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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nominations invited for Globally SHE Award 2015

Farhan Akhtar lends his voice to the popular tele series Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon

Prembabu Sharma​

Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon, one of the country’s most popular edutainment show that revolutionized the Indian soap opera will soon have film director, actor, singer, lyricist and founder of Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD), Farhan Akhtar who has committed to supporting the series. This will be the first time that Farhan will be turning a narrator for a television series.

Starting from September 26, 2015, Farhan will feature in the episodes every weekend and encourage audiences to think and act on the important issues of women’s empowerment adolescent health and male involvement and responsibility. The programme encourages action through adolescent groups and self-help groups, quality healthcare in villages and speedy justice for women through community arbitration.

Given the response to the serial Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon is being viewed as an example of how entertainment education can catalyse for change.Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon representing women’s empowerment, and MARD, representing responsible masculinity, came together as Hum Kuch Bhi Kar Sakte Hain to bring in the change that is desired in the Indian society. “I feel proud to be actively associated with the series, given its focus on the youth and strongly believe that men play an equally crucial role in creating a positive environment which is sensitive to the aspirations and needs of women.” said Farhan Akhtar.

Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon challenges deep-rooted social norms like child marriage, early pregnancy and gender-based violence. Season 2 began telecast on April 4, 2015 on Doordarshan and runs every Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 pm. The response received by the series has been phenomenal with several NGOs from various towns sharing their success stories inspired by the protagonist Dr Sneha Mathur.

Season 2 of Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon continues the inspiring journey of Dr Sneha, who represents the young Indian woman of today, who thrive on challenges. It shows the changes that take place in a society when girls come together collectively to form a football team. The series has been written, produced and directed by eminent theatre and film director, Feroz Abbas Khan.

Feroz Abbas Khan said, “It is a pleasure working with Farhan as we share a common passion to work for issues related to women. The response that we have received to the series has been heartening. We are confident that the series will continue to inspire and change more lives and bring about a positive change in the society. Through the turbulent journey of our protagonist Dr Sneha Mathur, supported by a powerful story and compelling characters, the family drama deals with many relevant issues such as violence against girls and women, and adolescent health including nutrition and mental health. We hope to sensitize the audience so that they are motivated to work towards making a difference.”

After the success of Season 1, the second instalment of the series has been amongst the top three serials in its time slot. As per TAM and IRS assessments, Season 1 has been watched by over 58 million viewers. PFI received as many as over six lakh phone calls from people across the country, wanting to engage on the issues the series has raised and to share their own stories. Over one lakh fifty thousand calls were received upto end of August in Season Two. An external evaluation of Season 1 has revealed an overwhelming response, the report for which will be released shortly.

Poonam Muttreja, Executive Director, PFI, said, “Changing social norms and behaviour is certainly not an easy task. The media plays a critical role in reaching out to audiences to challenge existing mindset and practices as we have seen from the messages our viewers have shared with us over the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). We have struck a chord with the people across the country. And now, with Farhan Akhtar directly on board, we hope to involve men in a substantive way in improving the lives of our women.”

Latest film release - Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Film: Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon; Release Date : 25th, September 2015
Director --- Abbas Mustan
Producer(s) - Rao Hasnain, Ganesh Jain, Ratan Jain
***** Starring *****
Kapil Sharma, Arbaaz Khan, Manjari Phadnis, Elli Avram, Simran Kaur Mundi, Varun Sharma, Sai Lokur

Issues of electricity bills for individual residents in the Societies

In Dwarka some of the Societies are having centralized electricity meter and sub-meters were provided by the builder. The electricity bills of the same were being provided by the builders’ men @ approx.7.50 per unit plus some charges of Rs.250 per month. With the result, residents using 200 units per month or less are not getting the advantage of less rate by using minimum electricity. Moreover, number of residents are not paying their electricity bill and society has to pay late fee/interest on the same, in other words this is the burden to all residents.

It is suggested that if the electricity bills are paid directly by the residents, there is no question of paying late fee/interest on the same and individual residents will also get the benefit of using minimum electricity thereby paying slab rates as applicable to the individuals.

Citizen's reporter
Mukesh Gupta

Resident of MK Residency
Plot-8-B, Sector-11, Dwarka

Latest film release - Calendar Girls

Film: Calendar Girls; Release Date : 25th, September 2015
Director --- Madhur Bhandarkar
Producer(s) - Sangeeta Ahir and Bhandarkar Entertainment
***** Starring *****
Ruhi Singh, Satarupa Pyne, Akanksha Puri, Kyra Dutt, Avani Modi

World Heart Day Special: Adopt a pet for a heart healthy

Having a pet at home, especially a dog is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is World Heart Day today and a moment for all pet owners to rejoice, for as compared to non-pet owners, you have a reduced risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

All those who have a furry friend are aware of the content and calming feeling they get when they are around them. They are not just pets to them but companions and friends with whom they can share their sorrows and happiness. Dog ownership helps tackle loneliness, depression, reduce stress levels and promote a more positive outlook on life. It also encourages regular exercise, which helps keep several key lifestyle diseases at bay.

A recent report published by Harvard showcases how the health benefits of owning a dog are undeniable. Dog owners are found to have lower blood pressure and healthier cholesterol levels than non-owners. They are also at a lower risk of suffering from obesity and depression.

Speaking about this, Padma Shri Awardee Dr. KK Aggarwal, President Heart Care Foundation of India and Honorary Secretary General IMA said “There are several researches, which show that owning a dog is associated with lower levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. It also helps reduce the risk of hypertension and obesity. This is because dog ownership aids physical activity and helps reduce stress levels. It promotes a positive atmosphere at home and helps in spreading happiness. Regularly walking your dog also helps your body soak in the adequate levels of Vitamin D from the sun needed for a healthy heart. Regularly petting and playing with your dog balances your blood pressure and helps your body by releasing the relaxation hormone, oxytocin and reducing the level of the stress hormone known as cortisol.”

Adopting a dog just for the sake of potential health benefits is not a good idea. These canine beings need a lot of care and love. It is essential to keep a tab on the dog’s health so that it can help you in return. And if you are ready for it, then nothing should stop you from adopting a pet. One must remember, that while there is no direct relationship between the decrease of cardiovascular disease and owning a pet, a pet can definitely be a part of the overall approach towards achieving a healthy lifestyle and better heart health.

Happy Birthday - Shaan

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Please Join GOONJ collection of material in Dwarka during Daan Utsav

Goonj's Dwarka Collection camps in Dwarka:

2nd October, 2015 (Friday) from 11 AM to 2 PM: In front (Footpath) New Millennium Apt., Plot No. 2, Sector-23,Dwarka (Near Sector-23 police station and Paramount School)

4th October, 2015 (Sunday) from 11 AM to 2 PM: In front of Venkateshawara International School, Sector 10,Dwarka Near Sector 10 Metro Station

Volunteers: Arvind-9899974319, Anjali-9811654042, Vishal-9711596466

Best wishes for Dwarka Ramlila from Sh.Satish Upadhyay ji & Sh. Vijay Sharma ji

कैलेंडर गर्ल ‘ के माध्यम से सच्चाई दिखाने की कोशिश की हैः मधुर भंडारकर

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा 

इन दिनों मधुर भंडारकर की फिल्म कैलेंडर गर्ल ‘ सुर्खियो में है। चांदनी बार, पेज 3, कारपोरेट, ट्रेफिक सिग्लन, फैशन से लेकर हीरोइन तक उन्होंने दर्शकों को सच दिखाया। अब बारी है कैलेंडर गर्ल्स की।

कैलेंडर गर्ल का आइडिया कैसे आया? इस पर मधुर काफी मजेदार जवाब देते हैं उनका कहते हैं, ये अनायास हुआ। मेरा ऑफिस की साफ-सफाई के दौरान बॉय कुछ कैलेंडर मेरे पास लाया और पूछा कि सर इनका क्या करें? पिछले कई बरसों से विजय माल्या मुझे ये कैलेंडर भेजते थे। यह कैलेंडर सुंदर होते हैं तो लोग अमूमन इन्हें संभाल कर रख लेते हैं। मैंने बॉय से कहा कि इन्हें कहीं रख दो। फिर दो-तीन दिन बाद अचानक मेरी नजर इन पर पड़ी और मैंने इन्हें पलट कर देखा। ये तीन या चार साल के कैलेंडर थे। मुझे लगा कि हर साल कैलेंडर में नई लड़कियां आती हैं। कैलेंडर शूट करते वक्त बड़ी खुश होती हैं। 365 दिन वह इस कैलेंडर में मौजूद रहती हैं। फिर नया कैलेंडर आ जाता है। तब ये लड़कियां कहां जाती हैं? यही सवाल इस फिल्म की शुरुआत बना क्योंकि 99 फीसदी लड़कियां फिर हमें कहीं नजर नहीं आतीं।

आपकी फिल्में जिन मुद्दों पर बनती हैं, अक्सर उन्हें एक्सपोज करती हैं। क्या जो लड़कियां मॉडल बनना चाहती हैं, कैलेंडर गर्ल्स देखने के बाद उन्हें झटका लगेगा? इस पर मधुर कहते हैं, मैं कभी किसी विषय का सिर्फ एक पक्ष नहीं दिखाता। मैं उसकी अच्छाइयां भी दिखाता हूं। हर फील्ड में अच्छे और खराब दोनों लोग होते हैं। आप पॉलिटिक्स को ही लीजिए! कैलेंडर गर्ल्स में भी ऐसा ही दिखेगा। मुझे नहीं लगता कि यह फिल्म देखने के बाद लड़कियां सोचेंगी कि हमें यह करिअर नहीं अपनाना चाहिए।

New poster of movie CHOOL released

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Dwarka Forum met ACP Dwarka to discuss Law & order issues of the sub city

A delegation of Dwarka Forum met Shri Kishan Meena, Assistant Commissioner of Police ( Dwarka ) on 28th September, 2015 at his office. Shri kamal jit singh, SHO of sector 23 PS was also present.. Shri Sushil Kumar, President of the Forum welcomed him in the Sub City and thanked Delhi Police for removal of encroachment from Markets of Sector -6 and Sector-10, Dwarka. He also requested him to take the similar action for removal of encroachment from Ramphal Chowk market of Sector-7, starting from Brahma CGHS i.e entry point of Dwarka from Palam side.ACP took a note of it and ensure the action. It was requested that this drive should be a routine one so that encroachment is not repeated again as it happened in the past. 

Sh A S Chhatwal, Joint Secretary discussed Law & order issues of sub city, particularly of Sectors 8 and Sector-9, Dwarka. Capt SS Mann and Sh Shashi kapoor described the crime and encroachment issues of Sector 22 and sector 23, Dwarka.ACP and SHO agreed for the action.

After detailed discussions, ACP expressed his desire to have a bigger meeting of Dwarka Forum and with representatives of various RWAs/ CGHSs etc.which was agreed upon. Finally it was decided to organise a police public meet on the evening of 3rd of October, where all SHO's,Traffic ACP and ACP Dwarka will be present to communicate with people of Dwarka.

Photograph of P.M.Hon'ble Narender Modi ji presented @Palestine Embassy

Palestine Embassy Ambassador H.E.Adnan Abu Alhaijaa. The photograph of P.M.Hon'ble Narender Modi ji was also placed in the main auditorium in the presence of Mrs.Meena Guptai-Social Worker, Mrs. Ruby Yadavi, Mrs. Kiran Goyal, Mr. S.S. Dogra,  & Kosal to mark as INDO-PALESTINE FRIENDSHIP campaign.

The actress of Shehr-e-Zaat is the female version of the industry’s top perfectionist – Aamir Khan

Prembabu Sharma​

While Mahira Khan, the queen of Pakistani dramas, continues to charm audiences as Falak in Zindagi’s Shehr-e-Zaat, there are a few things that not too many people know about the petite powerhouse of talent. Besides being a very hardworking actress, she is also known to be a perfectionist. For every scene, Mahira is very particular that the authenticty remains intact and will go to any lengths to ensure it. In an upcoming episode of Shehr-e-Zaat that airs every Monday to Saturday at 8pm, she proves she’s Ms Perfectionist!

It’s commonplace to use duplicates in the entertainment industry for a scene that is out of the comfort zone for an actor. Mahira stands out from this pack! In Shehr-e-Zaat, there is a scene where Falak is frantic to erase all that she has previously done wrong and she desperately digs into the dirty water, trying to find that elusive something - God. Being the dedicated perfectionist that she is, Mahira Khan, did not shy away from using real mud instead of letting a duplicate do the scene. She submerged herself in the sticky mud full of stones and rocks in it.

Workshop on Role of media in students life held at Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10, Dwarka

Workshop on Role of media in students life held @ Venkateshwar International School, Sector 10, Dwarka.
Mr. S.S.Dogra, Mg. Editor-Dwarka Parichay explained about importance & benefits of media to hundreds of participating students in the workshop.

Monday, September 28, 2015

New poster of movie CHOOL released

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देव आनंद की फिल्म को भी प्रदर्शित करने में करना पड़ा 23 वर्ष का लंबा इंतज़ार

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा ​

अपने ज़माने के सुपर स्टार व रोमांटिक हीरो से एवरग्रीन स्टार का सफर तय करने वाले स्टाइलिस्ट व लेडी किलर देव आनंद वैसे तो आज हमारे बीच नहीं रहे लेकिन उनकी हर एक अदा आज भी लोगों के ज़ेहन में ताज़ा है. शायद लोगों को यह पता न हो कि रूमानियत के शहंशाह देव आनंद की एक फिल्म जो १९९२ में बनी और आज तक फायनांशियल प्रॉब्लेम्स के कारण प्रदर्शित नहीं हो सकी लेकिन देव आनंद के फैंस के लिए एक खुशखबरी यह है कि निर्माता सोहन लाल भाटिया ने काफी ज़द्दोज़हद कर के इस फिल्म को प्रदर्शित करने का बीड़ा उठाया है. 

सोहन आर्ट इंटरनेशनल प्रोडक्शन के बैनर तले बनने व अब तक प्रदर्शन को तरसने वाली वाली सोहन लाल भाटिया व प्रवीण कोटक द्वारा निर्मित तथा क़ादर कश्मीरी द्वारा निर्देशित अमन के फ़रिश्ते को ०९ अक्टूबर को संपूर्ण भारत में प्रदर्शित किया जा रहा है जिसमे अपने ज़माने की ड्रीम गर्ल हेमा मालिनी ने मेहमान भूमिका अदा की हैं. फिल्म के शेष कलाकार आसिफ शेख, जावेद जाफरी, एकता, रूपा गांगुली व क़दर खान हैं. फिल्म के गीतकार खुद सोहन लाल भाटिया हैं एवं संगीतकार बप्पी लाहिरी हैं.

ज्ञात हो कि यह सारी जानकारी देव आनंद के ९२ वें जन्म दिन के अवसर पर केक काटते हुए फिल्म के निर्माता सोहन लाल भाटिया ने प्रेस को दी. इस अवसर पर अनिल सिंह, तनीषा सिंह, दामोदर राव, मॉडल राजेश कुमार राजा, राकेश भदौरिया, संजय भूषण पटियाला, सचिन यादव, कनक पाण्डेय इत्यादि उपस्थित थे.

तापसी के फेसबुक पर हुए 5 मिलियन से ज्यादा फोल्लोवेर्स

​प्रेमबाबू शर्मा​

टॉलीवुड से बॉलीवुड तक का सफर तय करने वाली अदाकारा तापसी पन्नू इनदिनों बेहद खुश नज़र आरही हैं।तापसी की ख़ुशी का राज़ आये दिन बढ़ रही उनकी फैन फोल्लोविंग है। बॉलीवुड में चश्मे बद्दूर और बेबी जैसी फ़िल्में कर चुकी तापसी पन्नू के फेसबुक पेज पर 5 मिलियन से ज्यादा फॉलोवर बन चुके हैं। तापसी इन सब का श्रेय अपनी फिल्म बेबी को देना चाहती हैं। तापसी का मानना है फिल्म 'बेबी' उनके करियर में बहुत लाभदायक साबित हुई है। फिल्म के बाद से ही उनकी लोकप्रियता काफी बढ़ चुकी है।

इस बारे में बताते हुए तापसी ने कहा है 'मै खुद को भाग्यशाली मानती हूँ की मेरी इतनी तेजी से लोकप्रियता बढ़ रही हैं। मै अपने फैंस की शुक्रगुज़ार हूँ। उम्मीद करती हूँ दर्शक और मेरे फैंस इसी तरह मुझ पर अपना प्यार बरसाते रहें। मै कोशिश करुँगी की अपने फैंस को कभी निराशा न करूँ।

हेमन्त पाण्डेय पहुँचे फैशन बैग लॉन्च में

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा ​

ऑफिस ऑफिस के पाण्डेय जी यानी हास्य कलाकार हेमन्त पाण्डेय पहुँचे तोरेरो कारपोरेशन द्वारा यूरोपियन फैशन ब्रांड के बैग की प्रदर्शनी में,तोरेरो के सीईओ यशोवर्धन गुप्ता ने बताया कि विक्टोरिओ एवं लुखिनो विश्व में तेजी से बढ़ने वाले स्पेन के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ब्राण्ड हैं और हमारी कम्पनी को इस ब्राण्ड को भारत में बाज़ार उपलब्ध कराना हैं।

हेमन्त पाण्डेय ने कहा हम जब भी बाहर देशो में जाते है तब इस तरह के अंतर्राष्ट्रीय ब्राण्ड आसानी से उपलब्ध होते हैं यह अच्छी बात है कि तमाम अन्तर्रष्ट्रीय ब्राण्ड की कड़ी में यह नये ब्राण्ड के बैग वा अन्य वस्तुये हमारे देश में मिलने लगेंगे।

हेमन्त ने बताया की उनकी लगभग १४ फिल्मे रिलीज़ के लिये तैयार है उम्मीद हैं यह सभी फिल्में जल्दी ही सिनेमाघरों में होंगी ।

Happy Birthday - Malay Chakraborty

Happy Birthday- Lata Mangeshkar

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Meeting of Dwarka Sri Ramlila Society held

Best wishes for Dwarka Ramlila from Sh. Arun Jaitley

'We Care' film festival concluded at Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC)

The 7th edition of the 'We Care' film festival – a unique film festival dedicated to the cause of disability - concluded at Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication(AIMC), Dwarka today. This three-day film festival which showcased several national and international award winning films is organised every year in association with Brotherhood, aimed at bridging the gap between the society and differently-abled people.

The film festival was attended by different sections of the society including social activists, film makers, media professionals, students and the civil society. The basic objective of the festival is to abolish the stereotypes, myths and misconceptions associated with the differently-abled people.

‘We Care’ exhibited an unique and inspiring selection of films from all over the world on the said issue. The prominent films screened in the festival include ‘Goonga Pehelwan’ – a documentary that follows India's most successful deaf athlete on his unlikely quest to reach the Rio Olympics, 2016 and become the second deaf wrestler in the history of the Olympics to do so; 'Departure Lounge' – a film that celebrates the beautiful bond of friendship and solidarity that develops between two deaf people, 'Shining Stars', is a film that highlights the emotional and physical distress of a terrorist attack survivor in her life and on her journey to become a single mother. Also, screened was a film on visual impairment, ‘Audi’ made by the students of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Satish Kapoor, Founder Director, Brotherhood, commented: "This festival spreads awareness on disability issues through the medium of films, which are effective in changing the mindset of its audience".

“This film festival is a reflection of the values that Apeejay Institute promotes and imbibes in its students - in this case, disability. We don't confine the festival to the students of the institution but also try to reach out to other students of different schools/colleges”, said Prof. Ashok Ogra, Director, Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication.

A photography and painting exhibition was also organised on the theme of disability. School students of the nearby areas were invited to attend the film festival so that they could be sensitized about the issue from an early age.

The festival is being organised in association with internationally recognised NGO, “Brotherhood” along with the support of UNESCO, National Trust and UN Information Centre.


The growing need for smarter cities is predominantly attributed to an unprecedented growth in urban population and smartness is being discussed as a key, predominantly technology enabled to manage energy and making city greenfield, but this is a misconception . Energy management alone is not enough to ensure a better quality of life for citizens.
L-R Sudhir Dhawan, CEAI president, Bibek Debroy, Member, Niti Aayog and
Sudhir Krishnan former secretary, URban Developmen

“A Smart city is where existing natural and man made resources such as such as water, air , food and most important it’s human resources are used efficiently as possible to provide better quality of life for its citizens “ said Mr Bibek Debroy, Member Niti Aayog, while inaugurating a day long seminar on “Engineering Smart Cities’’ organised by Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI) here today.

“Urbanization in India has picked pace in recent years, owing to increased economic growth and expanding markets. Needless to say, this is making it crucial for leaders and technocrats to seek better and more efficient ways to accommodate citizens. The 100 Smart Cities is one of the most promising projects by the Indian government, albeit with its share of challenges and opportunities.'Smart City' which encompasses efficient, livable and sustainable urban area, efficient use of scares resources like water and energy, smart mobility, and smart governance.” Said Mr Debroy.

'Smart City' include energy management through smart grid which includes smart metering and SCADA-based automation system, smart LED lighting, harvesting solar power, city-wide wi-fi services, smart video surveillance, intelligent parking and water management with recycling and harvesting as its integral part, this would mean that it will have to provide good quality but affordable housing, cost-efficient physical, social and institutional infrastructure, such as adequate and quality water supply, sanitation, 24X7 electric supply, clean air, quality education, cost-efficient healthcare, dependable security, entertainment, sports, robust and high-speed interconnectivity, fast and efficient urban mobility.” Niti Aayog member said.

"Why should NITI plan what should be done for the states. It is for the states to figure out what they want to do. And the NITI is there to facilitate that .Also, it is for the citizens to decide what form of smartness they want in their cities,”’ he added.

Debroy said that the government is not going to decide a set of targets like that in Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM). “What is significantly different about this way is that as compared to JnNURM, is not that the government is planning to do A, B, C, D. It is not that the government is going to spend X amount of resources.It is about states involving the private sector, involving citizens," he said.

A Heart Healthy Prescription

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading Global causes of morbidity and premature mortality contributing to over 17.5 million deaths every year

The increasing incidence of cardiac diseases is causing serious concern amongst the medical fraternity of India. The primary reasons for this include the lifestyle irregularities of the 21st century Indian. In addition to this, early signs of heart disease are often ignored or not taken seriously causing grave problems in the future.

According to Padma Shri Awardees, Dr A Marthanda Pillai Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Dr KK Aggarwal Honorary Secretary General IMA and President Heart Care Foundation of India, “The number of heart patients in India can be drastically reduced if every individual lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle and immediately makes necessary lifestyle modifications whenever heart disease symptoms are reported. People often get fooled by misconceptions about heart diseases and hence, it becomes really important to understand the facts associated with your heart. For instance women often continue to believe that they can never suffer from heart disease. However, this is a myth. Similarly, it is often believed that heart disease only happens in those above the age of 55. The reality is that in the present day and age, heart disease is increasingly common in people in the age group of 30-40 years.”

“Heart disease prevention and education must from the very onset because the seeds of heart disease are sown in teenagers and young adults. Over the years, the plaque in the wall of the arteries continues to clog them causing heart attacks and episodes of sudden cardiac arrest. Hypertension, diabetes, and obesity must be kept under check since they all can lead to heart attacks", he added.

According to reports,more women have died from heart attacks than men in past 30 years. Doctors recommend that everyone regardless of their gender get regular cholesterol level and blood pressure checked as in the case of women,they rarely experience conventional symptoms such as heartache or pain in the chest.

Lifestyle modifications are key for the reversal of CAD. If you have to consume alcohol, drink in moderation. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol causes raised blood pressure, which is one of the most important risk factors for having a heart attack or a stroke. Increases in your blood pressure can also be caused by weight gain from excessive drinking. Obesity too leads to cardiovascular ailments.

Additionally, the difference between good and bad cholesterol must be understood. While some fat is good for the body, consuming a high-trans-fat diet can cause plaque deposit over the long runA healthy and balanced diet is key for a healthy heart. An over-dependence on junk food, consumption of saturated and trans fats, food containing high salt and sugar levels cause obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, all key risk factors for heart disease. A healthy diet must consist of items, which have low levels of saturated fats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

You should immediately break away from the thinking that ‘exercising is too risky if you have a heart disease’ as doctors recommend regular exercises to people with heart issues. Also, Regular exercise is important to strengthen one's, heart, lower blood pressure, keep obesity under control, burn off stress, boost your self-esteem and help you sleep better. By regularly exercising for at least 30 minutes three to four times a week, one can keep their heart healthy. Aerobic exercise particularly is beneficial for patients with a tendency to get heart disease.

Heart’s care continues for as long as you live. In addition to this, heart disease can develop again after you have got yourself treated. Many individuals suffer heart attacks twice or thrice in their lives. But the best remedy to totally undo all the damage is by start following a healthy regime that will make you less prone to all the heart casualties.

Formula of 80 to live a healthy life till the age of 80 years

1. Keep your abdominal circumference less than 80cm
2. High blood pressure and its risks, keep the lower reading at 80
3. Keep your blood sugar below 80mg
4. Bad cholesterol levels should be lesser than 80mg
5. Keep the pulse lower than 80 beats per minute
6. Eat a balanced diet and avoid cereals for 80 days in a year
7. Walk 80 minutes a days and brisk walk 80 minutes a week
8. Do not consume alcohol and if you do consume alcohol in moderation, not more than 80 grams in a week for men and two weeks for women

Saturday, September 26, 2015


The campus of The Indian Heights School Sector 23, Dwarka witnessed a special warmth and joy when the overjoyed Grandpa’s & Grandma’s entered the school premises as the Little Steps students of the school geared up to celebrate Grandparents Day on Saturday, September 26, 2015. This celebration was to repay the gratitude for the unconditional & relentless love care & affection of the grandparents towards their grandchildren. The program started with the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Lt. Gen.

Sanjeev Chopra, Guest of Honour Brig. Sunil Saberwal, Chairperson of the School Ms. Madhu Gupta along with the Principal of the School followed by the floral welcome. The Principal in her address stressed upon the importance of Grandparents as they not only impart family values to their grandchildren but their guidance and experience is equally helpful. To entertain their grandparents the tiny tots presented a scintillating program exclusively for their loving Grandparents. The lil’ones dressed up in colourful attire sang songs, danced on western & Indian beats, and also presented a beautiful skit. The highlight of the Program was the spell bound Performance by the Grandparents. The Grandparents who were as enthusiastic as their grandchildren felt honoured and had a gala time. Chairperson Ms. Madhu Gupta conveyed her best wishes and greetings to the teachers, students and their grandparents.


A day long Udyan Mela, fruit vegetable and flowers festival organised by All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) , UDYAN MELA at JCO Club, Defense Colony on Saturday September 26 was dominated by homegrown expensive onions ,vegetables and herbs.

"Seeing the increasing prices of Onions and vegetables , we have promoted people to grow Onions , vegetables and herbs at home". The trend of growing vegetables at home especially with less or no fertilizers or chemicals is growing across the nation. "said Mrs Bella Gupta, Secretary, AIKGA

" Udyan Mela is organised to sell and give seeds, seedlings, plants, garden tools, Organic Items, mouth watering home made food & pickles to its members in NCR "said Mrs Gupta.

छोटू ने बाबा सहगल के साथ पकड़म पकड़ाई खेला

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा​

भारत के ओरिज़नल रैप जीनियस बाबा सहगल, पकड़म पकड़ाई के पसंदीदा डाॅगी डाॅन और छोटू के साथ बच्चों का मनोरंजन कर रहे हैं। इस बार प्रशंसकों के बीच लोकप्रिय बाबा सहगल ने सोनिक के कूल पकड़म पकड़ाई किरदारों के साथ खासकर बच्चों के लिए एक गाना रैप किया है। लोग और बच्चे बड़ी संख्या में इस गाने का मजा ले रहे हैं।

गाने के विषय में बाबा सहगल ने बताया, ‘‘बच्चे मेरे सबसे बड़े प्रशंसक हैं और मेरी सफलता में उनकी बड़ी भूमिका है। इस बार मैंने यह गाना पकड़म पकड़ाई से उनके पसंदीदा किरदारों छोटू और डाॅगी डाॅन के साथ केवल बच्चों के लिए बनाया है। मुझे विश्वास है, कि बच्चों को यह मनोरंजक रैप बहुत पसंद आएगा।’’

पकड़म पकड़ाई सोनी चैनल पर प्रसारित होने वाली एक भारतीय एनिमेटेड काॅमेडी टीवी सीरीज़ है। यह शो एक छोटे से मासूम कुत्ते डाॅगी डाॅन के इर्द गिर्द घूमता है, जो मोटू, छोटू और लंबू नाम के तीन चूहों से लड़ने के लिए अपने बड़े भाई कर्नल से मदद लेता है।

बड़ी हिट्स जैसे ‘गोईंग टू द जिम’ और ‘चिकन फ्राईड राईस’ की इंटरनेट पर धमाकेदार सफलता के बाद इस बार बाबा एक नए अवतार में दिखेंगे। शुक्रवार 11 सितंबर, 2015 कोपर लाईव होने के बाद यह वीडियो बच्चों के बीच काफी लोकप्रिय हो गया है और इसे अभी तक 2 लाख व्यूज़ प्राप्त हुए हैं।

Elsevier and National Academy of Sciences, India Announced the Winners of the 2015 NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Awards

Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, and the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) announced the winners of the 2015 NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Awards.

The awards ceremony, held at the Hotel Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, was attended by more than 125 guests representing India's top scientific community. The awards were presented by Dr. R. Chidambaram Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India & Chairman Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet.

Elsevier first launched the Scopus Young Scientist Awards in 2006.In India, theprogram was officially institutionalized within its scientific community through Elsevier's collaboration with NASI in 2009. The program honors young researchers who are building their careers in academic research and helps them gain recognition of their work. 

This year’s NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Awards program attracted nearly 650 applications from multiple premier research institutions acrossIndia. Applications were judged by a panel of 32 subject experts from India's academic community. Elsevier provided quantitative analyses using data from Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature.Furthermore, the jury looked at criteria such as:

· Quality and number of publications;
· Nature and uniqueness of research;
· Outcomes of research;
· Impact on society;
· Vision of the researcher.

Special consideration was also given to novel and innovative ideasthathold potential for commercial application.

Per discipline, the award winners are:

Dr. GnanavelVenkatesan
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Nainital

Dr. Swarup K. Parida
Staff Scientist
National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi

Biological Sciences
Dr. Suvendra Nath Bhattacharyya
Principal Scientist
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata

Dr. Subi Jacob George
Associate Professor
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore

Earth, Oceanographic & Environmental Sciences
Dr. Tarun Gupta
Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Dr. SubhransuRanjan Samantaray
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar

Dr. UK Anandavardhanan
Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Chaturvedi
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow

Dr. G. V. Pavan Kumar
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Science Education & Research, Pune

Social Sciences
Dr. Subharati Ghosh
Assistant Professor
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

“NASI Scopus Young Scientists awards are now considered as a premier recognition of hard work, innovations and aspirations of young scientists of India” said Professor AkhileshTyagi, President, NationalAcademy of Sciences, India. “We are proud to associate with Elsevier for the same as they encourage healthy competition, instill confidence and help establish credibility of first steps taken in the pursuit of scientific excellence.

Youngsuk "Y.S." Chi, Chairman of Elsevier, said, “I congratulate this year’s winners who continue to advance research excellence in India and all around the world. At Elsevier we are honored to support these award recipients and other stakeholders across the Indian scientific community with highest quality content and cutting edge digital solutions. We are thrilled to be part of this exciting time for Indian Science, and tonight’s event is a celebration of this country’s commitment to driving forward innovation and growth through research”.

Distribution of Cloths & Food Material in the Slum Area for the Children & Women conducted by SAHAJ Sambhav NGO

A distribution program of Cloths & Food Material in the Slum Area for the Children & Women had been conducted by SAHAJ Sambhav (NGO) on 16th September, 2015 at Sector-15 (Slum), Dwarka.

The program was supported by Team Hotel Radisson BLU Dwarka. Mrs. Rekha Jhingan, General Secretary, Sahaj Sambhav and Mrs. Sumedha Gover, International Chef Mr. Rakesh Sethi & Ms. Anjali Dua from Hotel Radisson BLU Dwarka had given their blessing to the all the peoples/ beneficiaries.

Monthly Havan & Pravachan at Kamdenu Gowdham on 27th September

कामधेनु गौधाम हर महीने के अंतिम रविवार को मासिक हवन और प्रवचन का आयोजन करता है। इस माह हवन एवं प्रवचन का आयोजन परम आदरनीय ”श्री हृदय नाथ सिंह जी " राष्ट्रीय संगठक, किसान मोचा (पंचायती राज एवं गौवंश विकास प्रकोष्ठ नमामि गंगे द्वारा विशिष्ट अतिथियों की उपस्तिथि में कामधेनु गौधाम, बिस्सर- अकबरपुर में रविवार २७ सितम्बर २०१५ प्रातः ९ बजे किया जाएगा।

Happy Birthday- Dev Anand

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