and should not block the pedestrians. This will be looked after by Mr Halder & Mr Kher.

हार्ड कौर भी बनी संगीतकार

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा

एक गलासी , मूव योर बॉडी और चार बज गये पार्टी अभी बाकी है जैसे लोकप्रिय गीतों को गाने वाली रैप गायिका हार्ड कौर अब संगीतकार बन गयी हैं. वैसे तो उन्होंने अपने एलबम प्ले  में भी संगीत दिया था लेकिन अब वो फिल्मों में भी संगीत देने लगी हैं. हार्ड कौर का पहला संगीतबद्ध गीत है हरियाणावी  और इंगलिश भाषा में . निर्देशक अतुल अग्निहोत्री की आने वाली फिल्म में हार्ड कौर का यह गीत उनके चाहने वालों को सुनाई देगा. अपने इस गीत के बारे में बहुत ही उत्साहित हैं हार्ड कौर कहती हैं कि,  अभी तक मैंने फिल्मों में गीत गाये हैं अब इस गीत के लिए मैंने संगीत भी तैयार किया है, मैं बहुत ही खुश हूँ अपनी पहले फ़िल्मी गीत के संगीत के लिए. मुझे पूरी उम्मीद है कि श्रोताओ को भी यह गीत पसंद आएगा.

हार्ड से पूछने पर कि फिल्मों में संगीत देने की कोई वजह? उन्होंने कहा कि , हाँ अब मैं नयी प्रतिभाओं को मौका दे सकती हूँ अपने संगीत में गाने का. जबकि गीतों को गाते समय मैं अपनी मर्जी से कुछ भी नहीं कर सकती .ष् इस फिल्म के अलावा भी हार्ड कुछ अन्य फिल्मों में संगीत दे रही हैं. हार्ड का पहला प्यार तो संगीत ही है लेकिन इसके अलावा भी उन्होंने फिल्मों में अभिनय किया है तो क्या अब वो किसी फिल्म में अभिनय कर रही हैं ? उन्होंने कहा कि, मुझसे लोग कहते हैं की मैं फिल्मों में काम क्यों नहीं करती. मुझे लगता है कि मैं वैम्प की भूमिका अच्छे से कर सकती हूँ. अगर मुझे कोई ऑफर करेगा अभिनय के लिए तो जरुर करूंगी.
अंतरराष्ट्रीय स्तर के अनेको संगीतकारों के साथ काम कर चुकी हार्ड की इच्छा है कि वो अमेरिकन रैपर कंये वेस्ट के साथ एक गाना जरुर ही करें . हँसते हुए हार्ड कहती हैं -उसके साथ गाना गाने के अगले ही दिन चाहे मैं मर जाऊं लेकिन बस एक मुझे उसके साथ एक गीत करना है

We beat all the odds to qualify: Sanjoy Sen

Debayan Mukherjee

Putting to rest all doubts Sanjoy Sen turned out to be Mohammedan Sporting’s savior. Though he claims he “didn’t have any magic wand,” Sen did wave one for sure as the historic Club which lost just one match in the 17 matches under his Coaching, qualified for I-League 2013-14; that too with a match to spare. Deservingly euphoric, Sen spoke to at length, chronicling the remarkable sojourn. EXCERPTS:
Sanjoy Sen

What goes through your mind after Mohammedan Sporting are back to the Elite League?
The boys have made me proud. We have finally achieved our aim and will now play in the I-League 2013-14. This feeling is superb. That we sealed the berth with a match in hand (against Rangdajied United on Saturday) speaks volumes about our consistency. I reiterate the credit goes to the players. I feel special today because of their effort. They deserve the limelight more than me.

What different do you do to turn the tide for Mohammedan Sporting?
A coach is as good as his bunch of players. When I took over on February 28 this year, the morale of the team was very low. Mohammedan Sporting had lost badly to East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in the Calcutta Football League. I had two days time to prepare them for the 2nd Division League. We trained in Kolkata for the two days and then left for Indore.

It was a big challenge for me to lift the morale of the boys. I did my bit, pep talk or whatever you call it. I told them about the history of the club, what qualification to the Premier Division means to the club. I urged them to pick themselves up as this is a new ball game altogether.

How would you sum the journey?
It was an uphill task. After coming to Indore, Ashim (Biswas) picked up a bad injury after playing just two matches. He was thus ruled out. We were a mediocre team who peaked at the right time. The players rose to the occasion. They were honest, and followed my instructions diligently. That we don’t have stars minimised the chances of having any ego clashes in the team. Expectations were less and the team took it upon themselves. We beat all the odds to qualify.

What is the secret behind the success?
Team chemistry, dedication and honesty!

We were so organised. We have conceded just three goals so far (with a match still left). Our defence held firm against the likes of Hudson Lima Silva and (Jose Ramires) Barreto. The two Shillong sides (Randajied United and Langsning FC) are also very good. They have impressed me a lot. Never did we concede cheaply. We lost only one match throughout the campaign. Coming to the midfield and attack, goals win you matches and we capitalised on our opportunities.

Were you under pressure under any point of time?
Mohammedan Sporting is a big brand, a historic club. The emotions always run high as there is a vast legion of fans who support the Club. So the pressure was always there. But as I said, team work, honesty and sticking to the basics have seen us through.

I didn’t have a magic wand. The first win in Indore against Royal Wahingdoh turned the tide for us. We never looked back from there.

What are your plans for the I-League?
Isn’t it too early to comment on that? We still have one more game left. I will be preparing a list of players whom I want to retain and want for next season. The I-League will be a different battle altogether. But we will be ready for it.

Latest film release - Aashiqui 2

Film: Aashiqui 2; Release Date : 26, April 2013
Director ---Mohit Suri
Producer --- Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt
***** Starring ***** 
Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor, Shaad Randhawa

आर्य समाज,रोहिणी के 22वें वार्षिकोत्सव पर पांच दिवसीय वैदिक कार्यक्रम का आयोजन

आर्य समाज सेक्टर -7 रोहिणी ने अपने 22 वें वार्षिकोत्सव के अवसर पर पांच दिवसीय वैदिक कार्यक्रम का भव्य आयोजन किया। इस दौरान यजुर्वेद पारायण महायज्ञ, वेद्कथा, महिला सम्मेलन, युवा विचार गोष्ठी एवं वरिष्ठ आर्यजनों का सम्मान समारोह संपन्न हुआ। वार्षिकोत्सव के समापन अवसर पर आयोजित वरिष्ठ आर्यजनों के सम्मान समारोह के दौरान अपने संबोधन में क्षेत्रीय निगम पार्षद ताराचंद बंसल ने कहा कि आज के व्यस्त दिनचर्या में समयाभाव के चलते घर के बच्चों एवं बुजुर्गों में दूरियां बढती जा रही हैं। ऐसे कार्यक्रमों से उनमें निकटता आती है और भारतीय सभ्यता एवं संस्कृति का अपने आप हस्तांतरण होता है।

प्रबुद्ध शिक्षाविद एवं सामाजिक कार्यकर्त्ता श्री राजकुमार जैन ने ऐसे कार्यक्रमों से अधिकाधिक युवाओं को जोड़ने पर बल दिया। उन्होंने कहा कि कोई भी धर्म या समाज रचनात्मक कार्यों के लिए युवा वर्ग की ओर आशा भरी दृष्टि से देखता है। युवा वर्ग ही समाज को उन्नत स्वरुप प्रदान करने में सक्षम है। श्री जैन ने युवा आर्य समाज के कार्यों की सराहना करते हुए उनका आह्वान किया कि वे अत्याधुनिक साधनों का और भी अधिक उपयोग करते हुए आर्य समाज की विचारधारा को जन-जन तक पहुंचाएं जिससे समाज में व्याप्त बुराईयों एवं कुरीतियों का खात्मा किया जा सके।

उल्लेखनीय है कि आज के कार्यक्रम से पूर्व युवा सम्मेलन का आयोजन किया गया था जिसका उदघाटन अपार इंडिया ग्रुप ऑफ इंस्टीट्युशन्श के डायरेक्टर अपार जैन ने दीप प्रज्ज्वलित कर किया। सम्मेलन में सात्विक एवं तामसिक आहार के गुण-दोष पर प्रकाश डालते हुए सात्विक आहार को ही सर्वोत्तम आहार बताया गया । इस पांच दिवसीय वैदिक कार्यक्रम के दौरान आर्य समाज रोहिणी के संरक्षक सुखदेव आर्य तपस्वी के पावन सान्निध्य में सुप्रसिद्ध आर्य विद्वान आचार्य उषर्बुध जी के प्रेरक प्रवचन सुन बड़ी संख्या में उपस्थित आर्यजन भाव-विभोर हो गए। वहीँ जालंधर,पंजाब के भजन गायक सुरेंद्र गुलशन जी ने कर्णप्रिय भक्ति संगीत की अनुपम धारा प्रवाहित की। आचार्य राम किशोर शास्त्री ने यज्ञ कार्य संपन्न कराया।

कार्यक्रम के सफल आयोजन में आर्य समाज रोहिणी के संरक्षक सुरेन्द्र आर्य एवं श्रीमती संतोष चैधरी, प्रधान अश्विनी आर्य, मंत्री ओम प्रकाश चुघ, कोषाध्यक्ष देवराज आर्य, स्त्री आर्य समाज की संरक्षिका श्रीमती अमिता सपरा एवं श्रीमती विजया आर्या, प्रधान डॉ शकुंतला वर्मा, मंत्रिणी उर्मिला आर्या एवं कोशाध्यक्षा सुधा आर्या-कोमल शर्मा, युवा आर्य समाज के विवेक आर्य,शालिनी आर्य, अश्विनी सिंघल, प्रेरणा ऋषि, आयुष आर्य, दिग्विजय आर्य,दिव्यांशु आर्य एवं राहुल अरोड़ा की प्रमुख भूमिका रही ।

Sri Rama Navami festival celebrated at Sri Ram Mandir Dwarka

SRI RAM MANDIR, Dwarka celebrated the 1st Sri Rama Navami festival on 19th April 2013 after the consecration (Pran Pratishta) was done on 4th June 2012 by His Holiness Jayendra Saraswati Sankaracharya Swamiji of Kanchi Kamakotee Peetam.

SRI RAM MANDIR, Dwarka probably is the first temple in this part of the city which has been consecrated by Sankaracharya and the temple has been established in true ritual manner.

The programme started at 7.00 AM with Rudra Japam, followed by Abhishekam to all the deities, Ganapathy Havan, Navagraha Havan Purushasuktha Havan, Laksharchana to Lord Sri Ram, Bhajan, Deeparadhanai, Prasadam Distribution.

In the evening a Shobha Yatra started from Sector 4, Bank Apartment at 4.30 PM and proceed through Sector 4, 5, 6 market road, Ramphal Chowk and reached the temple.

M Viswanathan informed Dwarka Parichay that the temple is located behind Siddharth Kunj Apartment (Pl No 17), Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi. The devotees can participate in daily pooja acoording to the following shedule:

Temple Timing : Summer (From 1st March)
Morning : 6.30 AM to 10.30 AM
(SAT & SUN) : 6.30 AM to 11.00 AM
Evening : 5.30 PM to 9.00 PM

Temple Timing : Winter (From 1st November)
Morning : 7.00 AM to 11.00 AM
(SAT & SUN) : 7.00 AM to 11.30 AM
Evening : 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM

Earth Day Celebrated at Paramount International School Dwarka

‘Let each day be Earth Day’. This was the resolution taken by the students and teachers of Paramount International School ( Sector 23, Dwarka) on Earth Day.

To mark the birthday of Earth Day- a grand special assembly was conducted by the Eco-Club of the School. As the assembly proceeded, the students were awestruck by the plethora of information and activities being conducted one after the other. The entire school especially the assembly area was decorated with beautiful banners, informative posters and meaningful placards-all conveying the message-Go Green-Plant more Trees, Follow the three R’s and save our Mother Earth.

The Eco-Club in-charges explained the significance of Earth Day celebration. This was followed by a mesmerising skit by the students portraying the bounties of nature and how man has harmed, damaged, destroyed and depleted many of them. 

Thereafter, the children pledged to save their mother earth by following all the do’s and don’ts. Next was the ‘Plantation Campaign’. Several medicinal saplings were planted in and around the school premises to promote Green Campaign. 

A rally was taken out by the senior students of the school, with banners, posters and placards to create awareness about saving Earth. Apart from this the in-house activities consisted of a theme based drawing competition on: Global Warming.

Paramount International School again lived upto its principle of making the students aware and sensitized about the current issues plaguing the world and making serious efforts to do their bit!!

Save Earth!! Save Yourself!!

महावीर जयंती के उपलक्ष्य में रथ यात्रा एवम प्रतिमा स्थापना समारोह महोत्सव 28 अप्रैल को

महावीर जयंती के उपलक्ष्य में रथ यात्रा एवम प्रतिमा स्थापना समारोह महोत्सव 28 अप्रैल 2013 , रविवार , द्वारका सैक्टर -1 0, नई दिल्ली।

एलाचार्य श्री प्रज्ञ सागर जी मुनिराज के संघ सानिध्य में श्री जी की रथ यात्रा एवं श्री पार्श्व नाथ चैत्यालय को नव निर्मित श्री दिगम्बर जैन रत्नत्रय जिन मंदिर द्वारका में स्थापित किया जारहा है |

प्रातः 7. 3 0 श्री जी की यात्रा
रथ यात्रा मार्ग - श्री पार्श्व नाथ जिन चैत्यालय से चल कर गोलोक धाम मंदिर ,सैक्टर -1 0 चोराहा , सैक्टर -7 चोराहा से चल कर वंदना स्कूल पर आकर नव निर्मित श्री दिगम्बर जैन रत्नत्रय जिन मंदिर द्वारका पर समाप्त होगी |

प्रातः 9 बजे एलाचार्य श्री प्रज्ञ सागर जी मुनिराज जी का प्रवचन
प्रातः 9 .3 0 श्री जी का अभिषेक ,शांतिधारा एवम प्रतिमा स्थापना

नवीन निर्माणाधीन मंदिर में ही अब प्रतिदिन दर्शन एवम पूजा - पाठ करने की व्यव्स्था रहेगी ।

कार्यक्रम में सपरिवार समय पर उपस्थित होकर धर्म लाभ लें । 

डॉ एम् सी जैन
9810548428, 9717628528

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There’s a Messi somewhere in India: Eelco Schattorie

Debayan Mukherjee

It has been more than a year that Lionel Messi came to India to play in an Exhibition Match. But if Prayag United Coach Eelco Schattorie is to be believed, there is a Lionel Messi in India too. “We need to discover him,” he says. Presently in Bangalore to have a look at the 2nd Division League, Eelco, in an exclusive interview to, spoke at length on the season so far, importance of Grassroots and YDP, the Dutch influence in Indian football and much more. EXCERPTS:

Prayag United Coach Eelco Schattorie watching a 
2nd Division match in Bangalore
How do you look back at your first season with an Indian club?
When I took over, I wanted to win the I-League. No matter what, that stayed the aim. But things did not fall into place, and that’s part of life. You have to live with it. I wouldn’t say I am utterly disappointed with the way we faired. We had our moments too. It started off brilliantly with a 10-1 win (against United Sikkim). Then six of our players played for the National Team. That was incredible.

There were times when our right wing had virtually no one. Carlos (Hernandez) was on and off on the field. So it was a mixed season for us. The main aim though stays unfulfilled.

But you did win the IFA Shield!
We did. It was important for the players. But personally, I don’t take much pride in winning the IFA Shield. I feel these are the tournaments the U-23 boys of the club should take part in. The senior team can’t play all Tournaments in one season.

Look at East Bengal for instance. I feel it is because of the IFA Shield that they lost out on the title race of the I-League. Competitions like the Shield, the Calcutta Football League should be played by your B team. This will also develop your squad. I rate the I-League the highest.

What has been your assessment of Indian footballers in general?
I strongly believe and am 100 % sure that in a country as vast as India, with a population of 1.2 billion, there is a Lionel Messi in India as well. I am not joking. I’m sure there is one playing somewhere or the other. We just need to discover him.

There is a certain amount of desire and love for the game in India. Talent needs to be spotted from a very young age, given the right kind of infrastructure. I am sure the face of Indian football can change.

But for that, the mindset needs to change. You need to rope in more people, decision makers from the football world, like Rob (Baan) and Wim (Koevermans). Let them have the full liberty. At Bayern Munich, the entire administrative hierarchy has people who have played the sport at some point of time. In India, it will take time. Taj Mahal was not built in one day.

How much important is YDP and infrastructure for the development of the sport?
I hail from a country where Youth Development gets a lot of priority. In The Netherlands, the main aim of every club is to develop the youth. Grassroots Development is of paramount importance. The age groups teams play every weekend and don’t just warm the benches.

I strongly believe in Johan Cryuff’s philosophy that 60 % of a club’s players should be home grown. The rest 40 % can be from outside. Sadly that isn’t the case in the leading Leagues of the World. For that to happen you need a sound Grassroots Programme in place, YDP. Bayern Munich is a good example.

I would like to point out here that the AIFF is doing the right thing by making it mandatory for a club to have the proper infrastructure -- like your own Stadium, an Academy. Under Rob Baan who is vastly experienced, I hope things are going in the right direction.

What’s your take on the Indian National Team under Wim Koevermans?
For Wim to deliver the goods, you need to give him time. Let him know the players. When he took over, many players were already stars in their own right, playing for India for a very long time. He had to work with them. He did not get to see the new crop.

At Prayag, I had 36 players to choose from. Each player needs to play. Spend time on the pitch. For that to happen you need to have a B team playing every weekend. It happens across Europe.

Be Like a Lake !

R.D. Bhardwaj "Noorpuri"

Once there was a young lady who usually remained sad and unhappy because she was beset with some unfortunate circumstances and events. Whosoever came into contact with her and asked her as to why she generally remains sad, she used to reply that she has many problems in life and nobody seems to lessen her burden of worries. That is why sadness and being unhappy has become a part and parcel of her life...... a sort of her second name.

One day, a learned writer visited her and after talking to her for a couple of minutes, he also realised that the young lady was in fact really burdened with unusually heavy amount of sadness and she simply does not muster some courage and will power to come out of her shell. Rather she is spoiling her life by her stubborn attitude and behaviour. He too tried to convince her that nobody in this mortal world is hundred percent happy and that everybody has some moments of sad elements and happy moments....... it all depends as to how you carry yourself in society and that changes the course of your life and thinking. The lady asked for some concrete solution to her problems rather than just a class room lecture by some teacher.

Then the writer asked her to bring a glass of water and some salt from kitchen. She immediately brought the items. The writer then put a tea-spoon of salt in the glass of water and asked the lady to taste it. Without tasting , the lady replied that it might be tasting very bad. But the writer insisted that she should first do it practically and then give her impression of water. She picked up the glass and sipped a little. Then with frowning her face by putting a few wrinkles on her forehead, she replied, "I told you it is very salty and that nobody can drink this full glass of water!" The writer also agreed with her version and said that it might be really salty and thus, quite difficult to drink it.

Then, he picked-up the salt and glass and told her to accompany him outside her house. The lady reluctantly did as she was advised to do. Both of them walked a little and then reached a big lake nearby to their colony which had quite clear and huge amount of water. Then the writer put a few spoons full of salt into the lake water. The lady kept on observing him carefully. Then writer then swirled his hand into the lake water as if trying to mix the salt into the lake-water. He then again filled that glass with water and told her to again drink it.

The lady tried to drink it sip by sip but this time there were no wrinkles on her face. Slowly she drank the full glass of water and was quite satisfied. The writer again asked her, "How do you feel now, I mean - how does this water taste now?" Without putting any wrinkles of her forehead, the lady replied, "It tastes almost good, not much difference, as to how much salt has been added to it or how bad it tastes, rather I should say that it is almost salt-free, any body can drink it without much grin or grumbles ..........."

The writer then stood up and also gesticulated her to move towards her home. And then making her understand, he said, "The pain in outer life is pure salt, simply no more and no less. The amount of pain in the lives of so many people generally remains the same, as we are only human-beings and it shall often remain with us so as long we live. But the realisation of pain often depends on the container we it into. If we try to keep it within ourselves, it shall remain hundred percent with us and hence, shall pinch us more, as we have not tried to share it with other people, our close friends, relatives and neighbours. So, please remember always, when we share our pain with our friends and relatives, or who-so-ever is closer to us, we just enlarge the sense of feeling, sense and impact of things which continue to pain us from within. But once we share it with others, its impact diminishes and sometimes, even it just evaporates as if we just did not had it with the lake water experience.

So my dear lady, please stop being a glass of water which contains 100% salt, rather try to be a lake water, share your pain and sufferings with others and the problems shall automatically lessen its burden on you. It shall not pinch you that much after sharing the same with others. And that is the unchangeable law of nature !! You will remain almost tension free so long as you continue to put this lake water formula to practical use !!!

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Happy Birthday Sachin - Dwarka Parichay Team

Happy Birthday Sachin with Anjali - Dwarka Parichay Team
 Exclusive article dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar on his 40th Birth Day

सचिन-क्रिकेट का बेताज बादशाह

Click below links to know more about Sachin Tendulakar...
England accepted Nomination of Sachin for Knighthood
Click for media coverage on hunger strike on 24th April 2012

Click to Like-share-refer at Facebook page for "SIR" to Sachin

Click for nomination letter from Queen Elizabeth II - Foreign &

Commonwealth Office for "SIR" to Sachin, media coverage...

Watch video at YOUTUBE

Mesmerising performance by Sapna at ISKCON Delhi

A drama on Ramayan was staged at ICSKON temple, East of Kailash on the occasion of Ramnavmi, the birthday of Lord Rama, the most revered incarnation of Krishna. Lord Ram was the personification of virtue and his life is a perfect example for everyone in family life to emulate. His impeccable and exemplary conduct, be it with King Dasarath, or Kaikeyi as well as with others, and his devotion to wife Sita, have captivated generations of devotees all over the world. The greatest devotee of Lord Rama was none other than Lord Hanuman himself.

Ramanavami is also the day on which ISKCON Delhi was inaugurated. On 20 April 2013, Delhiites were held spell-bound with a play depicting various scenes of the glorious epic, Ramayan with characters of Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Hanuman, Dasarath, Kaikeyi, Ravan, Mandodri and Shabari depicted by actors of repute. While the role of Lord Ram was played by His ardent devotee Shri Ramapriya Das, Naam Chintamani excelled in the role of Sita. Ravan and Mandodri were ably protrayed by real life couple Sarvadarshi Das and Anandaprada. A very sweet lady, Krishnangi Mataji depicted the ever affectionate Shabari Maa. The realistic costumes, flawless make-up and powerful dialogues - all very well rendered - transformed the sprawling grounds adjacent to the temple to a veritable Ayodhya. The play, interspersed between scenes with short narrations of the Ramayana by Adi Yogi Das, Director, enlightened the people with the true significance of the motives behind the actions. He cautioned one and all against having false perceptions emanating out of half knowledge and hearsay.

The drama commenced with a scene from Ayodhya, with Sapna Attavar, a resident of Dwarka and a Bharatanatyam dancer, welcoming Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman for Lord Rama's coronation ceremony, with a dance set to the Bhajan, Shri Ramachandra Krupalu Bhajumana composed by Shri Tulsidas. The curtain fell immediately after Sapna's dance, and the play began within a few seconds, lasting for two gripping hours, depicting significant scenes from the epic.

His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaj, Head of Governing Body Council ISKCON blessed all the artistes of the evening with mementos - beautiful idols of Sri Rama and Sita. He praised the good work done by one and all and promised to organize the same play again in the near future, at Delhi's famous Siri Fort Auditorium. 

Photos show Director Adi Yogi Das being blessed by His Holiness Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaj and other artistes with mementos;and Sapna with the hallowed idols of Shri Rama and Sita.

Pahal organized cloth distribution at Mahavir Enclave

Pahal social organisation (Regd) distributed new and old clothes to the economically weaker section of slum areas of Mahavir enclave on 21st April'13. The venue was at A Block, Mata rani road, near Sector-1, Dwarka. There were more than 1000 people gathered from the nearby slum areas including Children. This function was organised by Pahal , Mahavir enclave unit.

Sunny Leone refused permission by DTCM to perform her first ever appearance in Dubai

Abhishek Dubey

The controversial queen and porn star Sunny Leone who was unable to perform a cage dance in Dubai Nightclub called wild and Sunny which was organised by Javed Shafi CEO of Premiere Production House. Sunny Leone Fridays show got cancelled last minute due to rejection from DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing). According to organiser Javed Shafi of Premiere Production House, all those who had purchased tickets to see Leone were refunded and the entry was made free for the night as opposed to the Dh100 tickets at the door. However, the audience had enjoyed the night with DJ Shadow, Hani and Bollywood dancers.

After this mess up Sunny is expected to return with the cast of ‘Shootout at Wadala’ at Ibn Battuta Mall, alongside John Abraham, Anil Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor. Whereas the organisers of Premiere Production House who are planning to do lots of BIG BOLLYWOOD EVENTS AND HOLLYWOOD EVENTS and BOLLYWOOD FILM PREMIERE promotions in the future in Dubai.. is wondering how she will get a chance to promote and perform her movie promotion in Dubai.

Premiere Production House CEO... Javed Shafi Said, “I respect the decision of DTCM but It’s very disappointing for us that sunny didn’t get a chance to perform in Nightclub due to rejection from tourism department"

So now how it could be possible for sunny to come in Dubai within a week time to just promote and perform for her movie.

Leone, who began her adult film career at 19, caught India’s imagination after she joined the reality TV show Bigg Boss as one of its inmates. Film folklore has it that producer Mahesh Bhatt spotted her in the house and snapped her up for his project, Jism 2.

Exclusive article dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar on his 40th Birth Day

38th Matri Shree Award on 28th April

Hindi feature film 'Barfi' has also been selected for the prestigious award. 

Sushil Kumar from the United News of India, Sharvan Kumar of Univarta, Dharmendra Kumar, UNI photo journalist and M R Mishra of PTI are among the 27 journalists chosen for this year's prestigious Matri Shree Media Awards. 

Announcing the awards here today, convenor, Matrishree Media Awards Committee Dinesh Sharma said these awards are being presented to the journalists in recognition of their services to the motherland every year for the last 37 years.

The awards would be given away to the chosen journalists by BJP president Rajnath Singh and Editor-in Chief of Punjab Kesari Ashwini Kumar on April 28.

The other scribes, who have been selected for 38th Matri Shree Media Awards are : Kavindra Narayan Srivastva of Bhasha, Rajeev Saxena of Rashtriya Sahara, Uttam Kumar of Pioneer, Manoj Pant of Punjab Kesari, Poonam Pandey of Nav Bharat Times, Amit Jha of Dainik Hindsutan, Sunil Kumar Tripathi of Sandya Times, Santosh Pathak of DLA, Jatin Anand of Hindustan Times, Kavilesh Mishra of Dainik Jagran, Harish Chandra Lakhera of Amara Ujala, Parul Sharma of Jansatta, Surjeet Thakur of Dainik Bhaskar, Sanjay Mishra of Rajasthan Patrika, Pramod Kumar of Shah Times, Dharmendra Kumar of Mahamedha, Vijay Sharma of Veer Arjun, Vicy Jain of MH-1 News, Chetna from CNN, Anga Singh of Total TV, Bhopal Singh of NN1, Manjeet Kaur from Sadhna TV and Sonu Kumar of 4 Real News. Hindi feature film 'Barfi' has also been selected for the prestigious award.

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New Talent ki Khoj

Prembabu Sharma

Talent Ki Khoj Talent hunt Show organised by Empire Musical Group'Mumbai was held at LTG Auditorium, Mandi House,Delhi. On this occassion Chief Guest was TV Star Mahedh Gahlaut. The program began with lighting of lamp by Santosh Rao. Two Hundred Artists participated in singing and Dance competition. Asha, Sonia, Neeta Chauhan, Sarabjity Gauri, Rajvinder, Adreena, Rekha Singh, Rumlei De, Meenakshi Gogar, Kavita were selected in Girls Category. Hanu Bhai Rabodia, Mukesh Barot, Rakesh Aatav, Shama Salim, Arpit Shah and Kamal Kumar Sahu were selected in category of folk dance.

IMAGES – 2013 organized at Shiksha Bharati Public School

Shiksha Bharati Public School, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi organized ‘IMAGES’ 2013, in which several competitions like Debate, Fancy Dress, Drawing and Painting were kept at inter school level. The Chief Guest Sh. N. C. Kaushik, Education Officer was welcomed by the Principal Ms. Mamta Gupta. Dozen of different schools of Dwarka participated in various events. The host school passed the position and prizes to other schools which secured the merit positions. The winners were given away prizes and those who could not get a position, were given away participation certificates. The Rolling Trophy was won by R. D. Rajpal School, Dwarka. The Head Mistress congratulated all the participants and proposed a vote of thanks to all. Special Blessings were conveyed by hon’ble Manager Mrs. Ramesh Kumari. The programme was a grand success.

पंजा प्रतियोगिता सम्पन्न अवनीत सिंह और आकाश जीता खिताब

पंजा कुश्ती संघ नई दिल्ली के तत्वाधान मे रायल स्र्पोटस क्लब द्धारा 23वी ओपन दिल्ली राज्य पंजा कुश्ती प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन 21 अप्रैल को एसएसडी सरसवती बाल मंदिर स्कूल, पंजाबी बाग मे किया गया जिसमे दिल्ली के विभिन्न स्कूल, कालेज, जिम, क्लब आदि के 185 से भी अधिक खिलाड़ियों और अधिकारियों ने भाग लिया। इस अवसर पर क्षेत्र के प्रमुख समाज सेवी श्री रविंद्र गुप्ता, श्री सतीश जिंदल, श्री संजय गुप्ता, श्री कैलाष सांकला, श्री महेष यादव, श्री आजाद, स्कूल प्रबंधक श्री बनाती श्री लक्ष्मण दास और श्री डीके यादव ने खिलाडियों ओर आयोजकों को प्रोत्साहित किया और विजेताओं को पुरस्कार प्रदान किए।

इस प्रतियोगिता में मोहन शर्मा, शमशेर  सिंह मेहरा, योगेश कुमार, संदीप सिंह, हिमांशु, मो0 फैजल, मोनू, भुपिंदर सिंह, मुकेश ने प्रतियोगिता का सफलता पूर्वक संचालन किया। प्रतियोगिता में सबसे ताकतवर खिलाड़ी के खिताब पर जुनियर वर्ग मे टायसन जिम के आकाश  ने और सीनियर वर्ग में स्ट्रैथ क्लब के अवनीत सिंह ने बेहद रोचक मुकाबले में कब्जा जमाया।

संघ के मुख्य सचिव और प्रशिक्षक  लक्ष्मण सिंह भंडारी ने कहा कि प्रतियोगिता बहुत शानदार रही काफी संख्या मे नए खिलाडियों का भाग लेना इस खेल की लोकप्रियता का प्रमाण है। इस प्रतियोगिता के आधार पर 27 से 31 मई तक कोचीन, केरल मे होने वाली राश्ट्रीय प्रतियोगिता के लिए दिल्ली टीम का चयन किया जाएगा। जीडीवाईएनएस हेल्थ केयर के निदेशक श्री एनपी सिंह ने दिल्ली टीम को किट स्पांसर करने की घोषणा भी की।

इस प्रतियोगिता के अन्य विजेताओं मे जूनियर वर्ग के 50 किलो में प्रभजीत सिंह, दीपक कुमार, करण ठाकुर 55 किलो में मुकुल, हरिओम, रिंकु 60 किलो में उदित चेट्टी, सिमरत सिंह, धीरज लुथरा 65 किलो में टीकम चंद, अवधेष 70 किलो में रोहित शेरान, रोहित, गुरशरण सिंह 80 किलों में रवि, वैभव अरोरा, 80 से अधिक में आकाश , संजीत सिंह सीनियर वर्ग में 55 किलो में ललित कुमार, जय कुमार, प्रदीप 60 किलो में करण जोहर, संदीप सिंह, मोनू 65 किलो में योगेष कुमार, तरनजीत सिंह, ललित कुमार 70 किलो में अर्जुन सिंह, संदीप शेरान, हरमीत सिंह 75 किलो में जगजीत सिंह, राजेंद्र सिंह, साहिल 80 किलो में कवलजीत सिंह, वेद प्रकाश , वरूण जिंदल 85 किलो में राम, राजीव ओबराय, सुरेश  यादव 90 किलो में मोहन शर्मा, भुपिंदर सिंह, सुरेद्र और 100 किलो में अवनीत सिंह, मुकेश, सागर आहुजा और विकलांग वर्ग में मोहन शर्मा, अमित कुमार, ओर सोनू ने  पहले, दुसरे और तिसरे स्थान पर रहे। सबसे ताकतवर खिलाडी की खिताबी टक्कर में सीनियर वर्ग में रायल स्पोर्ट्स क्लब के रविंद्र सिंह और जूनियर वर्ग में टायसन जिम के आकाश  पारचा ने कब्जा जमा कर ट्राफी अपने नाम की।



Rajendra Dhar

The Police reforms programme should aim to realise increased demand for and achievement of police accountability and reform throughout the Country.

The police reforms programme should target policy makers, police organisations, activists at the grassroots, civil society groups, the media and the general public to further the need for reform and the implementation of democratic policing. It should be achieved through a combination of advocacy, education, research and networking.


In too many countries, governments are failing in their primary duty to provide the public with an honest, efficient, effective police service that ensures the rule of law and an environment of safety and security. Democratic governance requires democratic policing. The only legitimate policing is policing that helps create an environment free from fear and conducive to the realisation of People’s Human Rights in the practical sense of the term.

The existing police systems in India are a legacy of colonial rule that have been shaped by post-colonial histories. The consequences of poor policing include brutality and torture, extra-judicial executions, a lack of due process, impunity, corruption, bias and discrimination and public fear, anger and resentment.

Many Countries of the world have some inspiring examples of governments and police organisations working towards reform. Many police organisations all over the world have undergone varying degrees of modernisation and transformation. Impetus for reform has generally arisen out of public concern over rising crime or from incidents of police abuse or failure, accompanied by a willingness to learn and address changing times.


Democratic nations need democratic policing, which gives practical meaning to the promise of democracy and good governance and is applicable to any context - rich or poor, large or small, diverse or homogenous.

Critical to the success of democratic policing is the principle that the police should be held accountable: not just by government, but by a wider network of agencies and organisations, working on behalf of the interests of the people, within a human rights framework.

Democratic policing is both a process and an outcome. The democratic values lay down a sound foundation for the development of democratic policing.


1. Accountable to the law and not a law unto itself
2. Is accountable to democratic government structures and the community
3. Is transparent in its activities
4. Gives top operational priority to protecting the safety and rights of individuals and private groups
5. Protects Human Rights of one & all irrespective of sex, caste, creed, colour, religion, profession etc.
6. Provides society with professional services
7. Is representative of the community it serves
8. Is capable of warding of Politicians & the Wealthy having vested interests, Etc.


Democratically elected representatives (in national parliaments if police are structured at the national level, in state legislatures if police are organized at the state level, and in local councils if policing is organized at the local level).

An Upright Independent Judiciary. (WHICH WE HAVE).

A responsible executive (through direct or indirect policy control over the police, financial control, and by other government agencies such as Police/Policing Auditors. (UNFORTUNATELY WE DON’T HAVE).


A safer India for women and children

On 19 April 2013, a five-year old girl was abducted and brutally raped in Delhi, by her neighbor and another man for 48 hours. She had gone out to play with her friends when one of the men who lived in the same building kidnapped her and eventually left her unconscious and bleeding after trying to strangle her. Foreign objects like a candle and a 200 ml hair oil bottle were inserted in her vagina. The police tried to buy the silence of the child’s family for 2,000 rupees ($40) and refused to press charges. “When I went to lodge an FIR, police refused to register the case. If they had made a better attempt, they would have found her. Police told me to be happy that she was alive,” her father alleged. A schoolgirl who tried to meet the victim in the hospital was slapped at least four times by a male assistant commissioner of police in full view of the media.

On 16 December 2012, a 23-year old paramedical student was gangraped and brutalized with an iron rod by 6 men in a school bus that caused her intestines to come out through her vagina. She and her friend were thrown out of the bus, only to be found hours later. The female victim passed away due to gangrene of internal organs.

Justice and safety are needed in India and this petition is the collaborative effort. 
Click below to sign the petition and forward to everyone:

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With hope and determination,

Lakshmi, Alaphia, Meredith, Patricia, Alice, Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

Bhagwan Mahavir –An apostle of Peace & Non-violence

Dr. M. C.Jain 
Rashtriya Digamber Jain Parishad (Regd)

Bhagwan Mahavir was born in 599 B.C. in a family of the Kshatriya . His father, Siddhartha, was a prince and his mother, Trishala, was also from a noble family. His birth place is known as Vaishali , near the modern city Patna in Bihar in north-eastern India. Mahavir is also known and called Vardhman. At the age of thiry, after the death of his parents, he decided to renounce a worldly life. He gave up all his possessions, even his clothes, and lived for the next twelve years, a life of great hardship, trained himself to endure the pains and discomforts of the body until he became indifferent to all worldly attachments. Mahavira , now started giving religious ‘fourfold’ teachings to the masses which were mainly on dharma, abstention from violence, theft, untruth and acquisitiveness. During one period of meditation by the side of river, he came to a comprehension of the whole nature and meaning of universe. It was a result of years of austerity and meditation. This was the fourth of the five great events of Mahavira’s life which are celebrated by jains today- his conception, birth, renunciation, and now enlightenment. The fifth great even, nirvana or moksha came to him thirty years later. 

Bhagwan Mahavir’s Teachings and its relevance 
Mahavira taught the people and spread his message in the regional language of that time –Prakrit. Hearing his message and doctrines , some of his followers got inspired and gave up all his possessions and became monks and nuns where as others followed his teaching without giving up their homes and families. Mahavira preached a scientific and meaningful explanation of the nature and the life. He also guided his disciples how to draw the real happiness from the worldly attachments. He declared the three jewels or ratnatraya of Jainism—RIGHT FAITH-we must believe in truth ,RIGHT KNOWLEDGE---we must study to understand what life is all about and RIGHT CONDUCT—the conduct which we understand correct.

Teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira has a great impact on the Samaj. His teachings have enlightened the entire society and its living creatures. Secondly his teachings have a greater impact on human life and one may improve his or her own inner feelings and characters as well. His domain is full of Ahimsa or non –violence where we are taught to be truthful and honest, to create both individuals and a better society in which lies and theft, and insecurity have no place .Lies and theft are the result of our passions and possessiveness. True peace and harmony in society and in the individual is possible only if we can restrain our passions and desires. Therefore, Bhagwan Mahavira gave a message to the world to reduce our longings for the things of the world, for material possessions and for sexual activities and have the real peace. In all, Mahavira taught five rules of conduct , non-violence, truthfulness, no stealing , non-acquisition and control of sexual desires. He taught his message for thirty years until his life on earth ended and he passed on to that state of complete freedom and bliss and peace which we usually call moksha. The most important principle which runs through the whole of Mahavira’ attitude of life is ahimsa or non-violence that is kindness to all living things. This is the first and fundamental rule which we should try to follow, to get rid of violence in all our actions and even in our thoughts

Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi , in his autobiography ,”My Experiment with Truth” has clearly indicated that he has a great impact of Jainism and the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira on him. He also followed the principles of Non-violence and Truth which are the essence of Mahavira’s teachings. By spreading the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira we can built a good society free from all ill –feelings , corruptions and violence .

Monday, April 22, 2013

राजेंद्र भवन मे मनाया जाएगा कुंवर सिंह विजयोत्‍यसव समारोह

वीर कुंवर सिंह फाउडेशन द़ारा इस वर्ष भी 1857 के स्‍वतंत्रता सेनानी बाबु वीर कुवंर सिंह का विजयोत्‍सव समारोह धुमधाम से 23 अप्रैल 2013 को दिन दयाल उपाध्‍याय मार्ग स्थित राजेंद्र भवन में मनाने जा रहा है।  

देश को अंग्रेजो की गुलामी से मुक्ति दिलाने के क्रम में बिहार के आरा के समीप बक्‍सर जिले के जगदीशपुर के बाबु वीर कुंवर सिंह के विजयोत्‍सव समारोह में विभिन्‍न वर्ग, समाज, भाषा और क्षेत्र के लोग हमेशा से हिस्‍से लेते रहे हैं |

वीरकुंवर सिंह फाउंडेश्‍ान के चेयरमैन निर्मल कुमार सिंह ने द्वारका परिचय को बताया कि वीर कुंवर सिंह का 156 वां विजयोत्‍सव समारोह का आयोजन राजेंद्र भवन मे किया जा रहा है, कार्यक्रम शाम को 4बजे प्रारंभ होगा।

Bhagwan Jhulelal Jayanti Mahotsav

Prembabu Sharma

Sindhi Jagriti Sabha Delhi celebrated Chieti Mela. Various cultural and religious events were held at Punjabi Bagh stadium. Chief guest Education Minister Dr. Kiran Walia, MLA, O P Babbar, Minister of Labor and Industry Ramakant Goswami graced the event. The programme began with lighting of the lamp by U.C. Rohilla , chief patron L.D. Shahdad Puri and president Manoher G Balwani. The main attraction of the mela was Sindhi Jhankiya , folk songs and dance. Thousands of Sindhi devotees attended the jayanti followed by Sindhi new calendar. 

On this occasion chief patron L.D. Shahdad Puri requested the government to include Sindhi under O.B.C. category and Sindhi news channel. Along with him Gopichand Raghuvani, Didi Sarla Ahuja, D.K. Arya, Devanand Sukhiya, Prakash Chhabra and other members were present.

बेटियां घर की सुंदरता, घर की रौनक होती हैं।

प्रीति शर्मा
सचिव -प्रदेश महिला कांग्रेस
बेटियां घर की रौनक, घर की सुंदरता होती हैं। बिना स्त्री/बेटी के मानव जीवन की कल्पना नहीं की जा सकती। हम भी किसी की बेटी है और मैंने भी एक बेटी को जन्म दिया है जिसकी उम्र गुडिया (पांच वर्षीय दुष्कर्म पीड़िता बच्ची) के जितनी ही है। लेकिन इस घटना के बारे में जानने के बाद एक अजीब सा डर अंदर घर कर गया है। कई कड़े कानून बन जाने के बाद भी दरिंदगी की इस ताजा वारदात ने ये जता दिया है कि सिर्फ कड़े कानून बना देने भर से लोगो की मानसिकता में बदलाव लाना संभव नहीं है।

पुलिस पर सारा दारोमदार छोड़ कर समाज खुद के बदलने की जिम्मेदारी से नहीं बच सकता। निसंदेह हर एक वारदात में पुलिस एक अपरिहार्य पक्ष है लेकिन उसकी भूमिका वारदात के बाद शुरू होती है जबकि अपराध करने से बचने की बुनियादी जवाबदेही व्यक्तिगत है ; अगर जुर्म थोपा नहीं गया है तो । ताजा वारदात में पुलिस ने गलतियाँ की है और दोषी पुलिस वालों को कठोर से कठोर सजा दी जानी चाहिए। और जो नजारा सडकों पर दिख रहा है वो कुछ मात्रा में सही कहा जा सकता है लोगो की पुलिस के प्रति नाराजगी नाजायज नहीं कही जा सकती क्योकि पुलिस के रवैये में अभी भी वो बदलाव नहीं आया है जिसकी दरकार है ।

समाज को अपने भीतर भी झांकना होगा। इस बिटियाँ के मामले में आरोपित के विरुद्ध समाज की सक्रिय पहल और आरोपी के परिवार का सामाजिक बहिष्कार और परिवार के लोगो का आरोपी को कड़ी सजा देने की मांग एक अच्छी शुरुआत है। इन सब बातों के दूरगामी परिणाम होगे। इससे पहले के मामलों में समाज की तरफ से ऐसी प्रतिकिर्या नहीं आई थी ।

आज बेटियां/महिलाएं जीवन के हर क्षेत्र में बढ-चढ़कर अपनी भूमिकाएं निभा रही हैं और यह कहना गलत नहीं होगा कि वे अपना उत्तरदायित्व पुरुषों से कहीं अधिक अच्छी तरह और ईमानदारी से निभा रही हैं। जहां आज महिलाएं कार्यरत हैं वहां भ्रष्टाचार, रिश्वतखोरी बहुत कम देखने को मिलती है। क्योंकि महिलाएं मूलरूप से पुरुषों से अधिक संवेदनशील और जिम्मेदार होती हैं। आज जरूरत है बेटियों का महत्व समझने की, उन्हें सम्मान देने की; क्योंकि हमारी सभ्यता-संस्कृति की वही सच्ची प्रतिनिधि है और आगे भी होगी।

एक जाग्रत समाज ही व्यक्तियों और संस्थाओं की मानसिकता में सकारात्मक बदलाव ला सकता है। इसलिए खुद भी जागों और ओरों को भी जगाओं क्योकि इन आंदोलनों में जलाई गई मोमबतियों का थोडा भी उजाला भी समाज के भीतर आ जाये तो समाज इन बुराइयों से बच सकता है ।

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Postal Stamp on Sachin Tendulkar

Sports lover Mr.S.S.Dogra has appealed to issue Postal stamp dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar on his 40th Birthday. Mr. Dogra has sent request letters to Information & Broadcasting Minister, President of India, Prime Minister of India, President-INC, President-BCCI, President-Mumbai Cricket Association, President-ICC, Sports Minister. Due to regular efforts of Mr. Dogra, Foreign & Commonwealth office, UK has accepted the nomination of Sachin Tendulkar to honor him with Knighthood “Sir”. Now, Indian Govt. should issue a postal stamp of Sachin Tendulkar for his valuable contribution in Indian Sports arena. This appreciation will encourage many more promosing young sportsman to perform excellently in their respective sports field.

Click below links to know more about Sachin Tendulakar...

England accepted Nomination of Sachin for Knighthood

Click for media coverage on hunger strike on 24th April 2012

Click to Like-share-refer at Facebook page for "SIR" to Sachin

Click for nomination letter from Queen Elizabeth II - Foreign & 
Commonwealth Office for "SIR" to Sachin, media coverage...

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Watch video at YOUTUBE

Boston-Bangalore terror attack

Rakesh Manchanda

Boston bomb attack unlike Banglore response can be termed as a disaster drill that had become real, and the people-police knew exactly what to do.

Indian society is designed in such a fashion that instead of learning how to respond with collective civil help during terrorist attack like Bangalore bomb blasts and disaster management they learn to hate the hidden terrorist with only his visible religion and politicians try to take advantage to collect public opinion in shape of future votes.For Public to learn government has to invest policy right from the childhood.

Hence instead of constructive alertness there are destructive divisions in the society.
Being a Muslim or Hindu does not mean we are enemy to each other.
For years in the past India suffered Hindu-sikh divide now it is replaced by Hindu-Muslim divide. The religious `shoes` if necessary need to be banned or removed by communities under the self code of conduct.Terrorist should run and hide without any religious label. How government shall support needs to be seen.

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